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    Back in the day, everyone in my Patrol had a specialty. One Scout cooked bacon especially well. Another, flipped pancakes better than anyone else. My specialty was Mixing Drinks (!) Tang, Dehydrated dry milk, cocoa, that sort of thing.... Here are the basics: *(( The true author of this article is unknown. It is here copied from the COME HOSTELING newsletter, Sept. 1980, of the Potomac Area Council of the American Youth Hostels, who received it from Dick Schwanke, Senior PAC Staff Trainer, who read it in the APPALACHIAN HIKER by Ed Garvey, who got it from the Potomac Appalachian Trail Conference Bulletin, which quoted it from THE RAMBLER of the Wasatch Mountain Club of Salt Lake City, which reportedly cribbed it from the I.A.C. News of Idaho Falls, which reported it from the 1966 PEAKS & TRAILS. I offer it here for your enjoyment and inspiration. Note that some of the ingredients are a bit dated. Adjust as necessary. Enjoy!)) "Courageous Cookery" by John Echo* Once the convert backpacker or cycle camper has accepted the subtle gustatory nuances associated with sustained operations beyond the chrome, he should try the advantages of ultra fringe living so that he will realize what he is paying for his nested pots and pretty pans carried so diligently and brought home so dirty after every "wilderness experience". The following system works. It is dependable and functional. It works on the big rock. It even works when the weather has gone to hell, you are wet and cold and the wind is blowing down the back of your hairy neck. It is not for the timid. It consists of a stove, a six inch sauce pan, a plastic cup and a soup spoon. If you insist on a metal cup, you must never fail to mutter "I'm having fun, I'm having fun", every time you spill the soup on your sleeping bag. Breakfast: Instant wheat cereal-- sugar and powdered milk added-- ready two minutes after water boils. Eat from pot. Do not wash pot. Add water, boil, and add powdered eggs and ham. You'll never taste the cereal anyway. In three minutes, eat eggs. Do not wash pot. Add water or snow and boil for tea. Do not wash pot. Most of the residue eggs will come off in the tea water. Make it strong and add sugar. Tastes like tea. Do not wash pot. With reasonable technique, it should be clean. Pack pot in rucksack and enjoy last cup of tea while others are dirtying entire series of nested cookware. Lunch: Boil pot of tea. Have snack of rye bread, cheese and dried beef Continue journey in 10 minutes if necessary. Dinner: Boil pot of water, add Wylers dried vegetable soup and beef bar. Eat from pot. Do not wash pot. Add water and potatoes from dry potatoe powder. Add gravy mix to taste. Eat potatoes from pot. Do not wash pot. Add water and boil for tea. Fortuitous fish or meat can be cooked easily. You do not need oil or fat. Put half inch of water in pot. Add cleaned and salted fish. Do not let water boil away. Eat from pot when done. Process can be done rapidly. Fish can even be browned somewhat by a masterful hand. Do not change menu. Variation only recedes from the optimum. Beginners may be allowed to wash pot once a day for three consecutive days only. It is obvious that burning or sticking food destroys the beauty of the technique. If you insist on carrying a heavier pack, make up the weight you save with extra food. Stay three days longer.
  2. It is a sad comment on society that we often forget to remind each other what's important. I worked for the county transit authority. When I retired, my job title was "Transit Coordinator", for lack of a better description, I was a "street supervisor", my office was a Jeep Cherokee... One morning, I was stationed at the Big Transit Station. Lots of activity, bus routes coming and going. A driver (call him Tom) came up to me and said he wanted to show me something, so I walked down to his stop. He pointed to the right mirror and said he had brushed a street sign with it, and wanted to report it. I looked at the mirror and saw some scratch marks on the outside, I asked Tom about the street sign, was it damaged? He said no. Nothing broken, I told him "no damage, no accident. Don't worry about it". He thanked me and went back to work. After thinking about it, I decided to write a "compliment" on Tom. Here was something he didn't have to do, he could've said nothing, no one would have been the wiser, but he had hit a stationary object and here he was reporting it to me. I wrote a "incident" report that way, complimenting Tom for his honesty, and passed it on to his supervisor. The supervisor came to me and chastised me for reporting on nothing that was anything out of the ordinary, that Tom was required to report such things. This was not worthy of a compliment, it was not over and above Tom's "expected" duties. Yes, I had done the right thing in not treating it as a full scale accident, necessitating hours of paperwork and lost service, but it was still not worth a "compliment". Overt honesty not worthy of a compliment? That supervisor had just lost most of my previous admiration for him. From that day on, I looked for things to "thank people for". Every time I served as the Desk, the task assigner, I made it a point to fill out "compliments" on all my "Stand By" drivers and Extra Board drivers. I noted when they volunteered, when they mentioned things that needed to be done (that I could assign them to do !) and sonofagun, I started having more available drivers. I remember one man, he had a family, he was a part time postal carrier. Evenings, he would report to the depot in his USPS uniform, as he signed in, he would strip off his USPS uniform shirt, throw on his Bus Driver shirt and be out the door in minutes with his Bus Assignment in his pocket. I tried to save an "easy" run for him.... And the other Supers (not the first I mentioned) noted that these were good things to have in the employees file for when work reviews came up. Last time I checked, my USPS driver is now a "Transit Coordinator".
  3. I was once reminded by another teacher that the best way to modify behavior was to "catch'em good", in other words it is better to compliment to good stuff rather than punish the bad....
  4. SSScout

    Selling Camp Cards

    Yep, "it depends". Each Council sells a different CampCard. Here in Murlin, the Unit in effect BUYS the campcards (at $2.50 each) and sells them for $5. The headline discount is "$5. off at Safeway, " and discounts at Jersey Mikes, Harris Teeter, etc. The unit can do what they want with their share. I have heard tell that in some councils, the Unit share is "automatically" credited to the Scout's summer camp bill, hence the name "CAMPcard". The Unit in essence never sees the money, it is divvied between the Council and the Scout.
  5. SSScout

    Hawai'i Council Merger

    They may not lose all of them precipitously. . Here abouts, many LDS folks are inquiring about remaining Scouts in non-LDS Troops..... Keep the door open.....
  6. SSScout

    Youth Protection Clarification Question

    Refer to the previous scenarios.... If an adult Scouter disregards the YPT rules/guidelines, he/she will (at best) have their BSA membership withdrawn, at worst, they risk legal problems, arrest etc. Not to mention the social (?) results (?). If some Scouts choose to meet separately, at the Panera, out in a park, on the dock at summer camp.... what can the folks at Irving do? How can anyone REQUIRE and ENFORCE adult presence at a "bunch of Scout's " gathering ?
  7. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/759:_Boy_Scouts_of_Harlem and https://www.amazon.com/759-Scouts-Harlem-Keith-Dozier/dp/B01CKN39KM
  8. SSScout

    Youth Protection Clarification Question

    Yep, Youth protection is also intended to be Adult Protection, yes? So how do we "require" our Scouts to ONLY meet within eyesight and/or earshot of two or more registered and YPT certified Scouters, at least one of which must be of the female persuasion if we are talking about girl ScoutsBSA? What is to prevent young Patrol Leader Indiana Jones of the Crystal Skull Patrol from asking his Scout Buds to flash mob at the Panera ? And ask Marion to attend with her "additional" Troop?
  9. Kids: As the Scoutskills pavilion leader at CSDC, My observation is that many kids of the age 6, 7, 8, 9 have very little dexterity. They have problems with over/under, left/right, transposing, copying a sample. Coiling a rope. Holding a compass flat. A paper map ? I tend to see this as a lack of play with blocks, small toys, big toys. I see parents giving their kids iPads, tablets, even schmart phones to "play with" . The young kids often are not encouraged to manipulate their world PHYSICALLY. I often ended up standing behind the Cub and holding their hands "just so" , teaching my Scout assistants to do the same, "don't be shy"... The Den Walkers sometimes would compliment me on my willingness to "get personal" with the Cubs, as if they were reticent to do so. Please note, we were in a very public venue, out in the open, surrounded by many people. Youth Protection concerns? Not to me. Cub permission to DO stuff? That was my concern. And I have noticed the same problems with older Scouts, an inability to manipulate, as if (1) they never had the chance to practice such , and (2) seemingly have the idea they don't have PERMISSION to DO stuff. Adults: When I help with SMS and IOLS, I am impressed with the need to get the adult Scouters to HAVE FUN in being Scouters.
  10. SSScout

    Youth Protection Clarification Question

    Here's another scenario.... The Patrol Leader tells his Patrol, to heck with this, meet me at the Starbucks….. Parents drop off, (or the Scouts walk/bike) come back two hours later.....
  11. SSScout

    Youth Protection Clarification Question

    A YPTrained and registered BSA Scouter, an adult parent with YP cert, in the parent's home, with many Scouts in the rec room planning adventures..... The Adults are upstairs visiting over herbal tea and crumpets. I say no violation. Cancel the Scout911 call. I also recommend the Scout Parent register as a MBCounselor. Every Troop/District needs more. Pick a couple of subjects you are interested in , have skill in.... Ya can't go wrong.... You fill out three pieces of paper, take some online training (YPT, This Is Scouting, MBCounselor ) and then you can schedule your MB's as you will: Whenever they call me, on a particular weekend, in the District's "MB College". Easy.
  12. SSScout

    Sea Scouting

    Oh yes, the Coast Guard Auxiliary has a "letter of understanding" with the BSA and the Coast Guard itself is very Scout friendly. Note the following: What a summer camp ! https://seascout.org/news/sail-aboard-the-uscg-eagle/ and: https://seascout.org/cruising/ A nautical Philmont ?
  13. SSScout

    Help. Little advancement.

    Publicity. American Legion members, do they know? Cub parents, do they know? Community, is there a local newspaper? Churches? School backpack notices? It may not be September, but that does not mean you can't recruit. If you have two (2!) other adults that are Scout friendly ( and, I intend no insult to your heritage Scouter) and not on life support, you can find Scout families that want the Scout experience for their kids. Make contact with your DE. His pay scale depends on saving and creating Units. He/she can help with pamphlets and brochures. Set up a "Scout Me In" night at the Meeting Hall, publicize it well, and see what happens. Posters and pamphlets in the Library. Posters in the diner's window. Notice in the Church newsletter. A banner at an intersection. Talk to your Scouts, make sure they see Scouting as an "opportunity" despite the lack of activities. You need adult Scouter Leaders, for sure, but as has been said above, the activities bring Scouts bring parents bring Scouts. Get them together and make the offer. Here's a hike, here's the summer camp.... All you can do is try....
  14. SSScout

    Sea Scouting

    Well, it does help if you are close to water. My home CO chartered a SeaScout Ship back in the late 1950's , the Skipper was a CPO retired.... They went down the Potomac on a raft of 50gallon drums built into a raft, and up the Chesapeake bay . Eventually, the local SS s named their local Regatta (read wet camporee) after him, the Nygard Regatta : http://www.ncacbsa.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/52nd-nygard-boarding-manual.pdf SSS759 had fun and excitement until recently. They were last bottomed with 2 - 30' sloops, but the Unit disbanded two years ago, due to lack of active members. The boats were sold to pay off the slip fees, etc. .... We are locally working to "refloat" it.... Like all Scout things, you need some dedicated Scouters, and a local Charter, and some really interested teenagers. ""Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing - absolutely nothing - half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.”
  15. SSScout

    How tight are your scouts?

    Uniform inspections... Once upon a time, I played trombone in the Purdue Marching Band. I had friends who were in ROTC. We would compare notes on uniforms, spit polishing shoes, creases, etc. I was once told about a ROTC company inspection. My buddy's squad was insistant that the inspecting Louie could NEVER be pleased, he ALWAYS found something to count down. So they picked one of their group and made sure everything was perfect. Pants pressed and draped just so. Shirt lined, tucked in. Buckle polished, nails trimmed, hair combed and slicked, hat just so, shoes spit polished so you could shave in the reflection. They CARRIED him to the armory, placed him in the spot and formed up around him. Wiped the floor around him, dusted off his shoulders, shoes, heels were even polished. The Louie was duly impressed and reportedly gave out his first ever 100%. When the company was ordered to march in review, the wax covering the "sample's" shoes popped off in one big flake.....
  16. You might try a recipe I saw once in a book about Paul Bunyan…. You mix the pancake batter with popcorn and they flip themselves....
  17. Ah, pity the poor Scoutmaster..... When A Scouter’s not engaged in his employment (his employment) or planning to go camping with his Troop (with his Troop) his capacity for innocent enjoyment (-cent enjoyment) Can easily be knocked off for a loop (for a loop) Our feelings we with difficulty smother (-culty smother) When some Scoutmasterly duty’s to be done (to be done) Ah, take one consideration with another, (with another) A Scoutmaster’s lot is not a happy one. Ooooohhhhh… When Scoutmasterly duty’s to be done, to be done, A Scoutmaster’s lot is not a happy one. When the helicopter parent is not hov’ring (is not a hov’ring) When the Scout is not a-cutting off their thumb (-off their thumb) He loves to hear the bug-a-ler a-bugling (bugler bugling) And enjoy his tea while sitting on his bum (on his bum) When the PLC has finally decided (has decided) Where the Troop should hike on weekends yet to come (yet to come) Ah, take one consideration with another (with another) A scoutmaster’s lot is not a happy one. Ooooooohhhhh, When Scoutmasterly duty’s to be done, to be done, , His duty is often not a happy one. (happy one). ( with apologies to messrs Gilbert & Sullivan)
  18. SSScout

    Scout Sign

    It is the attitude that is important. If he had no hand at all? I would make sure he had a cuppa later for being a Scouter. Right hand? Four fingers: God, Country, Others, Self. Those are the Parts of the Scout Promise I mention and remember. Three fingers? Cub Scouts use two, ScoutsBSA now use three, adults hold a whole hand open, thus showing they can be trusted and are not holding a weapon (old history/tradition, yes?) 1tree has a nice idea... a Scoutmaster's minute about the symbology of the Scout Sign.
  19. SSScout

    How the Inuit work with kids...

    That's what's wrong with today's pop music. No stories... Pray for John Prine:
  20. I am still surprised at the amount of seeming hypocracy sometimes exhibited in the BSA . Scout Promise? Scout Law? So simple, yet so difficult, it would seem , for some to follow and apply to their lives, responsibilities and assumed duties. It would seem some folks will, unfortunately, seek to be "the" authority, regardless of the established rules and procedures. Regardless of the realities. Regardless of the damage done to others in the process. Parentinscout, I do sympathize with you, having dealt with the BSA "good ol' boy" network myself, but not in anything like your well described case. Retaliation? Oh yeah. How dare you question our pronouncement. If you don't like the way you are treated, don't you dare compare it to the Scout Promise and Law. Just go away...… I wish you well in your efforts to shine light on poor behavior, behavior that is in no way reflective of the ideals espoused in our Scout Law and Promise. "Making ethical decisions, " is that what I heard?
  21. So the topic of howcum today's kids don't seem to take to Scouting like us old folks remember, comes up *So many choices of activity... sports, clubs, church, ,,,, *Parents seem to want someone else to "raise the kid", and hence do not want to Be A Part of the Scout Unit.... *Many present Scout Leaders seem to want a "classroom" environment rather than an "outdoor" environment and the kids react to that with a large portion of "ho hum".... *Parents are very protective of the kid (school shootings, drugs rampant, bullying not attended to, child abuse in schools and church, traffic and strangers out in the woods, police not responsive, media/TV/movies not family friendly, etc....) and averse to "letting them just go". Maybe the parents have good reason. How does that translate into not being a Scout? ... I would like to suggest a new one: Most kids now are TAUGHT by the school, by the parent to NOT be self-reliant and self motivated. They are TAUGHT to wait for instruction, permission, direction from SOME ONE ELSE . They are routinely punished for NOT waiting for permission, direction, instruction. But that is what the Scouting world was originally built on, the kid that had been allowed to take some scrap lumber and build a shack or tree house, AND if necessary, fall out of it and GET HURT. Folks are so afraid of letting our kids GET HURT. There is that, of course, a skinned knee is one thing, an AK47 is another. The "natural world" is avoided. The kids are taught to avoid dirt, doing for themselves, or getting lost , even by accident. I know (I know !) most of the folks on this chatroom are of the older variety, if not in chronological sense then in a spiritual sense. How many kids now a days are turned loose in the backyard, or in the stream bed behind the neighborhood, or told "be back by dinner time" ? How many , by comparison, are handed a tablet and told to sit and watch a cartoon show? Watch the scenery out the car window? Talk to folks about the history of the town? Naw,,,, put a movie on the TV screen hanging from the roof of the van. You have a hard time buying a family van without such a screen! The lack of Scouting, traditional Scouting, out in the woods, on a trail, in a tent, cooking over a fire (even charcoal), having to eat whatever the Patrol cooked (that the Scout cooked?) , I think came from the knowledge, gleaned early in life, that a person can go out there (there ! ) , find stuff to do, discover how things work, pile one thing on top of another (by myself, without anyone else's help) and by extension , do it in a wider more adventurous venue thru Scouting. God bless the adults/parents that allowed (encouraged !) me and my compadres to get dirty, cold, wet, hungry, and taught us, not to WAIT for instruction, but how to teach each other how to get out of those problems. Plan, think ahead? For myself? Or WAIT for someone to TELL me what I might need? Play the "what if" game? No wonder kids refuse to use the toilet at camp. It is not just a revulsion of the condition of the toilet (!) but an unconscious revolt : "you can't tell ME what to do." Now, how do we convince the parents of today to encourage, allow, their boys AND girls, to get dirty, cold, hungry, go discover, protect our natural world, by DOING rather than WAITING for someone else to give them permission? Thank you. We now return you to your regularly emailed complaints....
  22. Wow, here is why we created the "Faith and Chaplaincy Forum". Oh, wait..... mrkstvns You are on the money. Are you a Scout Chaplain? You would make a good one. When I began to help with IOLS , I noticed there was no mention of "Reverent" in the syllabus. When I offered to lead a discussion about such, I was taken up on it, and the following was the result. The need to include the Scout's Spirituality , often misnamed or misconstrued as "proselytizing" is often missed. as in many parts of Scouting, the Scouts need some examples to proceed . How do they know how to plan a trip if they have never been on one? What Parks? What trails? Same here. Don't forget BP's guidance: "" Reverence to God and reverence for one's neighbour and reverence for oneself as a servant of God, is the basis of every form of religion. The method of expression of reverence to God varies with every sect and denomination. What sect or denomination a boy belongs to depends, as a rule, on his parents' wishes. It is they who decide. It is our business to respect their wishes and to second their efforts to inculcate reverence, whatever form of religion the boy professes.”" I will be copying your work, mrksrtvns, and here is mine for your consideration: https://www.dropbox.com/s/76zk9ri7glgu9gt/ScoutsOwnDutytoGod.docx?dl=0 Next time you pass thru Maryland, look me up. Coffee and pie are on me.....
  23. "In Loco Parentis". As a sub teacher, if a student was not following the class rules (well known by all students!) I would confront the student and IN FRONT OF EVERYONE ELSE (!) remind the student. Since I was a teacher, I could not lay hands on the student (except in case of imminent injury), but being a big adult, I had no qualms about putting myself in his/her way, so to speak. As a Scout Leader, I have also done the same. Inappropriate behavior is the same , it only depends on what adult is in the authority role. Hands on? Perhaps. If appropriate. Limiting behavior? As appropriate. "You're not my mommy, I don't have to do what you say ! ! !" Oh, yes you do. Quote the Scout Promise and Law liberally. Sit the whole Den down and make them part of the solution to the problem. What kind of behavior is NOT Kind, Courteous, Obedient ? ? Can we have fun if everyone is running around? Can we get the packages wrapped for our Homeless shelter visit if someone is trying to do something else? Right. Another tactic. Put yourself in front of the attention wanting Cub , look him in the eye and say, "You don't have to remind me you are here. I know you are here. " and then go on with the activity. Do not worry about the CCh mom. YOU are the Den Leader. Unless the Cub has a real Attention Deficit Spectrum issue, you should not involve the mom. If you do, you may reinforce the Cub's control idea. And he is in control, until YOU take it. Reward marble jars, candle burning, candy, pizza party at the end of the month/year, behavior rewards all tried, all possible. "It depends". Do not, under any circumstances, make any threat you are not willing to carry out. If, for instance, you give them "three strikes" count the strikes and then do what the result is.... Sit down, quiet time, Ultimately, removal from the Den, removal from Scouting? You can do this. Remind your parents that these kids will ultimately choose the parent's Assisted Care Facility. See you on the trail.
  24. SSScout

    Can a CO profit off a unit?

    I have been away from this thread for awhile. Somewhere in the archives of Scouter dotcom is a thread about whether a Unit can limit it's membership to a particular faith. BSA has said it can. The CO (a House of Worship?) can limit it's Pack/Troop/Crew membership to only males, only females, only Catholic, only Jewish, only professed Christian, only Muslim, it is their right, so long as they otherwise follow the BSA requirements and program. It is therefore also the CO's right to utilize it's Scout Unit as an example and (if open about the reality) use it as their active youth ministry to teach their faith. LDS units often "adjusted" their Scout's participation by age or gender. Scouting was, officially, the LDS youth ministry. When the LDS folks decided they could better define and serve their youth with their own LDS defined program, they declared they would be withdrawing from the BSA organization, and they are. "Can a CO profit off a unit?" This discussion has morphed from monetary profit to some other kind. The BSA program is about the youth (male or female) gaining knowledge, skill, confidence, responsibility and learning about "good citizenship". Cooperation? Recognition of who are our neighbors? Is the Scout Promise and Law so hard to appreciate as ideals to absorb and demonstrate? If a faith defines it's success as the accumulation of members versus the perfection of a young person's soul (by their fruits....), I would suggest there is another problem , which is beyond the scope of this forum to debate or decide.