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    you worst pet peeves!

    My neighbor who walks her dog in front of 3 houses to pee on everyone elses' lawn instead of on her own. Now everyone's dog is peeing on the 3 lawns! If your taking your dog for a walk....then take a walk (at least to the corner for petes sake!). Yes, i have a dog, she uses the backyard....not everyone elses' frontyard! Yes, i am PEEvd about this! Whew! thanks for letting me vent. Sparkie
  2. Sparkie

    you worst pet peeves!

    Working Webelos Weekend.... and seeing scouts with Service Stars and Summertime event pins all lined up on their uniforms. I just wanted to snatch them off!! (leaving only one of course ). Sparkie
  3. Sparkie

    Is Organizing a Blood Drive an Eagle Project?

    MaineScouter, I'd like to recommend another project your son may want to consider. Although my son has decided on another Eagle project, one of the projects he was considering was collecting baby monitors for Hospice. 3 years ago, his grandfather was home on hospice. They were very short on baby monitors. A simple thing no-one seems to think about. However, the monitors gave my mom an opportunity to go outside on her patio and read a paper for a few minutes without worrying if she would be able to hear him call her. Those few minutes were a God-send for a 24 hour caregiver watching the life of a loved one slip away. Sparkie
  4. Sparkie

    Pulling their leg

    This year at summercamp about 15 of my boys did COPE, including my son. (Two days prior i had completed the COPE course ). So as they are about to be blindfolded and led down the path, one of the boys was asking "why do we have to be blindfolded?" Now i am not one to pull jokes (i haven't had enough scout tng. ), it's hard for me to lie with a straight face! Anyway, the words just started coming out of my mouth. "Well you see, there is an electric fence surrounding the COPE course DON'T TOUCH IT!. It's there for security/insurance reasons. They don't want you to know where it is so you don't come back at night, hence the blindfolds". So after lunch i went to watch my son do the course (much faster than i the little twerp!), and the head staff mem. asked me "did you tell someone the fence was electrified?". Needless to say, we both had a good laugh! Sparkie
  5. Sparkie

    Questions Parents Ask

    CharityAK, I received my Scouting magazine yesterday, and it has a great section on this subject! It's more on boy run, but i think the two go hand-in-hand. Sparkie
  6. Sparkie

    Greetings...I have a question...

    Welcome to the campfire Tamegonit Arrowman! Sparkie
  7. Sparkie

    Questions Parents Ask

    One thing i have found helpful is to give the parents examples of scenarios they may come across, and an idea of how to respond. For example...a new patrol say less than 1 yr. is planning their camp meals, unfortunately they forgot to list drinks, what do you do? Of course as parents we say something like "and what do you intend on drinking that weekend?". I prefer to let the boys figure out what they are missing, without giving them the answer. Sometimes adults are so quick to tell them what is wrong, that we don't give them an opportunity to resolve it. On one campout, a patrol was literally burning their french toast because the fire was to high and hot. Two of the adults watched (from a distance) and listened to the boys "discuss" their problem. Finally, one of the boys came over and said "ummmm, we have a problem", "oh yea, what's the problem?" we asked (as we all walked over to the fire). He explained, and we questioned why they thought that happened? Not only did they know why it happened, they knew how to fix it! They just needed a little reassurance from an adult, without the adult taking over for them . Sparkie
  8. Sparkie

    Really annoyed with our Adv Coord.

    Buffalo2, care to elaborate? i think everyone responding is in agreement with hops scout.
  9. Sparkie

    Really annoyed with our Adv Coord.

    Hi Laura! Sorry to hear about your back . You certainly have a right to be frustrated about this. Our boys received their Merit Badges AT summer camp the day we left (Sunday). It is alot of work to put together in that time frame. However, i'm glad we did because there was some straightening out to do with the office before we left (2 MB were missing, and about 4 partials not recorded properly...at the office). Once we were safely back at home, our Advancement chair sent home a letter to each scout with a partial (not the actual card) informing them what still needed to be completed to receive the MB. Just something to think about for next year . Given the history of this leader, possibly reporting at com. meetings would help. Like simple updates of what advancements/MBs boys have achieved/earned. Also, since the Adv. chair is a friend, just offer helpful suggestions instead of pointing out what went wrong (i'm sure that's what your doing anyway). On one other note, you mentioned "it seems as if the troop doesn't really CARE if the boys never get to go on another trip". What about the boys? do they have any say-so on where to go? Ideally, the PLC should be coming up with ideas (and researching) where to go, not the troop com. I was really impressed at our last PLC meeting (my first), where the boys discussed and came up with a monthly camping plan for the year. They also planned the MB to be worked on this year, based on a survey they passed out last fall to all the boys. Hang in there, the fun is just beginning!!! Sparkie
  10. I'm considering the possibility of using this for a WOW weekend theme next year. I already have some ideas, but i'd like to hear some others, any thoughts? Sparkie
  11. I did find this GREAT site (after i posted) http://www.geocities.com/Yosemite/9857/mission3.htm I would LOVE to do this as a camporee in the dark of night . Although that will have to wait, i'll just have to improvise for my little Webelos. Lots of great ideas though! Sparkie
  12. Sparkie

    More nutritious camp meals

    cheffy, Welcome to the campfire! Orange souffle sounds yummy! care to share the recipie? Sparkie
  13. Sparkie

    Dental Rip Offs

    Having worked for a dentist for 9 years, i know a little about this subject . Insurance companies are just as bad as the Drs. Did you know you can't have emergency treatment the same day as an emergency exam??? How stupid is that! FOG, why would you go to an oral surgeon for a tooth extraction? It's a simple procedure nowadays done by most general dentists. You will always pay more for work done by an oral surgeon (that could have been done by a general dentist). I have found the real rip off dentists are using nowadays are the palet spreaders they use on kids to widen their mouth to make room for teeth. What about letting the kid grow up first. It is soooo invasive, but people do it! Twocubdad, I can understand your viewpoint about the x-rays, especially without ins. However, they are used in conjuction with previous x-rays to keep track of potential cavities and fractures that can occur as teeth get older. It's more of a preventative step. Sparkie P.S. please don't critique my errors
  14. Gee, that water wasn't deep at all....i know how tall you are .
  15. I agree with DSteele "I'm not opposed to a company writing or underwriting the merit badge pamphlet, but to use a Boy Scout merit badge as advertising for any particular company, I would find offensive." In my area, Gateway Computers holds computer classes specifically for the Computer MB. They have a nice little classroom where each boy sat at a computer, and worked on each of the requirements. The person who ran the class was registered as a Computer MB counselor. I was really impressed how the program was run, and learned a few things myself . Sparkie
  16. Sparkie

    Congressional Award Program

    Thanks for the link kwc57! I was not aware of this award. What a great partner for scouting. Sparkie
  17. Sparkie

    Tragic incident

    OGE, about 20-min to 1/2 hour away. Went there everyday for 5 days. "They got the worst cases you could imagine", your right on target there, it's awful! No one can imagine the pain debridement puts one thru, and no medication can help. He had Dr. Gereli (sp?), who had free reign on the whole design of the burn unit. Staff was amazing! FOG, you don't think Black powder evaporates easily? Volatile "readily vaporizable at a relatively low temperature", as seen in many burn units. Sparkie(This message has been edited by Sparkie)
  18. Sparkie

    Tragic incident

    I have to agree with Scoutmaster Ron. Black Powder is very volital, and unstable. I would think there is another way to do this such as OGE mentioned. I'm no expert, but my husband had bi-lateral hand (2d and 3rd degree) burns and face burns. He was pouring some BP out of a leather civil war case a co-worker was showing him. Someone smoking across the room caused it to ignite. It was frightening to hear the stories in the Loyola Burn unit. One wife was sliding over one of her husbands shoe boxes on a closet shelf, and from the meer friction POOF! I'm not one for knee-jerk reactions, however this one hit's close to home. I think councils should reconsider the use of Black Powder, taking into effect the lack of control one has over it. Sparkie
  19. Laurie, what a great story, thanks for sharing! It's always a good reminder that a nice compliment goes a long way. I go out of my way to compliment parents who have helped "the pack go". It usually doesn't seem like alot to them, but they help me greatly! If i may, i'd like to share a story with you. Our daycamp theme this year was medieval times, so at the end of the week all the little campers were knighted . I had to come up with the knighted name for 10 of my boys. One little boy in particular was going to the Ozarks right after daycamp, so i decided to knight him "Sir Brad of the Ozarks". He came running up to me after the Ceremony "Mrs. D. they knighted me Sir Brad of the Ozarks, and i'm GOING to the Ozarks!!" he was so excited i thought he was going to burst. The look on his face was so awesome. His mom said that's all he talked about the following week. The spirit of scouting must have been in me that day. And i thought.....this is what it's all about . Sparkie
  20. Sparkie

    proper "punishment"

    Speaking from personal experience, i would rather see the boy(s) tour a burn unit. If they think lighting a boys arm on fire is fun, why would you think they would take a MB seriously? They need to see the consequences of their actions, i think this will straighten them up more so than a MB class. JMO Sparkie(This message has been edited by Sparkie)
  21. Sparkie

    Not A Sitting Animal?

    Don't want to hyjack your thread Eamonn, but here's a link to the show i saw: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/teenbrain/from/ It was very interesting! Sparkie
  22. Sparkie

    Bob White is so . . . .

    mk9750, can you please pass the tissues...
  23. Hi Laurie! When planning our calendar we have 1 den do set-up (chairs and tables), 1 den does the flag ceremony, and 1 (or 2) dens are scheduled to do a skit/song. We rotate this around for the year, and if a den is REALLY excited about a skit/song....i'll never turn them down. Sparkie
  24. Sparkie

    Not A Sitting Animal?

    Eamonn, i remember a PBS special that focused on a teenagers brain (ok so if someone could figure that out they'd be rich ). It was more on the fact that teenagers are on a different "wake cycle", they become more nocturnal. They even showed a test high school where classes started later, and the kids learned more. i.e. they're brains aren't awake at 7:30 in the morning! I wonder if that was the same show you are thinking of? It would be great to see it again. Especially since my son is starting HS the end of this month. Sparkie
  25. Hi Laurie! Sounds like your doing a great job! You've also received alot of good advice here. We used to use our own Pack Emergency Form, instead of the one used when a scout registers. However, i just had the brainchild (after 4 years of being CM) to utilize the Class 1 & 2 Medical forms used by council. This would have been helpful for me this summer in organizing our kids for daycamp, since i would have needed only to verify info., and then make copies. In regards to communication, we also have a pack newsletter that is distributed at each pack meeting. So between den leader notifications, the web-site, and the newsletter, i will never accept the excuse from a parent "well i didn't know" or so-and-so didn't tell me. In regard to your current member list, your council can give you a print out of all your registered boys and leaders (it will also show training if applicable). You can even request it to show the boys highest earned rank. However, it will not list medical info., but at least you'll have a roster to go by, and update councils records if needed. Sparkie