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    Scout Show

    KoreaScouter, Our council doesn't do anything like this . However, i did see a scouting unit at the Wisconsin State Fair. The scouts made a game that the kids could play. This is going to be hard to explain, but here it goes.... It was a wooden box about the size of a drawer. There were about 20 marbles in the box. And, on the sides of the box on the inside were intermittent horizontal shelves. Hopefully my representation below is a little better than my explaination! Imagine the dots "." as open space for the marbles to move back and forth to (it's the only way i could get it to print correctly, although the right side could still be lined up better sorry). top of game l_______________________l l.................................l < marbles here=end game l________................____l < 20 points l_____.................______l < 10 points l____..............__________l < 10 points l________............________l < 5 points l___............................__l l_______................_____l l_____.............._________l l_________.............______l l_______________________l < marbles start here l bottom of game l l l < handles l l The child picks up the game by the handles and tilts the game from side to side to get as many points as possible before a marble reaches the top (which signifies the end of the game). Clear as mud? It was actually a fun game for the kids to play.
  2. Sparkie

    Courts of Honor Controversy

    Sounds like he's doing more harm than good, especially if the moral of the troop is going down. I agree with twocubdad that gentle shoving isn't working. Easier said than done, but he has to either respect the views of the com. and stop saying this, or be replaced. Greeneagle5 stated "The CC has repeatedly visited this controversial behavior w/ the SM...but he has his agenda, period". Sounds like a dictatorship to me. If your going to be a SM or CM you have to be flexible to the views of others, even if you disagree (been there, done that ). I would let him take his ball and go play somewhere else. JMO Sparkie P.S. Is this leader trained??
  3. Sparkie

    A Good Time

    What a wonderful idea, congratulations to your unit for 50 years! What a wonderful turn out for your Troop! Also, thanks for the positive post Sparkie P.S. I just finished planning my last B&G for 185 people...it's like planning a mini-wedding!!
  4. Twocubdad, What a great idea!!! I'm going to love passing this one along in our council Sparkie
  5. I found out years ago that putting out a donation can (that the scouts decorated) does wonders for donations! Some people are not interested in popcorn, but still want to support scouting. I highly recommend using one if you are doing site-sales. Sparkie
  6. Sparkie

    Dessert Anyone?

    Hi Tiger_Dad! How about a Pinch Cake or as i like to call it "Monkey Brains" . It's really easy, and will be fun for your son! 3 cans (10ct.) biscuits 1c sugar 1T cinnamon 1/4 lb butter 1c brown sugar Preheat oven to 350 degrees, cut biscuits into quarters. Combine sugar and cinnamon in a ziplock bag, coat all the biscuit pieces. This is the fun part for your son, tell him to shake it up! Butter a 1 piece tube pan, and place the coated pieces in it. Melt butter and brown suger until dissolved, pour over pieces. Cook 30-min. Turn over onto a plate (letting syrup run down sides...YUM!). Voila! pinch off pieces and enjoy. You may want to make 2 of them, one to bring, and one to eat at home because you won't be able to resist eating it . Sparkie
  7. Sparkie


    Here are some of my favorites, short and sweet: If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember what you said. Focus on what you have to do, not what you've already done. You are better than the worse thing you've done. You may be one person to the world, but to one person you are the world. It's never too late to be what you might have been (George Elliot) Sparkie
  8. Help!!! Are there any ceremonies out there for this? I can find Tiger Graduation ceremonies, but nothing for the presentation of the Tiger Badge. I've all my ceremonies in place for tonites B&G (I'm finally crossing over after 7 years!) except for this one. Thanks in advance for your help! Sparkie
  9. Sparkie

    Did you go to your District Dinner

    Yes, our Dist. dinner is held the first weekend in Feb. We had a Masquerade theme this year with dancing after dinner, although not many people dance. I was very surprised to receive the Cubmaster of the Year award, and the Tall Pines award (Highest Dist. award). I was very honored. There are so many others that do more than I. Sparkie
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    Tiger Badge Presentation Ceremony

    fotoscout, thanks for the reply! What you said is essentially what i ended up doing . Hopefully some more ideas will come in for others down the road. Sparkie
  11. Sparkie

    Tiger Badge Presentation Ceremony

    sorry, i had to move this to the correct forum Sparkie(This message has been edited by Sparkie)
  12. Sparkie

    Do you do anything special for.....

    In case you're interested in seeing the Super Achiever patch, here is a link: http://www.scoutingbsa.org/Programs/CubScouts/CubScoutAwards/Webelos_Super_Achiever.html Sparkie
  13. Sparkie

    Birthday check;)

    Happy Belated Birthday hops_scout!!! I was born in Oct. 1962
  14. Sparkie

    Do you do anything special for.....

    Our pack awards the boys the Super Achiever patch you're referring to. The background is the same as the Webelos Neckerchief. Two years ago, we had a scout complete EVERYTHING in the book. For that, we purchased a Boy Scout Handbook and presented it to him at Crossover. Sparkie
  15. So as you can see CMFB, the crossover is subject to interpretation with many views of it's meaning. Everyone has an opinion on what it means (no ones right, no ones wrong). You do what you feel is best for your pack. Sparkie
  16. I guess i'm in the minority with Twocubdad. I too am a Cubmaster and feel that all the boys should crossover. Now, the difference between the two groups (those continuing and those not) are that the scouts continuing with the new troop will receive red loops (as blue ones are removed) along with a new Troop neckerchief. The others will simply cross-over, as they have completed their Cubscout trail, and it is up to them to continue the Eagle trail from this point forward. Sparkie
  17. Sparkie

    Have you Forgotten?

    Thanks for sharing this site Hops_Scout. Sparkie
  18. Sparkie

    Man O' Steele, Where are You?

    Congratulations Dave!! If you ever happen to wander to your old, old stompin' ground let me know!! Don't stay away to long . Sparkie
  19. Happy to help out Laurie, your a special aunt! Sparkie
  20. Sparkie

    Popcorn & bounced checks

    EagleinKY, I am the popcorn chmn. for our council (i'm also the popcorn kernal for pack and troop). I am very surprised at how your council collects money! Units here are able to do Consignment and/or Take Orders. On settlement day council balances the popcorn received/returned for our consignment units, and ask them only to pay for what they sold. Take Orders are also accepted on this day, but payment is not requested since payment IS NOT to be collected before a product is delivered. The previous may be our own council rule. I agree with CubsRgr8 that your DE is not the place to go with this. Try a meeting with the financial director, but gather ALL your facts before you go. If you would like more specifics on how our council handles this, PM me i'd be happy to try and help you out. Sparkie
  21. Sparkie

    cool cub advancement ceremony

    I've used this ceremony, and it works as well as LauraT describes! I have another idea i would like to share, that i haven't been able to top. Last year at our B&G i used a Spirit of Scouting ceremony using a glow stick (of all things). Now this is a REAL cool one. Prior to the meeting, cut the top off of a glow stick and remove the glass cylinder. Empty the contents of each liquid into 2 different containers (to transport to the meeting). For the ceremony, i placed the lesser of the 2 liquids in a clear glass votive holder (it wasn't so obvious there was already liquid in there). I had the scout hold this container as i explained to everyone that while at summer camp i had collected some water from the lake. The lake water, when placed in the container would tell us if Johnny had the Spirit of Scouting in him. I had the lights turned off and proceeded to pour the 2nd liquid in the holder, and within minutes it was glowing with the "Spirit of Scouting"! It was truelly magical moment for everyone there, and the look on his face was PRICELESS! I think he was a little nervous that he didn't do everything he was supposed to . I tried this at home first before the meeting, which i highly recommend doing. Sparkie
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    I do not think this falls in line with BSA policies since it's a one-on-one physical contact sport such as karate. Which, as we all know (don't we?) is not allowed as an activity. Mr. Steele, can you locate that page in your manual for me? Sparkie
  23. Sparkie

    Merit Badges done during Troop mettings

    Our troop offers 2 MBs at most meetings. Since we camp every month, the other meetings are devoted to planning the campout. Usually, there is a MB for the younger scouts (i.e. First Aid), and another MB for the older scouts (i.e. Chemistry, Electricity). Of course advancements are always worked on if scouts are not interested in the MB being offered. MB are worked on from approx. 7:30-8:30pm, and then a team sport is played from 8:30-9pm before they circle-up. This is generally how our meetings run. Sparkie
  24. Our pack (i'm cubmaster) recently had a situation where a cubmaster at another school quit his position, transfered over and told everyone else to transfer over with him (total about 10 boys). Unfortunately, my council did not jump on this fast enough (they have their own issues, and i lost my DE!) to save that pack. However, they are going to try to re-organize it. My problem is, our committee chmn. wants to consider their school calendar when planning events. Five com. members have come to me complaining about this, and are embarassed to bring it up at a com. meeting because the ex-cubmaster is there. We are chartered by our school OPT. The other school is in ANOTHER sch. dist., and has a combined year round program and traditional program. So my question is, do you consider other school calendars beside your own when planning? As it is now we work with our own school calendar, coun. calendar and a specialty school (for the deaf) who came to us with their own den and den leader. Thanks for your thoughts! Sparkie Go White Sox!! (This message has been edited by Sparkie)
  25. Sparkie

    you worst pet peeves!

    Meetings don't start on time because the people who show up thinking they are on time are actually showing up late, right KoreaScouter?