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  1. I got interested in this and called our scout exec he stated that they could not sleep together but the membership was not a problem at all, he said his hope would be they would become leaders as a couple leater on and that would tickle him.

  2. I went to Blue Speings this past summer for their annual Gilwell reunion and there was a ot of complaining, most of it about Some but not many scout camps being sold, but mainly about regestration and insurance going crazy in the last couple of years. All of this has nothing to do with homosexuallity it has to do with they are hurting badly for funds, there has even been talk of the two French {assocation Les Scouts Du Canada} and the English {Scouts Canada} going together, but that is now gone the french do not want it. You must remember that the Scouts Canada Organization has never had Sustaining Membership Enrollment {SME} or Friends of Scouting{FOS} they are now visiting some US councils and trying to get something like this started. They have always traed to make it ona few donations and their membership dues. This is going to have to be changed quickly, they told me or they would be in very very bad sahape.

    But as I state homosexuality has nothing to do with it. They admit homosexuals and they have no problems with it that I have ever been told. Most of the gripes are they initiated our checks on people and that has made a few of the old timers of 30 or 40 years mad, some may have had a DUI when they where a teenager or done something small and this has cuased them to get an exception or maybe even be released from scouting, it has a lot of feathers ruffled.



    Oh by the way anyone who knows how to change a brithdate let me know, I apparently put mine in wrong because I some where I was listed a a JR Forum member and at my age I wish.


  3. Talk about bad humor this weekend we where coming back from a Campout at the Land Between the Lakes and I had a terrible car wreck hit by a drunk. The only thing in my mind was thank god I did not have any kids with me. I worry so much about driving with the kids because no matter how you drive one drunk driver and it becomes bad. So im sore and moving slow and forgive me if it atakes a while to reply. I also am considering changing my name to Snaggletooth because I ate the steering wheel and boy it looks funny

  4. To return ones post we did not have a fire because of firehazards. I do not know if they allowed them at our spring ordeals or not but fire was a very scary thing to us at this camp. We had no fires except in the fireplace in the lodge or at the circle. So in the fall we never had them. We also called or camp the seven hills of Rome because it was all hills and valley but this also made it a long way down to any lake to get water.

    Above all the raw egg did not hurt physically but it drove me crazy mentally.


  5. Ok I thought I had to go to the bank but my son is doing it. I can tell you this grey eagle, I am a district comish and this used to be a council to itself here in Kaintuck but I do adhere to all rules with an absolutness {tis that a word} which freaks people out. I think scouting in the south has always been a little bit different and always will be. But I will always follow all rules I believe rules are made for a reason even if I do not always agree with them. I love scouting and outside of my kids ,grandkids and great grandkids it is my passion . I love above all the history of dan Beard most people think he only worked around Cincinatti but I know of troops in 9 states he helped found and I am writing a history of this and do not know what I will do with it when I get done. So I did not really mean to say you where gripey but if we get one more rain in Western Kentucky, W. tennessee or Mississippi I will absolutly have to be tied down. And yes grey eagle they used to cut for the brotherood rites but hopefully they have banned this all over the US now I know that to my knowledge it is not done in the south anymore. But even though it caused me a lot of problems because I bled a lot the dagone egg is what about killed me


  6. Yes I am having a bad day people. The hurricanes have drenched the cotton fields and it is costing me a fortune because they can not get it in and I can not buy it and gin it. So Im a little out of sorts..

    Sorry grey eagle I did not mean to ruffle feathers.

    Yes I am set in my ways and this is my 49 year in scouting

    sorry folks gotta go


  7. I did not mind the ordeal so much even though the thought of eating a raw egg about killed me doing the eating of the raw egg reall did me in but I lived. But I did think the brotherood was to much I still bear a scar across my hand where the guy cut me and I bled a long time. I am glad they did away with the one. I think sometimes it is according to the kids who are doing the cerimonies. Our next move after this guy was to use the little thingies that the diabetics use to prick their fingers but with hipatitus and Aids we of course no longer do any of this stuff. Excuse my spelling I am trying to write up some other stuff and rushed


  8. No wonder the outing has gone out in scouting and the program is becoming more citified every day. Kids need to learn to deal with things. If you can not handle it get out. It is people which guard the kids like you people seem to which have caused things like coloombine. Kids no longer learn to deal with small things and they are small things. They think well I have every right to shoot someone because they are not taught to live in the real world. When I was a kid there was a recuriting poster called Boys To Men that the boy scouts did it was one of my favorites. But now it is boys to pansey but I will stay in and follow the rules even if I think they are wrong.

    And Grey eagle if it was so dagone bad why did you stay in and why do you sit and gripe about everything now.

    I think this lets protect our kids at all cost will some day kill the program and it is almost as bad a home schooling. I am the largest employer in a 20 county area and I also refuse to emploee home schooled kids because I feel like they are so protected they do not know how to deal with people. Protect the kids but still let them become adults and know what it is like to have to deal with the small agravations


  9. Ok let me do some clarification on this. I was sent to do this in 1963 at Camp Pellissippi and back then it was harmless and was also educational. Our scoutmaster did it and had it setup where every boy was sent to areas where he learned the camp on the first morning of the first day. The final stop on the little jaunt was with the Camp leader. But I was interested in some of the other things people where sent looking for in a historical outlook. Back then they and I did not consider it harmful, of course back then there was no AIDS, school shootings and things like this. So do not get upset with me I am looking for the names of the GAGS sorry if it got off on a bad start.

  10. I disagree, I have gone through hazing in several different ways. I was sent out after a skyhook and sent to specific places to look thusly the new kid learned the camp. No one got hurt and I actually had a good time. I college hazing at our fraternity was also not something which would hurt your physically or mentally but a learning experiance. So old grey eagle this one has to disagree

  11. I am called Skyhook because I was sent out the first day of Camp to hunt for a skyhook. {skyhook attched to thin air and helped hold the tent up. The camp director after I roamed around all morning told me to go tell the boys it had fallen in the outhouse and they where more than welcome to climb down after it. I would like to hear more I guess Hazing stories but of the good kind. I saw more of the camp and learned it that morning walking around hunitng for a skyhook.


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