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    Popcorn troubles

    OK, this years popcorn has been a big hassle. I have two parents that have not finished payign for their popcorn. The one that I am concerned about refuses to return my phone calls or any other method I try to contact him by. He is dodging me and owes $114 for popcorn that he sold. He does not have the popcorn yet, but he has still left us in a bad position. My question is this. If he comes to the pack meeting tommorrow night, how should we approach this without making a scene. The night is about the boys and I do not want him to yank his kid just to spite his ex-wife, who is actually supportive of the scouting program. Any help.
  2. SctDad

    Popcorn troubles

    OK to answer a few questions then give an update. He told me what it was that he needed for his orders. A day after I placed the pack order. I should have seen the problem there but I was trying to give him the benefit of doubt. I never saw an order form. Popcorn came in and he dodged me for months. He has my number because he would pocket dial me. That told me that his phone was on and he had it with him, but when I returned his call, it would ring twice and go to voicemail. I am not stupid. Next year the only sales we are taking for this young cub are from his mother. She was going to pay for it but was advised not to by her lawyer, it would be covering up his mistakes again. That is another story. I took this issue to the Pack Committee Meeting. THey determined that further action should be taken and that if needed a lawyer should be hired, even though it was against my better judgement because we cannot afford one. I turned all issues with this father over to the committee. They started drafting letters. Last night at the den meeting my CC (Who is also a parent of one of my Den youth) came up to me and said that he had sold all the popcorn. he tried to give me the money and I stood my ground saying, "I turned the issue over to the committee. Not trying to be rude, but you can handle it." He understood and is making the deposite today and taking the reciept to the treasurer. The CC also took the popcorn to the NEW buyer. I actually trust the CC 100 times more then this other father. So that issues has been resolved and now we are just dealing with another parent who owes about $94. I thought I could trust her being that she is a Law Enforcement Officer. OH well.
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    Cub Scout Shooting Sports Director

    Can you link to this years standards?
  4. SctDad

    ...but is it camping?

    This sounds like an event that my pack would not attend. Now are you gonna make s'mores without flame. And no we are not cooking em over a stove. At the Jamboree that the East Carolina Council held that Eagle 92 is talking about, they told everyone that you had 2 ways of having a fire, dig a pit and replace the turf when you were done, or bring an elevated pit/barrell. As for the musicians, when I was walking around, there was a young man with a trumpet, (Guess it was their bugler) that was playing the intro to the IROM MAN song. He was rocking it out.
  5. SctDad

    Woggle for youths?

    Thanks JM I seriously did not know what each part was. Now I know what a woggle is. I admit that I do not know everything about WB, so I just wnated to make sure that I was getting things cleared up.
  6. SctDad

    Car commercial

    Indiana jones cannot be wrong if Harrison Ford really was a scout. BTW that SNL movie was just wrong!!!!
  7. SctDad

    Open toe shoes

    I believe that wearing the Closed toed shoes in camp is a reasonable rule. As for the arguement about shorts, if you are gonna break you leg, it is going to happen wether or not you are wearing shorts or pants. That arguement does not fly with me. The knife and rifle comments, we fix this with education. Same reason why we restrict open-toed shoes in camp. But I see some people saying that they will always wear open toed shoes, or sandles in camp. Down here in NC we have too many snakes, and several poisonous ones. Plus a whole bunch of other things that can get in your shoes. Our camp uses reject from a local mine, and there is sharks teeth in some of that. (the boys love it) Imaging getting a sharks tooth caught in the soft sole of your foot because you were wearing sandles. But I guess the ones that say they wil wear sandles think they will do well at camps where I was a staff member. There were lots of slopes and hills. And yes these were down the pathways and roads to campsites and stuff. Moxieman can tell you that the flag assembly area at camp hinds is just a large sloped area. Not support by sandles can lead to foot and ankle injuries. But yes, lightning could also stike us all. I guess if we relax this rule then we should also relax the rule about scouts riding in the back of pick-up truck because falling out only happens every now and then. It is a legitamate rule.
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    Adult Leader discipline problems

    I agree with what ScoutNut said. There is only room for one CM in the pack and you already have one. Cut and dry. If they are interested in an ACM position then have them do it the right way, but I would have the CC or someone from the Charter tel them that they need to change patches. Training is training. Just because one is trained as a CM or an SM does not make them one. The policies state that the CC, COR and the CO are responsible for choosing leadership. Some just have ways of doing it. Ours lets me recruit the leaders and they sign off. If something comes back bad from the council then they may want to look a second time, but other than that, they let us do our thing. NO SMOKING AROUND YOUTH. I am a smoker and I take time to walk away to where the youth cannot see me or at the very least I make a valid effort to seperate myself from the youth, trying to avoid them frmo seeing me smoke. Not all efforts are always successful. Kids wil follow their parents. Myself and two other leaders were commended by camp staff last year because we would walk out to the road on the outside of the campsite and go to the other side of the trees to smoke. We made an effort. But like everyone else said, if these leaders/parents are not able to play nice, then refer it to the CO, CC, IH, COR. I think I got them all
  9. SctDad

    Woggle for youths?

    My apologies on the bead attachment. I have not taken woodbadge yet and I do not know how they are put together. JM badge mentioned that the 4 bight is the Official Wood Badge Woggle. That is what I was asking about.
  10. SctDad

    Woggle for youths?

    I just want to make sure taht I know where the reference is. Where does it say that I cannot wear a 4 strand turkshead on my neckerchief. I know that the WB stuff has the part that dangles for the beads, but the BSA slide is an imitation turkshead as someone mentioned before.
  11. SctDad

    Troop Trailer Stolen

    About two years ago someone stole one of our local Cub Scout Trailers. Marked and all. Some people are low.
  12. SctDad

    Weather & camping - your threshold of ok?

    One of the great things about a NC storm in the Summer is that the rain is not freezing and boys like to play in ght rain. As for watching storms pass, I remember watching storms when I was a camp staff member at Camp HInds in Maine. We would sit at the fence on the waterfront and watch the storm move in or across, and hope it would hit the tower on the other side of the lake. The tower would glow like an indiglo watch for about 20 seconds. Yes Moxieman , you might know the spot I am talking about. It was after watching a storm move towards us that we decided it was probably not a good idea to sit at the base of the FLAGPOLES and watch the storm. LOL. This was in the mid 90's and of course things were different then. Guess we were the reason for the storm training.
  13. SctDad

    Weather & camping - your threshold of ok?

    I think what ScoutFish is refereing to is that here in NC, thunder is not a reason to freak out. The lightning storms in the distance are not a reason to freak out. There is one thing that one can say about most NC thunderstorms, "Wait 20 Minutes" it will be gone. Generally cool after that as they usually approach in the late afternoon and evening.
  14. SctDad

    Proper Campsite Attire

    SMT224 Tell the young boy that can't keep his pants up, "if you need help keeping you pants up I have one of a couple ways you can do it. Use your belt, I have duct tape, or I can get the staple gun."
  15. SctDad

    Committee Meetings Open?

    This is what I would have to say on this issue. The general committee meetings should be open to observers and guests. There should also be a point in the meeting/topic area where each person who would like to say their piece could have 60 seconds to voice their opinion. That is it. THe CM/SM have the voice of the scouts and other unit leaders. But they do not have a vote. It urks me sometimes but I have to trust in my committee. As for the closed sessions, the committee may move into a closed session in which they ask all parties not on the committee to please exit the room so that committee discussion may be completed. This is not a YP issue or a secret society issue. THere may be levels of privacy that are an order. That simple. Why does EVERYONE have to know EVERYTHING about EVERYONE ELSE. It is not thier business. What if slacker scout's parents are in the audiance, when you are about to have a discussion on their little pookie who never does wrong, while you are discussing the campership that he has applied for. YOu know it is a bad idea because the boy may be trouble. Or what if you are dealing with a parent who is constantly drunk and coming to meetings and stuff. There are some reasons to have a closed session.
  16. We were supposed to have an AOL and cross over ceremony for one of my Webelos this weekend. We even chose the campsite based on not only the availability of the site, but the chapter ceremony team would not have to travel too far to do the ceremony. I also scheduled the ceremony back in February. They brought it up at the last meeting two weeks ago and it was all supposed to still be on. So I tell everyone about the OA ceremonies team coming out. I tell them that these boys are great and put a lot of time and energy into their regalia and ceremonies. Low and behold I think that I should have treated them like I do my new Cub Scouts. I should have called them Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Because when I called to inquire about who was coming out, one of the advisors told me that he had the regalia and no one had or made plans to come out. So right now I am glad that our chapter meeting is not tomorrow night. It seems like all our chapter wants to do sit in meetings, do the ordeals, and go to our fall fellowship. If you really pry them you might get a service project out of them, but that is only because you tell that it is part of our lodges QUALITY CHAPTER, which is all some of the advisors are concerned about. THinking about going into the next meeting and asking what it is the youth really wants to do because there were a LOT of disappointed people at the crossover last-night. Guess I am just severly P.Oed.
  17. SctDad

    Can you spot the error in this picture?

    OK OK OK Where are the 100th Anniversary Rings around the world crest. And yes that is a tall Webelos. Maybe getting ready to cross over.
  18. SctDad

    Weather & camping - your threshold of ok?

    I can only hope that AnaMaria is enjoying her campout tonight. I can weigh in on this fact. I was on the campout that Eagle92 left early. There were some sprinkles that night and a steady rain in the morning. Nothing too major. Just had to dry out some gear on Monday. As for bad weather, here in the great Eastern NC, we have stopped cancelling campouts because of weather. Anyone from around here can tell you that an NC thunderstorm will be over in 30 minutes. We went camping last year and there was a torrential downpour. The campsites at camp have these nice (EXPEN$IVE) shelters. We could not hold a conversation at 10 feet because the rain was falling so hard. But just as quickly it stopped. Now I tell all my parents, If you do not want to bring you scout out to the campout becuse of the weather, than that is your choice as a parent. A lot of work goes into planning these campouts, as we are not going to cancel for a 30% chance of thunderstorms.
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    I think you have some good ideas. Here are some suggestions that I have instead of just telling you to look at paperwork. Which by now you need to get the application done and I will go onto your original question. Movie Night - They are right, you cannot charge admission. THe copyright laws say that you can show it to as many people as you want, as long as you are not profiting from the movie. With that said, you can sell snacks and drinks. Hey I have got a ton of trails end left over. Garage sale - Talk to you CO. Maybe you can make the yard sale a bigger fund raiser. If you have a parking lot with painted lines offer parking spots for people to rent. Charge them $20 a spot. They get to keep what ever money they gain from their sales. This would take some advertising and pre sales. Let the restaurant do their cook out. That is up to them. Offer to help with clean up after the fact or during. Someone has to keep those trash can empty. Get creative. Think outside the box.
  20. Here is what may be my final thought on this matter. Let the man be and let him try to rebuild his life as he has been trying for the past 7 years. Some people actually learn from their mistakes. For the rest of you that want to announce to everyone his past. Good Luck. YOu are the same people who would probably go thruogh and run a background check on every parent in your pack. I do not see your pack lasting that long, as only so many people will put up with it. Like I said before, if you who are about to convict this man for the rest of his life, then I would make sure that you NEVER got a speeding ticket or you should NEVER drive scouts anywhere, including your own.
  21. Scoutfish I think that you and I are on the same page, but I just want to make sure that I am understanding you. The only time that you feel that his past should be disclosed is if he signs up to be a DL or any other REGISTERED (Caps for emphasis) leader. If he signs no paperwork, then his past is that, past. And no one else has any right to know. As for if he should become a registered leader, I would leave it up to the CO/IH/COR to make that call. I would also explain it to him about what you are doing so that he knows. Obviosly he know about the background check. Le5t the higher ups make the call, and hold a parents meeting to tell the parents, if they deen appropriate.
  22. SctDad

    Troops VS OA

    I have heard that many troops do not wnat their boys in the OA. What we are trying to figure out is why. What do you see as the reasons why there is such a decline in the youth membership. What could the local chapters do to help improve the membership attendance.
  23. Does anyone know where I can find some of the NAYLT training materials like the booklets or the power points. Got some plans in the works and need to look over some of the stuff to come up with ideas.
  24. SctDad

    Youth Leader Training materials

    The youth are trying to get more interest in the chapter. We were thinking about doing a youth leaders trek, and provide some supplemental training along the way. Little tidbits of knowledge that they may benefit from. That is what I was looknig for. I thought that I might find something in the other training.
  25. SctDad

    Youth Leader Training materials

    Eagle and Kudu Those last posts were some of the best information I ahve rwecieved yet. I will be taking this and making notes. I already have the links opened in another tab.