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    Neckerchief Rant

    I have a few things to say about this issue. As many of you may know from my previous posts, I am a military man. I have served in Iraq and been in for quiet a few years. I think that the over under issue is over-rated. Does it really matter which way the boys wear it. As long as they ALL wear it the same way then I think that should be sufficient. My Tiger Cubs wear their Uniform with the Neckerchief under the collar. The neckerchief is rolled and a slide is there to hold it in place. There was one thing that bothered me a little but I politely let the parent know. we are pack 162. She forgot the numbers and sewed it on as 129. Not to mention the numbers were spaced out. But we gave her the right numbers and let her know that the numbers were supposed to be together. No big deal. We will see how things are at the B&G next week. I think that there are other pressing issues that are at hand. Not all of my cubs can afford the pants. They are not cheap. So I ask that they wear dark jeans or slacks if they must. Try to look uniform. I think if we take the time to make a little effort, then we can still look great. They are young. Give them a break. Most of the families are young too and trying to make ends meet. At least they are getting uniform shirts. I cannot complain too much. Not too mention, we do not have the money as a pack to go out and buy the uniforms for the boys. I have discussed with some of the parents that after the cubs outgrow their uniforms if they would be interested in donating the old uniform to the pack for a uniform bank. I think we need to look at things of uniformity of the pack/troop/event, before we start griping about the regulations. These are my opinions. Not that of the BSA, my council, district or Pack.
  2. SctDad

    Flag optional on uniform?

    The flag is provided on the uniform. You are right in many facts. The old uniforms did not have it on there. Why did we change it. Why did the Army go to wearing the flag with the Army Combat Uniform. There is always going to be change in this world. There is always gonna be people who complain. I am sorry, I believe in one thing, if there is a standard for the uniform, then there should be a standard across the board without alterations. Example, FLAG OR NO FLAG. THAT IS THAT. Of course the combat veteran (Yes I was a Medic Too) I would like to see the flag on the uniform. All of my Cubs look the same. As for the Pledge of Allegience. There are requirements for the ranks that require the Cub Scouts to understand the Pledge and take part in a Flag ceremony. I have my Wolf Cub giving the "I AM YOUR FLAG" presentation. WE need to make sure that OUR children understand these thing. The Schools cannot teach everything. That is my opinion. Not those of my Cubs or the BSA. Agree with me or disagree, that is your RIGHT
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    Tour Guide Permits - is it necessary....

    Here is what I was told by my DE when I asked a similar question. Fill it out, and where it wants the vehicle information just write, parents providing transportation. Your council should be able to tell you exactly what you need to get done. Yes paperwork is a hassle, but the one time you don't do it and something goes wrong, you will need it. We are leaders here. It means filling out the proper paperwork, and doing things right. It does not take days to fill it out, just for them to get it back to you. I would say fill it out just to be on the safe side.
  4. SctDad

    Scout Law Acronym

    I know when I learned the scout law, I put the first letter of each part on the pads of my fingers. OKOKOK Look at your hand. Not counting the thumb, look at your other 4 fingers. They each have 3 pads. I put the first letter in order on my fingers. There are 12 parts and there are 12 pads. Works out great. You can have the boys use that as they go around, first looking at the letters, tapping them with their thumbs as they say them, and then washing it off and you will still see them tap each part. That is my two cents. Let me know if you have any quewstions
  5. I am looking for some of the many suggestions of flag retirement ceremonies that are out there. I know everyone will probably lead me to another post but try to keep things here. There are a few things that I am asking for. What kind of event are we going to use the ceremony at. Blue and Gold. Camping or other event. Any script that you may have to go along with it. Just looking for some ideas. Lets see what we can come up with.
  6. SctDad

    Semi Custom Patches

    Bob Sorry if it seemed like I was going off. I had only one good Link for what I was looking for and 1 1/2 pages in regards to the legality of the subject. If someone would have said that I needed to make sure that there was a copyright agreement in place that would have worked. Thanks for the links guys. I think the Stradi page is the one I found before. But if you have other suggestions, I will still look around.
  7. SctDad

    Semi Custom Patches

    I found a website one time that sold patches that were general styles and images, but you were able to add your own text. That is why I asked about semi-custom patches. I cannot find the link again. Can someone send it to me if they find it. I am thinking about trying to get some patches like this for the pack activities that we have.
  8. SctDad

    Semi Custom Patches

    OK OK OK Here is something that is getting on my nerves. I posted something here looking for some help as I usually do in this forum. Although I was in scouts as a teenager, I am new as a leader and come here for frquent advise. This topic was started in another thread (Cub Scouts) but it was moved to uniforms. I am OK with that. What I am not OK with is the fact that this had become a discussion on Copyright cost and Government Jokes. Don't get me wrong, I like a good joke at our governments expense. But that is not why I started this thread. There has only been one or two constructive posts, the rest are about copyright. I understand that it is important, but that is not helping what I came here for. I am looking for some help with finding a place to purchase patches that area somewhat stock and don't cost a fortune as my sons pack has $0.00. I once found ones that were premade, all you had to do was add text. I am trying to make it the best pack I can and all you can do is bash the govt. I hate to be rude but this is getting out of hand. NOW, I am asking other scout leaders and scouters for help. Does someone have any information that can help me with this search. If so, Please post. MODERATOR: COULD YOU GO THROUGH AND GET RID OF THE OTHER POSTS ARGUING ABOUT COPYRIGHT AND THE POLITICAL JOKES.
  9. SctDad

    Semi Custom Patches

    The one I found, if I remember correctly, actually came from either the Boys Life Mag or the Scouting Leadership Mag. I just cannot find the mags right now.
  10. That is a great idea. I think I will us that in a slightly different manner. But thanks for the Script. We will be also having our blue and gold and the Webelos will possibly doing a Flag folding demonstration. I think I will use that script while they fold it. Thanks again, and to all, keep the ideas coming.
  11. SctDad

    State and US Flags

    Thank you to all who gave me the suggestions. I contacted my state reps. and they are sending me some. THey were actually really quick and helpful. I e-mailed them monday (Holiday) and I heard from them by tuesday morning. E-mailed back and forth a couple of times. Today (Wednesday) they asked for my address so they could mail it to me. Guess they actually take time to think about scouts.
  12. SctDad

    State and US Flags

    Does anyone know where I might be able to get US and State flags for our pack. We are a new pack and we need them to be cheap or free if possible. I post here because I think someone might be able to help.
  13. We are thinking about a Nature Center nearby. But I do not want to have them inside the exibits all day. I was thinking about getting a flag foot ball set and working on that belt loop. We mostly have Tiger Cubs, one or two Wolf, and 2 or 3 webelos. I know that the nature center and planetarium will probably have a lot for us to do but I was also trying to find out other things. Thanks for the help so far. I will look at some of the things and see what we can come up with.
  14. SctDad

    Day Camp 2008 Knights of The Roundtable

    Here are some Ideas that you may want to look towards doing Have a catalpuilt built prior to and allow the boys to try launching small items. (Soft Balls, Baseballs, Tennisballs)(this is something that maybe a Webelos can work on for their requirements) Maybe have someone with a horse ride around if it allowed (check the Regs) Archery, remember to get council instructors. Fun-Noodle Jousting - Have them try to knock down a target on the first pass. (the FUNOODLES that you get for the water) Make Cardboard shields with a coat of arms on it. Some other Games, Balloon pop with darts, Clay Pigeon break, (throw golf balls at them)(put up a tarp to catch the balls and the broken pieces), Bean bag toss (draw a castle on the target).
  15. SctDad

    Blue and Gold Help

    I hadn't thought of the OA. I also think that I am going to go through and possible invite the SM from the local troop. Still thinking about it
  16. SctDad

    Blue and Gold Help

    Thanks for the ideas, I have been looking at a few things. I have been working on some examples of centerpieces that the boys can work on. I have also been asking around for some suggestions on who we should invite from the community. I think that the boys will have fun working on the decorations and I was also thinking about making something for placemats. I talked with the CM today and he thinks that these are some good ideas. We are going to get together this weekend to work on some other things. Anyone else have anymore suggestions????
  17. SctDad

    An interesting situation

    If you really want to help, Come out to NC and try our pack. We are having the problem that we have two leaders. CM and ACM. I am the ACM and also the Tiger Den LEader. The CM is the Webelos Leader. So you can guess what job I will have next year. I have got a lot on my plate. And bigger ones to come. But that is the way of scouting. I sounds like I am in for a lot of fun.
  18. SctDad

    New In NC

    Hello to all. I am new to this forum and this year I started my son in Cub Scouts. When I contacted the local council about the program, they told me that they would work on finding a Pack, but there was a lack of leadership and they needed help. Well being the type of person that I am, I stepped up. THey convinced the Cub MAster to stay one more year so that I could get the swing of things. That put me in as Assistant Cub MAster. Well there wer some parents who said that they would lead the Tiger Cub Den, but when they found out that it was lead by cub parents, and not the "Trained Professionals" that they thought, they backed out of the leadership postition. Once again I stepped up as Den Leader. Now I am working back and forth trying to keep things above water. Trying to make sure that the recharter goes OK, and that we keep going on with the things that the boys need. I mean, that is what this program is for, the boys. Right now I am doing OK, but we still have no Wolf and Bear dens. The webelos den will be crossing over soon. So I will be asking for advise in other topics and postings. Other than that, I was in Boy Scouts when I was younger (Much Younger) and I made it to life scout. I was also inducted into the OA completing only my ordeal. Which I am looking to rejoin the OA through the local council. I waited many years to see about getting my son in Cub Scouts and he is finally there and we are both haveing fun regardless of the difficulties that we face. I will be talking to you all soon.
  19. SctDad

    New In NC

    I talked with my district exec and she said that if I needed to, I could just start with the tigers this year, they will be wolves next year. Then I can work on getting new tigers and keep building from there. They also said that they were willing to help all they can. Here's hoping
  20. SctDad

    "No Secrets" is a Good Thing???

    I went through my ordeal in the early 90's. Now my Son is in cub scouts and I hope that he sticks with it to Eagle. When I was selected, the scouts were tapped out. No one else knew who was tapped until the day of the ordeal. Secrets are not needed. But there needs to be some close control over what is released to the inquisitive. The Order has a long tradition and sometimes these are things that not EVERYONE needs to know about. If a parent of an ordeal member asks, then they can be told as long as they understand about what it is meant when they ask for some mystery about what happens. If a member of the press comes out then they have no real right to have concern, as long as the parents are aware and there is no physical or emotional harm. But things are always done out in the open and under well approved two-deep leadership. I think that there are too many people out there trying to find out more than they really need to.