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  1. Thanks again Just a few things so that people understand where I am coming from Yes right now I am a CM inn my 4th year as a leader. I am already an ASM with the troop that my son will be crossing to. They needed leaders so I volunteered. Now they also have a few more so my responsibilities there are not as strenous. As for if I am going to stay in for a while. Well there is my first son who is moving to the troop in the fall, my next son is joining tigers in the Spring, and the baby that just turned 1 year old back in January. So I think I have a few years. Oh and BTW, my daughter is signing on with a venture crew in a few months because their crew along with some from a troop are going to Philmont. I have also been selected to go. So yes, I am going to be around for a while.
  2. Hey Guys and Girls, Remember me, this WAS my original post. First, Lisa, thank you for your post. it was the most informative and insiteful. As for the rest of the posts and arguements, you ever wonder why some people do not take woodbadge. Too much beating of the chests and I am better than you. That is why I was wondering about the reality and usefullness of even taking the course. By screaming and insulting each other, none of you are working on the chance to get more people into woodbadge. I think once again I will wait a few more years and see what actually comes up and see if it is still something that I want to do. Anyone think down of me. Too bad. I will still go and lead some great boys and have a great time doing it, beads or no beads.
  3. SctDad

    Looking for Spring Camporee ideas

    have each troop do a pioneering project. Or have them all build a monkey bridge. Maybe a timed tripod lashing contest. Fastest flagpole building and flag raising. Matchless firestarting. (No magic fire water of course) Orienteering, with tasks at each point Build a trap/snare semaphore signalling morse code wildlife identification cooking Those are just some that I could think of off the top of my head And as always you can have a leaders cook-off
  4. SctDad

    Cub Scout resident camp

    Eagle, I have to agree with you about the program. But my thought on this is, WOW, they must have the best program out there and PAY their staff. $90 a person for 3 days and 2 nights. that is alot. Considering that it will probably only be one real day of activities. For that much I could have our campout catered by one of the local eateries, and still have plenty of money left over for program and activities. I think that like many other councils, they are trying to make a profit after the fact.
  5. SctDad

    National Anthem

    I know that I am coming in late on this conversation, and I may be repeating something, but when I was watching the National Anthem, I was trying to figure out why the song sounded wrong, then I had to ask my self, what is "Twilights last REAMING" And I knew she royally messed it up at the end. The words are "O're the land of the free" Not FOR the land of the Free. Check the words. As someone said at the beginning of the thread, I would rather see a high school concert band get out there and play a GREAT concert version. Or get 10 High school bands to do it. I think that would be impressive.
  6. Our pack was one that was not going to have the Charter resigned by the CO. They allowed us to keep the numbers and that was it because that was all we had. We started with a few new Tigers. Two Webelos and a few motivated parents. That was all that we had. We had 9 boys. 7 Tigers, and the 2 webelos. Today those tigers are now in Webelos I. There are 2 of the original 7 left, but we have an active den of 5, we also have dens of 8 Tigers, 7 Wolves, and 10 Bears. They all have Den LEaders that are trained. They also have the parental support that everyone needs. Our Committee has grown from the 3 that we started with, to 5 that are dedicated committee members, not just wearing multiple hats. Rebuilding a pack or troop takes time and dedication. Motivation, and a will do attitude. There are going to be speed bumps along the way. Their always are. But it is how you and your leaders handle it that helps the most. Outdoor activities and camping are another thing that help a lot. If you have a quality program, then the boys will come.
  7. SctDad

    Patch Vests

    This sounds like it can be a Webelos Craftsman AB project. Requires multiple steps. (Tracing cutting, sewing, and placing the tie if you use it) I think that is what we will do for one of our projects.
  8. SctDad

    Free Outdoor Classes (almost)

    If you end up in Eastern NC Let us know
  9. SctDad

    Council-Wide Cub Family Camp

    Another things that you will need is to kow your budget. The work book that I am working on to send you has the budget work sheets in it. Know your budget and try your best to stay in it. That will be your life saver. Also know your deadlines. Some councils have deadlines that have to be met in Order to run a successful program. If you are able to do those things it will help a lot.
  10. SctDad

    Council-Wide Cub Family Camp

    Eagle92 and myself have recent experience with these type of events. He is right, Staff Staff and more staff If you want, I have an excell file that will helpyou organize your staff and their assignemtns. There are also some great things that you can find out. Things that we did at the one that I organized was at a council property. There were a lot of things already in place like the climbing tower, BB and Archery Ranges and the handy craft shelter. Some things that I added to the program that made for a good event. Had the area Medical Evacuation Chopper come out, although they were only able to stay for a short while, it was a big hit Fire Department, They were there for the chopper anyway, so they set up a display Forestry Service (They had a bunch of give away stuff) Get a binder and get the Family Camp Standards. This will help to keep everything organized. If you want more information or the files that I used, PM me and I will get your e-mail address from you.
  11. SctDad

    You Might be a Star Wars Geek

    I think Eagle92 just downloaded the Wookipedia for his computer toolbar.
  12. SctDad

    Pinewood Derby Car question

    "I do know, the dad fussing the loudest, has two scouts and he does all of the work on the cars himself, the boys told us that, and he has had both boys win first and second place every year they have raced." This guy would not be allowed to race in my pack. First off you do not come to me screaming about the rules. The rules are there to keep things fair FOR THE BOYS. Second, I am grown. Not even my mama screams at me. (ever wonder why CM's quit???) If these boys have told you that they do not build the cars and that their dad does all the work, ask them if they feel right in accepting trophies and awards, for someone elses work. Does that seem fair to the boy who has a single mother, no father figure, and she tries, but has no woodworking skills and he brings a rough cut block of wood in. Does you district have a race. Follow those rules. If there is still a problem, take it to the committee and let them tell this guy, the PWD is for the boys. If he really wants tell him to organize an open class, maybe that will support his ego. Bottom line, it is for the boys, and I will not put up with parents screaming at me. Expecially in my office.
  13. SctDad

    I Wish I Had (book, form, card) . . .

    I do not know about your council, but our council has a small (maybe 5X7) book that has all of the joining requirements and those through 1st Class. It uses a bead program to track progress, say hanging from a hiking staff. I thought that it looked a little cool if it was done in a manner that was seperate from the Cub Scouts.
  14. SctDad

    Down and Derby

    I found it on amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss?url=search-alias%3Ddvd&field-keywords=Down+and+Derby I think it is a great movie. Our boys loved it at a Back-To-Scouts night when we had a movie night. Parents even enjoyed it.
  15. SctDad

    2019 WSJ at BSR!!!!!

    Eagle007 That better be a big jar. It is great that the WSJ is coming to the BSR. Even though there are a lot of expenses, think of the costs save with not having to get international travel plans and passports. Not to mention the trouble of trying to explain the pocket knives that are running throughout the bags. Anyway, I think it will be a great thing. My oldest son will be 18 so he will have to try as a staff or leader, my middle son may be able to attend. The youngest will have just turned 9
  16. SctDad

    Charter Organization Patch On Uniform

    I think that if you want to create a CO patch for your temporary patch or on a vest, then fine. Heck, if my CO bought us the patches, then I and my son would at least wear them. But they do as little as possible, with very little financial funding, so if they want it, they buy it. I do have to say one thing about the Pack Flag, being that we were paying for the flag, the CO name did not go on it. Our co is a American Legion Post. The total character count would have been an extra 43 letters/numbers and 2 punct. marks. That would have tripled the cost of our flag. Since they were not paying for it, it did not go on.
  17. SctDad

    Resolutions for 2011

    My Daughters Crew is going to Philmont in 2012 also. So here is my list Get fit enough to keep up with her and the rest of the crew Break my smoking habit so I can get my NEW truck Continue to provide the best program around, while still being the best father to my kids, all 4 of them More time with wife and kids. (I have been getting better at this part though.)
  18. SctDad

    Kindle e-Reader and Scouting

    I guess there are a lot of troops out there that are trying to work technology into the Scouting program. While I am working with my Webelos to learn the craft of things. Our Craftsman AB is going to be using things like Hand saws, miter boxes,, coping saws, hand drills and the bit and brace. Maybe even a plane and blocks for sanding. The big question that I have is, if we have the handbook on Kindle, how are we going to get it signed. Now I can see electronic versions of the Field book and Requirements book, but IMO there is nothing better than the original wireless reader, "a book" Scouting skills have changed so much I think that we need to teach boys that there is still some usefulness in knowing how to work with ones hands and build something with pride. Where has that gone. Orienteering has gone and been replaced with GPS, now books are being replaced by E-readers. I miss the old scouting program
  19. SctDad

    Labor Unions as Chartered Organizations

    IF they are there to support you then why not. But I do have to put in some humor here. Would anyone say no to buying popcorn from Cub Scouts chartered by the Teamsters. What about parents saying no to helping out when asked, think that would happen. Sorry about the jokes, couldn't help myself.
  20. SctDad

    Scouting and Military Schools

    I looked at Hargrave Military Academy one time just out of currosity. They apparently have an active scouting program. The only thing that I noticed is that you cannot bring knives to the academy. Looks like they are activly involved in Scouting to include the OA (there are some scheduling limitations with the OA) That is just some of the information that I found. http://www.hargrave.edu/grades_10_12/scouting.html
  21. SctDad

    Changing Chater Organizations

    John Also, $50 a meeting? That is in direct contravention of the Charter Agreement. One of the Partner's duties is to provide meeting space. You need to get ahold of your unit commissioner (see above if needed) and have a business conversation with your IH and COR. When we started, we were able to use the main room, and we only had 7 Scouts. They also gave us a small room off of the main hall to use. Works fine for the small numbers that we have for den meetings. Now where big enough for pack meetings. We are now in numbers of 35 - 40 (Depends on how recharter goes) with family members, we need a larger space for pack meetings. OH i forgot to mention, that $50 is if we want to use heat or AC. Our small room has a heater in it. Takes about 20 to 30 minutes to make the room bearable. No AC back there. That is why we had to use the main hall one time and I thought they were going to have a stroke when they found out. Things are just coming to a change and if they are not willing to help, I think we may be able to find a new place to go. That is if we do it right and take our time checking on places to go.
  22. SctDad

    Changing Chater Organizations

    We are going through some of the same things. Our CO just decided monday night that they are going to start charging for the use of the large hall where we hold our pack meetings. $50 each time. Had to cancell our meeting because we cannot afford that. We are a low budget pack. We sell popcorn, (at least the same people keep selling popcorn) and we try to support ourselves. The CO does not support us when it comes time to Recharter, with any membership dues, or anything along those lines. Not to mention they put on EVERY fund raiser that they do, "Help support the XXXXXXX and its youth programs like the scouts" It is a little late this year to do our research and pick a good CO. We will stick it out one more year and start looking in the spring. I think I should be able to find another CO. It may just take a few months to pick the right one. I will however give the CO the benefit of seeing what they are doing with all of this. Maybe they just do not understand what they are obligated to as a CO. Not my fault if they keep signing the forms. I am just getting tired of them treating us like dirt but using us as a name to get funds. KC - I understand that the pack belongs to the CO, the one thing that had me confused was when you said that they could choose to release it's members. Personally, No one can tell me I have to stay with one certain pack. My registration money, I will choose my pack.
  23. Many strange stories, and many unbelieveable ones too. But I guess we cannot make this stuff up. Number one rules I follow when someone comes up to me saying that they are hurt "Is it broken, bleeding, or missing?" If the answer is no to all three, then it is not that catastrophic. If someone says that while playing a game or something "He hurt me, he tripped me, or he pushed me down" First refer to rule number one (see above) then determine Rule number 2 Was it an accident or on purpose. Usually on accident and the kids realize things are ok and go back to playing the game. One other thing that I hate HAND SANITIZER We grew up using soap and hot water, soap and water, or just good washing with water. Why do we have to sanitize our hands for EVERYTHING. There is nothing wrong with just using soap and water, I turned out ffffffffffffffine. (Funny?) The hand sanitizer not only kills the bad germs but the good bacteria that we need. Not to mention exposure to some diseases and virus processes help us to build immunity.
  24. SctDad

    Military uniform items with scouting?

    Here is one thing that I have for you that do not agree with the military items. Why does the OA Trail Crew at Northern Tier recommend them. http://adventure.oa-bsa.org/index.php?p=plantrek#oav In addition to the items on that list, you will need boots with good ankle support (these boots will be wet every day -- US-made jungle boots the best choice) and work clothes, .......... There is no doubt which ones they are talking about. Standard, MILITARY ISSUE, jungle boots. OMG, someone at Northern Tier needs to read the guidelines, that is using military items with scouting uniforms.
  25. SctDad

    Sock Wars

    You have marshmallow guns. Last year we had a bow-and-Mallow. This year it stepped up to a Crossbow-and-mallow. Sounds like a fun game.