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    pack c/o food

    BearDad Here is something that may work for you. YOu will need someone that has a pig cooker or just a very large grill. Last year we had pizzas at camp. we made it simple. Got the 8" cheap pizzas from the grocery store (I think they were 3 for $2) and put them on the gas grill. Just read the directions. We cooked them until the crust underneath was just firm enough to lift without difficulty. THe cheese was melted and everything was good. Here are some of the good parts. - The boxes made great plates - We were able to cook 48 of the 50 at one time. - Kids love Pizza - You can get a variety very easily. - Very little clean-up - Low Cost Look into that. It can also be done with larger pizzas.
  2. SctDad

    Another Good Reason For Wearing the Uniform.

    Who cares about the reason. What young boy wouldn't love to see his picture in the paper. Good Job Eagle92.
  3. SctDad

    Another Good Reason For Wearing the Uniform.

    Who cares about the reason. What young boy wouldn't love to see his picture in the paper. Good Job Eagle92.
  4. SctDad

    2013 Jamboree

    Eagle92 I think that you may be mistaken, the council allows 50% of popcorn money to go towards High Adventure. Not the 67%, or 70% as the flyer says. 50% is what our council allows. Now your others may have been different, but ours is 50%. I have a daughter that is going to philmont and I am thinking that may be a way for her to raise some money. Although there are other ways for her to raise money that I think will be a little more profitable, and I think we are going to try those also.
  5. SctDad

    Sleeping bag for Philmont

    TWO Thanks for the reference. I think that I might be getting that one for my daughter. As for me, I talked with someone today at a local outfitters and we discussed my military sleeping bag and I think I may use that for me. I think that I may use that for myself. Thank you guys for the help that you have given so far. Here is a link to the specs that I have found online http://www.xdtalk.com/forums/shtf-survival-disaster-preparedness/159784-military-sleeping-bag-system-surplus.html
  6. I have been asking people that I know questions about a sleeping bag for Philmont. No one can give me a straight answer to my question. I am trying to get a sleeping bag for Philmont and I want to know what is a good weight range. I know the following obvious points in looking for a sleping bag Lighter is best Pounds = Pain OK I got those points. But what I am asking is, what is a good weight range? Can someone give me a straight answer. I am not a rich man, so the $400 sleeping bag is out of the question.
  7. SctDad

    May the 4th

    If you look up Star Wars day, you will find that it is already recognized as May the 4th.
  8. SctDad

    Camporee Flag Retirement Ideas

    We had a flag retirement this weekend at the Cub Scout area at the Camporee. One thing that they did that helped a lot was that they put a pallet over the fire. THis helped to make the area flat to lay the flag on and it also spread the flames out so that they could burn the flag a little faster. worked out great. This might be something to look into if you want to do the large flag.
  9. I asked a while ago about which stoves one would choose for an expedition at Philmont. I got a few responses. So I will try from a different angle and see what I can get. Which fuel would you recommend (Pros and Cons also please) Canned isobutane mix Liquid fuel in the reusable bottles This will help me to start to narrow my decisions.
  10. SctDad

    Webelo program tips wanted

    Check with your districts Advancement Chairman and get a list of the Merit Badge counselors. See if they would be interested in also helping as a Webelos Activity badge counselor. May make you life a little easier. There may be some areas that you are not familiar with.
  11. SctDad

    $4/Gallon Scouting vs $6/Gallon Scouting

    I guess it is how bad you want your child to be in scouting and how dedicated the leaders are. I had a Webelos that could not make the meeting because they had no gas, and the father was not home with his check yet. We were working on Craftsman, so I would have hated for him to miss the craft project. I took my son and went and picked him up. We had the meeting and then I took him home. I know that is supposed to be in the extreme circumstances, but this boy is benefiting from the program. For the boys who suddenly had a full summer camp paid for, that is great. Someone cared. That parent will never forget that (hopefully) and will probably pay it back in ways you can never imagine. Close to home is an odd statment for us. We have one guy in our district that allows the Troop to use serveral different spots on his land, has for years. A lot of Troops have used his land. We camped at a Webelo-Ree at the beginning of the month. Unfortunatly that area is destroyed. Covered with trees and cars from the recent tornados that destroyed a lot of our district/council area. There is also a place in a neighboring town. Ther are some parents that will use this as an excuse to bail out. That is the unfortunate part.
  12. SctDad

    Conservation Project Ideas

    I am looking for some conservation project ideas to do with the Cub Scouts. I was thinking of things that can be done at council facilities. These projects are for Leave No Trace and CS World Conservation Award.
  13. http://cgi.ebay.com/Camp-6-Backpacking-Moonwalker-Micro-1-Burner-Stove-w-cs-/350457506290?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5198e529f2 (Sorry, could not get the formatting to work.) It is called the Moonwalker Micro 1
  14. SctDad

    Camp Out Snack

    Make a trail mix Have each family bring an ingrediant and then gather them all up and keep them at the station. When each group comes through, have them add ingrediants to the bucket and then roll it around and let it mix. Give them all a baggie and scoop out the mix. You can get creative you you ingredients also.
  15. SctDad

    Gear Box

    An action packer would be good. You can get several of them. That may make it easier to pack in the van. Each person could have thier own. Label them so you know what you are grabbing, or what is in the container when you are looking for something. YOu may be able to find some of the retail containers with the interlocking lids. Also, takeing an emergency kit vs a camping kit will be something that you will need to keep in different containers. but if needed you can grab both. If you want a real easy bug out set up, maybe a small trailer that you can just hitch up and go.
  16. Eagle92 In my opinion, what does the united way's policy of making volunteers pay have anything to do with our volunteers. Or is it the fact that the United way used to give so much money to the council. I don't care how the other organizations do things. I guess that is why I sent an e-mail last week telling the Prog. Dir that I would not be organizing family camp this year. I HATE the fact that the uppers are so concerned about making money that they forget about the program. I want the BSA's business model so I can make millions. It is one of the only places that I know that has people pay them to work. So not only am I having to use my time off from work, vacation time or what ever, but also having to give more money to do the job that I supposedly "volunteered" for. Sorry, I think that there are too many people trying to make a buck in the council.
  17. We have a trip to philmont coming up next summer and I am looking at getting some of the equipment along the way. One of the things that I am looking at now is the stove. I know that there is a huge variety of stoves our there. Everything from the pocket rocket to the JetBoil. Then there is the Fuel. Compressed gas or liquid. What is eeryones recommendations. Stoves and fuels. I would like to keep things on a budget, but might be willing to compromise the budget for a better quality.
  18. I hear a lot of people talking about being a FoS Coordinator or "Saleman" for their unit or district. I pray that I am never asked to do this. Because I can tell you that the District will not make its goal. I would tell them that the money goes to the Council and District. The units see no money. In fact we are pushed into selling popcorn so that we can earn money, and give even more to the council. And then like someone said, leaders have to pay for membership, training and even to volunteer at events, leaders have to pay. Where does it stop. Anyone know what it would take to see a copy of the council budget?
  19. FoS in my district and council is pitched with a misrepresentation. Just to give you a general idea about our council/District Council = Covers 20 counties of generally rural farmland and fishing as you get closer to the coast. District = 2 Counties (mine is considered by some to the the poor county)that are primarily rural farmland, with a lot of migrant workers. When they do the FoS Dinner for our County Businesses, they harp on the "THIS IS FOR THE LOCAL SCOUTS" "HELP THE LOCAL SCOUTS" Then when we are selling popcorn we get "I just gave $2,000 (Sometimes more, our county is not that poor as most people think) to help you guys, what happened to that" All we can do at that time is to thank them and turn around and leave. Do you realize how much the DE would lose in FoS if some of these people realized that the units never see this money. Not to mention the costs of things in our council is all about making the extra money. 9 districts running Day Camps this summer for the Cubs. (tiger - W2) With the exception of 1 district, all Daycamps cost $60 for on-time registration. Now this can be for the Saturday Sunday all day programs, (16 Hours total) Monday through Friday - Twilight program 6p-9p (15 hours total) Or the All Week/All Day - Monday through friday 8a-4p (40 hours) Does someone see where there is a problem. Some programs are getting screwed, while others are getting the same budget. Some parents get more for thier money than others. BTW they all share patches and just change the color of the shirt. They need to start informing the FoS people a little more about the actual use of the monies that they give. Oh and as a side note: I had one parent/leader in my pack, that gave a decent amount to FoS every year (paid monthly). When he was recieving his District Pack Committee Member of the year award, it was mentioned that he paid for the PWD trophies because we did not have the budget. The SE (from the council)made the comment out loud n front of all the leaders at the awards banquet "Sell more popcorn" About two weeks later the DE asks me if I had heard from my leader, because his monthly payment had not come in yet. I guess he decided to stop after that comment. Our council is all about making money.
  20. I have seen a lot of discussion on the topic of wood badge. I have also heard a lot of hype in my district and council. I just wonder how an expensive course can make me such a superior leader. How can this course define me as a leader. When people have asked me about taking the course, I have told them that I was not ready to take the course yet. I told them that when I felt I needed to take the course I would, because I feel that it does not make me any less of a leader for not having the beads hung around my neck. I hear too much about the fact that the training is no longer scout skills related and more a corporate training now. Is it really worth it? My time and money. I put a lot into scouts already and I wonder if the time to go to this course will make me such a better leader.
  21. SctDad

    CSE in favor of coed Scouting?

    If your daughter does not like your troops outdoor program, than change it. Or find one that better suits her. My daughters troop does not camp every month, but they do go camping. They may not canoe the snake river, but they have had canoeing days on the local ponds and lakes. I have offered to help with the events and they have accepted. The GSUSA troop went to the climbing tower one day and I cooked DO chili and Cobbler for them. They loved it and let me climb the tower. BTW, that was a challanging tower to climb. It was one they call an Alpine tower. When it comes to camping though I will find a different campsite or go home at night. When I cannot even share a tent with my own daughter THAT IS A PROBLEM. when I have to set up my tent 100 feet away with the opening in the opposite direction, and be in bed by 9, then I would rather go home and enjoy myself. Or I will just pay for another campsite and go over and have my own evening fire and go to bed WHEN I WANT TO. The problem is not the entire GSUSA, it is the fact that the units are too scared to try something new.
  22. SctDad

    Journey to Excellence??????? Why bother

    Here is my issue with the JTE. Retention. For Cub Scouts no one can tell me what the retention numbers are based on. I have one person telling me that the numbers are based on the recharter for the previous year. I have my DE telling me that the numbers are based on my end of year membership. If we go by the previous years recharter, then I can probably get the points. But if I go with the end of year numbers, which include the round up numbers (Last year I had 36 sign up, and 14 stayed not to mention the 4 that never returned this year in scouting) then there is is no way I can do it. My pack seems to be given the scouts that have no idea where to go, or the scouts that are left over when the other packs say they are taking no more. This part is bad for our pack if they use the numbers that include round up, where I am sure that parents sign up their kids just to get them to be quiet for a day. I also have to say that I agree with the Day Camp cost issue. I can go to my districts day camp at $55 (if I register early) and go for 5 nights from 6pm to 9 pm. Or I can travel and extra 30 minutes the other direction and pay $55 (if I register early) and go from 8 am to 4 pm for 5 days. Gotta think about the costs here. I think going to another district is more bang for your buck. So I think that there are some flaws in the way that the program is being planned.
  23. Just wnated to get a few things from the campfire here. We have our Webeloree coming up soon and we have a few events planned already but I was wondering what some of you thought that we should have for the webelos. Here is what we are thinking and what we have already. This event is less advancment based and more scout skills based. Showing the boys the things that they will get to do in boy scouts. So they have an idea on what to expect So far we have the following ideas - First Aid - Ropes, knots and Lashings (What would you suggest we make) - Fire Building - LNT introduction We also have a campfire on Saturday Night and if units want it a crossing over. There is also a trasding post that a venture crew has volunteered to help us with and Scouts Religious service on Sunday. Is there anything that we are missing. We may have the availability of 4 - 6 stations and a field games area. we are trying to make sure that we have enough youth to staff the areas. What are your thoughts.
  24. SctDad

    Webeloree Events

    Thanks for the ideas so far. I have one more thing. We are going to do a scouting knowledge throughout the day. What are some questions that would be good to ask.
  25. SctDad

    Girls & Boys & Fire...

    Sounds like there are some serious scout skills lacking in some troops. As for the boys managing to find the girls. Have you ever noticed that where ever there is a Boy Scout Camp, there is usually a Girl Scout Camp near by or a CO-ED private camp.