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  1. The troop I served also approved projects by the entire committee. They evaluated the write-up to even suggesting doing additional work for the sponser even though the sponsor didnt want it.


    I was able to sit in on the very last one the committee approved. After the scout presented his project and stepped outside & as the commitee voted on it I reminded them that what you are acutally voting on is not how well the write up was done or not, neither the scope or size of the project, that you are voting on that this scout may use the leadership skills learned thru Boy Scouting that he can use this project towards his Eagle Scout advancement.


    The Project was approved by unanomously.


    I now serve as the District Eagle Advancement Person, (I sign off as the district)Troop varies from formal presentations to just signing off

  2. I currently serve the district in conducting BOR's for Eagle Candidates, that question has not been asked.


    To me the awards are not that important, his experience in scouting, his personal goals and leadership qualitys.


    If would like to actually talke PM me a phone number

  3. I still fail to see how dad is hurting the patrol method or the scout.


    Is his son coming to him to help cook his food or put up his tent or adjust his backpack? If something like this occurs then yes someone should speak to him

  4. How is the Father interfering with the troop or patrols on outings? I see nothing in your post that reflects that.


    You have an active registered active adult leader and parent..you have a good problem.

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