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  1. It seems that in many of these cases it is not undercooked meat, but usually cross contamination, or time/temperature abuse of food that turns out to be the problem. Using a knife to cut open burger packs and then not properly cleaning knife, prep area, cutting board, before doing toppings that will not receive further cooking (lettuce, cheese, tomato, etc....) or improper cooling, hot holding, and or storage of food.


    It also seems to be one of the part time staff people who are only going to work there for one summer, and have recieved no food safety training, or are not really concerned if it gives the place a black eye for years to come




  2. You might check out this if you can find a translation package for hungarian:


    Hugarian National Scout Association


    Magyar Cserkszszvetsg: http://www.cserkesz.hu/mcssz/


    I ran into Troop 400 St. Peter and Paul out of Budapest Obuda on Saturday at the Michigan International Camporee at Northwoods Scout Reservation and they were trading those among other things.


    If the link doesn't pan out you could get in touch with the camp and find out if they had an e-mail for the Hungarian Contingent that was there and work that route.


    Northwoods Scout Reservation

    3552 Lakeshore Drive

    Lupton, Michigan 48635

    9894732305 Fax 989-473-4601


    Hope you track one down!



  3. I am a Tiger leader and my son is a Tiger this year and we are going to the Michigan international Camporee Visitors Day ( http://www.micamporee.org/ ) This is a special trip for us because it is being held at the camp I used to go to as a scout, and my father who will be joining us was a Charter Camper at this camp over 40 years ago.


    If we wanted to buy the neckers and slides from this event would we be able to wear them and be considered in uniform? I could I just use the slide for my own normal tiger leader necker and be ok?


    My first thought is that despite how cool it would be to have these, basically these would end up being display pieces,



  4. I am a trained (as of a month ago)first year Tiger Den Leader (I have my arrow of light, but only made it to second class in Boy Scouts) and I am being recruited to be an ACM.


    Our current CM inherited the position in a leadership defection at the end of spring, but only wants the job for 18 months until his son crosses over. He would like me to drop being a tiger leader and be an ACM instead. My son really wants me to be his den leader. Is it possible to do these two jobs well at the same time?


    Our CM seems to approach it as a either/or proposition, (despite the fact he is intricately involved in running his son's Webelos den) but since we are moving towards using program helps to mirror the national program I think there will be much less time needed to set up the tiger den meetings.


    I seek the thoughts of learned sages of scouter.com :)




  5. Thanks for the tips folks, I check the size conversion and the WSO Hat will be a 7 3/4, too small for charlie brown sized head over here :)


    I had checked on the Army Surplus angle and its nearly impossible to find the Campaign hat bigger than 7 3/4 anywhere. I'm thinking I'll may just end up going with something like this:




    in the olive And slap a pin on it until I can justify the expense of the office BSA campaign hat for 120.00. They will have to mesure me or guarantee I can bring it back if it doesn't fit though.


    As I said, if I could buy the expedition hat I'd snap it up, but they apparently don't make that hat (or anything else like it) in my size.


    Appreciate the suggestions all,


    Ry(This message has been edited by rythos)

  6. What's a scout leader to do when your head is too big for the Scouter hat choices?


    I'm a new Tiger leader and am fully uniformed except for the hat. Tiger and Cub hats don't fit, the Expedition hat doesn't fit, I'd love a Campaign Hat but my scout shop doesn't have them in stock, and I'm not inclined to buy 125.00 hat that may/may not be uniform to begin with. Anyone know who makes the Expedition hat, maybe I can buy a non BSA hat from them that looks identical and then slap the pin on it.


    Anyone else run into this problem? What thoughts do you have?


    Our uniform requirements in the pack are not as strictly adhered to as I would like, however, leaders being out of uniform seems like a bad precedent.




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