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  1. We have a scout whom hasn't been involved in our troop for over a year and a half now. However, his parents have turned in his eagle project/application to have a board of review scheduled.


    I called the scout and left a message for him to call the sm to schedule a scoutmaster conference. The sm reminded the scout of a conversation that they have had in the past about "we need to see you in the troop while you are working on your eagle rank" "it is important to include the other scouts in your project". No attempt has been made by the scout to attend any meetings/campouts or scout functions. His eagle project included only 1 scout due to lack of advance notice on the date he was going to do the work on his project. Not all scouts were contacted to see if they were available to help.


    As advancement chair, I am not in favor of recommending this scout for this award due to lack of effort on his part to "earn" the award. I don't believe this shows he is living by the scout law. This scout, as well as the other boys fastly approaching this opportunity, have all been told that they need to be currently active in the troup during which time they are working on their eagle rank.


    I've read other forums where "active" has been hashed out.


    Can the scout go over the sm's head and obtain his eagle rank with any signatures/proof of documentation from our troop?

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