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  1. This topic (if I may be allowed a slight detour) makes me wonder about my choice of a ThermaRest air mattress for Philmont. If it springs a leak will it give me enough/any insulation? Is there a reliable, lightweight repair kit? Should I be safe and switch to some sort of closed-cell pad (these 52yo bones might not like that much)? Am I being too paranoid? :-)





  2. Hi all,


    I recently purchased the Osprey Atmos 65, mainly for weekend backpacking, but it appears that it might be versatile enough for Philmont; my first trip. The capacity is rated at 4000 ci and the recommendation for Philmont is 4800 for internal frame packs. However, Osprey has designed the pack in such a way that I can carry a 3 liter hydration bag in the space between the back of the pack and the netting against which my back would come in contact. Additionally, they've also designed the pack so I can tie my sleeping pad to the outside. I know this pack has just recently come on the market, but has anyone tried it out for an extended trip?


    If that does not pan out, I have my eye on the Osprey Aether 85 which at 4lbs. 12oz. and 5200 ci. appears to the the best I've seen from a weight to size ratio. Any experiences with this one?






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