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    In search of a scientist and artist

    I might have missed it but I don't see that speaking to a scientist is a requirement. For artist all they need to do is talk to their art teacher at school.
  2. Renax127

    Trayvon Martin

    I highly doubt that Zimmerman shot the Trayvon Martin because he was black. I think folks are forgetting a few things and not thinking analytically. One, as jblake47 and others have tried to point out - jury trials such as these do not have an objective to prove someone innocent. The judges direction to the jury was to determine if George Zimmerman acted in self-defense or in legalese - if the death of Trayvon Martin resulted from the justifiable use of deadly force and that a person is justified in using deadly force if he reasonably believes that such force is necessary to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to himself. The jury was also instructed to judge Zimmerman by the circumstances by which he was surrounded at the time the force was used, that the danger facing George Zimmerman need not have been actual; however, to justify the use of deadly force, the appearance of danger must have been so real that a reasonably cautious and prudent person under the same circumstances would have believed that the danger could be avoided only through the use of that force. There was conflicting testimony - there was very different testimony by several witnesses stating who was the aggressor. So, for me - concluding that there was reasonable doubt was the correct verdict. That doesn't mean that Zimmerman acted properly. Also, I believe the jury was 100% female, as was the Circuit judge and no one is claiming gender issues? (It was not 100% white as some have claimed. Five where white and one Hispanic.) The fact that Trayvon Martin did not simply go home or that Zimmerman should have stayed in his car or not followed Martin are irrelevant to the case at hand. It did not matter how the confrontation came to be - if Zimmerman was profiling, if Martin was looking for a fight - it only mattered that when Zimmerman fired a bullet through Trayvon's heart, was the appearance of danger so real that a reasonably cautious and prudent person believe that the danger could be avoided only through the use of that force? I do pretty much agree that Zimmerman acted improperly, but not illegally. It would have been better for all concerned, if he had stayed in his vehicle. That said, it's easy to say that in hindsight, and not living in a neighborhood that has been burglarized several times. This case had nothing to do with Stand Your Ground. Zimmerman did not use the STG in his defense. They argued strict Self Defense.
  3. Renax127

    Pocket knives for cub scouts

    I ordered two of the #7 carbon steel ones last Friday afternoon, one for my boy(9) and one for me, we got them yesterday. Have to say I like them a lot for boys, the ring lock allows him to have some safety without me worrying about him cutting his finger messing with the lock to close the knife.
  4. Renax127


    Ok, Is there anyplace i can find the offical requirements for these wards?
  5. Renax127

    Getting their attention

    I simply stand in front of them and wait till they notice and quiet down I started doing it last year, as Wolves. When they were Tigers I abused the Scout sign a lot, hey I was new too. Now they know that I'll just stand there till they quiet down and the longer it takes the more of their activity time the burn up. That's for inside, which I try not to do too much, outside I tend to yell "huddle up" to gather them all together. I also worry less about the racket outside, their 8-9 I don't want them to associate scouts with school.
  6. Renax127

    Improper use of food

    Ok I have a questions. At the end of the year we have a cake smash event where to boys get to bake a cake and if they choosh can smash it on the den leader or cub master. One of the dne leader claims this goes against stated guidelins from BSA. Now there is some council info (not our council, heck not our region) that says something to that effeft but I can't find any national info that amounts to that. Yes I realize some people have a problem with the wasteing food aspect and I get that but he's not making it a personal qualm but trying to pawn the issue off on the BSA. If he had made it a personal thing I would at least respect that. Any idea if it exists?(This message has been edited by renax127)
  7. Renax127

    Improper use of food

    Shortridge, thanks for that. However I would say that offical BSA 'stuff" violates pretty much everyone of those rules (this is not directed at you). The underwear/nudity/bodily function thing has already been mentioned Name-calling, put downs etc - lots of skits have some form of put down in it and they can be found in BSA books Cross-gender impersonation - see above Derogatory or stereotyping - REALLY and exactly how does the BSA use indian and indian culture except mostly as a stereotype Sensative social issue - haven't seen this anywhere but who knows. The gentlmen in question did however allow his boys to create a skit that involved "shooting" other scouts. Hey wait a minute the skit where the "gang" beats up the dude in a tent then not in the tent. Improper use of food - hmm, I guess the National would never authoize something like a marshmellow gun as a sales incentive. Also "Fluffy Bunny" which he has particiapated in. If this objection had been brought during planning fine but it wasn't he refused to clean up after the meeting and then it became a big "we are violateing BSA policy" thing. If the guy has a problem fine state his feelings and we can work something out but he's trying to hide behind the BSA "policy" instead of actually dicussing it.
  8. Renax127

    Find me an exception please!

    You don't really have any business decideing what family means. So yeah moms live in boyfriend counts. And are you honestly asking if a family can sleep in the same tent.
  9. Renax127

    BSA and Backcountry Ethics

    No "rule" would have stopped that. Those people should know not to act like that regardless of being Scouts or not. It was simply rude and my 8 year old has been taught better.
  10. Renax127

    Uniforming: Rules without consequences?

    I have only one rule about uniforms, If they are going to wear it they need to wear it properly. I also told each and every parent I do not care if the boys wear a uniform ever. I want the boys there learning and having fun, the uniform is the very least of my concerns about the boys.
  11. Renax127

    What is hazing?

    I alsways thought telling a kid to stand up to a bully was more about teaching him not to let anybody push around even if you end up getting a beating and less to do with gettin the other kid to stop, cause honestly the bully ain't stopping with out a serious beating. Hazing is going o be tough to pin down and some people are overly dramatic about the whole thing. For instance the Don Imus thing a couple years ago, he screwed up no question but one of the women said that what he said was "The worst thing that had ever happen to her" and there were other comments like that. Look I get it hurt but it wasn't the worst thing she had ever eperianced. She was just being overly dramatic cause she got attention for it.(This message has been edited by Renax127)
  12. Man reading about how little camping seems to be valued in Scouting anymore is sort of depressing. That's why I signed my boy up for Cubs. Heck he's just now a Wolf and has had 14 nights camping. Honestly with some of the stuff I've read from national and hearing about what goes on with some troops I'm wondering if by the time he gets to the Boy Scouts it will even be worth it.
  13. Renax127

    Archery & BB Belt Loop/Pin

    Ok I have been trying to find something that tells me what "The Archery loop and pin can be awarded only by a certified Cub Scout Archery shooting director" means. I was Den leader at a day camp last week and the range safety officers both told me the boys had all gotten the belt loop and pin but I don't have anything "official" like paper work etc. So aby idea where I could find something a little more definite on what is required from the range masters?
  14. Renax127

    Tiger Cub Den Leader Award

    Ok I have a question. To get this you have to be a Tiger Cub leader for a "year" is that 12 months or a full program year?
  15. Renax127

    Tiger Cub Den Leader Award

    Thanks guys. I guess what it comes down too is I will put down when I started as DL and when we moved up to Wolf and see what happens. I'm not doing it for the knot but it would be cool to get it.
  16. Renax127

    Cub Camp cooking

    I was looking for some guidelines about what exactly Cubs are allowed to do as far as helping with cooking duties on camp outs Our pack doesn't let any of the boys do anything and I'm just trying to find where it is spelled out.
  17. Renax127

    Gifts for wolf den

    There are some inexpensive leather neckerchief slide in the scout store. An 8 pack for 10 bucks, if you have access to leather working stuff that is pretty cheap and can be customized for each boy. http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/ItemDetail.aspx?cat=01RTL&ctgy=PRODUCTS&c2=CRAFTS&C3=LEATHER&C4=&LV=3&item=17489&prodid=17489^8^01RTL&
  18. Renax127

    Cub Camp cooking

    Yeah I guess there aren't that many rules really but my family has always camped and the differences can catch you so I was always nervous I'd screw something up. I'm more relaxed now and realize that a lot of what I have been told were rules is not correct. Never having been a cub scout (I was a boy scout) I had no idea what the program was like and it made me pretty nervous. Heck our Cuboree was only 5 weeks after my first meeting. Having all the parents ask what was going on when I was as clueless as them was an experience to say the least.
  19. Renax127

    Cub Camp cooking

    Scoutnut - Yeah I plan on taking BALOO this year. Also I do attend all the committee meetings but there are SO many rules it's tough to learn them all and run a Tiger program, go to work, sleep etc so you have to rely on the more experienced leaders. I figured even if it wasn't correct more conservative for the tigers was just fine. However as we move into Wolves I want them to do as much as they can, which may take some bucking the established "rules" that are more like traditions. For instance the Denner/Assistant Denner position has always been just for Webelos in our Pack, I have already made everyone aware that next year the boys will all be rotating thru the positions.
  20. Renax127

    Cub Camp cooking

    Well this is my first year and I was the tiger leader and didn't honestly pay much attention to the other dens. I started the same day my boy did and didn't have a lot of time to learn what was what but now that we are moving into Wolves I want to make sure I'm ready before hand.
  21. Renax127

    Get the word our Tiger PSA

    I need some ideas on a PSa for my boys and I'm just drawing a blank. Does anybody have any ideas?
  22. Renax127

    Get the word our Tiger PSA

    You know what never mind, I guess the title was just too vague, or people would rather **** than help. I've decided that it's just going to be a hassle getting any info on here till I have a few hundred posts and honestly nothing on here is worth the effort. No real sense of community or or helping just a bunch of complaining about an acronym when nearly every other post in has at least a couple specific to scouting that are explained NO WHERE. My expectations for this board were significantly different from how I expect the posters on FARK to act.
  23. Renax127

    Get the word our Tiger PSA

    Using an acronym that has reached the status of word is not out of the questions most places or are we expected to spell out scuba, Imax, atm etc on this board. And you are right about internet boards but I expect a little different here, guess I was wrong. But since somebody actually asked I will answer the question. Yes it is Public Service Announcement.
  24. Renax127

    Get the word our Tiger PSA

    You guys are correct, I should totally be chastised for using an acronym that is so common my Tigers know what it means. I see that I am unlikely to get any help here as I have violated some users sense of what is proper. I'll move on to somewhere that might actually offer help. Note that not even the posters complaining about the use of PSA have asked what it means, so looks like you are more concerned about complaining than helping.
  25. Renax127

    Get the word our Tiger PSA

    Or you know instead of taking the time to chastise me a google search of the exact title of this thread would have helped out especially since that wording is straight from the book. Or you know maybe just ask what a PSA is, though honestly I find it hard to believe anyone on this board would not understand that.