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  1. 32 minutes ago, ThenNow said:

    Looking down the menu of the many potential issues she's wrangling, I don't see this one listed as so much as a footnote. I went back and scoured the fine print between the warnings about "undercooked fish," nut allergies, GF and VE items, and wine during pregnancy. Nary a word. Not on her radar. 

    What is your proposal (or hope) for "clarity and empowerment,"  as to survivor members of the YPC? I don't want to presume. 

    Previously stated over the years on this forum as were other good proposals by other members.

    If after 2+ years,  more than $100 million in legal expenses, if this is an acceptable YPC/YPE in a reorganization plan approved by 86% of claimants  and if you are correct, with no concerns from the judge and maybe only one female  member in a passive, non-transparent advisory YPC ...

    I'll stop there. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, Ojoman said:

    I like that as an option. Perhaps having them post a video to YouTube would give them a great experience and also help promote the award. I'll see about adding that as an option. Good thought.... Thanks... 

    Considering this: 6: Write a report of no less than 200 words to explain what you learned about the canal and its historical importance as well as present day uses. Submit it to your unit leader for review. Optional requirement, post a video to YouTube of 3 minutes or more about your experience, what you learned and sharing shots of what you saw and did while earning the award.

    I don't know if I would specifically require Youtube as there is Facebook, Instagram, ...but I like the option.

  3. 6 minutes ago, Ojoman said:

    Erie Canal Historic Trail Medal, Patch and Hiking Medallion

     Purpose of this award is to raise awareness of our local history and the role that the Erie Canal played, not only in New York economy but in the Nation’s History.

     Requirements: for the Erie Canal Trail Medal: The patch and hiking medallion are available as souvenir purchases.


     6: Write a report of no less than 200 words to explain what you learned about the canal and its historical importance as well as present day uses. Submit it to your unit leader for review.


    In my experience with trail/historic awards, this is the largest stumbling block for scouts and maybe "writing a report" is an anachronism. What if scouts had the option to upload an informative, scoutlike 2 minute video (like college admissions)?

    My $0.01,

  4. 20 minutes ago, yknot said:

    Is that your video? That is very cool. Love bobcats. The rare glimpses I've had are treasured.

    This is Colin Chase's video who summited it to the Bangor Daily News which then posted on Youtube where I saw it.


    More on Colin Chase and his nature videos are reported at this link:



  5. How Mrs. Bobcat got her mink stole.

    Credit: Colin Chase and Bangor Daily News

    "This video highlights just how raw nature is. Animals have to eat to survive, and this very pregnant bobcat is an apex predator. (As a top predator the bobcat is at, or near, the top of the food chain. This position on the bobcat food chain is a critical one, because the bobcat exerts what is known as “top-down control” of ecosystems. Bobcats and other predators help to keep ecosystems balanced.) In this video you can see that she stalks and kills a large male mink. Mink is also a predator, yet they are a mesopredator. (A mesopredator is a mid-ranking predator in the middle of a trophic level, which typically preys on smaller animals). This is how the food chain works in nature. It's somewhat rare to observe an interaction such as this. I am very excited to have captured this. "

  6. June 4 and 5, 2022:



    Gates open at 8:30 a.m. Show scheduled to start at 12 p.m.
    Show completed by approximately 4:15 p.m.

    * Tentative Schedule *
    Skydive Wissota
    Grant Nielsen Airshows
    Kent Pietsch Airshows - Jelly Belly Comedy Act
    Aftershock Jet Fire Truck
    Commemorative Air Force B-25
    Jerry Conley - D.H. 115 'Vampire' Airshows
    Precision Exotics
    Kent Pietsch Airshows - Jelly Belly Comedy Act
    F-16 Viper Demo Team
    Air Combat Command Heritage Flight - P-51 Mustang
    Craig Gifford Power & Precision Airshows
    Acemaker Airshows
    Aftershock Jet Fire Truck / Acemaker Airshows
    Bill Stein Airshows
    Kent Pietsch Airshows - Jelly Belly Comedy Act
    U.S. Navy Blue Angels

    More at source links:




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  7. I thought this might be interesting discussion material.

    Scoutmaster Fred Young recruited Jakayla Armstrong to their church’s troop in 2019. At the time, he had to register Armstrong as a Lone Scout, since she was the only girl in the troop. He had faith that Armstrong could handle scouting with 10 other boys, he said, but he was wary at first.

    “Some boys didn’t want girls in the Boy Scouts,” he said. “And you have to be prepared for that.”

    Young said a handful of girls have joined other troops in the area, but none are African American – and his troop is the only all-Black troop in the region.

    “She had to do everything the boys did: building fires, and sleeping out in the grass without a tent in a sleeping bag at night...She would never let them intimidate her. She knew what she wanted, and she wanted to be an Eagle Scout.”

    She was the only Black girl at the summer camp, where Scouts spend a couple of weeks bonding and taking classes together. And as she took on more leadership roles, Armstrong said she also struggled to gain respect from the boys, who sometimes called her “bossy.”

    “I was really looked at as an outsider,” she said. “It was hard enough to keep up with my classes, let alone [the boys’]. It was a hard experience, but I’m also glad for that experience because it taught me a lot.”
    Three years later, she’d become the first Black girl in Alabama to earn an Eagle Scout badge.

    Young believes the program has the potential to truly teach children how to accept and appreciate their differences, especially when various troops come together at camp.

    “One thing that we try to instill in our kids is diversity,” SM Young said. “That’s where you get to meet new friends, new people, you get to see different personalities. And you learn to deal with that because you’re with these people for a week at a time.”

    Armstrong said she hopes the program will do more to let girls know that scouting isn’t just for boys. She also has some advice for other girls who might follow in her footsteps: “Don’t give up,” she said, and “aim high.”

    “Don’t let people saying ‘Boy Scouts’ discourage you from joining scouting,” she said. “Because it’s full of great opportunities.”

    Scout salute to Eagle Scout Jakayla Armstrong. More interesting details at source:


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  8. 13 minutes ago, Eagle1993 said:

    Then BSA will go Chapter 7.  They brought this up multiple times.  They do not have the liquidity to continue in bankruptcy after this summer ... and a completely rejected plan would likely take 6 months to a year to get through the process (plan, voting, confirmation hearing, approval).  If national goes CH7, then expect many local councils to be immediately sued and a large number to file for their own bankruptcies.  LDS and some COs will also get sued.  I'm not sure if the BSA can survive, but it will be ugly for much longer.

    Now, I think a more likely outcome is that the judge either approves outright OR rejects but on narrow grounds (i.e. something minor around the releases, injunction, etc.).  If it is narrow, I do think BSA can quickly work through an update to the plan and survive in Ch 11.

    In the end, we will have to see what district court says as well. As you say, I do expect DOJ will fight as they see any non-consensual non-debtor releases as an abuse of the bankruptcy court system.  

    If national begins CH7,  would CH11 local lawsuit stays, some over 2 years old, be immediately (automatically?) released?

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  9. 2 hours ago, 5thGenTexan said:

    Is 2 MBs at camp ok?  :)

    Back in the day, I came home after a week at Provisional with just 2 incomplete blue cards, Rowing and Canoeing. I had a great time outdoors and that was fine with my parents and scoutmaster.  :)

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  10. 1 hour ago, MattR said:

    The track is really cool. (Hope they have a big place to store it.)

    They probably just store it at the Council STEM (Store Troop Equipment Materials) warehouse. You know the Council building that was useful and did not cost over  a million. I hear some units rent their tracks from the Council STEM warehouse with the OA assembling the track for a small donation. Of course, the warehouse also stocks smoke-shifters, dehydrated water packets, and knee socks garters and tassles to match your epaulets.



  11. Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council (CA):  Camp Pico Blanco in Big Sur

    Council is asking $1.8 million and a set of conditions for the sale of Camp Pico Blanco, and $1.6 million for an adjacent 350 acres of undeveloped wilderness area.

    Eric Tarbox, deputy scout executive, says a volunteer group will grade each bid against the same criteria, which includes: plans for the land; whether the new owner will allow future access to scout programming (the Esselen Tribe has included this in its proposal); and how much money the bidder is willing to spend for the land. Tarbox says the vision for the land and accessibility to future scout programming will weigh heaviest for the council’s executive board in selecting the winning bid.

    Peter Baird, managing partner at real estate firm Mahoney & Associates, which is handling the listing and a member of council’s executive board, says that $1.6 million adjacent property does not need an in-depth proposal because the scouts need to dispatch it and collect the money as quickly as possible. Local scouts will see none of the money – every penny will be funneled to the national council and placed into the new sexual abuse settlement fund, last valued at $2.7 billion, $515 million of which will come in cash and property from local councils.

    Baird says the property value will cover some of the local council’s required contribution to help settle the more than 82,000 claims of sexual abuse against the Boy Scouts of America. If the local council cannot sell the wilderness parcels in time, they can transfer the real estate assets to the national council.

    More at source:


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    THE TRACK — Boy Scout Troop 83 at the First United Methodist Church in Fort Collins, Colorado, may have had the coolest Pinewood Derby track ever made.

    They teamed up with popular YouTuber Taylor Calmus, known as "Dude Dad," who made a track with a loop that is taller than many, if not all, of the Boy Scouts in the troop. He says at the start of the video that it could be the Dude Dad's "most epic project yet."

    Loops are not unheard of in Pinewood Derby tracks. One Pinewood Derby service advertises "circles of death," which is a loop system typically added after the competition races are completed as an additional challenge for the cars. Most loops I saw online are less than a foot high and are added to the traditional metal tracks; and, most videos showed at least one car not surviving the obstacle.

    ...more at link below or just watch video..enjoy



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  13. 2 hours ago, DuctTape said:

    Freeze dried meals are pre=packaged highly processed stuff loaded with salt, sugar etc.. Bringing some extra food for yourself is a good idea, but you can do much better than freeze dried. An easy way is to dehydrate your own homemade meals. Generally any one-pot meal or casserole style will work. One doesn't even need a fancy dehydrator, it can be done with a oven on low and the door propped open. Even better if you have a convection oven as air movement is more important than heat in dehydrating.

    Camp menus like this are just one reason I dislike dining hall style summer camps. At patrol cooking camps (IMO, "real" summer camp) the food is fresh and and healthier.

    My preference, Boy Scout camps provide secure pantry and refrigerator space and loaner cookware for attending units . Units/patrols bring their own food according to their needs. The only food ordered by a camp would be for their provisional camp.

    Mess halls for Cubs.

    My $0.02,

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  14. May 4, 2022, New Jersey:

    Seventy-five youths from the Plast Ukrainian Scout Organization and Scout troops from Parsippany (NJ) packaged hundreds of first-aid kits for shipment to war-torn Ukraine.

    Many Plast Scouts have family in Ukraine, and they emphasized the necessity of such aid as the Russian invasion continues for a third bloody month.

    In Ukrainian, a plastun refers to a Cossack scout, or sentry. Ukrainian Scouts refer to themselves as Plast Scouts.

    The Soviet Union banned the organization. Ukrainians who fled their homeland after World War II took Plast with them. It grew roots in Australia, Argentina, Canada, Great Britain, Germany and the United States. The organization combines Scouting with Ukrainian traditions.

    When Russia invaded Ukraine in February, Plast USA began providing support to Ukraine.

    Plast Ukraine requested 500,000 personal first aid kits (PFAKs), with disposable gloves, bandages, gauze, and other basic medical supplies. Some 40,000 of these kits have been completed by Plast Scouts thus far.

    ...more at source


  15. Cooks Peak Fire Update May5, 2022, 8:30 AM MDT

    The Cooks Peak Fire is estimated at 59,359 acres and is 97% contained. 278 personnel assigned.
    Wind today with gusts 25+ mph. This is the first day in May without a red flag warning. Future forecasts show red flag warnings beginning this weekend.
    Today is the day of the transition from a Type 2 to a Type 3 team. Philmont is thankful to be hosting the Type 3 team of 85 personnel at the Philmont Training Center.
    A very special thanks to the Type 2 team. Many will be moving to the Calf Canyon/Hermits Peak Fire just to our south.
    We are grateful for all personnel on these fires and their continued safety as they continue to protect Philmont and our surrounding communities.
    Please look for the next Cooks Peak Fire Update on Monday, May 9, 2022. This will include an evaluation of Philmont property damaged or threatened by the fire.
    To donate to the Fire Recovery and Mitigation Fund click below. 100% of your donation will go to Philmont:
    During this time of financial restructuring, we are not permitted to accept donations from the following states: California, District of Columbia, Illinois, Kansas, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Tennessee, Virgin Islands or Wisconsin.  :huh:

    When you click on above link you eventually reach the Boy Scouts of America, National Council, Philmont Fire Recovery & Mitigation Fund webpage with this popup:




  16. On 3/23/2017 at 7:14 AM, RememberSchiff said:

    Update: March 16, Found guilty in criminal case and now the civil case.

    Fast forward to March 2017. It's been about 10 months since Kelsey was found guilty of first-degree sexual abuse and first-degree attempted sexual abuse, both felonies, along with forcible touching and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child, all misdemeanors. Kelsey, 38, is serving his seven year prison sentence (plus a decade of post-release supervision).

    And the families of the two teens young men who both testified, during the trial, that they had trusted and looked up to Kelsey, which made his actions even more inexcusable have launched a $320 million civil lawsuit against Kelsey, Troop 95's former Scoutmaster Rich Robbins and the Boy Scouts of America organization at local and national levels.

    For nearly two months, the Boy Scouts of America, including its Hudson Valley Council and Robbins, knew about the accusations against Kelsey, but did not alert authorities or the teens' families, according to the lawsuit, filed March 16 in the New York State Supreme Court in Dutchess County.


    The Boy Scouts of America and Hudson Valley Council say national protocols were followed and immediate action was taken to remove Kelsey from the Scouts. Robbins could not be reached for comment. Kelsey plans to appeal his criminal conviction. His lawyer, Shane Hug, could not be reached for comment.

    Kelsey was suspended from the Scouts in October 2014, state police have said. But neither the boys' families, the police, or other Troop 95 families knew about the abuse or Kelsey's suspension until the teens told their parents that December.

    "The Boy Scout organization never reported anything until after they were confronted by the parents of the victims," said state police Senior Investigator Timothy Peets in September.

    The Boy Scouts obviously thought the allegations were serious enough to suspend Kelsey, said Edward's father, *John. And Kelsey was not "some guy who had just joined the troop — this is a life-long, prominent figure within the Boy Scout organization. But you don’t think it warrants calling the authorities or at least notifying the parents?"


    more at source link


    Update May 6, 2022:

    Former Dutchess County Legislator Michael Kelsey (R-Pleasant Valley), convicted in 2016 for sexually abusing boy scouts in 2014, has been released from prison.  The former lawmaker was released on Thursday, May 5, 2022.

    Kelsey, 38 at the time was found guilty on May 12, 2016, on all counts of a felony indictment charging him with sexual abuse and attempted sexual assault.  He also was indicted on misdemeanor counts of forcible touching and two counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

    A jury determined that Kelsey had sexual contact with one teen and attempted to have sexual contact with a second between August 13 and 20, 2014, when he was leading a Boy Scout troop from Fishkill on a week-long 50-mile hike and outdoor excursion. They stayed at upstate scout camps.

    Upon his release from state prison in Hudson, he is under the supervision of the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision’s Dutchess County office, with conditions.  His parole is scheduled to expire in 2032.



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