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  1. 38 minutes ago, T2Eagle said:

    I like this quote about her:

    "She thinks the boys need to respect and learn how to work with women"

    This was a sentiment expressed by one of our Council's key 3 in a talk he gave to all the leaders at summer camp a couple years back.  He reminded us that, in a way that probably wasn't true even for us,  our kids will grow up in a world in which our scouts will have to work with women as their supervisors and superiors, as their peers, and as their subordinates, and if we aren't providing them models for how to do that than we are skipping a big part of what they are going to have to know in life.

    Funny how back in the day I learned that from family and school. I thought this was about giving Scouting to girls? ...or families?

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  2. 14 hours ago, Cambridgeskip said:

    BSA can indeed influence but it can't dictate. Numbers wise BSA makes up approx 7% of members. Probably more financially but ultimately has only a certain amount of leverage. In addition the management of the jamboree isn't purely BSA. There are three host nations and WOSM involved. It's not a BSA event that the world is invited to, it's a WOSM event at a BSA site. There are a lot of parallels with hosting the Olympics. The host country only has so much wriggle room. IOC rules sit at the top. I imagine that BSA have signed all kinds of legal contracts with WOSM to host this and simply refusing to play by their rules now will land them in massive legal and financial problems.

    I wonder if the Olympics analogy extends to being a money loser for the host(s)?

    Boston was the USOC preferred site for the 2024 Summer Olympics. The International Olympic Committee requirements for facilities, infrastructure (We can't get the MBTA to run), security, etc. would have required Massachusetts taxpayers to fork over millions. Recall Romney got federal money for Utah Winter Olympics,  going back to that well was not happening after the Big Dig cost overruns.In the end, the taxpayers said No Thanks.

    How much revenue will go to hosts, BSA, and Summit and will that revenue cover our costs?

    My $0.02,

  3. Update May 24, 2018:

    Final arguments in the multiyear dispute over ownership of the Camp Richard Scout camp wrapped up in Barnstable Superior court Tuesday, with a decision on who owns the island property expected to be handed down by the end of June, when the presiding judge is set to retire.

    The debate stems from the Cape & Islands Council of the Boy Scouts of America’s agreement four years ago to sell a portion of the property to Hingham-based Atlantic Development for $5 million, and efforts by local scouting groups – backed by the Nantucket Civic League (former owner of the property) and the Nantucket Land Council – to bar thesale.

    Last year, Superior Court Judge Gary Nickerson ruled that Camp Richard should forever remain a “campsite for the scouts of Nantucket,” and must be transferred back to the Civic League if used for any other purpose. He also determined – without any evidentiary hearings – that ownership of the property was to remain in a trust controlled by the off-island council, in part because it was affiliated with the national Boy Scouts of America and the Camp Richard Campers Association, the local organization, was not.


  4. 7 hours ago, JoeBob said:


    It's been a long conversation with the moderators.

    A response to above link. Note in this response,  Vice Chairperson of the World Scout Committee Andy Chapman is American. What remains unanswered is how

    the hosts Scouts Canada, the Scout Association of Mexico, and the Boy Scouts of America will implement the requirements.  Will it be by hosts, nations, units,...? How will parents be notified (this was news to me!)?


    And a link to WOSM Guidelines for Hosting World Jamborees

    Original topic is still under moderator review. Please keep discussion professional and respectful. Thank you.

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  5. Let's get back in the USA and with more thoughtful, relevant responses to Mike Rowe's comments.

    The enemy is bad (BSA) ideology, and the inability to effectively confront it. Do I favor co-ed Scouting? Hell no. I can’t think of a single good reason to put girls and boys in the same troop, the same tent, the same boxing ring, or the same game of British Bulldog. But I can think of many good reasons to include them in a unified effort to confront the siren song of “safe spaces.”

    Someone has to challenge the insipid belief that safety is the most important part of living. Someone has to challenge the idea that feelings trump achievement. Someone has to challenge the idea that “crying closets” on campuses designed to console stressed out students who just can’t handle their finals exams, (or the outcome of a presidential election,) will produce a responsible, productive adult.


  6. 2 minutes ago, gblotter said:

    Nothing published yet.

    When LDS dropped Varsity and Venturing for older boys, it was replaced with a flexible church youth program that allows boys to pick from a wide variety of activities (sort of cafeteria style). Categories include spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual. What's missing are the badges and rank advancements (which some here decry as an impure motivation, anyway). If the new church youth program to replace BSA looks anything like that, I think we will be just fine.

    It will be interesting to see if LDS re-purposes their existing BSA uniforms towards their new youth program. If not, imagine the economic impact to the BSA with all us thrifty scouts buying  pre-owned LDS uniforms.


  7. The statue of Chaffee now proudly stands outside of the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum, where his wife hopes children can be inspired to try anything they set their minds to.

    He died in 1967 during a pre-launch test for the Apollo One Mission. Chaffee’s surviving wife, Martha Horn Chaffee, was brought to tears as a bronze statue of her husband was unveiled in downtown Grand Rapids.


    Chaffee is also remembered for his work with the Boy Scouts of Grand Rapids. He earned an Eagle Scout ranking in Troop No. 215, the same troop of President Gerald R. Ford. 

    How many troops can claim their former members include a President and an astronaut, both Eagle Scouts?

    Nice video.


  8. @bob_kins , welcome to scouter.com.  Your Camp Director and Shooting Director will be your first choice,  though many here will gladly help.

    As for specific advice for a Rifle Range Instructor, I would bring these personal safety items - shooting glasses, hearing protection (I like the Walker's electronic muffs), and lead cleaning wipes or soap (D-Lead, LeadOff) for your hands. Scouts should wash up after shooting!

    What kind of shooter are you? Hunter, target,..? You might get a discount from Bass Pro if you can show that your a BSA Rifle instructor.  Ditto for membership with Shooting Sports USA .

    Safety is job one! Keep all hydrated at range.  Keep it fun.

    Note: If you type @ followed by a member name it sends a notice to that member. These members come to mind, lets see what advice they have.

    @Oldscout448@Sentinel947, @cyphertext , @ShootingSports @Eagle94-A1

    My $0.02,