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  1. These individual "misunderstandings" usually take care of themselves. The real problem is when courteous, kind, friendly scouts stop being so because of those misunderstandings.

    I still help little old ladies and men to cross the street, lift bags, ... it's what we do.

  2. "prototroops"

    Beneath Camp Meriwether's flagpole stood 11 girls, right arms bent and raised to their brows in a salute. In that moment, they made history.

    The girls were among 200 boys at Camp Meriwether, Oregon's historic Boy Scouts camp, as they became pioneers in breaking down the 108-year-old scouting organization's gender barrier.The Boy Scouts of America officially introduce girls into its upper ranks early next year, but Camp Meriwether is taking the lead as the only scout camp in the Cascade Pacific Council to open its doors early to a handful of girls, 11 to 15, in preparation for a full transition into a coed camp next summer.

    The girls are organized into posts, or "prototroops," as Todd McDonald, director of program and member experience for the Cascade Pacific Council calls them.

    More at Source


  3. County had a field of blueberries, over a thousand bushes on nearly 2 acres, which needed farming. A couple of scout troops stepped up to work the field and harvest crop which was theirs to sell. 

    Fresh blueberry cobbler anyone?

    Scout salute to county Blueberry Czar and scouts!


  4. Again I'm not a lawyer, but is there implicit defamation? Say one applies to another youth organization and is asked,

    1. Have you ever been rejected to serve in a volunteer organization?

    2. If so why?

    I imagine the honest answers, Yes and I dunno would only add another rejection.

  5. On 8/10/2018 at 9:03 AM, SSScout said:

    ""Character is what one does when one thinks no one is watching.""

    Eagle Scout , Silk Road website creator, and Darknet market operator Ross Ulbricht   believed people should have the right to buy and sell whatever they wanted so long as they weren’t hurting anyone else.

    Convicted of conspiracy to traffic narcotics, money laundering, computer hacking and imprisoned.

  6. 29 minutes ago, Zebra132 said:

    Attornies have said the BSA, as a private organization, can do as they damn well please!

    I am not a lawyer but I doubt that. Officers and employees of the BSA and any non-profit are liable for their actions, e.g.,  they cannot misappropriate funds, engage in character defamation, etc. 

    My $0.02,


  7. Joe Farina, 13, a member of Boy Scout Troop 74, read The Lowell Sun's story about Shigeaki Mori's Memorial Day visit to Lowel, MA to honor American POW's  killed in Hiroshima and  subsequently wrote reporter Alana Melanson for his Communications merit badge.

    Mori was one of the subjects of the 2016 documentary "Paper Lanterns", which looked at the stories of Normand Brissette, of Lowell, Ralph Neal, of Kentucky, and the other 10 Americans lost in the bombing. Mori, a Japanese survivor, has dedicated his life to preserving their memory.

    Joe wrote to the Sun reporter, "I do not believe that if a bomb was dropped on Massachusetts and it killed several family members and friends that I could be as forgiving and compassionate as Mr. Mori," Joe wrote. "My grandfather served in the Army and although he was never injured in battle I am happy to know that people like Mr. Mori are in this world."

    The reporter shared Joe's thoughtful note with "Paper Lanterns" filmmaker Barry Frechette , who was happy to offer a private showing of the film  along with a Q&A session to Joe's and other troops camping at Camp Wah-Tut-Ca in Northwood, N.H this week.  Mr. Frechette also shared Joe's letter with Mr. Mori and the rest of the "Paper Lanterns" family.

    Read more details at source:



    I don't know the history of the island but from the article, there were scouts there during the pursuit.

    The canoe that Martinez tried to steal sank into the river. Deputies later found it with help from the Boy Scouts.

    “The scouts were very appreciative since those boats are quite expensive,” Tony Botti, spokesman for sheriff's office said.

  9. 1 hour ago, NJCubScouter said:

    And yet I have read elsewhere that there will be no "early adopter" option for "Scouts BSA" as there was for Cub Scouts.  Or has that changed?

    That was what I thought  but then I heard this Iowa interview  starting around  minute 2:55

    Sometime in 2019, we (Iowa) will have our first female Eagle Scout.

    We have groups currently waiting for young women to start...so in 2019 we will have the inaugural  class of girl Eagle scouts.

    There will be a big announcement...

    Confused? So am I.

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  10. Alvin Theriault was 11 when he tied his first fishing fly. “The material came from a Boy Scout kit,” he told me recently. “I tied several colorful feathers onto a hook, cast it into Fish River, a short walk from my Fort Kent home, and caught a nice trout. From that moment, I was hooked on tying flies because it was more fun than digging worms.” More lucrative too. By the time he was 15, Theriault, the oldest of 11 kids, was selling flies to Aroostook County anglers for a buck apiece.

    Now 64, Theriault and his wife, Connie, have been making and selling flies for 44 years, plucking the materials — feathers, hair, and fur — from the animals they raise on their farm in Stacyville, 10 miles east of Baxter State Park. With more than 50,000 flies, the couple’s unassuming store is Maine’s largest supplier of flies and fly-tying equipment. “That’s a dizzying number of flies,” admits Alvin, a retired Maine game warden, “so I posted a sign in the store: ‘You only need two flies: Maple Syrup Nymph and Black Ghost Marabou.’”

    More info and great Downeast photos at source: