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  1. Some followup:

    The 15 year old teen was alert and not injured. Rescuers used heating pads to keep teen warm thus preventing hypothermia. (It is also locally called Cold Cave as it is nearly freezing temperatures all year round - RS)

    The teen, who was part of a group of youths and adults (scouts?) accompanied by a cave guide, was about 200 feet into the Wind Cave when he got wedged in and could not free himself.

    The cave one of the largest "tectonic (fault) caves in the eastern U.S. Tectonic caves are formed when masses of bedrock are pulled apart along joints or fissures.

    More than 60 personnel were involved in the effort. About two dozen fire apparatus and other emergency vehicles were parked along Bridge Valley Road and at the Pequea boat launch.

    The effort was complicated by the winter weather and the length rescuers had to travel through mud and snow. Even in good weather, it takes around 20 minutes to travel from Bridge Valley Road to the cave entrance. It took about 45 minutes to transport the boy to the cave entrance after he was extricated.

    It took about 45 minutes to transport the boy to the cave entrance after he was extricated,

    Spokesman Tony Williams of Rawlinsville Fire Co.

    Popular short hike: Wind Cave Trail


    Wind/Cold Cave information/directions. Has picture of a local scout troop.


    Rescue news report:


  2. Overnight, Tony Williams, public information officer for the Rawlinsville Volunteer Fire Company :

    gaining access little by little, but it is a slow process.

    teen is conscious and communicating with rescuers

    rescuers greatest concern at this time is the possibility of the teen getting hypothermia

    Update: Resued after 7 hours.


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  3. Over the years, the Maine Troop Greeters are most known for greeting returning troops when they land at their stopover airfield in Bangor, ME.  My understanding is that there are always Troop Greeters there whenever , day or night, a troop plane lands.

    Girls and Boy Scout groups from around the state attended the first ever Annual Scout Day at the Maine Troop Greeters Museum in Bangor.

    They also enjoyed a guided tour of the museum, took part in a Flag Folding Ceremony, and got to meet Miss Maine USA 2018 and former Girl Scout, and Army National Guard Sergeant, Marina Gray.

    "We hope that they understand our philosophy and mission to thank the troops, to be thankful for what they do, and to really understand that everybody benefits from our Armed Forces, and it's good to say, "thank you," said Andrea Cross of the Maine Troop Greeters.

    Check video at source link


  4. 1 minute ago, Back Pack said:

    I know the scouts would know what to do since we have had this training in my school district for years. Students know what to do so the training should be for the parents. 

    In school scenarios maybe,  scouting scenarios can be different.  Can't lock doors and cellphones may not work.

  5. 7 minutes ago, David CO said:

    Yes and no. Training should be done, but BSA is not the one to do the training. This can't be done with a one hour, on-line training seminar. 


    Agree. IMO, need professionals teaching in real life settings with interactive exercises. Some serious individual thought as to what it means to be Brave.


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  6. 6 hours ago, David CO said:

    The same is true of scouting. Boy scouting and cub scouting are two very different activities. Many boys who enjoy cub scouts will not join boy scouts. By making the last two years of cub scouts into a feeder program for the troops, are we doing a disservice to those boys who aren't going to carry over to boy scouts?

    Good point. Webelos, back in the day (here he goes), was a shorter program perhaps for that reason, as was Cub Scouts.

    A 5th grader Cub started his last year working on Lion (Wolf-Bear-Lion), at the end of the year you worked on Webelos/AOL for a short time. The requirements were learn the BOY SCOUT OATH and LAW, salute, hand sign, motto...  If Boy Scouts interested you, you joined a troop where you learned your Tenderfoot skills.

    When you think about what preparation does an 11yr old need to join Boy Scouts? None, no experience required. Same is true for his adult leaders. :)

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  7. 17 hours ago, skeptic said:

    Interesting piece regarding some early historical records from the first course, including a copy of the schedule.  Many of us that took our WB under some semblance of that earlier course likely feel much of it is sorely lacking today.  Having taken it in 1981 or so, and then actually taught on the first edition of the 20th Century course, I am very aware of the differences.  There is some positive material in the current versions, but from my perspective, we miss out on a lot in the modern course.  It is like the difference between backpacking and car camping; you learn far more "responsibility" when you have to take care of yourself with what you carry.  You are more likely to be self-sufficient if you have regularly backpacked, especially some real long terms. In the case of WB, learning and "using" basic core skills is far superior to just having them given to you on paper or in books as references.  Still, the modern course does have some benefit, particularly if the course staff sort of add in a few things along the lines of what was just noted.

    I have wondered why OA was not purposed with teaching the old Wood Badge course. Sort of full circle, OA promotes Scout camping so why not Arrowmen teach new adult leaders?



  8. 9 minutes ago, Col. Flagg said:

    You are answering your own questions. How about you stay focused on what *I* asked.

    How is this any better than a cell phone or sat phone? Answer: It isn't because it does not provide any greater ACCESS to the lost party. THAT was my point. You are providing to answers to questions you asked but are not germane to the point under contention.

    How is this any better than a cell phone or sat phone?  It provides more intel, giving rescuers more situational awareness to commit proper resources in a smarter way.

    I guess we agree to disagree.

  9. 4 minutes ago, Col. Flagg said:

    Meh...and how exactly will it communicate that data to SAR teams? You have to FIND them first. 

    Unless you are aware of some new way to cover the back country with network coverage -- which every wireless and telco would LOVE to have -- you are making a moot point.

    I will make this simple: How will this device find a network -- by which it can tell SAR teams where someone is -- any better than a cell or satellite device?

    Let's stay focused. We were given a working cellphone and cellphone network at the start of this discussion. 

    Who initiates the distress call, is it the hiker? What if he is incapacitated? What if he is dead?  Say the hiker has medical IoT sensors in his clothing to chain medical data via a working phone whether the user is conscious or not.   So data is returned and shared, the hiker is at this location and has this pulse, temp, BP,  respiration rate or he does not (He's dead Jim).  The weather is getting worse,  do you dispatch a SAR team ASAP or do you wait until the weather clears and send a Recovery team? 

    The recent Mt. Hood rescue comes to mind. 


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  10. 1 hour ago, Col. Flagg said:

    So enlighten me. How exactly does the Ethereum blockchain and mercury protocol communicate with a device in the back-country different from a cell phone or a sat-nav device? I'd love to learn more.

    See the links I provided above as a start.  Look at this tech as adding more functionality to current phones, etc. For example, medical vitals data (from clothing sensors) is added to the chain so rescuers can respond accordingly.  If real-time is not available, then last known chain data could be useful. My understanding is blockchain data can be shared more readily for alerts to those nearby and family.

    Would I buy LLbean clothing with their stated purposed IoT sensors? No.