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    Katahdin Council (ME) reserves camp week to youth aviation group

    If Maine ACE program is accurately described and despite the cost differential, I could see my scouts opting for a ride in a Blackhawk and KC-135 over attending scout summer camp. In '69, Philmont was great but I was more excited about the other stops - McConnell AFB, Forbes AFB, USAF Academy, Wright-Patterson AFB. I took more photos at the Air Force Museum than the whole rest of the trip. Seeing tornadoes spinning on the Plains from Mt. Baldy summit or seeing and hearing night F-105 engine tests at Forbes AFB. Hmm. Another $0.02,
  2. Spend a little time Show and Telling and more time them Doing. Add surprises! Teach some first aid and suddenly bring out a ketchup squeeze bottle , OMG this scout's leg is bleeding! As they gain confidence in their skills, make it competitive., e.g., build a fire and boil water/burn string the fastest, which sharpened knife can slice paper without tearing. For Cooking, you are no longer Brian. Muss your hair, wear a white chef jacket, speak with an accent - you are a Gordon Ramsey but more scout;like his Master Chef Junior show. Make it fun for them and you. My $0.02,
  3. Welcome to scouter.com @copemf. Note you are responding to a topic whose previous last post was 6 years ago.
  4. RANDOLPH, NJ- A town Facebook post regarding a wayward “Oreo the Goat" sparked a local social media frenzy for two weeks. Some nicknamed her the “E-scape Goat” ...One commenter affirmatively stated that goats like to eat poison ivy, to which others responded begging the goat to come to their yard. When the owner was identified and the lost animals' name was revealed ( Oreo ) that took on a life of its own with cookie jokes and comments such as “I Stand With Oreo” ( @NJCubScouter ? ) coming out of the woodwork. After a special Board of Education meeting created its own social media stir on a topic surrounding the schools, one resident posted “I support the Goat for BOE”, further stating, “Clearly she likes to run”. That sparked others to start #VoteTheGoat. Scouts Spring Into Action On the afternoon of Tuesday June 4, Oreo was walking up Knights Bridge Road when the two Boy Scouts , 14-year old Christian Geuther (Troop 109), and his friend 15-year old Andrew Arzberger (Morristown Troop 34), spotted her. Along with Geuther’s German Shepard, the scouts gave chase, following her into the woods. Once they had Oreo tired out from running, and resting in a small ravine, Arzberger sprinted back up to Geuther’s house to get a rope. Geuther then tied a slipknot learned in Boy Scouts, to make a loop to fit over Oreo's head, while Arzberger stepped on a small tree/shrub so that Oreo could not run forward when they put the rope around her head. But after spending over 10 days on the loose, Oreo had no intentions of going easily and wasn't very cooperative. The two boys struggled to get her out of the woods as she tried to run and dragged them with her for a bit. Ultimately, she cooperated, and they led her out of the woods as Animal Control was arriving at the scene. A few steps out of the woods, Oreo didn’t want to walk anymore, so Geuther, who since the age of five has worked with farm animals, (mainly cows on a dairy farm in NY State), picked her up like a baby and carried her the rest of the way. “I was happy to help get Oreo safely back home and hope to visit her soon,” said Geuther. Arzberger stated, “We were lucky that Oreo was in the area, and I’m glad that I was able to help reunite her with her family.” More details and photos at source link The Saga of Oreo Ends... https://www.tapinto.net/towns/randolph/articles/the-saga-of-oreo-ends-as-the-wandering-goat-is-b
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    New troop, big problems

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    New pack meeting plans

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    Lion Guide / Den Leader Recognition?

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    Northern Tier Staff Tips

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    Eagle Scout Rank Patch wear after age 18

  11. College Station's (TX) Michael Walker graduated fourth in his class overall and first among midshipmen majoring in mechanical engineering. Walker said the academy provided him with a valuable experience he does not think he could have found anywhere else. "I can think of a multitude of nights I was up until 3 a.m. doing homework and went to bed for two hours and then had to wake up at 5 a.m. to work out," Walker said. "[It's] very taxing and very difficult, but at the same time, it prepares you for being a naval officer. As hard as it was, I'm thankful to have [had] the opportunity." ... Walker, who is an Eagle Scout, said he feels as though Boy Scouts gave him the skills needed to succeed at an institution like the Naval Academy. He also credits his parents, his sister, Anna, and the community at St. Joseph Catholic School with helping him get to where he is today. His post-graduation journey will include spending a year at the University of Cambridge to pursue a Master of Philosophy in Engineering. Walker was awarded the Churchill Scholarship, which "provides funding to American students for a year of Master's study in science, mathematics, and engineering at the University of Cambridge, based at Churchill College." After Cambridge, Walker will attend Naval Nuclear Power School and hopes to serve as a Navy submarine officer. http://www.theeagle.com/news/local/college-station-s-michael-walker-graduates-fourth-in-his-class/article_41e27404-26c2-5b04-8202-be125a5ad876.html Scout Salute
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    Tornado hits scout camp

    ...There was no basement or in-ground shelter at the camp when the tornado hit. The following year, the Boy Scouts Mid-America Council launched a major fundraising campaign to build emergency shelters at all of its camps. By 2013, two tornado shelters had been built at the camp, and a siren was added. The new structures have concrete walls, steel shutters and doors and emergency power backup, and were built to withstand an EF5 tornado. http://kwbe.com/featured-news/10-years-ago-today-a-tornado-killed-4-boy-scouts-at-little-sioux-camp/
  13. Blue Angels, a flying B-29, Huey, B-25, USAF Skydiving Team,... Fathers' Day Weekend. Chippewa Valley Council, which serves more than 4,600 youth in 10 counties in northwestern Wisconsin along with other nonprofits will again organize the Chippewa Valley Air Show. Over 30,000 are expected each day! Funds raised from air show will support Scout camping programs, SE Tim Molepske said. “This will allow us to do some neat things at our camps.” http://www.chippewavalleyairshow.com http://www.leadertelegram.com/News/Front-Page/2018/06/09/div-class-libPageBodyLinebreak-Pretty-amazing-br-div.html
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    Tornado hits scout camp

    June 10, 2018 from Des Moines Register : How the Little Sioux Scout Ranch tornado reshaped survivors. 4 scouts died when a 165 mph tornado tore through the Little Sioux Scout Ranch in western Iowa. Ten years ago, 96 boys came from the Mid-America Council, which includes western Iowa and parts of Nebraska and South Dakota. They were among the best, and had been picked for the leadership camp. Joined by 24 youth leaders, they studied wilderness survival and lived by Scouting codes. The chaos of a tornado that injured 48 people doesn’t last a few seconds. In some ways, it’s still twisting for the boys and their parents 10 years later. What comes from that horrible moment can convert to a kind of resolve to change for the better, or an attempt to understand survival by blind chance or God. “It’s so random,” said Vogts. “Some got cuts. Some died.” “For a couple years,” Claussen said, “I always wanted to know why. What was so special about me?” Gripping story with photos at source: https://www.desmoinesregister.com/story/news/2018/06/09/tornado-killed-boy-scouts-changed-lives-iowa/660843002/
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    What's A Good Water Bottle?

    A couple of young ASM's are trying to convince me to replace my Nalgene 1L (6.25 ounces, $10-11, made USA) with either the following: Hydrapak Stash 1L (3.3 ounces?, $20-25) Platypus water bags .- IMHO seem flimsy and spill easy. Works for them but I still like the all-season , hot water, utility, and indestructibility of the Nalgene .
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    Gold Award standards frustration

    Venturing Gold Award
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    Where was the scout's buddy? Send him away to get his buddy, continue to read your book in peace.
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    Eagle Scouts Cycling Across America June 17-Aug 23

    Some councils are forming their own cycling groups to meet the main group. If you or someone you know is an Eagle Scout and looking for a possible once in a lifetime experience, this is a great opportunity! A group of Eagle Scouts have been planning this event for over a year and this summer it will become a reality. The Green Mountain Council has small group taking the challenge and invite any interested cyclists to join them. The entire trip goes from Seattle, Washington to Washington, D.C. The Vermont contingent is planning to ride from a leg from Pennsylvania to New Jersey. The dates are August 12-18, 2018. Here are the websites and contacts to reach out to for more information and details: Jkap@comcast.net or http://www.escaa2018.info/p/route.html. Join other Scouts from across the country for this memorable ride and a great way to promote the Scouting program to the nation. https://www.scoutingvermont.org/news/eagle-scouts-cycling-across-america
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    Summer camp - too many adults?

    There are still a few "patrol method" summer camps - patrol competitions, the whole patrol spends day/day(s) in same activity, patrol cooking no mess halls, few or no merit badges offered,
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    2 scouts, 2 scouters rescued Mt. Baker (WA)

    June 6, 6:02 PM PDT One scout and two scout leaders have been released from the hospital. One scout remains hospitalized in satisfactory condition. https://www.king5.com/article/news/local/boy-scout-remains-hospitalized-after-mount-baker-rescue/281-562085823
  21. Local LDS Scouters Tasked to Stay Fully Engaged from Moapa Valley Progress, June 6 “We have been instructed, and we are asking all of you now, to remain a fully engaged partner in the Scouting programs for the coming nineteen months,” said President Chuck Burt, a member of the LDS Logandale Stake Presidency. “We are approaching a transition period where it will be up to each of you to set the tone in your units and in the community. We hope that it will be a unified tone.” In a brief instruction session, Logandale Stake High Council member Elwin Brown, who is also the Commissioner of the BSA Anasazi District, laid out a three-point plan for the transition. His first point was a challenge to actually ramp up the Scouting programs over the next 19 months. “Don’t slack off or drop the ball,” Brown told the leaders. “Let’s don’t stop until the commitment is over.” Brown instructed Scout leaders to encourage boys to achieve their next rank advancements, attend BSA-operated camps and continue in full activity rather than allowing them to just relax from the program. Brown’s second point was for the members of the Stake to continue financial support of the Scouting program. This was specifically in regards to the annual council-wide Friends of Scouting fundraiser. “Our challenge now is to send a final message of thanks to the Boy Scouts, and to the Las Vegas Area Council, over the next 19 months,” Brown said. “Let’s make it the largest Friends of Scouting donation ever during the 2018 and 2019 years. So that, when we leave, it will be funded for as long as possible.” Brown’s third point was to address concerns that, after the shift occurs, the Boy Scout program might die out in the Moapa Valley community. “I feel like it is on my shoulders to see that it doesn’t,” Brown said. “There are too many young men who still will need to earn their Eagle or receive the other benefits from this program. I don’t want to pull the rug out from under them or deprive them of that experience.” More details at source link http://mvprogress.com/2018/06/06/local-lds-scouters-tasked-to-stay-fully-engaged/
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    2 scouts, 2 scouters rescued Mt. Baker (WA)

    June 5, 9:53 PDT update The boy scouts and troop leaders are now recovering from hypothermia at Seattle's Harborview Medical Center. The boys are in serious condition in Intensive Care and the two troop leaders are listed in satisfactory condition. Crews from the U.S. Border Patrol and Naval Air Station Whidbey flew in for the search. Navy Lt. Chris Pitcher calls it "one of the tougher missions I've ever had." Pitcher says, "There were multiple thunderheads and other clouds surrounding the mountain. It was a relief to see the top of the mountain and know that it wasn’t clobbered in weather. That at least gave us a chance.” While Pitcher acted as mission commander, Lt. Matt Schwab was piloting the rescue chopper. When the mountaintop cleared, they estimate there was only about a 30-minute window to pick up the stranded scouts. Both Lt. Pitcher and Lt. Schwab were Boy Scouts. Someday you too may need to be rescued by a Scout. Watch the video of Monday morning helicopter rescue on summit taken by Customs and Border Patrol aircraft circling above at story source link which describes other challenges to the rescue. https://www.king5.com/article/news/local/rescuers-describe-airlifting-boy-scouts-off-mount-baker/281-561803361
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    Committee Members for BORs

    @-BoyScout- welcome to scouter.com
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    2002 Ponil Complex Fire (Philmont)

    16 years ago. "..The June 1, 2002 staff banquet usually held on the lawn of the Villa, had to be moved inside due to lightning storms. In Ponil canyon a bolt of lightning dramatically changed everyone's summer. That lightning strike and others nearby, started what came to be known as the Ponil Complex Fire. Valiant efforts by 1,342 fire fighter personnel, 13 water dropping helicopters, 31 engines, 24 dozers, and 12 water tenders contained the fire by June 17th, but not before it encompassed 92,000 acres (143 Sq. miles). About 28,000 (42 Sq. miles) of those were part of our beloved Philmont Scout Ranch, with 14,000 acres actually burned. The fire burned in the North Country above highway 64 from the Dean Canyon area into the Valle Vidal and neighboring ranches. But none of our historic buildings were lost as the crews wrapped the buildings with a fire-resistant foil material. Philmont responded quickly, rerouting crews and modifying programs to keep the magic of the Sangre de Cristos alive for the thousands of summer campers. The fire was extinguished, but a lot of work still needed to be done to mitigate erosion, replace millions of trees, repair trails and rebuild campsites. As a result of this fire, Philmont created the PHILBREAK Program that ran from 2003 through 2009. PHILBREAK was a 8-9 hours/day for seven day program in all types of conditions. The program takes place during three separate weeks during March (College spring break). Upon arrival at Philmont, participants meet their trained staff and immediately begin project orientation. Work crews perform meaningful service projects for Philmont and build their understanding of wilderness conservation and the outdoors. Participants also have an opportunity to take a ski break at Angel Fire. Participants are required to be a registered with the Boy Scouts of America in their local council, be between the ages of 18 and 26. The Order of the Arrow usually provided a large number of the participants through its Philbreak recruiting efforts." http://www.philmontm1.com/page5.html http://philmont.wikia.com/wiki/Philbreak
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    2 scouts, 2 scouters rescued Mt. Baker (WA)

    I believe @qwazse first informed the forum of the link some months ago, otherwise I would have not known. Date, location, leader training background, responders , and a cross-reference to the original report(s) would be helpful. Safety information vs legal liability.