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  1. ... physical evidence to prove that we—a rogue, high-adventure Boy Scouts of America Explorer troop of teenage girls in the 1970s—existed. As a group, we hiked the Appalachian Trail, paddled more than 1,000 miles of rivers in the Carolinas, and climbed some of the highest peaks in the Smokies on horseback. My quest was spurred by the October announcement from the BSA that it would begin accepting girls as Cub and Eagle scouts for the first time in its 107-year history. The media trumpeted that the gender barrier was falling, but I knew the Girl Rangers brought it down more than 48 years ago... Interesting article with photos. https://www.outsideonline.com/2300691/lost-legend-girl-rangers
  2. Agree as we have seen before again and again.
  3. I get you are upset, but I think we should focus more on our scout program and less on names.
  4. Thanks for link. Yes "I am a Scout" , but there is no mention that a scout CANNOT say they are a "Boy Scout"
  5. No change from yesterday, despite insinuations to the contrary.
  6. Your nonsense was this false rumor. @NJCubScouter , @LeCastor
  7. Doesn't matter one way or the other. Like I said less nonsense.
  8. Not true. Less nonsense, more substance.
  9. https://www.scoutingnewsroom.org/press-releases/scout-me-in/
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    Family Scouting Update

    New discussion started by OP request. I will temporarily lock this topic to limit confusion. @NJCubScouter
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    Parent on Registered Sexual Offender list

    @AnnieScout welcome to scouter.com
  12. I am attempting to merge like announcements...please standby...thanks P.S. Well the convergence did not go exactly in order but here it is. Sorry for any confusion.
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    Pride of Craft

    We teach "Do your best" The necessity and value of the task are key factors as well as interest. After hand washing dishing for several months, we needed a dishwasher. We found the model, free delivery but $200 installation. In front of the sales manager, I asked my younger son then 13 "Can you install it for $100?". His eyes bugged out "Sure, I'll just look at the Youtube videos." Now I kept a watchful eye. He safely did both the plumbing and electrical connections. He succeeded and was proud of his accomplishment. Interesting topic.
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    How will you talk about girls troops and packs?

    In our two troop town, my guess is the other troop will become COED and our troop will continue to be SPED.
  15. Owner Scott Marble, who worked at Canfield’s for 10 years before taking over as owner in 2014, cited common challenges in the retail industry as the reason for closing: expanding competition from online retailers, the decline of “big box” stores and — bad news for a store that sells lots of winter-sports goods and apparel — increasingly warm winters. The store also once was a one-stop shop for Boy Scouts looking for vests, books and badges, which the store sewed on in-house. But in 2015, the Boy Scouts of America pulled its distributorship, which accounted for about 15 percent of the business’s sales, Marble said. The Scout business also drew traffic to the store — Boy Scouts would often pick up a new pair of boots or camping gear while they were there. “That really was the beginning of the end,” Marble said. The local Boy Scouts office didn’t return a call for comment. Sad, I prefer shopping at the smaller, local outdoor stores. More at source link below, including video. http://www.omaha.com/money/canfield-s-sporting-goods-to-close-after-years-in-business/article_24f5e53c-daa0-11e7-868b-d3258181146a.html
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    Canfield's Sporting Goods (Omaha) closes, cites BSA

    @Laxplr21 welcome to scouter.com Nebraska-based Cabela's sold to Bass Pro. Bohemian Cafe closes. Seeming the only constant is Warren Buffet.
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    New Member - Leatherworking

    @BigDale welcome to scouter.com.
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    Outside Mag: Lost Legend of the Girl Rangers

    ... For months, the Girl Rangers operated as a kind of shadow Explorer troop, neither Boy Scouts nor Girl Scouts. Then, in April 1971, the national BSA Explorers officially went coed. The South Carolina Girl Rangers registered as an official Explorer post and became the first all-female troop in the nation. There were still caveats—they couldn’t become Eagle Scouts, which meant there were dozens of BSA merit badges they couldn’t officially earn. But it was a start. ...
  19. As I understand two patrols of girls age 11 to 14, the Blue Jays and Eddie Spaghetti, were formed and competed. A little history was made at the Boy Scouts’ 2018 Camporee. The first two-man saw race was not won by men nor boys. It was an all-girls patrol unit called the Blue Jays, formed solely for the weekend, who rocked a bucksaw fastest through a fir log outside of Fort Vancouver. The fact that the Boy Scouts of America six months ago reversed a century-old policy that prevented girls from joining as Scouts was not lost on people nearby, who turned to watch the girls shear off a victory. Then they cheered. So went the first full day of the camporee, a weekend camping event where Scouts compete in activities like saw racing, building a fire, throwing tomahawks and navigation. And it was the first year that the Cowlitz Tribe participated, providing drum ceremonies and raising a flag to harken back to the fort’s earliest days as a trading post. Cowlitz tribal members taught Scouts the Chinook trade jargon known as Chinuk Wawa. Part of the history, too, was a new push for female involvement. Among the 300 Scouts in attendance, just over a dozen were girls who local organizers hoped would take interest in leading programs that are still taking shape. Dakota Monro, a 14-year-old Portland resident, wants to help lead the first cohort of girls. She said these new groups will help correct the convention that girls won’t leave the comfort of indoors. “There are a lot of girls I know that want to be outside and generally people think it’s only the boys,” she said. “I’d love to see how girls learn to be leaders in this community.” Girls have been able to join coed programs within the Boy Scouts organizations for decades, but their roles have been secondary to boys’ — as have the privileges. The Cascade Pacific Council, an umbrella organization for 20,000 young members in Oregon and Southwest Washington, recently received a $25,000 donation to help pay for older girls to attend a youth leadership training course in the summer. “How do we develop girl leaders for the program and prepare them to lead?” asked Cathy Sbur, a troop leader. Organizers said they have not heard many concerns about recruiting more girls, but they know they exist. But Filbin said this is part of the Boy Scouts “evolution.” Plus, it could help, given that membership has dropped by 45 percent since its peak in the 1980s. Monro was optimistic, as she watched an all-girls patrol try to hoist a flag as fast as possible. They put it on upside-down, struggled and laughed as they reconfigured it. “After (next year) I think there will be a ton of girls that join,” she said. source with photos http://www.columbian.com/news/2018/apr/28/all-girls-unit-joins-in-on-boy-scouts-camporee-fun/
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    Unread Content ?

    Working with Firefox 59.0.3 for me.
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    I need advice!

    Make a list of pro's and con's that each opportunity offers you this summer and BEYOND. Employment is not just about $ but also experience learned and networking contacts made. Any hospital or other patient-contact jobs on your radar? My $0.02, good luck.
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    Ad hoc girl patrols formed and compete in camporee

    Nothing negative about that. That's Scouting - being allowed to fail and cheerfully learn and correct your mistakes.
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    Motivation Quote of the Day

    The way to get good ideas is to get a lot of ideas and throw the bad ones away. Linus Pauling
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    CSE Letter on GSUSA Infringements

    I thought it was s'more we couldn't say now?
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    HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

    Oh no, the upgrade has given us an invasion of new emoji ...🍦