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  1. STEM Scouts continues to grow

    My understanding, STEM scouts in partnership with schools apply and receive government education grants.
  2. STEM Scouts continues to grow

    Same Scout Oath and Law but in a STEM program.
  3. Let's refrain from personal attacks and feelings of superiority please when posting. Thanks. @NJCubScouter , @Sentinel947 , @LeCastor
  4. Cubmaster Retiring

    We have collected Pack photos and created a Thanks for Lifetime Memories video on DVD for departing leaders.
  5. Character building has been central (emphasized) from day one. Often BP when talking to scouts asked if they had done their good deed for today.
  6. Virtual Campfire

    My Dad, ex-Navy, laughed his hardest watching Sergeant Bilko (The Phil Silvers Show). I guess the humor transfers to all services. Still funny today.
  7. 3D printed Pinewood Derby cars?

    Rumors about that our Pack may have its first 3D printed pinewood derby car this year. Nothing in our rules that a Pinewood Derby Car must be made of wood.
  8. “Eagle Scout Canidate” On Resume

    Good luck with both, especially the scenarios . Take a breath and remember your training - survey the scene, protect yourself, survey the patient...
  9. Amen to that. As some doubt that girls will meet requirements, I hope girls show how easy the requirements actually are and the bar will be restored to past heights.
  10. “Eagle Scout Canidate” On Resume

    For EMR is that the cognitive or psychometer exam?
  11. “Eagle Scout Canidate” On Resume

    Did you have midterms recently?
  12. French filmmaker Fx Goby’s award-winning short film To Build a Fire, commissioned by the Boy Scouts of America and co-produced by Nexus Studios and Composite Films, premiered online in December as a Vimeo staff pick. To Build a Fire is widely recognized as Jack London’s masterpiece and a classic of American literature, with Goby’s animated film adaptation touring festivals to great acclaim since 2016, the centenary of London’s death. The 13-minute 2D-animated short, animated in Adobe Flash with the help of 3D modeling tools, tells the story of a trapper and his dog attempting to cross the Yukon in the harshness of midwinter. With striking visuals and a score composed by Mathieu Alvado and recorded by members the London Symphony Orchestra, To Build a Fire has won over animation, film and Jack London enthusiasts alike. Accolades include the Grand Prize for Best Animation at the Rhode Island Film Festival, Best International Animation at Shorts Mexico, and Best Animation at this year’s London Short Film Festival. More info and Q&A with Goby developers. at Animation World Network source link. Good content for Animation merit badge.
  13. Dive watch selection for Florida Sea base.

    @Duhawk49 welcome to scouter.com @mashmaster, @qwazse , @Tampa Turtlecome to mind. I believe they have attended SeaBase, I am sure there are other members too.
  14. Pack Coed Campout

    Looks like the "Show Me State" can show other packs how it is done. Springfield's largest cub scout pack, held its first coed camp-out in Camp Arrowhead cabins this weekend with boys and girls playing games and practiced survival skills . WARNING: Story includes an account of Bobcat Flipping. - http://www.ozarksfirst.com/news/pack-289-hosts-first-coed-winter-campout/942794908
  15. Why Can't Adults Trust the Scouts

    ...and in the end, scouts will buy and bring their own tent/hammock/bivouac,
  16. I'm game. Setup up a experiment topic with your one post and done rule. I will delete those who attempt a second post.
  17. I am always skeptical of news sources, some more than others. A recent Buzzfeed article details an Surbaugh Jan 9, email to scout executives which Buzzfeed claims to have seen and spills the contents. How truthful that article is, I do not know, but keep a look-out for this alleged Jan 9 email. @Eagle94-A1 The article does mention Scouter.com. , maybe someday we will be mentioned by the BBC or NYT. Surbaugh said the proposed survey question was a "mistake" and apologized for causing "distress" to members by the mere suggestion of coed scouting — words he said were "toxic" to many scouters. He said that he had stopped the survey from going out to members because "there are those (not just on Scouter.com) that really dislike our leadership and will say, 'See, we told you so. They LIED to us, they just want co-ed scouting, and this is a sleazy, back door way to show that’s what some people want so they can push their agenda forward.'" He added that the proposed idea would also make BSA staff "feel foolish" for defending the organization from accusations of coed scouting.
  18. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    China may be interested. In November, "China Energy Investment Corporation Limited signed an agreement (Memorandum of Understanding?) with the West Virginia Department of Commerce on an $83.7 billion plan to invest in shale gas development and chemical manufacturing projects in West Virginia. " http://www.wsaz.com/content/news/China-Energy-signs-837-billion-West-Virginia-investment-agreement-456288953.html
  19. OA and the aboriginal cultures

    My understanding the OA (BSA) has NOT branded any images of Native Americans., just arrow images. Meanwhile, the long goodbye of Cleveland Indian Chief Wahoo has begun. ... well at least from uniforms and billboards. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/29/sports/baseball/cleveland-indians-chief-wahoo-logo.html
  20. Water Carnival Ideas

    A good experiment for Environmental Science merit badge. Do these balloons biodegrade in water, soil, and how long does it take? What happens if wildlife ingests?
  21. Pack Coed Campout

  22. Pack Coed Campout

    Are we confusing dialog from 2001 and 2010?
  23. Pack Coed Campout

    National needs an upbeat promo for the early adopters ...maybe something like this...
  24. Water Carnival Ideas

    +1 on greased watermelon race.
  25. Pack YP equal or double standard

    Ok then, you two agree to disagree. That much is clear. @NJCubScouter , @Sentinel947