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    President George Herbert Walker Bush 1924-2018

    PROVIDENCE, R.I. U.S. Rep. Jim Langevin of Rhode Island says he credits his current position in the House to former President George H.W. Bush's signing the Americans with Disabilities Act. At the age of 16, Langevin was injured while working with the Warwick Police Department in the Boy Scout Explorer program. A gun accidentally discharged and a bullet struck Langevin, leaving him paralyzed. The Democratic congressman went on to become the first quadriplegic to serve in the House of Representatives. Bush signed the ADA, which is a civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on disability, into law in 1990. https://www.thenewstribune.com/news/politics-government/national-politics/article222675520.html
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    President George Herbert Walker Bush 1924-2018

    A young scout salutes the casket of former President George H.W. Bush during public viewing at the U.S. Capitol rotunda in Washington, D.C. on Monday. (Melina Mara/Washington Post) via https://www.thegazette.com/subject/opinion/guest-columnist/cedar-rapids-remembers-george-hw-bush-20181205
  3. At least two Boy Scout campers who returned from a recent trip with fevers, chills and a cough have been hospitalized for exposure to a rare and unusual disease, histoplasmosis or caver's disease, linked to bird and bat droppings found in the soil, spurring involvement from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. St. Francisville resident Emiley Bonano has been battling — a condition caused by inhaling a fungus found in bird and bat waste — since she traveled to with her little brother’s Boy Scout troop in early November. She became sick with flu-like symptoms about a week after their return and went to the doctor, but didn’t think a recent camping trip significant enough to mention as a possible cause for her unrelenting symptoms. Emiley’s family spent weeks in and out of emergency rooms trying to pinpoint the cause of the 16-year-old’s illness. Finally, a doctor saw unusual white spots covering the teenager’s lungs in an X-ray and asked whether she had spent much time outdoors recently. Emiley’s mom, Michelle Duos, said Thursday that her daughter has been hospitalized since Nov. 21, completing an intensive week-long round of intravenous medication that will be followed by three months of an oral drug to help with symptoms. The condition is so severe she’s been hooked up to an oxygen machine and likely will not return to school until next year. more details at source link: https://www.theadvocate.com/baton_rouge/news/article_47dfe866-f42d-11e8-a703-af42687d63e8.html
  4. Update for 2020: The Blue Angels will perform at the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport on June 13 & 14, 2020 as part of the 2020 Chippewa Valley Air Show. The announcement was made today at the International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. “We are excited to host another Chippewa Valley Air Show in 2020,” said Tim Molepske, Scout Executive for the Boy Scout’s Chippewa Valley Council, who will be producing the 2020 Airshow. “This is a great opportunity for us to promote scouting programs through a great community event that will help raise money to support those programs,” said Molepske.
  5. Blue Angels, a flying B-29, Huey, B-25, USAF Skydiving Team,... Fathers' Day Weekend. Chippewa Valley Council, which serves more than 4,600 youth in 10 counties in northwestern Wisconsin along with other nonprofits will again organize the Chippewa Valley Air Show. Over 30,000 are expected each day! Funds raised from air show will support Scout camping programs, SE Tim Molepske said. “This will allow us to do some neat things at our camps.” http://www.chippewavalleyairshow.com http://www.leadertelegram.com/News/Front-Page/2018/06/09/div-class-libPageBodyLinebreak-Pretty-amazing-br-div.html
  6. Update: The Istrouma Area Council of Boy Scouts of America, along with the Louisiana Department of Health (LDH), have closed a campsite on Avondale Scout Reservation to investigate cases of a disease that hospitalized two campers, sparking the involvement of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Louisiana State Epidemiologist Raoult Ratard, speaking for LDH, tells WAFB at least 15 campers may have been exposed to histoplasmosis, a disease spread through exposure to soil contaminated with bat or bird droppings. Histoplasmosis is not contagious; it cannot be transmitted from an infected person or animal to another person and infection does not always result in illness. Symptoms, when present, usually begin three to 17 days post-exposure and range from mild conditions requiring no treatment to severe systemic illness which are frequently fatal when untreated, according to a report provided by LDH. The illness is typically flu-like, with symptoms such as fever, cough, fatigue, chills, headache, chest pain, and body aches. more at source: https://www.wafb.com/2018/12/05/cdc-department-health-investigating-disease-outbreak-la-camp-boy-scouts-hospitalized/
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    Lone Scout Questions

    @chief027 welcome to scouter.com
  8. We members of scouter.com, guided by the Scout Oath and Law, generally enjoy an informative, robust , diverse discussion of scout topics. But perhaps because of the times, technology, or personalties some specific policies need to be explicitly stated. Failure to follow the Scout Oath and Law, will result in a warning, post moderation, or suspension. Posted videos, images, and links must pertain to the original post and respectfully move the discussion forward. Failure to do so may result in deletion or editing of the post, and in egregious or repeated instances, may result in a warning to the member. Members are expected to read and acknowledge moderator messages. If moderator messages are unread after 72 hours, the member's account will be locked until they [the member] acknowledges receipt and understanding. Repeat violations will result in account suspension. An Original Poster (OP) can state in that first post "Only on-topic responses, please." Off-topic responses will then be moved or deleted by moderators. Members are reminded that topics are discussions to inform, reflect and not arguments to be won. When a discussion deteriorates into a stagnant endurance contest, a moderator may interject that both sides "Agree to Disagree" and instruct that discussion move on or the moderator may lock the topic pending review. Members can "report" a topic or response which does not follow the Scout Oath and Law, by using the "Report Post" feature in the upper right corner of the response. Posts which advertise products, services, or fund solicitations will be deleted and the member asked to pm Terry-Scouter regarding paid advertising. Members can report concerns about moderators by PMing SCOUTER-Terry. These policies are in addition to the existing Terms of Service below: https://www.scouter.com/legal/tos @NJCubScouter @John-in-KC @LeCastor @packsaddle @MattR @desertrat77 @RememberSchiff
  9. MOGAMBO: January, 2019 Dallas Safari Club Convention https://www.biggame.org/convention/ A quick perusal of items up for auction -- the catalog is huge -- turns up such items as a $20,000 rifle or a chance to kill an Alaskan brown bear ($20,000 value). You can bid on the opportunity to kill a buffalo at the Philmont Scout Ranch, where Boy Scouts of America typically enjoy far less sanguine fun. https://www.kitsapsun.com/story/sports/columnists/seabury-blair/2018/12/02/mr-outdoors-big-game-and-big-prices/2164689002/ 200+ page auction guide https://www.biggame.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/DSC2019_final111318-1FINAL.pdf
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    Hello people

    @Jessi Please tell us about your interest and involvement in Scouting.
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    EIN Assistance - bank account needs

    @AnnArborSD welcome to scouter.com
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    Buffalo hunt at Philmont - auction item

    Note: Hunting does occur in season at certain scout camps, for example, Bear Creek Scout Reservation, a hunter's paradise offers you a unique opportunity to hunt game. Sprawling across 1,000 acres of the beautiful Texas Hill Country near Hunt, Texas, Bear Creek redefines the hunting experience. From one of the 12 deer blinds you can hunt a variety of animals including: White Tail Buck, White Tail Doe, Axis, Sika, Fallow, wild turkeys and feral hogs. The reservation abounds with game from which you can take your choice. http://www.alamoareabsa.org/News/HuntingBCSR2016 Glacier's Edge Council (WI) Scouting for Pheasants hunt. Glacier's Edge Council invites everyone of legal hunting age to a day filled with a complete pheasant hunting experience! The Tower Hunt session will consist of 17 pairs of hunters with each pair positioned in one of the 17 blinds that surround the tower. http://www.glaciersedge.org/BSA620page1733.php ...and of course, local Snipe hunts.
  13. WORCESTER ,MA – Boy Scout Troop 54, founded in 1915, has the distinction of being one of the oldest continuous troops in the United States. But, it may also hold claim to another remarkable accomplishment. This weekend the troop based out of Epworth United Methodist Church at 64 Salisbury St. is embarking on a campout marking the 120th consecutive month of at least one overnight campout. While camping is somewhat synonymous with scouting, ten consecutive years of monthly campouts is a rare feat. Scoutmaster Joshua Froimson said there are no statistics kept on scouting camping trips. The most that Boy Scouts of America asks is if a troop goes camping at least 10 times a year. For that, a troop receives a Journey to Excellence Gold award. But, he has scoured the internet and has not found any troop in the country that has camped out as often and as long as Troop 54. ... Mr. Froimson said probably one of the key things scouts learn from camping is to plan and lead. “Especially going on a backpacking trip, there’s no opportunity to go to a store and pick up things you forgot. You have to learn to think through everything you will be doing and picture all the things you need to do them,” he explained. “That’s something you need to do in life as well.” More at source link. If there is a Mrs. Froimson, her opinion was not reported. https://www.telegram.com/news/20181129/boy-scout-troop-54-heading-to-connecticut-this-weekend-may-hold-campout-record
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    Juvenile Offenses and Ethics

    I got hung-up at illegal.
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    Need for tree identification

    Periodic species surveys - what trees we are losing/gaining California Nursery Historic Park Tree Inventory In the summer of 2006, members of Boy Scout Troop 143 (Fremont,CA) surveyed and identified trees within the California Nursery Historic Park in Fremont California. The Troop identified 412 individual trees comprising 112 different species. In addition to identifying the trees, they also secured ID tags to a majority of the mature trees present. This is an important civic project that would not have been accomplished without the time, intelligence and effort of the Scouts.More details and tree map http://www.fremontica.net/CNCo/tree_inventory2.php?landmark=yes Maine Invasive Species Network "... training boy scouts to recognize signs and symptoms of ALB (Asian longhorned beetle), EAB (Emerald Ash Borer) , and HWA (hemlock woolly adelgid )" https://extension.umaine.edu/invasivespecies/2012/05/14/fpos/ RS note: hemlock woolly adelgid is killing off our wonderful Eastern Hemlock trees which cool the forest , offer winter shelter,... over 600 MBF of hemlock that was used in the Summit Bechtel Boy Scout Camp for bath houses. This hemlock was infested with woolly adelgid. Along with the hemlock over 1 million feet of hardwoods were cut for sawlogs and over 5000 tons of pulpwood and fence rails. https://www.treefarmsystem.org/steve-antoline-of-west-virginia Hornaday Silver Award project Scout Peter Livengood who did survey as part of his work towards Hornaday Silver Award ("...think of it as an Olympic Medal for conservation work by a Boy Scout") recommend link below, written by scout is an entertaining and informative read regarding surveying Kentucky state park understory . http://paenvironmentdaily.blogspot.com/2018/09/boy-scout-part-iii-restoring-understory.html Another $0.02
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    Need for tree identification

    A 100 years ago... “A canvass to find black walnut trees suitable for government use to make gun stocks and airplane propellers is to be made next week by local Boy Scouts. The name of the owner, the location of the tree and its size are reported to government workers and will attempt to arrange for the purchase of all trees fit for use. http://news.pioneergroup.com/manisteenews/2018/08/06/100-years-ago-349/
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    Need for tree identification

    4. Identify species and their parts (leaves/needles, fruit, roots, inner bark) that are edible. Where does maple syrup come from?
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    Camping MB 9b, "snow camping experience" option

    @Tom243 welcome to scouter.com
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    Need for tree identification

    Nov 28, 1918: Scouts — where are the walnuts? The government must have the proper material for its gun stocks and it needs black walnut. Scouts must not fall down on the critical project and need to complete their canvas of the areas. Scouts should have a black walnut hike every Saturday after school. From Jordan Independent MN https://www.swnewsmedia.com/jordan_independent/news/local/looking_back/throwback-thursday-years-ago-turkeys-were-scarce/article_04269629-8b9e-5c68-906c-b4c5c0102edc.html
  20. RememberSchiff

    5 Scouts struck by vehicle (Long Island)

    In court on Tuesday, Thomas Murphy faced Andrew McMorris' mother while dozens of scouts from McMorris' Troop 161 filled the hallway outside court, wearing red ribbons to honor the friend who dreamed of being a pilot. "We're trying to get through the holidays without our child," said Alisa McMorris. Source text and court video https://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Drunk-Driving-Suspect-Court-Boy-Scout-Killed-Crash-Long-Island-501383891.html
  21. MANORVILLE - Suffolk police say five Boy Scouts were hospitalized after they were struck by a car in Manorville Sunday afternoon. Rescue workers were forced to administer CPR to one of the victims. Another was airlifted to the trauma center at Stony Brook University Hospital. https://abc7ny.com/police-5-hospitalized-after-car-plows-into-group-of-boy-scouts/4377783/
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    Summer Camp Tier pricing

    We have early bird-pricing and camperships but haven't adopted a published Tier price structure for summer camp. How well is this working for scouts, the program, and camps? ...Tier A represents the true cost of camp for a scout. Tier B is partially a subsidized rate, marking the halfway point between Tiers A and C. Tier C is a heavily subsidized rate meant to be competitive with other camps. Each tier receives the same benefits and opportunities during camp, but Dave Plond, scout executive for the Overland Trails Council of Boy Scouts of America said it’s a way for families who can afford to pay the entire cost of their scout’s camp experience to do so. While Plond said they expect most campers to pay the Tier C rate, Tiers A and B were included in the list of prices as an option for families with the financial means to contribute more. He hopes the move also brings awareness to the true costs of camp and encourage families with the means to provide additional assistance to the council. Besides the competition factor, Plond said, the main reason to not simply increase camp costs is to make sure local scouts have an option for attending camp. Camps are an essential element of the scouting program. http://www.hastingstribune.com/news/officials-making-changes-to-help-keep-iconic-camp-augustine-open/article_8b6e4078-d5fb-11e8-94c9-e33d3ad6d2de.html https://overlandtrailscouncil.com/camping/summer-camp/summer-camp-pricing/
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    Scout game ideas

    Depends on your meeting place and outdoor access. A gym would be great as would a nearby park, woodland area. Lest we forget Scouter Kudu's scouting site http://inquiry.net/outdoor/games/index.htm
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    Peace hike to local places of worship.

    While others headed to malls, scouts from Long Island (NY) packs and troops hiked to Temple Tikvah, Hillside Islamic Center, Notre Dame Catholic Church, New Hyde Park Baptist Church, Vaishnav Hindu Temple, First Presbyterian of New Hyde Park and Christ Lutheran Church. “Gain something that you can’t get at the malls, something that is not perishable,” said Jerry Katz of the Nassau County Boy Scouts. “You can find out what you have in common with each other,” said Cub Scout Maddie Rothstein. “Yes, I’m learning. I’m learning about God,” said 6-year-old Logan Cook. For some it was their first visit to an Islamic Center. The children took off their shoes and opened their hearts. “They guide us to understand how we need to serve each other, this is what scouting, what religion is all about,” said Shaykh Ibad Wali of the Hillside Islamic Center. Deven Kirpalani, a Nassau County boy scout, was proud one of the stops was his Hindu temple. “We are tying this all into the ten commandments, and we are bringing this into our daily lives and into our scouting lives,” Deven said. “Sometimes go to churches with my friends and then sometimes they might come to my temple, ” said Cub Scout Sarah Scotch. Scouts and their leaders hope a day sharing tolerance and acceptance will promote unity among nationalities and faiths, coinciding with the start of the holiday season. Boy Scouts of America will soon be dropping the word “boy” from its namesake program, since the tradition now includes girls. https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2018/11/23/boy-scouts-take-part-in-peace-hike-visit-variety-of-religious-institutions/