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  1. This summer, Bruce White put together a jamboree of Eagles, their parents, leaders and others associated with Scouting for a cross-country adventure that starts June 17 in Seattle and ends "66 days later [when] we roll into Fredericksburg on Aug. 23 for as big a celebration as we can create." At least 46 cyclists, ranging in age from 15 to 69 and hailing from 12 states, either will caravan across country with White to start the ride in Washington state. Or, they'll fly into Seattle and meet him there. Or they'll join the pack at Yellowstone National Park or maybe in Michigan. Twenty-six riders will do the entire 4,100 miles (15 states) on two wheels—or three wheels, as is the case with recumbent bike rider AD Carson from Milwaukee. Six more will start the grand tour but can't go the whole distance. Four support people will take turns driving vans and changing flat tires—and get their own time in the saddle as well. “We have this chart, well, we have a dozen different charts with Xs of who's with us on what days,” said White, hinting at the “challenging” logistics involved. ... White started planning this ride practically as soon as he recovered from the 2014 excursion. The event, called Eagle Scouts Cycling Across America, was featured four years ago in Boys' Life, the monthly magazine of the Boy Scouts of America, and White heard from a number of people who said they'd love to go along, if he ever did it again. ... more at source link http://www.fredericksburg.com/features/spotsylvania-man-leads-jamboree-of-scouts-leaders-on-cross-country/article_f47dd7c5-5d8a-57a8-8d86-943ecb8ade37.html
  2. RememberSchiff

    Lefeber Northwoods (Wi) Camps (Baird And Neidhoefer) Closing

    Detroit real estate investor Dennis Kefallinos has purchased a large former Boy Scouts of America campground in Lupton about 10 miles from the Huron National Forest. It's not yet known what Kefallinos plans to do with the 630-acre property at 3552 Lakeshore Drive, about 20 minutes northeast of West Branch, Chris Mihailovich, one of his top lieutenants, told me. "We are evaluating what's the best use of the property going forward, wish I had some more news," he said in a text message Monday night, adding that he did not know the purchase price. We at least know it was listed for $1.9 million, or $3,016 per acre. Staff in the Ogemaw County register of deeds office said a deed was filed April 27 for the April 23 sale of the Northwoods Scout Camp to Ivory Properties LLC, which is the 30-year-old LLC registered to Kefallinos at 1600 Clay St. in Detroit. That's the address of the Kefallinos-owned Russell Industrial Center off I-75. The campground, which closed in 2016, had been owned by Chief Okemos Council No. 271, one of nine scout councils that in 2012 had merged to create the Michigan Crossroads Council, which oversees Boy Scout properties, personnel and programs for the Lower Peninsula. http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20180703/blog016/665201/kefallinos-buys-630-acre-former-boy-scouts-camp
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    Awarding forgotten Eagles

    FAIRVIEW, Kansas — After 50 years, Jim Spellmeier, who was a member of Boy Scout Troop 156, finally received his Eagle. “The troop went away around that time, and then I was off to college and kind of forgot about it,” said Spellmeier. But when he noticed contact information for the Pony Express Council in a news article recently, he reached out. Fortuitously, records from 1968 still are intact at the Boy Scout office, and pleased to right the situation, officials shipped out his award. He credits Boy Scouts with giving him the opportunity to do things he wouldn’t have done if he wasn’t involved. “I remember swimming a mile at Camp Geiger and earning my Lifesaving badge, which I actually had to use once,” Spellmeier said. Not surprisingly, with some of his clearest memories relating to the water, the excellent swimmer was given the Mic-O-Say name of “Flashing Fin.” More at Source http://www.newspressnow.com/news/local_news/fairview-man-receives-eagle-award-years-later/article_d12026c1-7b55-594b-97b8-0626637d537c.html Related
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    Is this the new normal?

    I am seeing more units shopping around for better summer camp experiences but the next year that get lured back with a better campsite or other perks. What would happen at Camp Waste-a-Week if at the closing flags, your SPL respectfully returned all blue cards to the Camp DIrector ?
  5. RememberSchiff

    Louisville (KY) - Explorer Post Abuse Scandal

    In the matter of the Boston Diocese abuse, that would depend if the BSA knew and the Diocese certainly was not telling anyone - parents, police, BSA and the victims were nearly totally intimidated. IMO, if the BSA can police their brand trademarks, they can police their units. Restore the power that commissioners once had to enforce the program complete with confrontation - the beat cop. Back in the day (before YP), when our "neighborhood commissioner" visited ,he spoke separately with the SPL and PL's. before talking to adults. Not that we had many beefs beyond camporees being in cow fields. I continue to see new scouting abuse cases in the media and wonder what more we should be doing. My $0.02,
  6. Risk is positive, risk is good, ... adventure playgrounds ...like Scouting once was. https://www.today.com/video/risky-play-like-adventure-playgrounds-could-benefit-kids-and-parents-1265972291896?v=b https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/how-much-risk-good-kids-parents-make-case-more-adventurous-n886256
  7. Diamond Brand Gear (Asheville, NC) which has manufactured tents for the U.S. military for over a century, has recently embarked on a rebranding of its outdoor gear manufacturing business that unabashedly embraces its past. One example are its canvas messenger bags, which feature upcycled fabric from tents, the canvas reclaimed after use by Boy Scout troops. Also, they’ve tweaked the design of Diamond Brand backpacks that were popular in the late 1980s to give a contemporary twist to the basic packs many once toted to school or took on day hikes. The packs have features like enhanced back support, a taller pocket (for carrying a bottle of wine or growler) and removable straps that can be interchangeable with various strap designs. Some incorporate upcycled fabric, as well. “Our view is that we’re reclaiming our destiny,” Delaloye said. A revamped website and soon-to-be-added interpretative photos at the pop-up factory will help give a face to the company’s rich background, which has included decades of making gear for Boy Scouts of America. ... The centerpiece of the Diamond Brand Gear's Pop-up Factory’s space (Asheville, NC) is a seven-by-nine-foot green canvas wall tent, of the type many Baby Boomers grew up with on family camping trips. The tent, which will be available to consumers this fall in different sizes, has added windows and an optional floor, said Delaloye. The canvas tents have previously been manufactured by Diamond Brand primarily for Boy Scouts. More detail at source http://www.blueridgenow.com/news/20180701/craft-made-equipment
  8. RememberSchiff

    Louisville (KY) - Explorer Post Abuse Scandal

    They know the problem was the Church cover-up and feel their scouts are safer with other CO's.. IMO, Scouting has more work to do regarding YP, an education-only solution is not enough as this case shows and the BSA should consider the recommendations given.
  9. RememberSchiff

    Massachusetts summer camps

    @WMAScoutMom welcome to scouter.com The Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp, not affiliated with Scouting, is also held at Camp Moses in August . "The Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp provides a unique experience of conservation, shooting sports, and outdoor recreation education. The camp’s program introduces young people to the ethical responsibilities of hunting and fishing in order to foster careful stewardship of our natural resources." Local sportsmen clubs offer scholarships. http://juniorconservationcamp.org https://www.facebook.com/Mass-Junior-Conservation-Camp-537591036286089/
  10. This July, Crew 8 of Chatham , New Jersey will be embarking on an 11 day, 74 milebackpacking trek through the Swiss Alps. Starting in Verbier, this crew of nine scouts and two adults will hike through breathtaking trails, passing pristine glacial lakes, and summiting some of the world's most coveted peaks. Over the past two years, this crew has been meticulously planning every detail of the excursion. ... “I am so proud of what these scouts have accomplished,” Marty Foy, Crew Advisor said. “The Scouting program has allowed these scouts to develop into a group of self-reliant young men that are executing their well-developed plan. These scouts have all participated in previous training experiences, including hikes in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and more. "The scouts have also visited Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico, for treks from 100 to 200 miles over the summer. The crew has practiced wilderness survival techniques, is experienced in mountaineering, backcountry cooking, and first aid, including having 2 EMTs on the crew. The Boy Scouts of America is truly the premier youth development program preparing these young men for future success in their lives. I look forward to seeing the very bright future these young men are embarking on and their contributions to our American society.” More details about crew planning and itinerary at Source https://www.tapinto.net/towns/chatham/categories/press-releases/articles/chathams-crew-8-to-hike-the-swiss-alps-this-july Scout Salute,
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    New YPT: How to get people trained

    Perhaps those adults did not wish to register online to take the YPT course?
  12. RememberSchiff

    Louisville (KY) - Explorer Post Abuse Scandal

    Eight recommendations from redacted report are on pages 83-85. which I recommend reading. I will just type the 8 bullets here. https://louisvilleky.gov/sites/default/files/mayors_office/redacted.pdf 1. Advising the Explorer Post should be an Assigned Duty, Not a Volunteer Effort. 2. Explorer Advisors should be rotated out of the program on a regular basis. 3. The Chief Explorer Advisor Should be a Senior Officer. 4. The Chief Explorer Advisor Should be changed every 18-24 months. 5. Establish a Minimum Age (30) to Serve as an Explorer Advisor. 6. Recruit Parents of Explorers to serve as sponsors along with LMPD officers. 7. Limit Participation in the Explorer Posts to Those Under the Age of 18. 8. End the practice of ride-alongs.
  13. RememberSchiff

    Louisville (KY) - Explorer Post Abuse Scandal

    Redacted report https://louisvilleky.gov/sites/default/files/mayors_office/redacted.pdf Page 67. The report states "The misconduct within the Explorer program did not occur because of lack of appropriate policies and procedures. Rather, it occurred because these procedures were not properly followed, implemented, and supervised." The next page cites examples by adult leaders and Explorers (youth) but affirms "Youth protection, however, is the responsibility of adults." Ride-alongs (no two-deep) and digital communications (no one-on-one contact) were cited. "Betts and Woods repeatedly violated the prohibition on digital communications. Text, Snap Chat, and Facebook messanging appear to be the primary manner in which Betts and Woods communicate with their victims. Had Betts and Woods followed the required protocol and not texted Explorers, many of the sexual relationships would likely not have developed."
  14. RememberSchiff

    Louisville (KY) - Explorer Post Abuse Scandal

    The priest of our local Catholic Church raped a 13 yr old scout in the 70's. Their two units move elsewhere as did the priest. I moved here in 1990 and unaware of this, I tried to revive the unit as the Church had a great meeting place and storage. I got a quick blunt education from parents. More than 40 years later, scouting did not return and this Church has its own youth group.
  15. RememberSchiff

    Louisville (KY) - Explorer Post Abuse Scandal

    Presumably release of the 90 page report was delayed (from March) as there are at least 6 lawsuits against the city (LMPD), Boy Scouts of America, Betts and Curtis Flaherty, the former head of the Explorer program. http://www.wdrb.com/story/37725991/unsealed-lawsuit-claims-former-lmpd-officer-sexually-assaulted-teen-over-three-year-period My search continues to find the safety recommendations in the 90 page report.
  16. IMHO, Scouting should be leading the comeback of "free range parenting" My $0.02,
  17. RememberSchiff

    Eagle Scouts Cycling Across America June 17-Aug 23

    Update: Eagle Scouts Cycling spotted exploring the inner workings of the Grand Coulee Dam (WA). "Scoutmaster Bruce White said they brought along 250 inner tubes as well as 35 spare tires for repairs along the way." http://www.escaa2018.info http://www.grandcoulee.com/story/2018/06/27/news/eagle-scouts-tour-dam-bicycling-cross-country/10562.html
  18. He's a Dad to two small kids, an IT businessman, a scout leader, and ...an opera singer? http://www.cbs8.com/story/38516128/zevely-zone-boy-scout-leader-by-day-opera-singer-by-night
  19. At their 45 annual NH distinguished Citizens Award Dinner, Daniel Webster Council recognized Dean Kamen, the founder of FIRST (robotics competition, "gracious professionalism"). Dean appears at 0.14 in following video: http://www.wmur.com/article/scouts-role-models-honored-at-45th-annual-nh-distinguished-citizens-award-dinner/21953489 Who is Dean Kamen? What is FIRST? https://spie.org/membership/spie-professional-magazine/spie-professional-archives-and-special-content/2011april-archive/creativity-first?SSO=1
  20. IMO, school is where civics should be taught, scouting is where it can be practiced. - responsibility, service. Remember when a single, thick merit badge pamphlet covered all citizenship merit badges? My $0.02,
  21. There once was an age restriction of sorts, one had to be First Class to work on merit badges and only your next rank could be worked on.
  22. Jun 13, 2018 Outside Magazine and gsblog Girl Scouts recently announced a new adventure-oriented collaboration with The North Face. With 12 new adventure badges, it will be the largest national organization to offer skills like trail running, mountaineering, rock climbing, and backpacking specifically for girls. Still in the development and piloting phase, the badges will be available to earn as early as summer 2019 for girls from kindergarten to senior year of high school. The North Face is developing the programming alongside GSUSA, offering its outdoor expertise to the 106-year-old organization. The partnership bolsters The North Face’s Moves Mountains initiative, which aims to elevate the stories of female role models in the outdoors and beyond. GSUSA, for its part, seem to be responding to continued requests for more adventurous and skill-based curriculum. ... At Girl Scouts, we believe there are never too many opportunities for girls to experience the great outdoors and all the wonder and adventure it offers. The research is clear: outdoor experiences are imperative to fostering leadership skills in girls. And we’re the experts in this space—spending time in the outdoors is a cornerstone of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and has been since Girl Scouts’ inception. Our all-girl environment and proven programming show girls the benefits of spending time in the world beyond walls in ways that encourage them to take healthy risks and overcome their fears. https://www.outsideonline.com/2317301/are-girl-scouts-getting-more-adventurous http://blog.girlscouts.org/2018/04/the-north-face-and-girl-scouts.html
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    2019 World Jamboree

    Thanks for stepping up and congratulations on being selected.
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    New pack meeting plans

    @Scoutmom707 welcome to scouter.com
  25. Imagine a smart, focused, on program, real world experienced business leader leading a youth organization... from wiki Shortly after graduating from New Mexico State University, Acevedo began working for NASA at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a rocket scientist, developing programs for the Voyager 2 and analyzing data from the probe. She eventually left NASA to attend graduate school. During her time at Stanford, she worked at IBM as an engineer to help pay for her tuition. After graduating, she joined Apple as a technology executive for the Asia-Pacific region.[6] She has also worked in an executive capacity for Dell and Autodesk. Under her tenure, the Girl Scouts introduced a series of badges in robotics, coding, engineering, and cybersecurity.[ ...Acevedo says the BSA will never compete with the opportunities the Girl Scouts offer and... What I know about Girl Scouts is we have a hundred years of girl expertise. We know how to teach girls important life skills. We know how to create women leaders. When we look at our life results of our alumni, you know, three-fourths of our female senators were Girl Scouts. All three female secretaries of state, Girl Scouts. When I go to Silicon Valley, almost every female tech leader who was born in the US, she was a Girl Scout. Almost every female astronaut that's gone into space is a Girl Scout. So we know what works. Especially right now in the time of American competitiveness, we know that girls are an untapped resource and especially in technology, we need to reach more girls with those skills so that they find that technology is an interesting area, but not just interesting. That they have the skills to make an impact in the technical space. And we find that in particular in terms of defense of America. We have this huge skills gap and it's absolutely paramount that we get more women who have the technical background to excel so that they can help keep America safe in terms of our electrical grid, our voting systems, our financial systems, cybersecurity. It's absolutely crucial and we know that we can do that by getting girls interested in it through Girl Scouts. ... You know, what's so great about Girl Scouts is, I like to say, we're a hundred-plus-year-old organization and we've got one hand rooted firmly in tradition, right? But the other hand is reaching out to the future as well. We teach girls leadership and life skills. And yes, we have a huge emphasis on the outdoors. But we recognize that every girl now has a mobile device in her hands and we want her not just to be a user of that device, but we want her to be the inventor, the creator, the designer, the entrepreneur, the lawyer, the marketer, around that. And so what we've started to do is really give girls those important skills. So as the world is being redesigned around data, they've got the skillset to really be part of creating our future. More text and audio at source link: http://www.businessinsider.com/girl-scouts-ceo-sylvia-acevedo-not-worried-about-co-ed-boy-scouts-2018-6