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    Adult led and youth led

    Effectively in terms of executing event or teaching scouts? Exploration in terms of seeking a balance between the two?
  2. Imagine a smart, focused, on program, real world experienced business leader leading a youth organization... from wiki Shortly after graduating from New Mexico State University, Acevedo began working for NASA at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory as a rocket scientist, developing programs for the Voyager 2 and analyzing data from the probe. She eventually left NASA to attend graduate school. During her time at Stanford, she worked at IBM as an engineer to help pay for her tuition. After graduating, she joined Apple as a technology executive for the Asia-Pacific region.[6] She has also worked in an executive capacity for Dell and Autodesk. Under her tenure, the Girl Scouts introduced a series of badges in robotics, coding, engineering, and cybersecurity.[ ...Acevedo says the BSA will never compete with the opportunities the Girl Scouts offer and... What I know about Girl Scouts is we have a hundred years of girl expertise. We know how to teach girls important life skills. We know how to create women leaders. When we look at our life results of our alumni, you know, three-fourths of our female senators were Girl Scouts. All three female secretaries of state, Girl Scouts. When I go to Silicon Valley, almost every female tech leader who was born in the US, she was a Girl Scout. Almost every female astronaut that's gone into space is a Girl Scout. So we know what works. Especially right now in the time of American competitiveness, we know that girls are an untapped resource and especially in technology, we need to reach more girls with those skills so that they find that technology is an interesting area, but not just interesting. That they have the skills to make an impact in the technical space. And we find that in particular in terms of defense of America. We have this huge skills gap and it's absolutely paramount that we get more women who have the technical background to excel so that they can help keep America safe in terms of our electrical grid, our voting systems, our financial systems, cybersecurity. It's absolutely crucial and we know that we can do that by getting girls interested in it through Girl Scouts. ... You know, what's so great about Girl Scouts is, I like to say, we're a hundred-plus-year-old organization and we've got one hand rooted firmly in tradition, right? But the other hand is reaching out to the future as well. We teach girls leadership and life skills. And yes, we have a huge emphasis on the outdoors. But we recognize that every girl now has a mobile device in her hands and we want her not just to be a user of that device, but we want her to be the inventor, the creator, the designer, the entrepreneur, the lawyer, the marketer, around that. And so what we've started to do is really give girls those important skills. So as the world is being redesigned around data, they've got the skillset to really be part of creating our future. More text and audio at source link: http://www.businessinsider.com/girl-scouts-ceo-sylvia-acevedo-not-worried-about-co-ed-boy-scouts-2018-6
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    Business Insider interview - Sylvia Acevedo, CEO GUSA

    "At Girl Scouts we're always looking to be even more relevant to girls," she said. "But let me tell you, there's a mobile device in each one of their hands and we want girls not just to be users of technology but creators, inventors, designers. The world is being remade around data and we want girls to be part of that." https://www.cbsnews.com/news/girl-scouts-ceo-sylvia-acevedo-learned-from-selling-cookies/
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    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    Ok then, lets remain helpful and courteous. Thanks. @MattR , @desertrat77 @NJCubScouter
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    Upcoming Wood Badge changes

    I have the same problem. The link http://centennialwoodbadge.com cannot be reached. Which could mean the address is bad or server down or ...
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    Lawnmower Parents

    I agree. The day is coming when scouts return from a 7-day Philmont trek with 4 merit badges. Oh that will never happen... I thought the same about Jamborees.
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    Upcoming Wood Badge changes

    @nmfnurse525 welcome to scouter.com
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    Lawnmower Parents

    Thanks for the additional information but that's not for us.
  9. RememberSchiff

    Lawnmower Parents

    Have we got a camporee for you guys ... Advance Camp - arrive Friday night and instead of conducting a bonfire as part of the camp, the Scouts will be turned loose on the amusement park. Spend Sat earning meritbadges ( a long list). Meals provided. No patrol cooking, no patrol competition, no patrol method period. One night camp? http://www.advancecamp.com https://www.dailyrepublic.com/all-dr-news/solano-news/fairfield/facility-rentals-lead-way-in-solano-fairgrounds-revenue-swing/
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    Business Insider interview - Sylvia Acevedo, CEO GUSA

    @HashTagScouts did you respond in wrong topic? David CO has not posted to this topic? Please ignore above, my mistake. Thanks @Hawkwin
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    Business Insider interview - Sylvia Acevedo, CEO GUSA

    Back on topic, IMO her vision of scouting bears watching. Is GSUSA becoming more of a college/work preparatory program for young women? Career focus instead of family focus?
  12. RememberSchiff

    Business Insider interview - Sylvia Acevedo, CEO GUSA

    From 9/5/2108 NPR interview: In the book (her new book Path to the Stars) , you talk a lot about perseverance. Can you give an example of something you overcame? I’ll tell you about my high school counselor. When she looked at me she saw a female, but she saw a Hispanic girl. And so she said, “girls like you don’t go to college.” But you know what? Water off a duck’s back! I showed her. So don’t let anyone dissuade you with words. Don’t let anyone say you don’t belong. Don’t let anyone do that. Being a rocket scientist was my dream, but everyone has their own dream. I hope girls read this book and get the message, you can live your dreams. ... What are some things you’re hoping to bring to the Girl Scouts? What does the future look like? Well, when girls are earning different badges they have all those job skills that are tied directly to what they’ve learned. So imagine, as you earn those badges, that a digital resume is created. So that when you’re going to an employer that you’re able to present your Girl Scout experience in a way that can get you hired. You’ve run your own business, you have made a budget, have great customer service. We’re also really excited about re-imagining how girls represent their affiliation with Girl Scouts. So we don’t even want to define ourselves by uniform. And right now there is a revolution going on in fashion and clothing and wearables. Imagine if we have technology embedded in a shirt. And when you came to another girl that was a Girl Scout that it would identify them. It’s such a great time to be a Girl Scout. More text and audio at source: https://news.wbhm.org/npr_story_post/2018/from-poverty-to-rocket-scientist-to-ceo-a-girl-scouts-inspiring-story/
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    New to this forum

    @arronisoutside welcome to scouter.com. Please, tell us how you go about teaching your scouts.
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    Where the heck do these Aquatics Supervisor patches go?

    @pjhodager welcome to scouter.com
  15. IRVING, Texas, Aug. 22, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- As the school year gets underway, Exploring, the youth career-development program created by the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), is closely examining how best to bridge students' interests with future in-demand jobs. Today, the program released the findings of its Career Interest Survey, offering insight into the aspirations of the future workforce. This year revealed several year-over-year changes – STEM professions moved up, claiming the top three careers youth are most interested in, and entertainment careers dropped from the top 10 list completely. The survey, which helps Exploring develop real-life job experiences that combine student interests with in-demand career opportunities, was fielded in 2017 to more than 32,000 students from 8th through 12th grades. More than 200 career options were offered to enable a broad view of student interests – and an indicator as to where talent gaps may appear in the years ahead. The top 10 most popular careers from the 2017 survey were: Registered Nurse (ranked #1 in 2016) Physician/Surgeon (ranked #6 in 2016) Computer Programmer (new to the top 10 list) Veterinarian (ranked #8 in 2016) Professional Athlete (ranked #2 in 2016) Mechanical Engineer (new to the top 10 list) Teacher (new to the top 10 list) Artist (ranked #3 in 2016) Attorney (new to the top 10 list) Computer Engineer (new to the top 10 list) No policeman, fireman, paramedic, military, mechanic, blogger/Youtube , professional gamer, entrepreneur ? Not what I am hearing and seeing at local tech high schools . Maybe Exploring should "explore" apprentice programs for the trades (calling Mike Rowe) - plumbing, electrical, etc. I've heard electrical and plumbing students express frustration they were unable to apprentice. Maybe an opportunity? https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/exploring-releases-career-interests-trends-from-nationwide-survey-of-us-students-300699570.html
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    Great news. Been some changes, but still one hour a week Welcome back.
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    Background checks - concerned parent

    The BSA now contracts with First Advantage where previously they used NexisLexis for background checks. In the past, there have been concerns that scouters were unknowingly giving permission for background checks which extended into non-public education, employment, credit history, DMV databases. Page 4 of the BSA Adult Application spells this out. That said, I know adult applicants who were rejected. None of them received as stated below on Page 4 the credit or contact information. "I understand that if the Boy Scouts of America chooses not to accept my application or to revoke my membership based on information contained in a consumer report, I will receive a summary of my rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and contact information for the reporting agency, First Advantage."
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    Parents of a Life Scout but still soo confused, help please

    Welcome to scouter.com @EagleMomnDad2Be Why the rush? How old is your son?
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    Scoutbook Will Be Free For ALL Units As Of 1/1/19

    @ham_solo thanks for your post, but I will close this thread since this discussion is already in progress in the earlier thread above. RS
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    Qualities of Your Best Troop Committee Chair

    Who asked? Hopefully it was the COR and/or the IH, if not I would advise a discussion about the program, your vision, also leadership (add/remove), service, financial and logistical issues with them before accepting. Hopefully you can build a solid working relationship with your Chartering Organization. Thanks for volunteering.
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    JTE Commissioner Requirements

    Bottom of JTE score card, Commissioner signs off or not. o We certify that these requirements have been completed: Scoutmaster __________________________________________________ Date _____________________ Committee chair _______________________________________________ Date _____________________ Commissioner _________________________________________________ Date _____________________
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    BSA Scout Spirit Boards

    @Jishusa welcome to scouter.com . I have not heard of this before, tell us more about your troop. Having Order of the Arrow scouts review Scout Spirit on this forum could be helpful .
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    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    Depends on the richness of your Scout experience. My den built the same crystal radio I did as a Cub.
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    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    I would say most people in my area are in agreement with it, whether they sign up as adult leaders and support remains to be seen.