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    @hardrockscout , welcome to scouter.com . Are there more hours in the day in Arkansas?
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    NYLT for 13 year old

    @Tom_Batson welcome to scouter.com. I met your brother Billy. SHAAAAZAMM.
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    Getting the Value and Pride back in Eagle.

    Mr. Aubin, from Oak Lawn, Ill., was then a high school senior hoping to attend Yale. The following prompt caught his eye: “A community to which you belong and the footprint you have left.” He submitted a short video documenting his Eagle Scout project, for which he oversaw the construction of a monument honoring veterans. Even a well-written essay, he figured, couldn’t capture his experience as well as four minutes of footage, shot by his older brother. The content of the video impressed Yale’s admissions committee. “People sat up in their chairs,” Mr. Quinlan said. “You could see how he handled his leadership role, and we felt like we got a good sense of him in a way that we didn’t get from recommendations.” Mr. Aubin is now a freshman at Yale. Did the video tip the scales? “That was a difference-maker,” Mr. Quinlan said. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/01/education/edlife/what-college-admissions-wants.html?action=click&contentCollection=U.S.&module=RelatedCoverage&region=EndOfArticle&pgtype=article
  4. As we know, the National Executive Board has been in the news making decisions for us from palms to membership but what do we know about this board. Did some digging. When and why were they created? "The statute authorizing the federal charter (36 USC 309) to the BSA provides that "An executive board composed of citizens of the United States is the governing body of the corporation. The number, qualifications, and term of office of members of the board are as provided in the bylaws. A vacancy on the board shall be filled by a majority vote of the remaining members of the board."[The Executive Board is also required to hold annual meetings and to submit annual reports to the US Congress." http://www.wikiwand.com/en/National_Executive_Board_of_the_Boy_Scouts_of_America What are their powers and duties, etc? See BSA Charter and Bylaws, Article III http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/bsa_charter_and_bylaws.pdf What is the Board composition? The Bylaws states: Regular members - no more than 64, elected at annual meeting for one year terms. Regional Presidents - 4 (Western, Central, Southern, Northeast) Youth Members - appointed by President and approved by Executive Board but no more than 5 Special Members - 4 Chairman of Advisory Council, NESA Presidant, Chairman OA Committee, Chairman Learning for Life. So potentially as many as 77. So how many members really? The 2016 Annual Report p43 lists 76 members by name and location. http://www.scouting.org/filestore/annualreport/2016/2016_AnnualReport.pdf What is the Board demograhics? Beyond location, hard to know. By state: Texas 16 members, California 7 members, Utah 6 members, Georgia 5 members, Missouri 4, Washington 4. Surprising to me, the states with no members - Ohio, Michigan, New Hampshire. By gender: Just guessing at names, I think there are two women on board. So when "a unanimous decision" is reached by the National Executive Board is that 76 votes or a quorum vote? According to by-laws a quorum is 50%. Comments and votes can be submitted electronically. Meetings can be held through electronic means. How often do they meet? At least 3x a year.
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    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    Okay, I will look into the possibility but only admins can create forums/sub-forums. @NJCubScouter , @Sentinel947
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    YPT and emergencies

    First Aid is called that for a reason.
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    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    I know the feeling, someone labeled me a "Progressive". Mrs. Schiff thought that was hysterical.
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    Lifetime of Leadership - new Girl Scout ad campaign

    I believe this ad was first shown yesterday at G.I.R.L. Agenda 2018: Leading Change Through Civic Action. Dr. Jill Biden, former Second Lady, was keynote speaker. The whole Girl Scout Movement is buzzing with anticipation leading up to G.I.R.L. Agenda 2018: Leading Change Through Civic Action. With thousands of participants and a superstar roster of speakers, it’s sure to be an inspiring afternoon. And although you might not be able to be with us at the event in Philadelphia to hear the keynote address from Dr. Jill Biden and join the conversation in person, we’re thrilled to invite you to be our virtual guest through an exclusive livestream. http://blog.girlscouts.org/2018/05/get-excited-livestream-girl-agenda.html http://www.bradfordera.com/news/state/the-girl-scouts-of-the-u-s-a-launch-a/article_774fae50-dbf5-5e17-8644-05c47e914301.html
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    Lifetime of Leadership - new Girl Scout ad campaign

    Please stay topic. Thank you.
  10. Master Chief Petty Officer (SEAL), Retired, Britt K. Slabinski who led a firefight and rescue mission on a snow-covered mountaintop in Afghanistan in 2002 will receive the Medal of Honor later this month at the White House. Master Chief Slabinski will be awarded the Medal of Honor during a White House ceremony on May 24, 2018 for his actions while leading a team under heavy effective enemy fire in an attempt to rescue teammate Petty Officer First Class Neil Roberts during Operation ANACONDA in 2002. Master Chief Slabinski's selfless actions throughout the 14-hour battle constituted gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty. In the early morning of 4 March 2002, then-Senior Chief Slabinski led a reconnaissance team to its assigned area atop Takur Ghar, a 10,000-foot snow-covered mountain in Afghanistan. An enemy rocket-propelled grenade attack on the insertion helicopter caused Petty Officer Neil Roberts to fall onto the enemy-infested mountaintop below, and forced the damaged helicopter to crash land in the valley below. Fully aware of the risks, a numerically superior and well-entrenched enemy force, and approaching daylight, without hesitation Senior Chief Slabinski made the selfless and heroic decision to lead the remainder of his element on an immediate and daring rescue back to the mountaintop. Senior Chief Slabinski's team, despite heavy incoming enemy fire, was subsequently successfully inserted on top of Takur Ghar. Senior Chief Slabinski, without regard for his own life, charged directly toward the enemy strongpoint. He and a teammate fearlessly assaulted and cleared one enemy bunker at close range. The enemy then unleashed a murderous hail of machine gun fire from a second hardened position twenty meters away. Senior Chief Slabinski exposed himself to enemy fire on three sides, then moved forward to silence the second position. With bullets piercing his clothing, he repeatedly charged into deadly fire to personally engage the enemy bunker with direct rifle fire, hand grenades and a grenade launcher on the surrounding enemy positions. Facing mounting casualties and low on ammunition, the situation became untenable. Senior Chief Slabinski skillfully maneuvered his team across open terrain, directing them out of effective enemy fire over the mountainside. Senior Chief Slabinski maneuvered his team to a more defensible position, directed danger-close air support on the enemy, requested reinforcements, and directed the medical care of his rapidly deteriorating wounded teammates, all while continuing to defend his position. When approaching daylight and accurate enemy mortar fire forced the team to maneuver further down the sheer mountainside, Senior Chief Slabinski carried a seriously wounded teammate through waist-deep snow, and led an arduous trek across precipitous terrain while calling in fires on enemies engaging the team from the surrounding ridges. Throughout the next 14 hours, he stabilized the casualties and continued the fight against the enemy until the mountain top could be secured and his team was extracted. His dedication, disregard for his own personal safety and tactical leadership make Master Chief Slabinski unquestionably deserving of this honor. .... Growing up around Northampton, (MA) Slabinski earned the rank of Eagle Scout at 14 and graduated from Smith Vocational and Agricultural High School in 1988. After his graduation, he enlisted in the U.S. Navy and attended boot camp in Orlando, Florida, before fulfilling a lifelong dream to become a Navy SEAL in 1990 as a member of Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL Class 164. He has one son who is also an Eagle Scout. Scout Salute, more at source links http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=105491 http://www.gazettenet.com/Northampton-native-and-Navy-SEAL-to-be-awarded-Presidential-Medal-of-Honor-for-bravery-in-Afghanistan-17501127 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Britt_K._Slabinski
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    Sports focused town

    @ladybugcub , welcome to scouter.com
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    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    In your own words on 3/9/2018 in topic Family Scouting Update "I wouldn't want our boys sharing merit badge classes, evening campfires, flag ceremonies, or dining hall times with girl troops. I seek to continue the same summer camp experience our boys have enjoyed before these announcements. " As I was taught and teach, A SCOUT IS A FRIEND TO ALL, AND A BROTHER TO EVERY OTHER SCOUT, NO MATTER TO WHAT SOCIAL CLASS THE OTHER BELONGS - Baden Powell. RS
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    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    @LegacyLost welcome to scouter.com.
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    Getting the Value and Pride back in Eagle.

    Good point. It would be interesting to see how much those three groups agree on values. Would scouts seek compromises and lower the bar or accept challenges and raise the bar?
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    Getting the Value and Pride back in Eagle.

    Those two groups are most mentioned by my scouts as valuing Eagle less now. If not them, who should the BSA be talking or listening to about improving Eagle value?
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    National, Religion, Membership, Oath and Law

    Could you cite a source? I have not found a recent LDS statement regarding Scouts Canada which became coed 20 years ago I found from https://globalnews.ca/news/4196815/mormons-severs-ties-boy-scouts-of-america/ The Mormon boys who will be leaving represent about 18.5 per cent of the 2.3 million youth in the organization (BSA). More than half of the church’s 16 million members live outside the U.S. and Canada. And from https://www.heraldextra.com/news/local/faith/lds-church-announces-plan-to-drop-boy-scouts-of-america/article_20ed7ad9-ac1b-5c4f-bab7-5232ab8b8c9d.html About a year ago, the LDS Church announced that young men ages 14 to 18 in the United States and Canada would no longer be participating in the Varsity and Venturing programs offered by the Boy Scouts of America and Scouts Canada. The change took effect at the beginning of this year (2018).
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    Scout BSA Uniform Survey (Girls)

    Happy Mothers' Day! P.S. I hid the previous post for 24+ hours as it was in the scouter.com content feed on Mothers' Day. IMO, it seemed discourteous to women in Scouting and Scouting in general.
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    Scout BSA Uniform Survey (Girls)

    IMO, if there is "no gender" in Scouting, USA then the uniform - shirts and pants style should be the same for all.
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    Pride of Craft

    He read the instructions (diagrams) that came with the new dishwasher, so no difference other than today's plumbing and electrical connectors are more DIYer friendly. Now for the old clothes dryer repair, yes he looked at videos on RepairClinic. P.S. About "watchful eye"... Something to consider is the source of information, years ago the publisher and editors would make sure the authors were experts. Today, any knucklehead can upload video on any subject.
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    New member from CT

    @andyplaysdrums welcome to scouter.com
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    Deterring thoughts of discrimination w/girls?

    Let's keep the thoughtful, scout-like discussion among adults going. Thanks @NJCubScouter , @Sentinel947
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    New Boy Scout Statue - Barre,VT

    Update Apr 18, 2018 Enough money has been raised to start sculpting the granite statue while fundraising to complete the project continues. The monument committee is also optimistic about its chances of landing a pair of grants it has applied for and is continuing to accept online donations at www.scoutingmonument.org. Checks made payable to VFW Mackenzie-Webster Post #709 can be mailed to: Barre Scouting Monument, P.O. Box 321, Barre, Vt. 05641. Reference “scouting monument” in the memo line. Barring any unforeseen complications, sculptor Giuliano Cecchinelli should start work later this month and be finished some time in October. “The timing is perfect,” he said, explaining that the hope is to dedicate the monument when the Green Mountain Council holds its 20th Annual Salute to Veterans Parade in Barre on Saturday, Nov. 3. https://www.timesargus.com/articles/barre-scouting-monument-organizers-meet-their-match/
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    New Boy Scout Statue - Barre,VT

    A local Boy Scout historian is leading the effort in Barre, a city known as "the granite center of the world," to complete the project — a granite statue of a scout carrying a person on his shoulders. The original project ceased following the 1941 death of Italian-born artist Carlo Abate, who helped train generations of Barre artists. The Boy Scout sculpture would join three existing works of art that commemorate the city's heritage as a granite center made famous by its immigrants. "We've erected monuments throughout America and even the world and we only have three within the city," said Steve Restelli, a Barre native and former Boy Scout. There is no officially recognized first Boy Scout troop in the country and at least two other locations, one in Oklahoma and the other in Pennsylvania, also claim to be the home of the first U.S. Boy Scout troop. The Barre Scouting Monument will honor Troop #1, which was founded in Barre, Vermont in 1909. The monument will bring to life the incomplete model begun by renowned sculptor Carlo Abate. It will be a testament to Barre’s historic past and the movement that captured a nation by inspiring and shaping our youth as a sculptor shapes a block of stone in to art. The Barre Scouting Monument will pay tribute to: A City: For over 200 years, Barre has been known as the “Granite Center of the World.’ A Movement: In 1909, William Foster Milne transformed the local Boys Brigade in to Boy Scout Troop #1, the first in America. An Artist: Carlo Abate is one of Barre’s most celebrated artists and teachers What became Barre's Boy Scout Troop 1 began in the fall of 1909 when a group of boys from the First Baptist Church's Boys Brigade were asked by Scottish immigrant stone cutter William Foster Milne if they wanted to become Scouts. "We voted we did," Wallace Watt had said, recalling the moment in a 1985 interview not long before his death. Watt was 14 when the boys voted. Restelli is leading a committee seeking to raise the money for the Boy Scout statue, which will be carved out of the area's signature gray granite by local artist Giuliano Cecchinelli II. "It wasn't easy to find someone to take on the project," Restelli said. "Artists are pretty reluctant to take over somebody else's work and then finish it. It's not really their own." Once completed, the life-sized Boy Scout statue will take its place in the heart of downtown Barre, outside the old train station, another example of the city's granite roots. The original unfinished plaster model of a uniform-wearing Scout, another boy over his shoulders in a fireman's carry, from the late 1930s sits on the second floor of the local library. (Shown below) Cecchinelli's modern model is at the Vermont Granite Museum, in Barre. https://www.nytimes.com/aponline/2017/08/27/us/ap-us-boy-scout-statue.html?mcubz=0 https://www.timesargus.com/articles/scouting-sculpture-project-in-vital-phase/ http://scoutingmonument.com/sculptor-selected/
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    High adventure photos

    Nice, we need more uplifting photos and videos of Scouts having fun on this forum.
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    Tap Out Question

    @wisihalacon welcome to scouter.com