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    Massachusetts summer camps

    CHESTERFIELD, Mass. More details of sale of Moses Reservation The 186-acre Chesterfield Scout Reservation (MA) was sold to Tolgy Wood , a group that runs live action Renaissance role playing. Selling price was $1 million. Tolgy Wood LLC then executed a 26-year lease agreement with Massachusetts Renaissance Faire LLC. The two companies have the same seven partners, but Tolgy Wood is the owning company and Massachusetts Renaissance Faire is the operating company of the site. Paul Dabkowski, one of the partners in Tolgy Wood and Massachusetts Renaissance Faire, said the plan is for the facility to host live action role-playing games, as well as other events such as weddings. The property includes an outdoor amphitheater, a large dining hall, eight cabins with electricity, adirondack shelters, and a large, modern kitchen, along with a pond and waterfall. The new name of the camp will be Tolgy Wood: Chesterfield Camp. Dabkowski said he and others involved in Tolgy Wood have been renting Chesterfield Scout Reservation since 2003 for the live action role-playing Magestry, which is held one weekend a month almost every month. Dabkowski said each Magestry draws 60 to 130 people. Live action role-playing games, LARPs for short, typically involve people dressing up as fictional characters and engaging in an immersive fantasy world they help to create. Many LARPS, including Magestry, have fantasy settings. The council made the decision to sell the property in 2014, following an 18-month property study that concluded that the council should focus its efforts on the 1,300-acre Horace A. Moses Scout Reservation instead. The council had owned both the Chesterfield Scout Reservation and the Moses Scout Reservation in Russell since the merger of two area councils in 2008. Kruse said that the vote to sell the property by the all-volunteer board of the council was unanimous ...the money would be used to invest in the Moses Scout Reservation, as well as deal with the council’s debt. The Moses Reservation has already seen some improvements such as added metal roofs and the replacements of window and rotting wood in some buildings. Other camper activity investments include an ATV riding program, a water trampoline installation, and a 68 foot climbing tower. Later this year a new bathroom and shower facility will be completed. Dabkowski said that the group has been trying to purchase the property for four years, in a process that included having a lease-to-own agreement with the Boy Scouts rejected and having another purchaser’s offer being taken over one of their offers before that rival offer fell through. “It’s been a roller coaster,” he said. Dabkowski said that the decision to purchase the camp was made because of the effort of breaking down and taking away all the different items associated with Magestry. “The game kept acquiring more and more stuff,” he said. He said the camp will now primarily cater to LARP groups, renting to not only Magestry but to other games as well. He noted that LARP groups have become major customers for summer camps of all kinds in New England. “They’ve become their biggest renter,” he said. Dabkowski and his wife, Angela, another partner in Tolgy Wood and Massachusetts Renaissance Faire, were married at the camp site, and he said that the site will be available for rental for weddings as well. He also said that it will continue to be available for rental by scouting groups. “The rates are going to go up,” he said, noting that the camp will now be paying property taxes and a mortgage. The Boy Scouts of America is a tax-exempt organization. Nevertheless, Dabkowski did express a desire to keep it affordable for scouting. Source and videos https://www.gazettenet.com/Boy-Scouts-sell-Chesterfield-Scout-Reservation-19031643 https://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2018/07/former_chesterfield_scout_camp.html https://www.wwlp.com/news/local-news/hampshire-county/boy-scouts-of-america-sell-chesterfield-scout-reservation/1322956231
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    Help Identifying 1930s patches

    Welcome to scouter.com
  3. SALEM, Utah — According to Salem Police Chief Brad James, a small group of Boy Scouts and their leaders were at the Knoll Park area of the pond practicing basic swimming . A 25-year-old Utah County Scout Master went in to the water to rescue a scout who was struggling and pushed him to safety, but the leader went under the water, according to James. https://fox13now.com/2018/07/18/boy-scout-leader-potentially-drowned-at-salem-ponds-police-say/ https://www.heraldextra.com/news/local/south/salem/scout-leader-drowns-in-salem-pond/article_d178de2f-0d78-58e9-bd06-e9a89af1d6be.html
  4. "When Charlie Fenske was growing up on the island of Martha’s Vineyard (MA) and taking a ferry to the mainland to school every day, he’d come home and begin building his own amateur rockets. What started as a simple interest in space and rockets as a young child turned into a passion that led Charlie to space camp, rocket launches, and, eventually, the winner’s stage at the Google Science Fair. The Falmouth Academy student and Eagle Scout won the Virgin Galactic Pioneer Award, the top engineering prize at the esteemed event in 2016 for his prototype of a faster and cheaper rocket. Charlie went on to earn the second place engineering prize at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair and top honors at the 2017 Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair. He spent last summer interning at the Kennedy Space Center. Charlie graduates from high school this year and will be attending MIT in the fall as a member of MIT’s class of 2022. He plans to major in aerospace engineering and obtain a Ph.D. Other future aspirations include launching his own commercial aerospace company." Source: The World's 50 Smartest Teens 2018 https://thebestschools.org/features/worlds-smartest-teens-2018/ and https://www.mvtimes.com/2018/07/24/charlie-fenske-skys-limit/ https://vineyardgazette.com/news/2016/10/03/charlie-fenske-wins-award-google https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2016/10/14/scout-wins-top-engineering-prize-at-google-science-fair-one-year-mentorship-with-virgin-galactic/
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    Eight scouts sent home from Scotland Jamboree

    I wonder if the 17yr American, upon his return to our shores, will have a separate meeting with US Custom Officers etc, while his parents and SM wait their turn.
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    Massachusetts summer camps

    Update July 24, 2018 The Western Massachusetts Council of the Boy Scouts of America has sold its 186-acre Chesterfield Scout Reservation. The council has owned the property for 10 years. The buyer intends to maintain the property and continue to offer outdoors programs. The funds from the sale will be put toward another council property, the 1,300-acre H.A. Moses Scout Reservation in Russell, to improve maintenance, update buildings, new camper activities and programs, and eliminate the council’s debt. https://www.bankerandtradesman.com/boy-scouts-america-sells-chesterfield-scout-reservation/
  7. Scott Harmon, Sustainability Task Force Leader, - BSA In 2009, I pulled together a team to work on incorporating sustainability into scouting so that boys and girls across the United States could change the worldview of their families, too. After three years of planning, the Boy Scouts of America asked us to develop the Eagle Scout-required sustainability merit badge, which now has been earned by more than 25,000 scouts. Two years ago, this idea expanded beyond scouting to provide sustainability training to boys and girls, scouts and non-scouts, at local summer camps. More than 1,000 Boy Scout camps are in the United States alone, most of which are unused during the school year. Most can accommodate at least 300 campers a week. Assuming a 36-week school year, that’s 10 million camper-weeks of unused potential capacity per year. What if we could use that capacity during the school year for teaching middle-school and high-school students about sustainability while experiencing the great outdoors? That became our vision: to gather sustainability experts and interested teens at hundreds of scout summer camps to create a Sustainable Future Outdoor Academy focused on teaching young people about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in a hands-on format. From Aug. 13 to 17, we will be piloting the SFOA program at Cutter Scout Reservation, a 300-acre summer camp owned by BSA’s Pacific Skyline Council in Northern California. We are reaching out to schools groups, religious groups and scout groups to get a mix of youth entering the seventh, eighth and ninth grades this coming school year. They will be sleeping in safari tents equipped with double-decker cots and LED lanterns and will have the opportunity to try canoeing, boating and archery in their free time in addition to learning about sustainability. They will team with college-age counselors to give them support. ... Price: This Camp has been developed and subsidized by generous sponsors, so the standard Camp price of $500 is being offered this time only for $250 . Campers provide chaperones. Need-based scholarships are also available. Camp limited to 48 More, including planet-related SDG's curriculum, at source links: https://www.greenbiz.com/article/how-sustainability-summer-camp-could-affect-millions-youth http://www.pacsky.org/Activities/General/SFOA http://web-extract.constantcontact.com/v1/social_annotation?permalink_uri=2KydEq3&image_url=https%3A%2F%2Fmlsvc01-prod.s3.amazonaws.com%2F3a4d25d0101%2F723aad18-8931-4e72-afa2-b701f11b6071.jpg%3Fver%3D1529955254000
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    @Matt_theLife_Scout02 welcome to scouter.com. There are many here who can help. Who is the ASPL? If the SPL does not show, the ASPL steps in. What is your position in the troop? Relax
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    Scoutmaster drowns while rescuing scout (UT)

    I was not there either and have many questions. According to Salem, UT police chief Brad James, ... the pond is a popular swimming spot in the summer, with a beach area, picnic tables and pavillions. Though he said the water is quite calm, he urged anyone swimming there to keep safety in mind. “You should have flotation devices,” he said. “You should have life jackets, you should have throwaway devices to throw to somebody for help, you should always have those in place any time you’re swimming in open water like that.” So my take is those devices were not present and it is still unknown if there was a medical condition involved. https://www.sltrib.com/news/2018/07/19/troop-leader-drowns-utah/ I suspect local police and fire will/have questioned and instructed adult leaders and scouts but what does the unit and Council do in the next weeks? Grief counseling, review/retraining, install life rings at that park? My $0.01
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    NESA World Explorers Program

    The National Eagle Scout Association’s (NESA) World Explorers Program pairs stellar Eagle Scouts with world-class researchers at sites around the globe. Just 24 Eagle Scouts from across the nation are selected for the World Explorer program. To gain consideration for the program, an Eagle has to write a 250-word essay and produce a three-minute YouTube video about his Scouting career. Luke Giovanine , a 22-year-old Eagle Scout and Valparaiso University senior from Moline,IL was one of the 24 Eagles selected. For 10 days in late June/early July, Luke worked sometimes 14 hours per day with experts in exploring, mapping and data collecting in speleological disciplines such as cartography, biology, geology and hydrology, tracking deep into the interior of the 400-mile-long Mammoth Cave system in Kentucky. More details and photos at source link: https://qconline.com/lifestyles/joh_marx/q-c-eagle-scout-dives-into-caves-to-earn-world/article_80a7b5a5-7f67-540a-b57d-92cd6198e899.html
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    Scoutmaster drowns while rescuing scout (UT)

    "Police have identified a Boy Scout leader who drowned after saving a boy struggling in a Utah pond. Salem police said Thursday that 22-year-old Wesley Robert Kratzer of Orem, Utah, disappeared underwater after pushing one of his young charges to safety on Wednesday night. Chief Brad James says Kratzer was found by divers under about 12 feet (4 meters) of water. He says the water is typically calm at the popular swimming spot, and it’s not clear why Kratzer slipped under the surface. He says Kratzer was one of three leaders helping three Scouts learn swimming techniques so they could advance to the next level of Scouting. Members of the group were not wearing life jackets. The child wasn’t hurt." http://www.bcdemocrat.com/2018/07/19/us-troop-leader-drowns-the-latest/ https://www.heraldextra.com/news/local/south/salem/orem-scout-leader-who-drowned-in-salem-pond-identified/article_58915864-371b-5d15-a639-06fb9afd3c9e.html
  12. From Longview (TX) News-Journal: Last fall, the CEO of San Francisco-based Dignity Health received an email out of the blue. It was from a 16-year-old Girl Scout named Shelby O’Neil. With all due respect, she wrote, the company’s “Human Kindness” commercial had a glaring flaw: it depicted the casual use of a disposable plastic straw to blow out a birthday candle. “Did you know that straws are one of the top ocean polluters?” she wrote. “Scientists are predicting by the year 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish if we don’t start making drastic changes with our plastic pollution. I’m urging you to stop using this specific commercial.” Shelby, now 17, lives in San Juan Bautista, California, a small town 14 miles from the beach. Learning about the dangers of plastic pollution in the ocean spurred her to focus her Girl Scout Gold Award project, the organization’s highest honor, on trying to do something about it. Items such as plastic straws, stirrers and cup lids are too small to be recycled and are made to break down more quickly than other plastics, she said. “That may sound good, but unfortunately they get broken down into small micro plastic that can be consumed by animals like fish, and then we end up eating the fish,” she said. Shelby started a nonprofit, Jr Ocean Guardians, to help educate lower-grade level children about plastic and recycling, and has hosted beach clean-ups with schoolchildren. Then she decided to take her campaign to the grown-ups. Not all the letters she wrote got traction. A California-based burger chain told her it had no intention of ceasing to use plastic. But to her surprise, the CEO of Dignity got back to her personally. So did the president and CEO of Farmer Brothers coffee and the sustainability manager at Alaska Airlines. After being in touch with Shelby, all three companies decided to reduce or eliminate the use of the items she objected to. ... Jacqueline Drumheller, sustainability manager for Alaska Airlines, said Shelby’s request echoed waste-reduction goals the company was already working toward. “Between an upswing of people we work with and a groundswell of interest, there were a lot of influencers, and Shelby was certainly one of them,” Drumheller said, adding that the company’s CEO has a soft spot for the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts of America. “She wrote a really compelling and persuasive letter. . .She was really articulate in her writing and she laid out all the facts. . .And she was persistent. A lot of people are passionate but they don’t follow up with it and try again and try to meet with you.” As of next month Alaska Airlines, which used 22 million plastic stir straws and citrus picks each year, now plans to use stir straws made from white birch and citrus picks made of bamboo. And Farmer Brothers wrote to Shelby saying it would replace plastic stirrers with wooden ones. Wow, one scout's impact! More results of her work at source link: https://www.news-journal.com/a-girl-scout-wrote-to-companies-with-a-heartfelt-request/article_abfbcec2-769d-11e8-934e-5ba0d951c8c8.html
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    Gold Awardee reduces corporate plastic straw usage

    NPR had another report which focused on the necessity of straws for disabled customers.
  14. Many New England scout troops schedule a Nantucket bike trip, for some it is an annual trip. Take the ferry, rent or take bikes, bike around island, go to the beach, and thriftily tent at Camp Richard, a 100 acre scout camp gifted to the island Boy Scouts in the early 1970s by the Nantucket Civic League "Cape Cod & Islands Council received a $3.5 million offer from Atlantic Development to purchase 30 acres within Camp Richard, according to Bob Graves, the president of the Nantucket District Committee of the Boy Scouts of America." Local scout leaders (Nantucket District Committee) are attempting to block to sale by transferring deed ownership to Camp Richard Campers Association Barnstable Superior Court judge Gary Nickerson is hearing the lawsuit filed by Council against scout leaders trying to block the sale of part of Camp Richards. In Mass, deed restrictions expire in 30 years unless reinstated. "The deed transfer from the Nantucket District Committee to the Camp Richard Campers Association sought to reinstate the restriction." http://www.ack.net/JudgedeniesLandCo...ment081313.htm
  15. Update: July 17, 2018 The five-year legal battle over control of the 100-acre Camp Richard Scout property on Nantucket has ended, with Judge Gary Nickerson ruling this week that an island scouting group is the owner of the property. “This is an amazing win for the people who put so many years of hard work into the camp and to all Nantucketers for years to come,” said Nantucket Land Council executive director Cormac Collier, whose organization assisted the Camp Richard Campers Association in fighting to retain ownership of the camp. The legal battle stemmed from the Cape & Islands Council of the Boy Scouts of America’s agreement five years ago to sell a portion of the property to Hingham-based Atlantic Development for $5 million , and efforts by island scouting groups – backed by the Nantucket Civic League (former owner of the property) and the Nantucket Land Council – to bar the sale . Last year, Superior Court Judge Gary Nickerson ruled that Camp Richard should forever remain a “campsite for the scouts of Nantucket,” and must be transferred back to the Civic League if used for any other purpose. He also determined – without any evidentiary hearings – that ownership of the property was to remain in a trust controlled by the off-island council, in part because it was affiliated with the national Boy Scouts of America and the Camp Richard Campers Association, the local organization, was not. In January, a three-judge appeals-court panel remanded the ownership question back to Superior Court after ruling that Nickerson’s decision was made “without affording the parties an opportunity to present evidence bearing on the question of the appropriate trustee. That was error.” Scout Salute to those good scouts who fought and saved Camp Richard for future scouts! More at link below: http://www.ack.net/news/20180717/judge-rules-camp-richard-belongs-to-nantucket-scout-group
  16. @xd00z1 welcome to scouter.com
  17. "No parents or coaches, just us." Then: outdoors...sandlot baseball, football,...patrol hikes, camping Now: indoors (bedroom closed door) Xbox Live ...
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    Philmont Backcountry CLOSED for 2018 Season

    Update: July 13, 2018 The Morris Creek Fire, burning on the UU Bar Ranch, Philmont Scout Ranch, and State Land. Size: 1,671 acres, 77% contained. Cause: Lightning. https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5887
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    Is this the new normal?

    Hmm, maybe one of your scouts gave your car a pheromone rinse.
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    Sustainability MB folks to draw schools to scout camps

    We have schedule problems with weekend campouts so I am doubtful a week could be scheduled during the school year. Not even the Debate Team and FIRST take a whole week away from the regular 180 day school schedule. Maybe winter and spring vacation weeks but getting school-approved chaperons might be difficult. Another issue for some state public schools, the program may need to fulfill part of that state's education curriculum frameworks.
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    Sailing fatalities in TX

    Update: 7/12/2018 LAKE O' THE PINES, TX (KLTV) - An electric company is considering major renovations to move utility lines underneath a creek where three boy scouts were electrocuted in 2017. A representative for Upshur Rural Electric Cooperative confirmed Thursday that the electric company has system-wide plans in the works, "including an extensive project that involves tunneling the lines that currently cross Alley Creek and placing them under the Lake O’ the Pines." On Aug. 5, 2017, three Hallsville Boy Scouts were electrocuted when their catamaran sailboat hit a power line at Alley Creek on the Lake o' the Pines Marina. Will Brannon, 17, Heath Faucheux, 16, died at the scene of the incident. Thomas Larry, 11, later died at a hospital in Shreveport. More details at source link: http://www.kltv.com/story/38632514/electric-company-considers-underground-lines-at-creek-where-boy-scouts-were-electrocuted
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    GS Camp and Construction Trades

    Good question. I know of a couple of BSA camps needing to replace buildings lost to the Ute Park and Whittier forest fires.
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    Denied a court of honor.

    @Mich08212 welcome to scouter,com . Tell us more, there appears to be some missing information .
  24. In March, 2017, Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer shut down the police Explorer program following reports of abuse and cover-up. On Wed., a 90 page investigative report was released. It was written by former U.S. Attorney Kerry Harvey who was hired by Mayor Fischer. Despite recommendations about how to make the Louisville police department's Explorer Scout program safer, Mayor Greg Fischer and Chief Steve Conrad said they have no plans to revive it. Three Metro Council members who reviewed the unredacted version of an investigatory report commissioned by the city said they would never let their own children participate in the program. Timeline 2016-present https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/2018/06/27/louisville-metro-police-explorer-sex-abuse-scandal-timeline/739016002/ But U.S. Attorney Kerry Harvey, who ran the investigation, noted that sex abuse of Scouts was not limited to the allegations in Louisville. The Courier Journal reported in 2017 that over the past 40 years, at least 137 girls and 26 boys in Explorer programs across the nation have been raped, seduced, fondled, kissed, dated or otherwise exploited in 28 states by at least 129 law enforcement officers, firefighters and other advisers. Some cities that suspended Explorer programs decided never to revive them, the story said. Councilwoman Jessica Green, a Democrat, said her 9-year-old son has expressed interest in being a detective with the department's canine unit and the Explorer program would have been good for him, but she wouldn’t allow him to participate. "At this juncture, I don’t know if the Explorer program would ever come back, but even if it did, as a parent, I think it just hits you in the gut when you read these kind of allegations, so no, I unequivocally would not send my baby," she said. .... Sources and video: https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/2018/06/28/louisville-explorer-scouts-not-reviving-mayor/742051002/ http://www.wdrb.com/story/38510968/what-we-hope-to-learn-from-the-lmpd-sex-scandal-investigation
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    Louisville (KY) - Explorer Post Abuse Scandal

    "Exploring serves two different age groups, both coed. Explorer Clubs serve middle schoolers, aged 10 - 13, in sixth through eighth grades. Explorer Posts serve older youth 14 - 20 years old. The program model is the same for age groups..." From exploring.org website