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    Old Scout Records

    @Ramsh00ter welcome to scouter.com.
  2. RememberSchiff

    Need for tree identification

    A 100 years ago... “A canvass to find black walnut trees suitable for government use to make gun stocks and airplane propellers is to be made next week by local Boy Scouts. The name of the owner, the location of the tree and its size are reported to government workers and will attempt to arrange for the purchase of all trees fit for use. http://news.pioneergroup.com/manisteenews/2018/08/06/100-years-ago-349/
  3. RememberSchiff

    Scout camping near EAA Airventure/Oshkosh

    Welcome to scouter.com @SamMidkiff. We have many members who can likely help you, Note by prefixing an @ to a member name, a notification is sent. I will now send a notification to some members who come to my mind who live or know Wisconsin or the EAA. @WisconsinMomma @Eagle1993 @Cubmaster Pete @LeCastor @blw2 @meyerc13
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    Who is headed to NOAC 2018?

    Back in the day, my old lodge used velvet robes which were the same color as Hef's but with a different cut and hood. Rather intimidating back then.
  5. RememberSchiff

    Need for tree identification

    My 03 Springfield may have a stock from a black walnut identified for harvest by a scout. Interesting the links we find in history.
  6. Alvin Theriault was 11 when he tied his first fishing fly. “The material came from a Boy Scout kit,” he told me recently. “I tied several colorful feathers onto a hook, cast it into Fish River, a short walk from my Fort Kent home, and caught a nice trout. From that moment, I was hooked on tying flies because it was more fun than digging worms.” More lucrative too. By the time he was 15, Theriault, the oldest of 11 kids, was selling flies to Aroostook County anglers for a buck apiece. Now 64, Theriault and his wife, Connie, have been making and selling flies for 44 years, plucking the materials — feathers, hair, and fur — from the animals they raise on their farm in Stacyville, 10 miles east of Baxter State Park. With more than 50,000 flies, the couple’s unassuming store is Maine’s largest supplier of flies and fly-tying equipment. “That’s a dizzying number of flies,” admits Alvin, a retired Maine game warden, “so I posted a sign in the store: ‘You only need two flies: Maple Syrup Nymph and Black Ghost Marabou.’” More info and great Downeast photos at source: https://downeast.com/theriault-flies/
  7. Last month, propeller guards were installed on two motorboats at Camp Sequassen in New Hartford, by Fairfield’s BSA Troop 82 Scoutmaster Bryan LeClerc, Assistant Scoutmaster Richard Jacobs, and Camp Ranger Dave Boyajian. Fatal propeller injuries In NY and CT youth camps were brought to the attention of LeClerc and the Scout Committee by Jacobs, who sought to bring about proactive change. The initiative began at Camp Sequassen, where Fairfield’s Troop 82 Scouts attend summer camp, but both men seek to take it farther than the initial donation from the troop. Scout Salute to Troop 82 adult leaders for thinking safety! https://www.fairfield-sun.com/70742/boy-scout-troop-82-donates-propeller-guards-to-camp-sequassen-motorboats/ P.S. States and the USCG have held hearings about propeller safety and need for guard laws since the 1950's? The arguments against have prevailed - need, cost ($100-500) , power loss (speed)... limit to instructional, recreation boats? In 2016?, the USCG reported 171 propeller incidents with 175 injuries and 24 deaths. NY Suffolk County Ryan's Law https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2018/07/28/suffolk-county-ryans-law/ https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2017/08/28/push-for-enhanced-boat-propeller-safety-measures-in-wake-of-deadly-accident/
  8. RememberSchiff

    Sailing fatalities in TX

    A tribute essay to the three scouts. https://www.news-journal.com/news/local/year-after-east-texas-scouts-deaths-families-cope-with-lost/article_b3981100-9541-11e8-8497-977bc4e0fc1d.html
  9. RememberSchiff

    Sailing fatalities in TX

    Just read 2 scouts died in sailing accident. Mast hit powerline. Third scout injured. Location TX http://www.wtae.com/article/2-boy-scouts-killed-1-hurt-in-boating-accident/11644231
  10. I find this so NOT funny. During business hours at the Baltimore Area Council, all hands were in a business meeting behind a closed door. NO one was minding the store. Outside doors were unlocked and anyone could walk in...and did ... and for an hour ransacked offices while the meeting continued and council staff was none the wiser... security cameras recorded the thief entering the front door and leaving with a cupcake. Manny Fonseca, Deputy Scout Executive/COO, explained that staff members were in a closed door meeting during the heist. He says offices were ransacked. The thief apparently also helped herself to some birthday cupcakes in the kitchen area. Fonseca said: “Having security measures we have in place, we thought we were prepared and the building secure, and we need to re-evaluate that”. https://foxbaltimore.com/news/local/thief-with-a-sweet-tooth-woman-targets-boy-scouts-offices How about a high tech bell that rings when the front door is opened?
  11. RememberSchiff

    Who is minding the Baltimore Area Council office?

    And finding nothing of value, "offices were ransacked". I wonder about the damage done. I don't understand the SE creating an unsecured website with that info either.
  12. RememberSchiff

    Who is minding the Baltimore Area Council office?

    Maybe the all-hands-on-deck, closed door meeting was about their SE leaving for another council SE job? https://briansteger.org/ Maybe more than building security needs to be re-evaluated?
  13. MOAB, Utah - Found! Scout, who was mountain biking with his troop was reported missing Friday afternoon, was located Saturday in good condition by a Utah Department of Public Safety helicopter. Friday: Searchers are looking for a missing 15-year-old Boy Scout last seen Friday afternoon, according to the Grand County Sheriff's Office. The sheriff's office was notified about 2:50 p.m. that the missing teen from a Vineyard Boy Scout troop had been seen 45 minutes earlier mountain biking near Gemini Bridges. He was not believed to have water with him. Family members confirmed the teen is 15-year-old Kyler Woods. The sheriff's office described the Boy Scout as about 6 feet tall and 120 pounds with blonde hair, braces and glasses. He was wearing a white T-shirt and blue denim shorts. According to a social media post from the Grand County Sheriff's Office late Friday, 20 active searchers were looking for the teen, and personnel from the sheriff's office, Grand County Search and Rescue and National Park Service were assisting. A Department of Public Safety helicopter and Classic Helicopter were also aiding in the search. Sources: https://www.deseretnews.com/article/900027008/searchers-looking-for-missing-boy-scout-outside-moab.html https://fox13now.com/2018/08/04/missing-boy-scout-reunited-with-family-father-shares-story/ https://kutv.com/news/local/boy-scout-missing-grand-countys-gemini-bridges https://fox13now.com/2018/08/04/teenage-boy-missing-from-trail-in-grand-county-has-been-found-and-is-in-good-condition/
  14. RememberSchiff

    Breaking Point

    A misunderstanding ... I can hide the post or edit your changes if you wish.
  15. RememberSchiff

    Scouting ties in the Trump Administration

    Andrew Wheeler, the new acting EPA Administrator, is an Eagle Scout and was a member of Boy Scout Troop 960 at Holy Cross in Fairfield, OH. He worked summers as the nature conservation director at the Woodland Trails Boy Scout camp in Camden, Ohio, between Dayton and Cincinnati. Three years ago, he hiked Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, but he has no aspirations to climb Mount Everest. “I’m a hiker, not a climber,” he said. https://www.journal-news.com/news/who-butler-county-andrew-wheeler-the-acting-epa-administrator/osWTVXgujSCV8dCqvLGX0H/ https://www.eenews.net/stories/1060092725
  16. RememberSchiff

    New Kayak and Boating Requirements?

    Ok then, nothing personal was intended just friendly advice from experienced, caring scouters. I cannot recall seeing kayaks back in the 60's and 70's though I am sure they must have existed. I cannot remember any plastic/composite boats back then either. Back in the 60's we had to wait an hour after eating before swimming. Back in the 60's we had two kinds of scouts at the waterfront - those who passed their swim test in good form and those who were being taught to swim in good form. Can't swim, no boat! Every scout a swimmer. I have heard that word "life preservers" is making a comeback as many think a PFD is a file to be downloaded. My $0.02 for rambling
  17. RememberSchiff

    New Kayak and Boating Requirements?

    @VolcanoDunker welcome to scouter.com
  18. RememberSchiff

    Breaking Point

    Refer them to the Guide to Safe Scouting. (pages 1-3) I. Youth Protection and Adult Leadership Scouting’s Barriers to Abuse The BSA has adopted the following policies for the safety and well-being of its members. These policies primarily protect youth members; however, they also serve to protect adult leaders. All parents and caregivers should understand that our leaders are to abide by these safeguards. Parents and youth are strongly encouraged to use these safeguards outside the Scouting program. Registered leaders must follow these guidelines with all Scouting youth outside of Scouting activities. ... Program Requirements ... Inappropriate public displays of affection are prohibited. Sexual activity is prohibited.
  19. RememberSchiff

    Amtrak ending Southwest Chief through service?

    Good news. I hope the House approves and the President signs.
  20. The Southwest Chief runs daily between Chicago and Los Angeles and connects towns and cities in Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Every summer, the Southwest Chief transports thousands of Boy Scouts from across the country to Philmont Scout Ranch near Cimarron, N.M., generating economic activity for businesses in these rural areas along the way. During a meeting in June between Amtrak’s CEO and a small congressional delegation that included Kansas’ two senators, it was revealed that the train operator is exploring ending passenger train service between Dodge City and Albuquerque, and implementing a bus connection on the route instead. The communities that would lose rail service if the bus service began at Dodge City would include Garden City; Lamar, La Junta and Trinidad, Colo.; Raton, Las Vegas and Lamy, N.M. The proposal did not go over well with any of the lawmakers at the meeting, who had called the meeting to ask Amtrak to stand behind agreements it had previously made to upgrade and maintain its route through the south-central U.S. http://themercury.com/amtrak-exploring-ending-southwest-chief-through-service/article_b38918f6-bbe3-5428-b3d7-257487adeec3.html http://www.krwg.org/post/heinrich-calls-amtrak-uphold-commitment-long-distance-rail-service-southwest-chief
  21. RememberSchiff

    Breaking Point

    @Zebra132 welcome to scouter.com
  22. RememberSchiff

    Miscellaneous Uniform Gripes

    I thought the same about the scout neckerchief - an international scout thing yet no longer required as part of the uniform here..
  23. RememberSchiff

    Miscellaneous Uniform Gripes

    No kilt allowed, next the tartan necker?
  24. RememberSchiff

    WY - SAR FINDS missing 13yr Asperger scout

    ... At approximately 7:30 am this morning, the contract Sublette County Helicopter along with a TipTop search member deployed to the area where Garrett Hunter was found. Garrett was located last night just after 10 pm. Due to difficult mountainous terrain, it took time to find a suitable landing zone. Once the helicopter found a place to land, Garrett was extracted from the Junction Lake area along with the four volunteer search member’s that had stayed with him overnight. They were all flown to the Pinedale Ralph Wenz field airport were Garrett was reunited with his parents who were anxiously awaiting his safe return. Garrett was in good health and great spirit upon his arrival back to Pinedale. Garrett described his experience to search members and stuck to what he had been trained to do. It is at times like this when people band together with one goal in mind that incredible things can happen. Everyone involved set out to find Garrett safe and return him to family friends and loved ones. Sublette County Sheriff’s Office like to thank TipTop Search and Rescue, Teton County Search and Rescue, Fremont County Search and Rescue, Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, WYK9, Civil Air Patrol, Davis County Utah Search and Rescue, the State of Wyoming, and the State of Utah for their support and assistance in this search. Respectively the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office would also like to recognize the overwhelming support by the Hunter’s family, friends, and church members. In addition Sublette County Sheriff’s Office would like to acknowledge all the citizens that helped us reach this outcome. The Hunter Family wishes to extend their deepest heartfelt thanks to everyone involved and everyone who provided support as well. Source and photos: https://www.sweetwaternow.com/lost-boy-scout-reunited-with-family-in-successful-early-morning-rescue1/
  25. July 29, SUBLETTE COUNTY, Wyoming (KIFI/KIDK) - A search and rescue mission is underway for a missing 13-year-old Utah boy. The Sublette County Sheriff's Office said Garrett Hunter, from Draper, Utah, was hiking with a group of about 20 boy scouts and their leaders when he got separated from the group. Hunter was last seen around 9:30 a.m. Saturday morning between the 1000 Island lakes area and Mary's Lake when the group left 1000 Island lakes to head back to the Elkhart Trail. The sheriff's office said Hunter is 5'9", 130 pounds and has light brown hair. He was last seen wearing a blue shirt, gray pants and a blue pack. The sheriff said Hunter does have Asperger's and so he may not approach anyone for help. Police got the call Saturday afternoon about a missing hiker in the Mary's Lake area and immediately, a team of six TipTop Search and Rescue crew members, along with a helicopter from Sublette County, searched the area until dusk but didn't find Hunter. Search efforts resumed Sunday morning with 20 TipTop Search and Rescue members, Teton County Search and Rescue, U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and WYK9 out of Jackon Hole all helping. About 38 volunteers from Utah have also come to help search. Anyone who might have been in the area and may know something, call the Sublette County Sheriff's Office at 307-367-4378. https://www.localnews8.com/news/wyoming/search-underway-for-missing-boy-scout-in-wyoming/774680759 https://www.ksl.com/article/46368288/wyoming-officials-searching-for-utah-teen-who-went-missing-in-wind-river-range