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  1. Check with your local concert venue some of the outdoor ones pay groups to come sweep cigarette butts up the morning after.


    Our girls wait tables once a year at Big Boy Restaurant for tips.

  2. Hi I am a leader of two troops.

    One troop has girls entering 3rd-5th grade


    The other troop has girls entering 6th & 7th grade.


    I also serve as a SUD.


    We are from Ravenna, Ohio.


    Summer is one of our busiest times.


    Younger girls went camping this past weekend and we had a great time creeking, swimming, going on hayrides, and cooking over the fire. Friday they will be going to our botantical gardens to work on their plants awards. Monday is their parent meeting to discuss next years big trip. ( This year they went to Beach JAM in NJ)


    Older girls meet tonight to help pull weeds at the bog. They leave Sunday night for their June Camping Trip. My older girls didn't choose a big trip this year as it was their first year as a troop instead they decided to have a different type of camping trip each month this summer.

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