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  1. Anyone notice that your neckerchief is just a backwards face mask?

    1. Sentinel947


      No lie, before I stumbled my way onto a disposable surgical mask, I was using hankerchiefs. (None scout related ones) 

    2. TAHAWK


      No.  My glasses steam up with the neckerchief and not with a proper mask - exhaled air escaping without filtration - and entering no doubt.  Adhesive tape can help correct this deficiency with neckerchiefs.  

    3. qwazse


      Full disclosure, I stick with the surgical masks. Having a large jaw, most pre-molded face masks don't give me enough coverage. The necker, folded into a cravat is about the right filtration (depends on the type of fibers and how/how often they've been washed), but tying it so that air flow is directed down and sideways can be tricky.

      My unit-leader necker from WSJ would have been perfect, but I gave it away.

  2. A chill weekend taking my church youth camping,  a much needed change of pace. All of my Jambo neckers were around some boy's neck for most of the day. They never got the memo that American scouts would melt if they wore them!

  3. Hello, World .... at subcamp Charlie, SBR ... World Scout Jamboree.

    1. Sentinel947


      Awesome! I'm visiting Saturday! Have fun! 

  4. My guide (who, like me, had  visited Old Economy in childhood but oversaw multiple restorations since then) was walking me through the common house, and I told her that I vaguely recalled that one of the rooms  held a vintage flea circus. Her eyes lit up, and she exclaimed "I remember that, too!"

    Restored a childhood memory ... daily good turn done.

  5. Just another VIP tour of camp. Raising the bar for scouts on the opposite side of the planet.

  6. On to Breathed Mtn.

  7. GS 'Smores cookies: not worth the flavor, but the designs stamped on the cookies are nifty.

    1. skeptic


      I find them tasty, especially once I froze them, like I do with the Thin Mints.


  8. Scouts reading "I Have a Dream" for the

  9. Scouts reading "I Have a Dream" for the

  10. Scouts reading "I Have a Dream" for the

    1. qwazse


      First time in its entirety. Eye opener.

  11. Paycheck: "Mr. Q, l think my tent is in your car. Thanks for taking us backpacking. It was fun." -- from our troop's next 1st class scout.

  12. @Krampus, thanks for the BBQ!

  13. Envying Son #1 and DIL, who ducked out for a hike in the rain .. Be back by supper.

  14. Don't care if they're all adults. I still hid the kids Easter baskets outside

  15. A great-nephew called to proudly announce that he just got selected as ASPL of his troop!

    1. NJCubScouter


      Congrats to your great-nephew!

    2. qwazse


      For Christmas I parted with part of my patch collection. These FL kids love Klondike derby patches! I also handed down my old ASPL patch.

  16. Anyone besides @ianwilkins and @SpEdScouter and myself have post/reply problems?

    1. ianwilkins


      Looks like every post that people have tried in the last day or so.

    2. ianwilkins


      This works though! (Self evidently)

    3. qwazse


      It looks like this is still the only way to post content of any depth. @scouterterry save us!

  17. Help me! Help me! I've replied but it will not post!

  18. More fun with a chainsaw than any fella deserves to had. I think I owe the SM a new chain.

  19. Son #2 EBoR Approved!

    1. LeCastor


      Congrats to you and your son! :-)

    2. NJCubScouter




  20. One cache too far up a tree, the other too close to flood stage.

  21. Cache hunting between tempests in OKC.

  22. How good it is when brothers come together ...

  23. @ NER4VOA Summit @ Camp Mt. Run!

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