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  1. The UC here has 5 units 3 Packs and 2 Troops. 2 of the Packs are new. One of the Packs that I have a son in is one of new Packs this group has never seen him. Even after requests for help. He has visited the Troop my older sons are in twice I think. Only there to sign our recharter packet. Sad to say the other new Pack has folded. I'd have to say the UC here is far from competent.
  2. We were contacted by the acting DC in July. (for something else) and the CM asked about the UC and was told none assigned yet. First about the leaderships training. CM and ACM have been doing Scouts for 5 years they both have all the Training that there is for Cub Scouts. I have all the Cub training plus Troop Committee training there is including safe swim,safe float.and Commissioner training.I have been the Districts Daycamp Director for 3 years. I have been in the Scouting program for 11 years.Needless to say the news from this newsletter was a surprise to us. The problems here don't start with the UC but with the former DC who was removed by the Troop Committee as ASM.That Troop we all have some ties to. Anyway the problems here are far to many to go into on this forum.
  3. I am on the committee of a new Pack. We started up in May 07.We have never been contacted by our UC. The town I live in has 5 units. 2 Troops and 3 Packs. In the Council newsletter I got just yesterday says A Distinguished Commissioner Service Award was given to a man in our town for having 5 units. I guess someone thinks he's doing a good job. But our little Packs Leadership will hold out until we meet him to decide if he's Distinguished or not.
  4. Our Troop along with the other Packs and Troops and the Girl Scouts spent the morning placing flags on the graves at our Veteran's Cementary. It is the only one in the Northern Nevada area. A total of 5000 flags. Tomorrow night at sunset our Troop will be helping our Charter Org the local American Legion Post take down a garrison flag at a local business which we will retire in June. Then Monday morning will be helping raise a new flag to replace it. The gravesite flags we have been doing for the Scouts in the area have been doing for the last 15 years. On Thurs our Troop has been asked to attend the Memorial service of a local soldier. He was to marry the sister of our ASPL. The boys have always known what kind of sacrifice those in those graves gave us this year it's closer to home.
  5. My first PWD was 10 years ago. Up until this year it was always a round robin type race. Parents could sign up to race in a unlimited race. Which I always signed up for. Lets not talk about how my car did. I always had fun tho.My older boys after they became Scouts always entered the unlimited race too. The Pack always had a pit. Fathers that would help fix any problems with a car after racing had started. If a car lost it's weights,they were replaced,lost a wheel it was fixed,a boy was never taken out of a race.This year big changes.Double elimanation,Very sad little boys that only got 2 races. But what was even more aggravating this year if something happened to a car,and it had to be taken to the pit. The pack charged the boys.They even charged for graphite.(graphite was only used pre-registration)and if the boys didn't pay they were disqualified. Sad to say it makes me happy this was my great nephews last race he's crossing over to Scouts very soon.Very sad that for 10 years the PWD has gone from a event my family has looked forward to year after year to something my boys want nothing to do with. Beasties mom
  6. I know how you feel.Last year my youngest crossed over the bridge to Scouts. My oldest (Troop SPL) was waiting on other side welcomed him and helped change his neckerchief to the Troop's. Totally a Mom tear moment.Congrats to both your son and you. JoAnne
  7. As I was reading this the mention of NFL players and I remembered my boys being very excited that one of the players in the 2006 Hall of Fame class thanked his Boy Scoutmaster. The players name is Rayfield Wright he played for the Dallas Cowboys 1967-1979. NFL Football Hall of Fame and Scout! Maybe a public image that boys could admire. Just a thought.
  8. Have the Pack present Dad with a pocket flag if he doesn't already have one. But then a second one from his Pack might still be nice.
  9. Hi Insanescouter We are working on getting our Troop to come for a chat. The Beasties and I will be happy to chat with someone from the southern part of our State Beastiesmum
  10. E You all will be in our prayers. JoAnne
  11. I'm the program director for our District Day Camp. While making up a list of what the boys may complete at the camp.I wondered if these could count for the Sportsmen. So I called into our Council and asked the Council. The Assistant Scout Executive/Director of Operations told me they are Sports Loops and can be used for the Web requirement,as long as they were earned at a Day Camp. I'd call your Council to check.I know not every council is the same.Give yours a call to make sure.
  12. Last summer at camp we had a missing Scout. He was found within a hour. The Arlarm went off just after most of the boys in our camp had gone to bed.Two of the older boys from the troop that was sharing our camp site grabbed what looked like a mesh fishing vest.Anyway as we were all at the Emergency meeting place these scouts had emergency blankets,and handwarmers they were giving to the little guys.All which they pulled out of the pockets of the vest.The next day I asked them about their vest which they wore all the time.They said they had everything in the pockets that they may need.They even had a water bladder.My boys liked the idea of not having to wear a pack.So set up a couple for them. I sewed a big pocket inside of a fishing vest to fit a water bladder.And the boys filled the pockets with their 10 essentials.Added afew other things.whistles,signal mirror,some of that bright orange tape,etc.I know it's alot more involved then a daypack or fanny pack. I just couldn't get my sons to wear those.They wear their vests all the time when camping.I do think this is a great idea for younger kids.
  13. The big summer hit for our Pack is the Cubs on Subs program.Parents and cubs traveled to the Bay Area.Not to long of a drive from here.Considering any where you go in Nevada is a bit of a drive.Anyway they all spent the night on the USS Pampanito a WWII Sub. It was great. This year the trip was opened up to the Troop and they will all be doing the Live Aboard Youth Program on the USS Hornet.The Troop boys will have the chance to work on the Aviation Merit Badge and also the Radio Merit Badge if they choose.Last year was such a big hit that the # of boys and Parents has doubled for this years trip.
  14. At the beginning of my youngest sons WebII year. I started to ask the other boys in the Den for pictures. Since all of the boys started out as tigers together I got lots of pictures.We bought a small red blanket. I transfered the pictures to material.This is a special paper I found in the craft dept at WalMart.Then the Boys and I sewed the pictures on the blanket.Leaving room for any patches DL might want to add.
  15. In our District if you reg before they started asking for SSN that would be all you needed to send in.After that every year MBC are sent a letter. It asks them to make any changes such as address,phone,ect.They are also asked if there are any badges they would like to add or delete.If we don't get the letter back we will try to call the phone number we have for them.If we can't get ahold of them they are then deleted from the list.Council prints a updated list with any new MBC's quartly.
  16. We were lucky to have my brothers family here this Christmas. He gave all my sons and me a homemade bag full of firestarting tinder.To go with the flint and steel kits I got my boys. My brothers troop and my sons troop went to summer camp together.I printed pictures of camp and afew of the 5 scouts in our family and made a quilt for him.The 3 cubbies in the family loved hearing my brother and the older boys telling the story about every picture.
  17. Rock climbing is one of the activities that our PLC wanted to do. So the SPL contacted the local gym.To check the prices and forms needed.It turned out that one of the owners is a Merit Badge Counselor.With the number of boys that wanted to go a time and date was set up. The MBC had other MBC's there.They helped all the boys pass the belaying test.Sometime after Christmas they will go again to work on the climbing badge. The extra activity was a big hit.All of the boys are excited for the next climbing trip.
  18. I made my Tigers a ornament made of scrap orange and black material and styroform balls.I took pieces of the material and poked the ends into the ball with a butterknife.They end up looking like a patchwork quilted ball.Then I took a orange ribbon made a loop and used a straight pin to hold it in place so they can hang them on their trees. you can write on the ribbon the year and the boys name.For the other ranks you could use material the color of their scarfs.
  19. Hi I went to a Pow wow afew years ago. we made a display out of peg board. Decorate it or paint the board as you like. To hang the slides from it we took a small washer twisted a twist tie to it and put the tie thru the holes. then all you have to do is twist the tie around the slide. Add something on the back to hang it from the wall and your set. It's easy to make and could be used as a craft for cubbies.We have 3 one for each of boys.
  20. we do alot of Show and Sell. Being a small town right off the Interstate. We have 4 different truckstops. All of them let the cubs set up booths anytime we would like. The truckdrivers are always willing to buy. But the tins move better than the microwave packs.We sell the microwave at booths infront of the store.Last year the boys that sold 1000 or more got a ticket to one of the local University's basketball games. This could be any type of game ticket maybe hockey or whatever is available in your area.The boys love going to these games and the University works with us on discounts for the tickets. Just afew of things we do.
  21. After hearing about this on my local news I called my brother.He is a SM in Spring Creek (Elko) area. Yes I was very concerned from the news report my boys and I have camped with his troop.We have even hiked parts of this trail with his troop.The boys we're not climbing mountains,they were hiking. While it is roughed it isn't a trip that a younger scout can't make. My youngest son now a Webelo has been on this trail and did fine. They were with the troop.The "rescue" was because of concern for the younger scout and the heat.The fastest way to get to someone on this trail would be helicopter because of no roads.After talking to my brother I believe this is more "yellow journalism" then not.
  22. I'm in Nevada the Reno area. During the month that the Reno Air races are held.Our CM at the Pack Meeting had all the Cubs with Dad make paper airplanes.At the end of the meeting the Boys had a contest who's plane would fly the farthest.The winners from each Den got a ribbon. All that made a plane got a balsa wood plane to take home. A great find at the dollar store.Take ideas from what's going on in your town.The boys will like something as simple as paper airplanes.
  23. about door hangers, If you have boys doing this make sure the door hanger isn't put into mailboxes. You can hang, tape, or tie them to the outside. If a carrier finds them inside the box they are required to bring them back to the office. The sponser on the flyer will be called by the Postmaster nothing without postage is suppose to go in a mailbox.Not that it's a bad idea for a fund raiser just a heads up if you do it.
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