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    you can find the plans for the cars at www.geocities.com/cybercubber/cubmobile.jpg I would think if you run the races like a pinewood derby it could work.I've seen these cars raced many years ago. I do remember that each boy raced multiple times.
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    Uncleguinea, I agree with you 100 percent.
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    Missing Boy Scout just found alive!

    wonderful news.As I prepare to go to camp this Sunday my plan has changed abit. On the 2 to 3 hour drive to camp our boys will hear over and over how important the buddy system is. and what to do if they do get lost.And being a over prepared mom each will have a whistle in his pocket.I'd much rather they have one in their pocket that never is needed to signal for help then need one and not have it.
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    How do you get the kids to wear the uniform?

    Our Troop has uniform inspection every meeting. A points value is assigned to each part of the uniform.Book included.Every quarter the points are totaled and the 3 Scouts with the highest points are given a gift card to the local Sportsman warehouse.If by chance there is a tye in points.Attendence,rank advancement,or merit badges are figured in.Each of my sons at one time has earned a gift card. My middle son today got a new light weight sleeping bag for backpacking.With his cards I figure we got it for half price.With 3 boys to outfit it helps.Makes me happy and him too.
  5. Coming from a family that has always gone camping.I don't remember my first campout. I"m told I had just started walking on the first one.Camping was just something everyone did. Or so I thought until my first year a college.My family was planning a campout to eastern Nevada. I started planning to meet my family.My roommate asked if she could go. I thought about it for about a second and then told her what she would need to take. She was almost blind.As we sat around a campfire in the middle of the Ruby Mountains she pointed to the sky and asked if those were stars.. With out the lights of the City she had been able to see the stars for the first time. Even now when I'm camping and look up at the stars and think of that campfire and smile.
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    Memorial Day

    Tomorrow morning our Pack and Troop will spend the morning at the local Veterans cemetery.Every year the boys place flags at every grave. We have done this for the last 8 years.This year we have the honor of helping place over 3000 flags.My sons take pride in honoring those that did so much for them and their country.The boys have always attended the services on Monday with their Grandfather who served in the Army.Always in uniform at his request. Sadly he won't be with us this year.But my boys will still go in uniform as he would have wanted.We thank all those who have served this country in times of war and peace.
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    Den Flags

    Our Dens flags are all Blue and Gold with a Den# on them. thru the years they were designed by the boys.They stay with the dens til they crossover to Boy Scouts.As the Webelos crossover they put their names and Year on a ribbon and it is tied to the pole. The Webelos then present their flag to the tigers(new Wolves).At one time we had 2 Webelos dens crossover so there is 1 extra den flag.We always seem to have 7 or 8 dens.The boys have the choice to make a new flag if they want but they seem to like the idea of of passing the flags on.The Scouts seem to like this too when asked to be den chiefs they ask if they can work with their old dens.
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    Unique Camporee Sites ?

    Our Camporee site last weekend doesn't seem to be unique.But the history around the area is.The camp site is along the Pony Express trail.At the campfire the boys were told stories about the Pony Express,the troubles they had with the Indians and the history of Fort Churchill.Alot better than reading about it in a classroom.
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    Ever hold a Picture night

    Glad to hear your picture day was good SemperParatus. We will be doing this for the first time at our next Pack meeting.The photography lady is from our town and did wonderful pictures for our Mother Son Dance.
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    Administrative changes question

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    Administrative changes question

    in our Pack the main fund raiser is popcorn. The boys are told that if they sell a certain amount say $300 the pack will pay for a day camp. And if they sell $600 they get a resident camp paid for by the pack.For the Troop a percent of what they sell will go towards camp. If a BS sell over $1000 the District pays for their camp at our Districts Camp. All the rest of the money goes to the general fund both for Cubs and Scouts.If for whatever reason the boys don't use their "camp credit" within 2 years the monies go back into the general fund.As a mom of 3 scouts this system has made it possible to get all 3 to camp.But what it does to our Pack and Troop treasures couldn't tell ya they never complain about it.
  12. beasties mom

    LDS Scouts in mainstream units

    After reading all these posts I talked to the one person in my houshold who had some knowledge of a LDS troop.My son. He is a first class scout and his best friend is in a LDS troop. He has visited the troop a couple of times. I asked him how different the meetings were. He said nothing much. They divided up by patrol and worked on skills. Sounds like us.The only difference he found is they pray more.Sounds ok to me.
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    Outdoor Activity Ideas needed

    I was looking thru a new book I was given (The Scoutmaster's Other Handbook)and one of the ideas in it is a Video scavenger hunt.Divide the troop into groups each with a adult driver. give them a list of things to Video.and a time limit.Some of the list in to book includes What does the cornerstone of the Court house say.Get 3 people to sing the National Anthem.one member holding a door open for someone else,maybe a pencil rubbing of a police badge. Anyway you make up the list. Make it big the team that gets the most wins. Then when they come back you can watch all the films.Sounds like something the scouts would enjoy as well and the adult drivers.
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    How many Packs award ranks at BnG?

    Our Pack give the boys their ranks as they earn them. Be it Pack meeting or B&G. All of the leaders have some type of adward for the B&G. In the last 6 years i'm been to the B&G here all boys have earned something.Our AOL is always the main part of our Pack meeting in March.
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    Where did you go to summer camp?

    The last 3 years I've gone to Camp Fleischmann,Nevada Area Council it's outside of chester CA.
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    Who's got these Boy Scout Movies?

    I was kinda watching one of disaster movies the other night.It had Rick Schroder in it a hospital was being evacuated and a Sm with troop all in uniform went up to one of the nurses and said We're a troop what do you need us to do. Then I heard all 3 of mine HEY MOM LOOK SCOUTS.
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    State Badges

    Sad to say (I think) but Nevada doesn't
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    75th anniv badge - 1930's game

    the only things I can think of is marbles or tops. JoAnne
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    Discrimination Against Me.

    may i be the first lady in the group i'll can bring the marshmellow Proud Eagle. JoAnne
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    We have a big box of legos that we bring out during the pinewood derby. We set up a couple of tables for the little brothers and sisters to play with during the races. The cubs make use of them too between their races.
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    Ear Rings

    Lynda J could not have said it any better.I agree with you 100%
  22. beasties mom

    Ear Rings

    Lynda J could not have said it any better.I agree with you 100%
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    They 're out to get the Girl Scout now

    does this mean that hostess better watch out? What will be next hoho's or twinkie's?
  24. beasties mom

    Visitng Other Lands

    I have a friend who's husband was born in Germany. I took a chance and asked him if he would come to my Webelos den meeting to help with the hertiage beltloop. I wasn't sure he would do it not having a son in Cubs. Boy was I wrong.He was more than happy to help. He went to a German Bakery got the boys snacks.Brought some money,even a pair of Liderhousen(spelling?)he wore as a child.He taught them afew words and played a game. He have since been to 6 dens to help earn their loops.My suggestion is if you know someone ask them to come visit.If they are like Rudi they will enjoy it as much as your den.
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    No women allowed - is this usual?

    Yes "don't ask me ask you PL works". Since I go to most of the Scout campouts and being very active with the Cubs most of the new Scouts know me from Cubs they do ask me. not because i'm the "mom" on the campout but because they see me as a leader they know.After the first time they ask and are told the way it works I don't get asked again.Since i've been following this thread I have asked my sons (1 first class,1 second class ) if it bothers them that Mom is at the campouts. They both said why wouldn't you come.Your a leader.The other boys in the troop feel the same way.So my question is Why would you tell a leader to stay home?