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  1. it sounds to me as though you may have an undiagnosed Scout (or maybe the parents aren't sharing). I agree with giving him a task to do. Experience tells me that he will work better with kids not his own age. He may listen to SPL if he's 2 years older and clearly in charge, or he might do well with some of the newer Scouts. Ask mom. She may be more open about it than dad. Find out what works at home.


  2. I'm finally catching on. I was wondering why I saw all of the "Write something here" posts. Now I know.


    The notion that only half could be elected under the old system was/is a very common misconception. One simply needs to read the form and do the math to figure it out (this includes the OP).

    People will make up rules regarding adult selections, too. Whatever they come up with won't be spelled out on the form, so don't believe it. There are as many ways to do it as there are ideas.

    The most important thing to do regarding elections is to get your teams trained, and to get your troop leaders to trust them and let them do their job. It takes both to make it successful.


  3. packsaddle,

    You keep asking why someone would leave. Ask that same question of the Eagles who turned in their badges. They were disgusted with the policy. This is no different. Are you seeking an argument? I think it's easy to understand: an organization known for its traditional (conservative/old fashioned) values gives in to public pressure. That's embarrassing, and might cause members to walk.


  4. It's funny. With all this talk about freedom to assemble/associate, why do some feel it appropriate to chastise the AHG. Their organization started because it's original members chose to associate with like-minded people ... and they grew. In the process, they and the BSA chose to associate with each other.

    Do you feel threatened by them? I sure don't. I like what they stand for, I like their style, and I'm feeling the urge to associate with them.


  5. Here's where I am right now.

    Prior to this upcoming weekend, because I'm a member of the BSA I feel labeled as an anti-gay bigot (previous thread here) or homphobic. I am neither.

    After this weekend, because I'm a member of the BSA I will be labeled as pro-gay. I'm not that either.

    I think that corporations (contributors), chartered orgs, churches, etc might not be interested in supporting an anti-gay organization. I also think that other corporations will not wish to support an organization known to be pro-gay.

    The labeling by the press is what's going to damage us the most. We have an image or branding issue (always have). The name calling does us no good, especially when it's from our own people.

    I think that some may choose to hang it up, rather than supporting a pro-gay organization. I get that, but it's due to the name calling. Ultimately, I don't think much will change ... just the labels. What caused Eagles to turn in badges will now cause the headache of retro-active Eagle-wannabes trying to get what had been denied. It's going to be a mess. I hope it gets defined quickly and carefully (I think it will). Sure would be nice if this could be handled outside the view of the press, who are chomping at the bit to write a sensational story for the front page. I'm embarrassed by it, but I'll live.

    Respectfully, BDPT00

    (not pro-gay nor anti-gay, so don't slap a label on me)


  6. And here's my issue ...

    There are two distinct and opposite viewpoints. Feelings are strong. Just because you might have an opinion different from mine, it doesn't mean I'm wrong. It doesn't mean you're wrong. Accusing an organization for being wrong because they don't share your point of view does nobody any good. It's slinging mud. Doing it in public, directed at an organization you and/or I belong to isn't a worthwhile way to go about leading change. Calling the BSA the last bastion of anti-gay bigotry is a wonderful example of how not to lead change. Find a better way.


  7. The camel's nose wasn't intended to be logic. It's an opinion, and I see it everywhere. If nobody stands up to the movement, there's no end in sight. The labels put on things is are fine example. I don't think it proper that just because I happen to support Scouting, someone would choose to label me as an anti-gay bigot, but that's what I'm reading here. The last bastion? Does that mean that people who share my values should gather in the Alamo to await the final outcome? Just because the movement is strong doesn't cause me to change my opinion. I don't feel a need to join in at the moment. Will my opinion change? Maybe, but don't force it on me.


  8. This is exactly what moving to the middle looks like. Time to change... It's OK... No big deal. Let's just go along to get along. Don't worry about standards. Just make sure we try in every way to not offend somebody. Pick a group. Let's find a way not to offend them. Then find another group. Let's eliminate a Law or two, just in case they may offend someone. Our 100 year old Oath is probably too strongly stated. Let's change that too. Let's ask everybody else what we should or should not stand for. It's OK. Not a big deal.


  9. I think that the potential weakness of the Republican Party and the BSA (if that's what we're trying to compare here) is a willingness to compromise values. The strength of the Democratic Party is a willingness to promise more than can be delivered, and the hope of those willing to listen to believe those promises. I don't know if it's fair to try to make a comparison because while the Republican Party tends to move toward the middle to get votes (mistake?), the BSA is attempting to stand firm. Many don't like that ... many others do. Our society is at war with itself, and I fear we're all going to lose.



  10. We sure did, but we never saw any blood or flying body parts, and we didn't have a reset button so we could do it all over again. You crash or die ... no big deal ... just reset. Next time, find a meaner way to kill the other guy. If you get a really messy one, show it to your friends.

    Sounds like perfectly innocent fun for 3rd graders to me.


  11. How did college get into the mix? The issue is age (under-age).

    The answer is clear and simple. So are the suggestions (except those implying that rules don't apply to certain people).

    If someone is trying to fill an empty slot on paper (for JTE?), it won't work anyway.


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