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  1. Hey, I knew if I trolled a few hot buttons, I would get a couple of bites, but I really expected someone to rise to the comment about the South. Oh well, maybe next time. But now that I've landed you and you're flobbering around on the bank next to the bait bucket, here's another. You guys can grouse all you want about your dislike of the terms, but then you've never personally had to walk in those shoes, either. It's easy to pontificate about things of which you personally know little. Of course this is all too great a diversion, it IS all about the boys and I don't apologize. I accept your views as yours and I don't pass judgement. Well, maybe I'll just poke a little fun to see how many coronaries occur. I just keep my attention on what's really important, the children. Packsaddle
  2. I knew this would be just too much fun, from comments predictable to thoughtful to fanatic, but just like arguing religion and politics, everyone will stick to their opinion while all are distracted from what's important. And some of you still wonder why the government is not allowed to promote a state religion. Pulllleeeze! Yes, the phrase "under God" excludes anyone that practices polytheism or who worships something else. But we are already saturated by the majority religion in this country from blue laws to legislation regarding reproductive freedom...without whining about our inability to buy an alcoholic beverage on Sunday morning. OK maybe some of you do whine about that. And all this argument contributes what to the boys right now? Not much. For that matter, the southern states could just as well object to the "indivisible" word in the pledge...we certainly didn't apply the spirit of that word at one time in our sad history. We could do better by focusing on what is good for the boys right now...and let the trivial pass. Packsaddle
  3. packsaddle

    When to call the police vs. parents

    In a similar situation I thought I detected a scout using tobacco (also illegal at that age and against regulations) at summer camp. He was in another troop and when asked, one of his fellow scouts confirmed my suspicions. I asked to meet with his scoutmaster. The scoutmaster was extreeemely confrontational and aggressive when I asked him about it. I left the matter with him. At the end of camp, I found out that the boy had been a source of other mischief as well and I felt sympathy for the scoutmaster. If it had been one of mine, I would have taken the issue to the parents immediately. I would probably do the same for pot if it was the first offense. A phone call, arrange transportation through the parents and send him home.
  4. packsaddle

    Is the Bible infallible?

    For anyone with interest in the development of the bible in the English language, this site is pretty good: http://www.greatsite.com/engbibhis/ The New Testament as the primary text for Christianity was first developed approximately AD200. A good site for this history is: http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/03274a.htm Infallibility (or fallibility) cannot be assessed in a factual way for matters of faith. This is a weakness of our ability to critically examine such an idea, not necessarily a weakness of the idea. However, the concept of infallibility of the bible is related to the similar concept of infallibility of the Pope. And remember that Galileo paid dearly for his unintended challenge to that infallibility by explaining that the Earth orbits the Sun. He was put to the Inquisition for this heresy. A few hundred years later the Church recanted and officially agreed with Galileo (a little late for poor Galileo, though). Each person should view their faith personally and leave popular opinion and politics out of it. Further argument is recreational but not very illuminating.