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  1. All-


    The Southern Region is conducting a NOAC 2006 patch design contest, as stated on website(http://www.southern.oa-bsa.org/). The Chilantakoba Lodge #397, Southeast Louisiana Council (formally named New Orleans Area Council) will be at NOAC this year, despite Katrina!!! What we're planning is for our theme to be none other than, Mardi Gras!!! What is your Lodge doing?

  2. Thanks Proud Eagle, my lodge as well has just received the notification from the National Office including all of the information you have posted. I'm ready for NOAC 2006!


    FYI!!! The Chilantakoba Lodge #397, of the Southeast Louisiana Council, WILL be attending NOAC 2006! Those of us from the great city of New Orleans have begun the process of rebuilding and we have begun plannning our trip to NOAC next summer. Please read my article at http://allthingsoa.com/ dated Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005 with the title "Southeast Louisiana Council - back on the saddle!


    Yours in Brotherhood,


  3. Yes, as stated before individual lodges accept applications and determine travel as the council does with Jamboree.


    I was fortunate enough to attend NOAC last summer and if I remember correctly, most activities are attended by both youth and adults (including most training sessions). Patch training is one thing that is enforced and it should only be done on a youth-youth adult-adult basis.


    Yours in Brotherhood,



  4. LodgeChief,


    Nothing is going to change about NOAC, they're just going to be further a part. 3 years is just going to create more excitement about going to NOAC. Besides, it gives them more time to plan for the 2011 NOAC. I think they handled it well.

  5. I am my lodge's NOAC Chairman. When wll they start informing Lodge's of prices for NOAC 2006? I would like to get out a flyer a.s.a.p. so that I can try to get as many arrowmen signed up as possible from my lodge.

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