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  1. NC, I'll probabl end up going for the Tinker. Seems to be the best fit in regards to features, quality, and price. I do understand that there are different sizes of the Tinker (small, reg., deluxe, etc) so I'll have to look carefully. However, thanks everyone for your great suggestions!

  2. The Swiss Army knife looks good, not too many attachments to get confused or too heavy but enough to be functional. I'll have to keep an eye out for the handle though. Good to know the guarantee works. Is this only offered through the BSA Supply? I found a similar one at Target for less, but won't get it if they don't come with the warranty.

  3. Ok, so this sounds like a stupid question, but I'm not too familiar with Scouting. I was checking out BSA's facebook pictures, and there is one guy who has about 20 pages worth of pictures of him scouting with his son. In several of the pictures he is wearing a merit badge sash. Wondering if that's ok for adults? Also, I saw a tiger cub wearing a tan shirt, nothing changed there right? Cubs still wear blue? Thanks!

  4. Just thought I'd post this. Thought it was interesting how much each costed, difference in programs, etc. All Cub/Boy Scouts include a short sleeve shirt with long pants. I used the Alameda Council, because it was first, and troop/pack/crew number 120 (random). Info from the BSA Uniform Builder:




    Tiger Cubs: $94.68

    Wolf: $96.98

    Bear: $96.98

    Webelos (Green/Khaki): $140.64

    Boy Scout: $148.64 (includes merit badge sash)

    Venturing (M/F): $ 133.89



  5. Hi, I'm joining a Venturing Crew and came across a program called Varsity Scouts on Meritbadge.org? What is the difference between those teams and Venture Patrols? Are they still around or popular? I can't join anyway, since I'm a girl, but was just curious as to what they were.

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  6. Baden P,


    In my opinion, Scouting is not/ should not be a completer outdoor oriented program. It should be incorporated (i.e sketching pictures of nature while on a hike,etc.) but teens in Venturing should be able to do what interests them. Even in Boy Scouts, there are merit badges like Journalism and Stamp Collecting. Venturing should develop your interests, hence the wide range of activities, sports, outdoor, religion, and even math and science if that's what you like.

  7. Ok so can a Venturing crew be chartered by a high school? Also, are crews allowed to be "clubs" of the school and chartered by a business? I think it'd be a great way to gain new members, since everyone would fit the age range anyway, and most people would know each other. Thanks!

  8. This is taken from Mike Walton's site. Here's the link:



    "And now...a Word About the Gals and Merit Badges


    The merit badge program is primarily a Boy Scout program feature. Boy and Varsity Scouts as well as male Venturers and Sea Scouts use the merit badge program in order to advance using the standard Boy Scout advancement program. Additionally, special awards such as the William T. Hornaday and Scout Lifeguard require some merit badge work if not complete merit badges to be earned.


    The BSA allow female members of Venturing and Sea Scouting units to complete requirements toward merit badges and to certify their completion as part of their completion or earning of the Hornaday, Lifeguard BSA or other special awards. However, female youth members of Venturing or Sea Scouting units may NOT wear merit badge sashes nor wear merit badges on the official uniforms.


    Several former Exploring Advisors/Skippers like myself have awarded merit badges to female members of their units. We documented the merit badge completion and instead of turning the (blue) merit badge application card into the local Council office for recordposting as we would do for male youth, we retained the cards and photocopied them as attachments to Exploring Achievement Award and other award applications.


    Now that Venturing has taken the place of Exploring, many Skippers and Advisors of Venturing units with female members willing to earn the merit badges needed to earn the Bronze or Silver Hornaday Medal or other awards are doing the same things that myself and other Advisors and Skippers have done before. This IS NOT RECOMMENDED BY THE BSA; the BSA's stance is still that female youth members CAN NOT EARN BOY SCOUT ADVANCEMENT (to include merit badges).


    For this reason, females may not wear merit badge sashes of any kind with the official BSA uniforms (including the kelly green Venturing uniform nor the white or blue Sea Scout uniforms.)"