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    OT, Why not Venturing?

    Wow haha good one!
  2. OscarTango

    Venturing Knives?

    Hiya! Ok so I'm thinking on going into Venturing (have a few months w/ age requirements. However, what's the deal with Venturers being able to carry pocketknifes? Is there a patch like Totin' Chip, Firemen Chit, Paul Bunyan? Is there any requirement or test needed before you can use/ carry a pocketknife or light a fire? Thanks!
  3. OscarTango

    OT, Why not Venturing?

    True, 11 years isn't that new, but I think that people definitely don't know much about it. Even our Council is rather iffy about starting one because they frankly, have no clue what to do with Venturing Sea Scouting in Nebraska? How does that work haha?
  4. OscarTango

    OT, Why not Venturing?

    Ooops sorry emb, completely forgot about Venturing's uniform. Well it IS a Monday. However, I think using the official uniform would be a great way to promote Venturing since it's so new.
  5. FinallY!!! And now I have to go to school :/
  6. Hello! First off: Don't get your knickers in a knot just yet, hear me out. So I'm in the MYP IB Program (see link) and we have to do 50 community service hours each year. I'm a girl that really wants to scout but I'm not keen on Venturing. (And obviously can't do Boy Scouts :l\) So I was thinking about CREATING my own scouting program, designed to help kids understand the disabled better and having fun scouting together. I have volunteered at Special Olympics, but am not really sure how to plan a program (skills, badges, activities) Any ideas? Thanks!
  7. Wow! Thanks for all your great ideas; the link helped out alot and I found some cool volunteering oppurtunities. Also, I'm going to try and see if my Council could start a new crew, because I found some people that would be interested in one. Thank you very much :]
  8. Hmm... good point. Any ideas?
  9. OscarTango

    OT, Why not Venturing?

    It is here as well too. The Centennial uniform seems a step in the right direction for outdoor practicality as well as good looking.
  10. Kbandit: Really? I have a similar problem. It seems like if I want to got to the Venturing site I need to go to two different links and stuff like that. Perhaps we're just both a little slow eh?
  11. OscarTango

    OT, Why not Venturing?

    Wow!Congrats to them! Sorry, but hey as least they have an official uniform *nudging Venturing* I've always been a fan of Scout uniforms
  12. OscarTango

    OT, Why not Venturing?

    Thanks! It seems like I might have to start my own crew, which I don't want to do lol.The largest crew in my district went from 18 to 7 to 4... to none. I agree with UK's co-ed program, but the uniforms look like a McDonald's burger flipping uniform
  13. OscarTango

    OT, Why not Venturing?

    Thanks! It seems like I might have to start my own crew, which I don't want to do lol.The largest crew in my district went from 18 to 7 to 4... to none. I agree with UK's co-ed program, but the uniforms look like a McDonald's burger flipping uniform
  14. I know!!! i've been having the same problem.. sheesh.
  15. OscarTango

    OT, Why not Venturing?

    Completely agree emb021 BSA should go co-ed.
  16. OscarTango

    Venturing Advancement Awards

    True John. I like the fact that Venturing is flexible. However, proactive kids that WANT to do something are a must it seems. I've read too many posts about kids not stepping up and planning activities.
  17. OscarTango

    Venturing Advancement Awards

    I definitely agree!!! I'm debating whether to join Venturing (i'm a girl) and everything is geared to CS and BS, not much info on Venturing. Plus no one has any clue what Venturing is haha.
  18. Sorry ntrog8r if I wasn't clear Basically I want a organization similar to Boy Scouting that is co-ed and emphasizes on working with disabled kids. Both disabled and non disabled youth could be scouts, as well as boys and girls ages 5-17.
  19. OscarTango

    OT, Why not Venturing?

    Well ntrog8r, this applies to me personally, but I'm a girl that needs alot of structure. I'm appealed to the rank advancements in Boy Scouts/ Cub Scout, and Venturing doesn't have that. Also,Venturing isn't that known in my area, so it'd be difficult to start a Crew (none in my area). I don't wanna be the crew that dies out after a year.
  20. OscarTango

    Well hi there!

    Thanks! Currently not in any Scouting, sinc I'm too young for Venturing Crews :/
  21. Sorry! Here's the link: http://www.ibo.org/
  22. OscarTango

    My Disappointing Troop

    wow!Sprechen sie Deutsch? Anyway, I decided just to wait, Girl Scouts might just not be for me. Too much "touchy friendship" stuff lol I'm trying to persuade my brother to join too, he'd be 16 when I join. He's a computer geek so some high-adventure will be good for him I wish I just found the right troop for me.
  23. Hey everyone!I'm not in Scouting but plan to join a Venturing Crew once I meet the age requirements this summer. I'm not too sure about the uniforms for Venturing, except that the crew can design it's own. So if you were to choose a crew polo, shirt, hoodie, etc; where would you put the many emblems, insignia, patches, awards, knots, and ranks? Sew them on a tee-shirt or hoodie? Also, can a crew choose to wear a Boy Scout Action Shirt, and put the insignia on that? Thank you! http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/ItemDetail.aspx?cat=01RTL&ctgy=PRODUCTS&c2=APPAREL&c3=ASHIRTS&c4=&lv=3&item=615ASL http://www.scoutstuff.org/BSASupply/ItemDetail.aspx?cat=01RTL&ctlg=00MASTER&ctgy=PRODUCTS&c2=APPAREL&c3=ASHIRTS&c4=&LV=3&item=615AS
  24. OscarTango

    Venturing Uniforms and Insignia

    Thanks so much everyone! That clears up some of my questions already. However, can a crew wear a Boy Scout Action Shirt ( the lightweight white button down) with the Venturing insignia on it in the official positions? Just wondering