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  1. Totally Agree with Brent on the great utility of the Soar Product.

    We've used it for our Pack since 2007 (see http://atlanta631.mypack.us/), and then the Troop (with Pack Graduates) fired one up for the Troop (see http://atlanta631.mytroop.us/). Having the "same format" has been a big help "crossing over" those Webelos Parents.

    The other great thing about this site is how much it has evolved from a great product in 2007 to an even more terrific product now.

    Two key elements that have been rolled out in the last year:


    The weekly "eBlast" that serves as a digest (but formatted) of new and upcoming events (cutting down on the ping-ping-ping of random emails zipping hither and yon).

    The new Event Register (where a cool feature is seeing the totals rise as people sign up for events).

    And having Paypal for the random events that have minor costs is terrific -- beats chasing down those who forgot to pay!

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