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  1. I know and understand that the National Camping School Patch is a temporary patch but I have noticed a bunch of people wearing it above the right pocket. The funny thing is I've seen this for many years, 15 to be exact. Is this only in my council or is this a nation wide thing? Here is a link if anybody does not know what I am talking about, http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Media/InsigniaGuide/10N.aspx(This message has been edited by bayou beaver)

  2. I love this topic....


    What you need to do is pull your unit away from council and district and start doing your own thing.


    You don't have to do council; fund-raising, camping, events, etc.


    I got really upset every time I was contacted by the "power that be" because I know all they wanted was MONEY!


    My pack has for the most part pulled itself away from council and we are able to supply our youth with a better, cheaper, more enjoyable experience.


    Remember "The council supports the unit, not the other way around"


    Goodluck and keep you head up.

  3. A couple of days ago I saw a Scouter wearing a name tag that was sewn onto the uniform. It resembled the BSA patch that comes with the uniform (khaki with red letters). Is this a new official name tag or a custom job?

  4. In my pre-WB meeting I was advised to talk to my unit's leaders and committee members before I wrote my ticket to make sure it did not clash with the units agenda. Maybe, when you know that one of your leaders are attending, you should talk to them and express your feelings about people who attend WB. Although, the WBer's ticket is their own it affect the whole unit and the unit should support the WBer. The ticket is hard enough to write, so help them, tell them how they can improve their position in the unit in a way that does not clash with the unit.

  5. Is it just about the beads?


    I just attended Woodbadge last february and am still working on my ticket. To tell you the truth if tomorrow my course director came out and said" BSA has changed it's polices and participants will no long be receiving beads." it would not hurt my feelings at all. I'll tell you something, I brought back from Woodbadge more than just the aspiration to get my beads. It was one of my most memorable experiences in scouting I have ever had, and hope one day I will be asked to work staff. I was even thinking about not finishing my ticket just so I could go through the course again. LOL

  6. The only problem I see is announcing it at a den/pack meeting. I have become personally close with the familys in my pack and we do stuff outside of scouting like The renaissance festival where alcohol is served. We also DON'T advertise it at BSA events or on our website. I don't see a problem with it, if it is handled correctly.

  7. BeaverIII:


    How you doin? Long time no see, When was that February?

    All I'm saying you give my boys a patch of woods and a stick and they have a good time. I feel that council does not have the boys interest in mind. It seems like hurry them through an event and get the day over with. Then they cancel or cub-o-ree because it rained the night before and they still have cubworld with storms and tornado warnings. Who knows, I best shut up before I get in trouble.

  8. I have heard a bunch of pro's and con's in this topic.


    First topic: Yes, you do have to sell popcorn in our council to get quality unit. It clearly states from the form: We will support the council by participating in Friends of Scouting,

    AND the annual product sale. (our annual product sale is popcorn). Here is a link http://www.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/14-190-08.pdf


    Second topic: For 5 dollars a person I can feed them 3 times. Food prices went up? Not if you budget right...


    Third: I have to pay to go to a camp that is usually free for me to go to. What is so special about round robins? 1 hour an event that is run by Volunteers. BB's don't cost that much I can bring my own.


    Blah Blah Blah.............. I'm not going to even get started on our EXPO and the 10 dollar discount cards they want us to sell.


    I like going to council events but it is starting to be more of a burden. Money, Money, Money, can registered scouters get a break already? My pack does it own fundraising and it's not ripping people off by selling them a 2 dollar box of popcorn for 7 bucks...


    and just to be really picky, what about these Chinese uniforms and badges with lead paint in them? Do they not make money at the scout shop? National, Council, and district make money! why do they have to REQUIRE you to put money in their pockets to earn awards? I'm not going to lie, I like knots but if this is the way I have to earn them, forget it.(This message has been edited by Bayou Beaver)

  9. Here we go................


    The last couple of Council and District events in my opinion was not worth my time or effort. For example: for two people, it cost 50 bucks to spend the weekend at our local camp. The 50 dollars included 1 day of events, 3 meals, a patch and a neckerchief.


    For the same price I could do two family camping trips and we don't have to wait in line for 40 minutes to shoot a BB gun for 5 minutes.


    I am taking over as Cubmaster of an established pack next year and some of the leaders have expressed there dissatisfaction with council and district events. We feel that we can put on a better, cheaper, (THRIFTIER) program for our Scouts if we skip council events.


    I kind of like the idea but being in a pack that has been Council and district friendly, I don't want to send a bad message.


    While I am on the topic, why do you have to sell popcorn to get Quality Unit? It makes me feel dirty that I have to sell popcorn to get a patch! and on top of that the Cubmaster Knot requires your unit to get Quality Unit twice during your tenure.


    I know I have skipped around a bunch, and I know people from my district will probably read this, (no offense, I know you work hard) but is Scouting about money or is it about delivering the best program you can? Is a good solid active unit not good enough if I don't sell popcorn? Is there somewhere that Baden-Powell says "support you council even though you feel like you can deliver a better program"?


    Can I just write a check out to council and call it even?

  10. Lisabob- that is some good advice but we can't get parents to come to the Parent/Leaders/Committee meetings and all these positions we are asking for are for next year. I do think that handing out a list will scare them but I also want to explain to them why we need new leaders..... To many free rides and it is not fun for the active leaders anymore, it's more like work......

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