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  1. It seems strange that the people did not go back to work when the shutdown was over. Isn't that the whole point of trying to end the shutdown asap, so the people can go back to work?
  2. When to wear uniform

    WRW 57, is this person currently registered with the pack in any position? Or currently registered with any other unit? Or with any other level of the BSA?
  3. Drone Rescue

    Maybe the heat would not be a problem for drones at Philmont, but the hailstorm that I recall witnessing there on a July afternoon in 1974 probably wouldn’t do a drone much good.
  4. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    It's nice to know that he's reading our humble little forum.
  5. I generally agree with that, but I don't think NIMBYism is the issue with this particular site. This is an area that has a special need for protection.
  6. Advancement + Grade Level

    I thought that at 14 the LDS Scouts became Varsity Scouts and then at 16 they became Venturers. And now that the LDS Church no longer uses the Varsity program, virtually nobody uses it, and it is being discontinued. Right? On the actual issue, I agree with the previous posts, the Cub Scout should stay with his den. The one exception that might be justifiable is if he failed to successfully complete the Tiger badge (which, hypothetically, might happen for the same reasons that he failed to successfully complete the First Grade in school.) But even then, it should be up to the parents. I guess what I am saying is that whatever is best for the Scout in this difficult situation is what should be done.
  7. You must be talking about some organization other than the BSA. But generally I think this is a pretty good idea, based on what I have read in this forum. In my own experience, the vast majority of parents, whether they go camping or not, DO understand the value of the outdoor program and do encourage their sons to go camping. But it is clear from reading this forum that my troop is fortunate in that regard, because many parents in other troops do not seem to "get it."
  8. Ireland seeks Eagle now before she ages out

    "Some might say" that, but I think they would be incorrect. I am not a huge fan of the "down arrow" and I don't think I have ever used it on purpose (under the old software I gave accidental arrows in both directions, and you couldn't change it.) But the use of the down arrow does NOT imply an "attack" on a person or group. It implies a disagreement with the opinion expressed in the post. (By the way, if I thought the down arrow did imply an attack, rather than a disagreement with an opinion, I would recommend to the forum owner that the down arrow be disabled, if that is possible.) The distinction between an attack on a person or group, and a disagreement with an opinion, is (generally speaking) one of the dividing lines between "un-Scoutlike" and "Scoutlike", respectively. (I say "generally speaking" because there are probably some exceptions going either way, but I think it is a good general principle. To be clear, it is possible to express a disagreement with an opinion in an "un-Scoutlike" manner, and I am not inviting anyone to do so. It is sometimes difficult to determine whether a post is Scoutlike or un-Scoutlike, and the line becomes somewhat more blurred in Issues and Politics. That's why the moderators get the Big Money. (That's a joke.) But wherever the line might be, and however a particular post might be classified, un-Scoutlike posts are not acceptable in this forum.
  9. Notification Settings

    Inquiry has been made.
  10. Ireland seeks Eagle now before she ages out

    Leaving aside the question whether that is ever true, it is not true in this forum.
  11. Interesting discussion last night

    Well... that is true for some merit badges. I don't know about "most." And perhaps more to the point it is probably not true for most of the Eagle-required badges, depending on how you count some of them. I counsel the 3 Cits and Communications. You are not just going to happen to meet the requirements for those through participation in traditional Scouting activities. You have to make a "special trip" to meet those requirements. And I don't know a single Scout who has ever had "fun" doing those particular badges. They do them because otherwise they do not make Eagle. I am not advocating for merit badge classes in troop meetings. The right way is still to call a counselor and make arrangements to do the badge, with a buddy. But it's not "easy," and it's not supposed to be "easy."
  12. Based on a couple of conversations I have had with experienced GS leaders over the years, they have MORE mandatory training than the BSA has. The most recent of these conversations was about 10 years ago, so it is possible things are different now. It may also be that GS training requirements vary from council to council - just as BSA training requirements used to vary from council to council, not so much now.
  13. To Report or Not Report YPT Violation

    So you have decided not to report it?
  14. To Report or Not Report YPT Violation

    @RichardB, can you shed any light on when and why the provision about "dormitory/single room accommodations" was removed from the YP regs/G2SS? Or has it been moved somewhere else that none of us can find?
  15. Has The Quality of Eagle Scout Gone Down?

    Also keep in mind that this is a "reality show" (or at least it looks like one, I've never seen it) so it doesn't necessarily have anything to do with actual reality.
  16. Well, we got through the "golden age" without the phrase "servant leadership" but I don't think the concept is all that different.
  17. Virtual Campfire

    Stosh, is there a topic in this thread? I am not sure that one can be on-topic OR off-topic, if there is no topic at all.
  18. Who discussed BSA branding at Hong Kong conference?

    I wondered whether you were kidding. So I decided to find out. You weren't kidding. https://www.inthelighturns.com/boyscout-memorial-urns.html
  19. Can Senior Patrol Leaders Run Twice?

    There is no rule. The BSA leaves the length of terms, the number of total terms and the number of consecutive terms up to each troop. Our troop has a one-year term and no term limits. I have suggested a couple times over the years that the boys might want to consider a six-month term, but that has never gone anywhere.
  20. Eagle Project Workbook

    In my college days I typed newspaper articles on manual typewriters, with carbon paper. At my first summer job on a non-college newspaper, I graduated to electrics, but still with carbon paper. I think in the latter, we were making two copies (in other words, a piece of paper, carbon paper, paper, carbon paper, paper. In 1980 I got a job on a newspaper that had computers - but the actual computers were mainframes in another room. What I was working on was really just a terminal.
  21. Eagle Project Workbook

    There is a regular member of this forum who has identified himself as the head of health and safety for the BSA. Whether he brings ideas mentioned in this forum to the people at National who are responsible for that area, I don't know.
  22. Ireland seeks Eagle now before she ages out

    Nothing would stop them if they wanted Eagle to mean different things, but I think they want Eagle to only mean one thing. To date I have seen nothing from National that suggests otherwise, but of course they haven't actually announced the Boy-Scout-age program for girls yet and exactly how Eagle is going to be handled.
  23. Ireland seeks Eagle now before she ages out

    Yes, and I'm guilty too. Let's stick to the subject.
  24. Ireland seeks Eagle now before she ages out

    I am far from an expert on that subject, but I would think that what you would get for those four years would be either a M.Div. or a D.Min., or some other advanced degree, none of which you can get with a few clicks of the mouse. I have noticed that many university commencement speakers receive an Honorary LL.D. (Doctor of Laws), but a quick Internet search indicates that U.S. law schools NEVER award an earned LL.D., so in this country it is ONLY an honorary degree. If you apply to take a bar exam having received only an LL.D., that isn't going to fly. You have to have a J.D. (Juris Doctor). Presumably "Colonel" Sanders never showed up at a military installation requesting that he be given command of a unit based on his rank of "Colonel."
  25. "Professional" Compensation Package Cut

    Eagle94A-1, I don't want to make you re-live the pain, but I would be curious to hear what someone thought was so urgent that it required calling you at 4:30 a.m.