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    Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Unlike our current U.N. ambassador, I get confused sometimes, and I am confused now. Are we talking about who can/must be a LEADER (as in, registered leader), or what combination of adults must be present on outdoor activities, or both? Coed Venture crews have always been required to have at least one adult of each gender present on outings, right? What would be new? That at least one woman would have to be registered as Associate Adviser (or Adviser)?
  2. NJCubScouter

    Most Fun Skills To Learn as a New Scout

    (Fixed typo in thread title)
  3. NJCubScouter

    Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    My council's web site says there is a person with the title "Vice President, Family Scouting." I would think that would be the person who is supposed to be "championing" all aspects of (what the BSA unfortunately calls) "Family Scouting" (when that's not really what it is), in my council. I suspect that at least some other councils have someone similar. Of course, how much "unit assistance" a council-wide volunteer can really accomplish is another issue.
  4. I know. In this forum there is no way not to derail the discussion.
  5. Well, there's a surprise. You sure that isn't the version of the web site from 1962 or something? Maybe it's what they call a "loss leader." You get on the web site for that and end up paying $6 for some patch that it cost them 30 cents to make in Bangladesh.
  6. Not to derail the discussion, but I assume you are being "figurative" with the price there. I don't believe that the BSA currently sells ANYTHING for 19 cents - or anything under a dollar, for that matter.
  7. Well, that's sort of where I am going with this, and I do not think the "gender correlation" is anywhere near 100% - or more to the point, is not likely to be anywhere near 100% with the girls who are going to join the Cub Scouts or the Whatever (11-17) Scouts. Boys (and girls) are already pretty different just within their own genders. Some are much more athletic than others (and everything in between.) Same thing with their enthusiasm for different parts of the program. (I have seen boys who actually liked the Eagle-required "homework-badges", and liked camping and hiking and backpacking a little less - and vice versa, of course. I will never forget the kid who, at age 15 or so, brought the book "C++ for Dummies" on a camping trip, which I thought was hilarious.) Same thing with their interest in being leaders. (My son was never interested in being THE leader, either as PL or SPL. He was an APL and then his POR's were Den Chief and then Instructor. But there were times he was thrust into being the acting PL or ASPL, and 2 or 3 times, acting SPL, and in my unbiased opinion (ha ha) he did a great job. I thought he was a "natural" leader - he just wasn't that interested in leading.) Same thing with every other part of being a Scout. Girls have the same differences among themselves, although one might speculate that the "average" girl who decides to join the BSA might be more enthusiastic about the more strenuous outdoor activities, and might in general be a little "bolder" (perhaps even "tougher") than the "average" girl in general. Even if one accepts that the "average boy" is different from the "average girl" (and I do), I think that if everybody calms down and just sees what happens, the transition will be smoother - and the pressure to "adjust" or "modify" the "program" will be less - than a lot of people here expect.
  8. I would have a real problem if I took offense at every jab against lawyers in this forum - or in real life.
  9. Can you give an example or two of how the content might be tailored?
  10. NJCubScouter

    Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Mine does. Most of the moms do not want to go camping. When my son was in the troop, there was one mom (who was also a committee member and advancement chair) who regularly went camping with the troop, but its "regularly" with an asterisk. She is the mother of the Scout I have mentioned before who had cerebral palsy and was in a wheelchair. He could not attend to his "personal needs" without help, and under YP (and common sense) that help could only be provided by a family member, and apparently she was the designated family member. The Scout and his mother went to summer camp and, at most, one weekend camping trip each year. We also had a female CC who went on an average of about one camping trip per year. Taken together, that is still way short of what a Girl Troop is going to need to go camping every month. Now, if I were to make a prediction (which I don't like doing), it would be that a group of girls who want to do BSA camping would bring along with them a couple of moms who were willing to camp if needed to allow the girls to camp. But like every other prediction, that and $3 will buy you a cup of Starbucks coffee.
  11. NJCubScouter

    Chartered Organization not a Legal Entity?

    I have never heard of a school district taking over a PTO like this. As some others have said, it kind of defeats the purpose of the whole thing. I completely understand their frustration at not being able to manage their own finances, especially while a Scout unit that THEY own is able to have its own bank account. The PTO presumably was a "legal entity" (a corporation or something similar) at some point, and legally it may still be, but it is not being permitted to operate as one. But as others have also said, the issue of whether this PTO qualifies to be a CO is really for the council/district. I think that if anyone is going to provide the PTO with a "counter viewpoint," it should be the DE (or equivalent), not the unit. And the council might well decide that you should have a new CO, since it is kind of questionable whether you have a qualified CO now.
  12. NJCubScouter

    Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    I will assume that that is sarcasm. But yes, I think Lone Scouting is sub-optimal. Scouting is a group activity. Doing it without a group should be a last resort. I think the BSA agrees with me.
  13. NJCubScouter

    Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    I already know what the response is going to be, but I think that on #2 and #3A, it is reasonable to cancel just for the girls; same for #3 but you see whether the camp has a solution first. Unfair? I mean, any more unfair than life itself? Well, consider that if the units were NOT going to the same place, but Boys Troop is going to one camp and the Girls Troop is going to another, and Girls Troop does not have sufficient leadership, the boys would still go and the girls would not. (And that works in reverse, if it is the girls who have sufficient leadership and the boys don't, the girls go and the boys don't.) How is the "linked" trip to a single campsite really any different? A troop that has sufficient leadership can go, a troop that doesn't can't.
  14. NJCubScouter

    Committee Members for BORs

    Yes, if I think the person is suited for the role. We have gotten several new committee members that way.
  15. NJCubScouter

    Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Lone Scouting? Not optimal, but better than nothing, at least at the beginning.
  16. NJCubScouter

    Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Yes, and we don’t know that they haven’t.
  17. NJCubScouter

    Committee Members for BORs

    FaithfulScouter, a (non-Eagle) BOR is supposed to be composed of between three and six troop committee members, so it's not just a matter of the same three responding to the emails first. If anybody else is volunteering, up to a total of six, they should be participating as well. (Personally I think six is too many, certainly at the lower ranks, but I don't make the rules.) In my troop the Advancement Coordinator (currently me) chairs all BOR's unless he cannot be there, and the AC others to serve. I do rotate the BOR spots around among the committee members who have expressed interest in doing BOR's. (Some did not know they were interested until I recruited them to be interested.)
  18. NJCubScouter

    Committee Members for BORs

    Cyber Chip is part of requirement 4 for Scout rank as well. Both were included in the 2016 revisions to the requirements.
  19. NJCubScouter

    The Most Interesting Scouter

    That comment will probably find its way into some email leaked from National... again.
  20. NJCubScouter

    Adults at it Again

    They know you can juggle everything. And if you have to miss a meeting or two that month, hey, I hear you've got a great assistant.
  21. NJCubScouter

    How do you end your Troop meetings?

    I suspect that "true" is in there mainly because the person who wrote it decided it sounded better with that syllable in there, and did not engage in the level of grammatical analysis that you have. As for one of your other points, some people in our troop may be saying "May the..." at the beginning. As I said earlier, in our troop it is meant to be said quietly, while looking down in contemplation, and what people are saying is generally audible only to those standing nearby, and maybe not even that in some cases. So the SPL is not really "leading" it in the sense of prescribing the words to be said by everybody else. I guess it is inevitable (and harmless) that some variations creep in.
  22. NJCubScouter

    The Most Interesting Scouter

    That may be the best line yet.
  23. NJCubScouter

    The Most Interesting Scouter

    I think rain checks my schedule too... so it can rain.
  24. NJCubScouter

    History of Eagles per patrol

    I think he is using it as a verb, but he wouldn't be the first person to do so in this forum.
  25. NJCubScouter


    There certainly are storms that are so bad that, yes, you get everybody out of the tents and go to the designated shelter, whatever that may be in that particular camp. And I would think that in these days of greater hazardous-weather-awareness, nobody has to be "looking" for anything in the middle of a storm because, before you put up the tents, you (meaning the adult leaders and boy leaders, at least) already know what and where the designated shelter is. I have not taken the hazardous weather course, but I hope that is part of it.