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  1. NoCal Girls flocking to BSA

    It is. A cynic might say that the BSA set the tone for the confusion when it decided to call the acceptance of girls into certain programs "Family Scouting," ignoring the fact that even with this change, some members of the family (i.e. Mom and Dad and siblings of age 18 or more) do not, and still will not, actually be doing the "Scouting," though some of them will, as always, be doing the "leading."
  2. NoCal Girls flocking to BSA

    I'm confused. This says girls are being permitted to sign up to be "Boy Scouts" now, when (1) girls above the 4th grade are not yet supposed to signing up for anything, yet, and (2) when they do, they are not going to be "Boy Scouts." They are going to Something Scouts or Girl Boy Scouts or whatever real name the BSA eventually comes up with. And then there's the part about Girl Scout troops that are going to be, simultaneously, Boy Scout troops. What could possibly go wrong?
  3. Date of BSA online advancement tool being turned off

    Ok thanks, I will have to make sure our guy who does the online advancement knows about this.
  4. Date of BSA online advancement tool being turned off

    I didn't know it was being turned off. Is anything replacing it?
  5. There isn't any other kind, at the moment. (Officially.)
  6. Virtual Campfire

    My parents had a definite opinion about a show with "funny Nazis," and this WAS in the 60s/70s when my brothers and I would watch it. When I see it now, I know my parents were correct.
  7. Virtual Campfire

    ...speaking of disrespectful portrayals of Native Americans. (See current discussion in OA thread.) Of course, the portrayal of U.S. Army cavalry in that show was not particularly respectful either. That is one of the shows that I will occasionally stumble across while flipping through channels, watch a couple of minutes' worth and ask myself, did I really think THAT was funny when I was a kid? Same with Gilligan's Island. Same with Hogan's Heroes, but that show is a whole other subject.
  8. What to do with I&P is a perennial subject, including among the Moderators who have to deal with some of foolishness that goes on here. My attitude is that (as long as the owner of this forum wants to keep it), if you don't like I&P, you don't have to read it. That is exactly what it was set up for - to separate the hotly-debated issues from the everyday-Scouting stuff so that those who just want to read the everyday-Scouting stuff can do so unimpeded by the highly charged topics in another section. There is a big sign on it, written by Terry I assume (it was there when I got here in 2002), that says as much. I find it ironic that some people are arguing for the abolition of I&P, in I&P. Hello? McFly? And if anybody is arguing that I&P should go in order to save them from themselves (stop me before I post again!), that's not the business we're in here. If anyone is "addicted" to this forum, or anything else, there are places you can go for help with that. (Hi, my name is NJCubScouter... Hi, NJCubScouter! - or I guess it would just be NJCub, no last names.) Now, should there be an effort to calm things down in I&P, get people to tone down their posts, etc.? Couldn't hurt, but it's a difficult thing to achieve - partly because nobody ever thinks it is their posts that need to be toned down. The moderators do what we can.
  9. OA and the aboriginal cultures

    You have obviously mistaken me (for reasons that I suppose I can understand) for a person who believes that "cultural appropriation" is a "thing." (Or as we would have said back in my day, a "real thing.") But I am not. If I was, I would be complaining that people who are not Jewish, but who use words like klutz, glitch, chutzpah, bagel and nudnik (from which we get beatnik, peace-nik, no-good-nik and all the other -nik's), and many other words (some of which I won't mention here because this is a family forum), "stole" them from "my culture," specifically from the Yiddish language spoken by my grandparents and their ancestors and all the other Jewish people who immigrated here from 1880-1920 (ish) from Eastern Europe. But I don't. I don't care. Use all the Yiddish words you want. Have a bagel. Have a blintz. Have some kreplach (a dumpling by any other name would taste as good.) And I don't think the Italians mind if you have some lasagna, or the Chinese if you have some wontons (see kreplach) or the Hungarians if you have any of those dishes that I can't pronounce or spell that my wife makes for us now and then. That does not mean that I think it's a bad idea to move away from some of the uses of depictions of Native Americans. I view it in terms of respect. Does the usage respect the culture that it is depicting? And I guess what goes into that is, Is it accurate? Is it reasonably dignified? And I suppose that the wishes of the group being depicted are part of the mix in determining whether it is respectful, as well. Chief Wahoo is not respectful, and he's on his way out. What about the OA? Are all of the lodges in the country respectful of the culture they are depicting? I don't really know enough to say. The last time I was even peripherally involved with OA was 1976, although I could have re-upped my membership when I came back to Scouting. But from what I have read in this forum over the years, it's probably a mixed bag. That being the case, if I had a vote on the subject, it would probably to try to find some other symbology for the OA.
  10. As will I, but I wonder whether it might be better to allow up to two posts per user. But Eagledad, it's your experiment.
  11. OA and the aboriginal cultures

    Without commenting on the overall issue, I would note that imitating a horn and imitating the behavior of other people are two very different things.
  12. Does GSUSA support gay rights?

    I don't think the GSUSA will ever accept boys as members. I don't think it's even an issue within that organization. As for "homosexuals," they dropped their policy of excluding "homosexuals" long before the BSA did. Not that I'm an expert on GSUSA. Both my daughters quit the Girl Scouts more than 20 years ago. But that's what I've read.
  13. GoFundMe for Eagle Projects

    I'm not sure. Our troop did not allow it, but then I read something somewhere (Bryan's Blog maybe) that said it was permitted. I am not sure whether I have heard of a policy of our council or not.
  14. Pack Coed Campout

    I think it depends largely on what name they come up with for the new girls-only program. I don't think it is going to be any of the names that have been suggested in this forum for the past few months, including ones suggested mostly-jokingly by me. Hopefully they will come up with something brilliant.
  15. Pack Coed Campout

    Yes, and the terminology seems awkward and/or incorrect throughout the article.
  16. Thank you for your report.  It is under review by the moderators.

  17. Dividing a Pack

    That sounds like the right move. If you have the leadership and facilities for a pack with 100 Cubs, have a pack with 100 Cubs. It sounds like your DE is just looking to create another unit, if only on paper.
  18. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    I don't see any hatchet jobs in that news clip. As RS said, I see a child who wants to be a Cub Scout. (And, interestingly, the reporter says the girl is also a Girl Scout and the implication is that she is staying in Girl Scouts while also being a Cub Scout.) As for "the collapse of traditional values," I did not realize that being male was a "traditional value."
  19. Rifle merit badge, need explanation

    Welcome to Scouter.com Alex!
  20. Pack YP equal or double standard

    Evidently I skimmed too fast. I can understand why they are requiring that for the girl dens. There's no denying that it isn't the same as for boy dens. I guess each person is going to have a different opinion about whether that's a problem, and how big of a problem.
  21. Pack YP equal or double standard

    Since I am at work I really just sped through the video with the sound off. I saw some slides about leadership requirements but I didn't see what you are talking about. At what time in the video was that? (Or did one of the speakers say it without the words being on the screen, in which case I wouldn't have heard it since I had the sound off.)
  22. Generations

    Great! Congrats!
  23. Buzzfeed - CSE Surbaugh - Girls - Scouter.com

    Is Sydney Ireland really talking about "tearing down" the program? I doubt it. I am sure she thinks of herself as trying to build it up.
  24. Adding Girls to Pack

    A decision on what? To start the girl-den pilot project?
  25. Cub Girl Uniform

    Cellophane flowers of yellow and green? The woman in the middle of that picture looks like a cardboard cutout.