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  1. Sunday Morning segment on the BSA

    Let's all please call people by their correct names, and not make up nicknames. The CSE's name is Michael Surbaugh, or if one prefers, just Surbaugh, or if you want to just use his title, he's the CSE.
  2. New YPT Launch

    Our charter is by calendar year... so October probably doesn't mean anything. On the other hand, when I said I was going to ignore it, I didn't mean for that long.
  3. New YPT Launch

    I plan on ignoring it completely until someone tells me I have to do something.
  4. New YPT Launch

    What I mean is, if I go online right now to take YPT, am I going to find a new, longer presentation or the same-old 30 minute one with the 25 quiz questions?
  5. New YPT Launch

    Is this included in the online training as well?
  6. Sunday Morning segment on the BSA

    Are we both looking at the photo posted in this thread? I see two women behind the girls. I notice that there is no evidence of a uniform on any of the adults, though you can't tell for sure for some of them. (Added) I never realized there was a video before just now. I see what you are talking about. You do get a brief glimpse of another group behind them, and if the two groups were within sight of each other and there was a woman in the second group, that would cover it. The group is also walking toward a woman in uniform, though it's not clear that she would have been able to see the first group at all times.
  7. 501(C)3 non profit status

    In many cases a decision was made many decades ago to be a CO, by people who are long gone. The people in charge now follow the path of least resistance and remain CO even though some of them would really rather not be bothered. I suspect that if our CO was asked to be CO now, having never done it before, it is no better than 50-50 that they would say yes. They do let us use their tax i.d. number though.
  8. Sunday Morning segment on the BSA

    Unfortunately, it seems that they just saw it as an opportunity to sell more stuff.
  9. Sunday Morning segment on the BSA

    If everybody, boys, girls, men and women, were going to wear kilts, I wouldn't have a problem with it. Presumably the kilt of my "clan" would have a Star of David pattern.
  10. Sunday Morning segment on the BSA

    I think I have said this before, but I wish that the BSA, as its first decision after letting girls into Cub Scouts, had NOT issued a new article of clothing for the girl-Cubs that emphasizes differences between the genders. Why couldn’t they just let the girls wear the regular blue shorts and long pants? And if necessary, offer a girls’ version, the same thing the boys are wearing, just a different “cut.” I really hope that when the Girl Boy Scouts starts, they just let them wear the uniform pants or shorts and not have a green “skort.” Is there a “skort” for female Venturers?
  11. Actually, the presumption of innocence was the law in England at the time of the Revolution. Part of what the colonists were rebelling against was the fact that many of the rights enjoyed by those in Britain, including the presumption of innocence, were being denied in many parts of the colonies. So you are partly correct... from a certain point of view.
  12. Actually, to be fair to the groundhog, a prediction by a human meteorologist about what the weather is going to be six weeks from now is worth about as much as the groundhog’s prediction.
  13. It is a much better movie than it is a legend. If this tradition started in Pa., it seems strange because it can snow into April, as it also sometimes does here, so that’s at least eight weeks right there. And there are places in the U.S. where it can snow into May. Winter weather ends when it ends, solstice or not. Hmm, does this make me the Scrooge of Groundhog Day?
  14. Adopted sites in Council Camp?

    Somewhere in my recollection is a weekend camping trip at the main camp of another council, in which there was some evidence of units having "adopted" sites for upkeep purposes. I do not know how well it worked out, or even whether it was still in effect at the time I was at the camp.
  15. Am I the only one?

    Yeah, well... Another Scouter in my troop foolishly in the spirit of service to the larger Scouting community, volunteered to be on the committee planning a district Cub Scout camping event. He told me that the financial planning for the event includes a fairly healthy profit for the council, and that the importance of this has been emphasized repeatedly. Apparently this is true for every council/district event or program - Cub family camping, Webelos camping, camporees, Klondike Derby, first aid competition, etc. I realize this is the way things work, but it seems a little sleazy to, in effect, exact "contributions" from people when they don't even know they are contributing. I am sure most unit-level Scouters, and certainly the vast majority of the parents/Scouts who pay the money, have no idea that this goes on.
  16. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Oh, I thought that was a blood pressure cuff for people who like to read constantly.
  17. Adding Girls to Pack

    It is my understanding that, at least in the current early-adopter program, the pack leaders are making an express commitment to the council to keep the boy dens separate from the girl dens. Is that incorrect? Assuming that is the case, I would question the comment that the pack wouldn't have to pretend. The pack would be making a direct promise not to do something, and then do it anyway. Update: Well, here is the agreement, at least in my council: https://ppcbsa.org/wp-content/uploads/SUS-2018-Family-Scouting-unit-application-final.pdf. I suppose it isn't as crystal-clear as I thought, but it does imply that the girls are in their own den. I think I have seen a document that is more explicit than this, but I guess this is what the pack and den leaders actually sign.
  18. Adding Girls to Pack

    You'll have to call the Moderator Internal Affairs Division. Interesting.
  19. Adding Girls to Pack

    I don't want to send this thread too far off track, but: What is a brownie bite fire starter? I've never heard that term.
  20. Adding Girls to Pack

    With a smile on her face, or not? In other words, was she serious or kidding? If she was serious... whatever happened to the free enterprise system.
  21. NoCal Girls flocking to BSA

    It would be better, and there have been some other articles with photos showing girls in Cub Scout uniforms (well, maybe only one article so far) posted in this forum.
  22. NoCal Girls flocking to BSA

    On my second reading of these articles, there are so many odd things in the text and photos that I’m starting to wonder if this is legit. Most of it comes from this one guy, a man who claims to be a GSUSA troop leader, and the girls in his troop who are going to be “Boy Scouts.” It kind of reminds me of that uproar a couple of years ago about the Scoutmaster who said U.S. border agents pulled a gun on one of his Scouts. The more additional information that came out, the fishy-er it seemed.
  23. NoCal Girls flocking to BSA

    Holy cow! You all should ready the comments at the end of the article! These are mostly right wing people that love God and country that should be supporting the Boy Scouts in high numbers! The comment section is a dumpster fire. It makes us look like Boy Scouts! The tone of the comments does not surprise me at all, considering what web site this is from. TheBlaze.com is an ultra-right-wing web site that was started by Glenn Beck. (Apologies and sympathies to any Glenn Beck fans here.) Another distinction between the comments there and here is: How many of the commenters at The Blaze are actually Scouters? I read about the first 15 comments and I saw 1 (one) self-identified leader of a Scouting-like group, specifically Trail Life. I suspect very few if any of the others even come that close to any involvement with the BSA.
  24. NoCal Girls flocking to BSA

    It is. A cynic might say that the BSA set the tone for the confusion when it decided to call the acceptance of girls into certain programs "Family Scouting," ignoring the fact that even with this change, some members of the family (i.e. Mom and Dad and siblings of age 18 or more) do not, and still will not, actually be doing the "Scouting," though some of them will, as always, be doing the "leading."
  25. NoCal Girls flocking to BSA

    I'm confused. This says girls are being permitted to sign up to be "Boy Scouts" now, when (1) girls above the 4th grade are not yet supposed to signing up for anything, yet, and (2) when they do, they are not going to be "Boy Scouts." They are going to Something Scouts or Girl Boy Scouts or whatever real name the BSA eventually comes up with. And then there's the part about Girl Scout troops that are going to be, simultaneously, Boy Scout troops. What could possibly go wrong?