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  1. But exactly what is the moral guideline at work here? What does it say? From where does it originate? What is their authority?
  2. Well, yes, some people seem to think that, and I have had Jewish people tell me that Scouting is a Christian organization as a reason (excuse?) why their sons do not join. I tell them about the Schiff family and, less famously, my family. My father became a Boy Scout in 1938 in a troop sponsored by, of all things, a Jewish Community Center, in Bayonne, New Jersey. The first troop I was in as a Scout was about 30-40% Jewish, and the second was about 60% Jewish. So where this idea got started I have no idea, but it is a misconception that I have seen first-hand.
  3. That is a suggestion I have made for real, in this forum. When the most recent made round of advancement requirement changes were made (2016?) I had an issue with turning "Scout" from the "joining badge" into a "rank" and doubling (or so) the number of requirements. I thought Scout should remain the "joining badge" and have requirements that could be finished at the Scout's second or third troop meeting. But with the number of requirements for each rank now, that would probably mean creating another rank, and I thought "Third Class" would make the most sense. Not that I think it is ever going to happen.
  4. I wrote the religious reference letter for my son. Evidently it was sufficient.
  5. NJCubScouter

    YPT2 deadline

    It seems to me that the better analogy would be if your neighbor paid you the $40 for the privilege of cutting your lawn.
  6. NJCubScouter

    YPT2 deadline

    Just for myself, I have no plans to ever get involved at the district or council level. I have just seen too much "politics" at that level, and they don't seem to treat the volunteers very well, especially the newer ones. I believe that all of that would get in the way of whatever benefit I could provide. I suspect I am not the only unit Scouter who feels that way.,
  7. NJCubScouter

    New girls in Scouting

    Ha, ha?
  8. NJCubScouter

    New girls in Scouting

    It at least shows that they (at least in my council) recognize the issue and are trying to do something about it. Most likely it is not enough, but it is something. It depends on the content and quality of the training.
  9. NJCubScouter

    New girls in Scouting

    This whole thing, at the Boy-Scout-age level, is not going to work unless and until the parents and other relatives of the girls who want to join, including mothers and other female relatives, step up to plate to become SM's and ASM's for the girl troops. That is true regardless of whether it is a linked or standalone girls troop. (I have said that I would be happy to be on a "linked committee" and to serve as Advancement Chair for both troops. But I would not want our SM or ASM's to be involved with the other troop, beyond maybe one person to service as liaison between the "uniformed leaders" of each unit, because their Scouting time should be undivided.) And I think the BSA knows that this is only going to work with a substantial number of new leaders dedicated to the girls troops. My council is running a new training program this fall specifically for new SM's and ASM's who have never been involved in Scouting before. That can't be a coincidence.
  10. NJCubScouter

    Class B Question

    Having seen some of the Scouts I have seen, I might consult with legal counsel first.
  11. I am not sure what freedom of speech has to do with this. And I disagree with your premise anyway. Except for specific places like college campuses where the "safe space" movement has gone too far, speech is pretty free in this country. And in this forum. It is on the volunteers who choose to be involved. The BSA has made clear that a trans yonuth will be placed in a unit that will welcome them. When the BSA changed the policy, the 8 year old trans boy who had been rejected by his "home" pack was welcomed by a pack in a different town. You're talking to the wrong guy.
  12. I don't think there was any way the BSA could have "stayed away" from this issue. It was not like National woke up one day and decided it wanted to let "trans males" join the Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts. (It never would have been an issue with Venturing anyway.) A boy (using his preferred identification) wanted to join the Cub Scouts, with the approval of his mother. Based on then-existing policy they were told he can't join because his birth certificate says he is female. Mom filed a complaint with the New Jersey (it's always New Jersey) Division on Civil Rights, they decided to go after the BSA, and the BSA had to decide whether it wanted to get involved in litigation (again). They decided not to, and they changed the policy, which (unlike the policy on gay youth) has a local option. I don't think they did a lot of studying into the concerns you mention. Basically the policy is that if the parents sign an application saying their child is a boy, he will be admitted as a boy. And now, with the additional changes in membership policy, the "trans" issue becomes an issue of den or troop placement rather than a real "membership" issue.
  13. NJCubScouter

    Fishing, BSA, and PETA

    i don’t see why this would be a surprise to anyone. PETA doesn’t believe ANY animal should be used for food by humans. They are entitled to advocate for their beliefs. Obviously they are not going to succeed in stopping people from fishing. Right at the moment their main activity (along with other groups) seems to be saving abandoned pets from drowning in the Carolinas, so thanks to them for that.
  14. NJCubScouter

    BSA: The POLARIS Method

    Maybe it does, but my council just (last year) completely reorganized the DE-level professional staff, supposedly to provide MORE professional staff (but I get the feeling that the people newly hired into this new structure are getting significantly less pay than the DE's.) Essentially each "group" of 3 districts has 4 executives handling different areas for all 3 districts, such as membership, development, unit service and one other that slips my mind. Those 4 report to an FSD. No more "DE" handling everything for one district. But each district still has its own volunteer structure. It took them about 2 years to transition to that. So now they are going to reorganize AGAIN?
  15. NJCubScouter

    BSA: The POLARIS Method

    I don't know the "buzzword" meaning of most of those. As I have said before, in my profession most of the "buzzwords" are from the 16th or 17th century.
  16. NJCubScouter

    BSA: The POLARIS Method

    I guess that raises the question, does any of this "method" involve directly asking unit Scouters what would allow us to more effectively deliver the program to the Scouts? And actually listening to the answers? Or is it just going to be a buch of guys with gold and silver shoulder loops talking to each other? (No offense to those here who wear gold or silver loops.)
  17. NJCubScouter

    BSA: The POLARIS Method

    You might, but I definitely am.
  18. NJCubScouter

    BSA: The POLARIS Method

    I think my personal answer to all this is, if National sends me a memo or issues a new Troop Committee Guidebook explaining what I, as a troop committee member and advancement chair, am supposed to differently, I will read it and decide what to do. (Meaning, either stay and follow the new protocols, or not stay.) If on the other hand it doesn't affect my position, I am not going to worry about it. This is one of the main reasons I have never gotten involved at the district level, there is less "insulation" from all the "great ideas" and fads coming out of National. The other main reason is the politics at the district and higher levels.
  19. NJCubScouter

    BSA: The POLARIS Method

    Can anyone explain to me what this actually is? I don't mean what they think the results will be, I mean what is actually going to happen differently in order to try to reach those results. And who is going to be involved? Are unit Scouters going to be involved, and if so, how? And you can assume I know nothing about "Lean Management," because I don't. Is it anything more than trying to get the work done with the least possible number of people?
  20. NJCubScouter

    YPT2 deadline

    In my council, MBC’s had to take it by Sept. 7 or we would be dropped from the counselor list. For everybody else the deadline is Oct. 1. I do not understand the “special treatment”, but I complied with it.
  21. NJCubScouter

    BSA: The POLARIS Method

    I did learn a new word on that page, “delayer”, meaning to reduce the number of layers. If anyone had said “delayer” to me before just now, I would have guessed that it meant a person or thing that causes a delay. And I love the bullet-point where they say that one of the ways they are going to streamline things is by creating new jargon. As opposed to the dozen or so other times they have introduced new jargon in the last 50 years or so. I can hardly wait.
  22. NJCubScouter

    Oct 1, 2018 - GSS ends Patrol Method?

    I don't think the new G2SS rules mean the "end" of the patrol method. I believe that in troops where it is working, the adults and Scouts will find a way for it to keep working despite the fact that two adults need to be "present." In other words I think that in troops where it is already understood that adults need to stay out of the patrol program, the adults will be able to distinguish between being "present" for safety purposes and being "present" in the sense of meddling with the safe activities of the patrol. In troops where it wasn't working anyway, well, it's still not going to work, because the adults don't know what their limits are. I do recognize that the new rule may make it m ore difficult for troops to move from the "non-working" to the "working" category, or from "partly working" to "working." Difficult, but not impossible.
  23. NJCubScouter

    Need guidance please

    Well, you definitely can't do THAT. And that's totally apart from the fact that you probably paid for those meals when you paid your son's camp fee. He (and you) forfeited the meals from the day(s) he was no longer there, but for a wide variety of reasons, he was entitled to eat while he was there. If you want to give your son "a taste of real hunger" that is your call, except that if any child protection agency folks got wind of it, they might decide it was not your call. It definitely was not the adult troop leaders' call.
  24. We do that, for every rank through Life. Under the Guide to Advancement it is absolutely prohibited. We do it anyway. It was being done in the troop before I started and nobody has ever questioned it. When I became Advancement Chair there were several aspects of our BOR's that were not by the book, and I proceeded to change the important ones. I never thought this one was very important.
  25. NJCubScouter

    Background checks - concerned parent

    They do not re-run the criminal background check for a recharter. I believe, though I am not 100% positive, that they need your written authorization every time they run the criminal background check on you. That authorization is contained in the adult leader application. So, if you apply for a new position where a new application is required, they re-run the check, which you have just authorized. That would include a registered unit leader registering with a different unit (i.e. pack to troop, or troop to crew, or troop to another troop, etc.); a registered unit leader registering at a different level (i.e. district or council); a registered adult registering to also be a merit badge counselor; etc.