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    Participate in an outdoor flag ceremony

    Marine and Navy color guard have been instructed to salute the ensign as soon as it is clear of your grasp according to chapter 7 of the MCDC manual. Cannot speak for AF and Army. They might not do it right for obvious reasons.
  2. Gone

    Scoutbook Acquired By Bsa

    One of our Instructors built a spreadsheet with each scout's name and two tabs. One had the old requirements, the other the new requirements. Using lookup he was able to track each group. When he left the troop for college he made it a template which Instructors since have passed down. Hasn't been needed since 2011 but I have another techie volunteer scout who is updating it now for 2016. Got to love technical kids!
  3. Gone

    Flag Ceremonies

    The Marines taught it. They did not teach the etymology of how it just became "two" and not a full two-part command. Haven't seen anyone explain that yet. Probably just laziness by non-military units trying to use a two-part command.
  4. Gone

    Flag Ceremonies

    According to our Old Guard ringer, he thinks it is short for the secondary command given in the military to return to ready position, they just skipped one part of that command. He's not certain but that's his best guess.
  5. Gone

    Flag Ceremonies

    And yet we use military terms all the time in scouting. Does hurt to teach them. Arms are only presented when you have actual "arms", otherwise you give the command to attention. As @@walk in the woods pointed out its a two part command. You can't present arms if you're unarmed. Your NG buddy is confused....or always armed.
  6. Gone

    Flag Ceremonies

    I think he was asking "Where does the term 'two' come from." Agree on your points about commands.
  7. Gone

    Flag Ceremonies

    The Marine Corps Drill and Ceremony manual. We also thankfully have access to an adult who served with the Old Guard (so he hates that we use the Marine Corps manual) who helps our scouts practice proper etiquette.
  8. Gone

    Flag Ceremonies

    It comes from the military command as a response to get units back to attention or at ease. It is coupled with the command "hand salute" or "salute" (depending on your service branch). It gets units back to attention from the salute position. You'll find it defined in most military ceremony manuals. As to its etymology, I cannot say. They don't teach you that in the military, only why we use it.
  9. Gone

    Flag Ceremonies

    As flag is in transit to its posting position the salute should be given. If raising up a flag pole the salute is given just before it goes up. Reverse when retiring the colors. Most units I see get this bit mixed up.
  10. Gone

    Noise At Noac

    Our unit is not looked upon well by the adults in the lodge....mostly the guys who have been around forever and don't want to lose power. Our kids have three ceremony teams now, do webelos cross overs and we do our own tap outs. Our kids love it and we've even pulled kids from the next district who can't get on the lodge team. At first kids wanted to quit their units and join us, but we said stay in your unit and join us anyway.
  11. Gone

    Path To Save Bsa?

    Yes, but these other examples are not private organizations with a policy. There was an expectation by this man. I suspect you bought your house where you did for a reason. If they opened a crack house or XXX store next door I'm sure you'd turn a few shades of white too.
  12. Gone

    Noise At Noac

    Our lodge doesn't have a clue. Our unit spoke with the local nation and got them to help us (actively) dress out our ceremonial team in dress consistent with the role intended. Our songs, music and dance are all consistent with actual dances from our local nation. The lodge looks like a bad B western set when they do their ceremony. It is embarrassing.
  13. Gone

    Path To Save Bsa?

    It was a poll of 500 people. This means it was a cheap, bare bones attempt to take a pulse. No methodology published that I saw which means it could be as scientific as this forum.
  14. Gone

    Scout Accident Insurance

    I may have missed it, but PLEASE say the mom was the "rabbit person".
  15. Odd they let the scout collect them given BSA's directive about scout involvement. Personally I see no reason to not have the scout involved. A scout is trustworthy right?
  16. Gone

    Unit Funds

    At some point I hope the boys get to help. We used to be adult driven at that level but changed that 10-12 years ago. Now our boys know how much to budget for food ($13), how much for site rental (varies), gas (varies) and incidentals (propane, mantles, etc.). We helped them develop an event budget sheet which they fill out at annual planning for every event and submit to the troop committee. The TC refines but the budget came from the scouts.
  17. We used to do archery and hawks. Can't do hawks anymore so we stick to archery. Since we do this a lot it is not a ringer meeting. Cooking demos (where you can eat AND help cook) are good, but again, we do those all the time. Our "swat" team guys are just as prepared as our regular guys.
  18. Our district accepts general references in one's own style. As soon as our scouts turn Life we begin working with them to identify adults who would 1) be willing to write a good letter of reference and 2) would be willing to write a GOOD letter of reference. We work on this list and fine tune it during their Life rank so these are ready when the scout is prepared to sit for his ESMC.
  19. Gone

    Seven Ranges Anyone?

    @@NationalTrailEagle84, @@jr56, @@jr56,@@pargolf44067, @@qwazse, thanks everyone. Our PLC is looking in to this camp and asked me to check out "what the adults are saying" about it. I have seen a few home made videos and the camp looks nice. Dinning hall looks good and the list of activities sound great. The Pipestone program is something out scouts have not seen so I am sure they will eat that up!
  20. Gone

    Seven Ranges Anyone?

    My cousin's troop is looking in to Seven Ranges for a future summer camp. I'd not heard of this camp before. Anyone have any experience with this camp? How's the MB program? More importantly, how's the staff (revolving or pretty steady)? How are the facilities?
  21. Always. We rotate between in-council and out. Boys decide and we have a short list of recommendations which the Scribe keeps track of on a spreadsheet. It's 60 miles to our council camp. We've gone 1,800 miles before (rented bus). Cost is a factor but not the only one. If we go far renting a bus is preferred, but then we need to fill the bus in order to make the price point under $300 or so for the transportation cost. If we go far one year (and have a high transport cost) we usually go fairly close by (meaning no bus rental) the following year. High adventure is usually done in conjunction with summer camp UNLESS it is a national HA base year. We try to go local or near by in those years to those who want to do HA and summer camp may do so. We usually find in those years most elect to do one or the other, not because of cost but because of time.
  22. Gone

    Host site for Troop management website

    We use SOAR/mytroop. My thoughts: Very easy to use and maintain. Templates and widgets work well. Tracking registrations, payments, etc. VERY easy. Ability to secure certain pages and make other pages open. Have many recurring things both events and pages. You can assign others to manage a page or a whole section. Mailing lists you can create are GREAT!!! Security not an issue. Initial set up means everyone needs to have an email in the system then it generates user IDs and passwords. Resetting either is easy. Reminders sent to those not using the system also easy. I used to maintain the old website and would put 8-10 hours/week in just coding, changes, admin, etc. With SOAR/mytroop I spend about 1-2 hours/week and it is mostly organizing content or putting/taking down stuff. I could farm even that out to someone but I like that small bit of control. Sunday AM cup of coffee and I am done with my week's admin work. Oh, and I can do it on the road, so mobile access to make changes not an issue either.
  23. That's the point! Incoming Webelos want to see the program warts and all, not just what is created and rehearsed for their benefit. If the unit's youth leaders are organized you should be able to publish monthly themes and have your meetings plans done weeks in advance. You should know your location if you are working with your COR. Publish all that online and stick to it. Webelos show up and participate. They either like it or they don't. The last thing you want is to get all dressed up for the Webelos, have then join and then they see all the warts later.
  24. @5yearscoutersame thing happened in my old pack. They lost their CO in 2013 and had to find a new home. Just now breaking 35 Cubs again.
  25. Gone

    Hiking Medalion

    @@mashmaster that's a good price for the quality you get.