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  1. Good point. I looked this up and 4H came out of a 1914 law that set up the cooperative extension programs at land grant universities to help farmers. While the BSA got a charter, 4H got funding. Sounds like a better deal to me. They also have plenty of donors, though.

    Either way, compare 4H's national budget with BSA's and they still run a tighter program. 4H has revenues much higher than expenses and all of their numbers are in the 10's of millions of dollars whereas BSA is losing money and they're in the 100's of millions range. Think of your favorite expense, the summit.

    I've been to my local cooperative extension office and they're set up to help everyone. I don't know the relationship between 4H and the Dept of Agriculture, but it just seems to me that there's just enough oversight that when someone proposed this incredible fair ground in WV with zip lines and all sorts of fun for the entire family that kids from all over the country would pay thousands of dollars to go to, that the guy at the USDA would have said, umm, no, get back to basics. Oh, and fix your hiring practices, you're so inbred it's horrible. :)

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  2. The difference between 4H and scouting is the overhead in capital and labor. 4H has little and the BSA has an enormous amount. Properties and staffing are huge for a non profit. 4H sets up a stem program and it's a few documents of ideas for the youth. The bsa does it and it's millions of dollars poured into camps. Bechtel?

    That said, camps used to be profit centers. It reminds me of college dorms. They used to be really cheap and students were okay with it. Now dorms are really nice and come with good food and activity centers. Well, now students are leaving colleges in droves. Community colleges are a much better deal. So, how does the BSA lower costs and still have fun stuff to do?  It's a fine line between too cheap and just right. Rather than pour money into toys I'd rather see a little money poured into teaching scouts how to create their own fun. 

    Another thing 4H has is a definite project. Raise chickens or make a soap box car. I think the bsa could borrow that idea. Make fun MB's for a patrol to work on that takes around 3 months to complete. Something about working towards a final project rather than a patch sounds much more appealing to me.

  3. 1 hour ago, ThenNow said:

    You're welcome. I sincerely hope neither my comments nor presence will inhibit the conversation. If so, I apologize. 

    Not at all. I think you've just clarified what I'm thinking. Really bad things happened. And yet there is no simple answer. Social norms have changed. The BSA has done a lot of good. The only way forward I see is to be honest, get a complete understanding of what happened and go all in for preventing it from happening again.

    I hope you stick around. I'm sure you'll have lots to add. Oh, and welcome to the forum.

  4. Entomologists are all kids at heart. I visited the local ag school's dept. when my son was a cub scout and they were just so into it. They were bragging about how you hadn't been stung until you've been stung by this one insect that had a 5" long stinger and they only knew it existed in this one remote corner of the state that few people ever went (hence why it wasn't extinct). Anyway, if they want to change the name of the MB, it's the kid in them and I'd let them change it to whatever they wanted because it would be a great MB.

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  5. Is placing blame really doing anything?

    While a lot of politicians may be lawyers (I don't know if that's true anymore), all judges are lawyers and it's those lawyers that are keeping our democracy together right now. It's also a lawyer, the judge in this chapter 11 case, that will decide the BSA's fate.

  6. 1 hour ago, mrjohns2 said:

    You do understand that the BSA has people of different political persuasions as members? 


    31 minutes ago, David CO said:

    As members, yes.  At the national level, no.  At the national level, they are all of one mind, and it is not conservative.

    Hey all, let's get back to Chapter 11.

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  7. 51 minutes ago, walk in the woods said:

    I believe the correct term is "useful idiots." 

    You're leaving yourself open for a really nasty insult and I want to stop that from happening right now. Let's all stop the name calling. It's time for everyone to start thinking about what they're thankful for.

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  8. Okay everyone, I smell panic in the air. You are, however, being very polite. So thank you for that.

    I have no doubt there will be change. We just don't know what that change will entail. Isn't change one of the topics covered in Wood Badge? Things are unsure and that causes stress. That's all I remember. I probably got bored after that. I don't even remember what the syllabus said about dealing with change. What I do know is there's a fundamental idea of scouting and that won't change. I don't care if the camp I went to as a kid gets sold off, I'm done using it. The absolute best fun my scouts ever had, and myself when I was their age, was finding fun in new places. Mud, water, snow, rocks, sticks, fire, ice, sunsets, stars, friends, and in my case a WWI cemetery. New scouts will find new places but the basics will still be there. Talk to the UK scouts, they go hiking through and camping in farm fields and I'm sure they have as much fun as we do. People don't like the idea of after school scouting but maybe after school is a perfect time for patrols to meet and the troop only meets once a month for a night of competition. Change might not be so bad. It's not that we will lose donors because the donors are long gone. Figure out how to include kids from lower income families and a lot more charity funds will become available. This isn't the end of the world, it's just the end of how we used to do things.

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  9. I'd be more interested in knowing how many of the cases where after 2000. Just my opinion but the only hope the BSA has is to prove that they've solved this problem. If the number is substantially lower than, say, at schools, then maybe the judge will be able to look at what good the BSA has done.

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  10. These metrics are not very well thought out. Units are struggling to increase membership in any unit. Asking for an increase in some demographic without the skills needed just reminds me of old Soviet 5 year plans. It's a great source of corruption.

    If they want to increase minority membership I think a better approach would be to encourage SE's to create a relationship with community leaders of minorities. And, rather than ask them to volunteer to create scout units they should ask them what parents want for their kids. Assume that scouting is not it and just be helpful and friendly. Just a hunch but my guess is parents are more worried about their jobs and help with schooling/day care. The reason I say that is that just about every parent I know has that issue right now. Creating a relationship will create trust and that will do more for creating units than just asking for units. Of course, it's hard to create a metric for friendly and helpful, so, never mind.

  11. 1 hour ago, SSScout said:

    Smile and wave as you stand in line, waiting to take your turn 

    I smiled to myself. I voted last week. Yet there are still polling places to drop off the ballots. They smiled. It was like passing someone on a trail. They don't get nearly the rush of voters of having them all in 12 hours. 

  12. On 10/28/2020 at 11:40 AM, 5thGenTexan said:

    Recipe for that is the top of this thread.  :)

    I did use black eyed peas instead of the kidney beans and pintos.  Also... I think it probably needs a bit more "heat" .  I used a can of Rotel, but it didnt add much to it.

    You did not post a valid url. It would help if you included the part in front that has "https://www. ...." so at least the domain name shows up.

  13. 1 hour ago, DuctTape said:

    Rarely people step up. Pleas for volunteers being ignored is common in most organizations and systems. Recruiting adults (and scouts) effectively requires personal invitations. All recruitment is Cheap, Easy, Effective... choose only 2.

    While that may be true, I've noticed that the best volunteers are self motivated. For the position of SM I think this is more critical than other positions. SM's that don't really want to be there shouldn't. People, when asked and respond with no, should be left alone. Now, if someone says they're not sure, that starts a conversation.

    The next issue is what environment is needed for someone to see themselves as a future SM before anyone asks? I think that's the harder problem to solve.

  14. On 10/15/2020 at 1:03 PM, Oldscout448 said:

    Find a site, clear a ring (BIG fallen trees to move) figure out where the trails go, clear and mark them.  Read all the new safety protocols, come up with some ideas how to implement them. At the first rehearsal realize that half of them aren't going to work.  Back to the drawing board.  Realize the ring isn't big enough to keep everyone apart, enlarge it.  Find out a lot more candidates registered than you guesstimated, enlarge it again.  

    All with 75% of the numbers we had pre pandemic.

    But some of the scouts are just extraordinary!  They just keep showing up, working like beavers two, three, even four times a week. Sometimes all afternoon by they can only stay for an hour.  Practicing ceremonies after dark. Pushing each other to excel.  I tell you brethren they are a true inspiration!

    I just read this. Thank you for the inspiration. Sounds like these scouts have created a great memory for themselves. I hope the ceremony is (was?) a success.

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