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  1. I noticed that @RememberSchiff keeps adding something along the lines of "just my $.02” at the end of his posts. I'm starting to wonder if he's expecting payment. Think about it. He has some 5800 posts. At 2 cents per post that's over $100. But maybe he's expecting the 2 cents from each person that reads a post? That is a whole lot of wisdom. Especially if he can collect. 

    But, is it legal?

    What say yee? Let's have some fun with this. It's been a rough year and we should start the new year happy.

    The legalese 😁: keep it friendly, images are permitted, any punishment vetted on anyone will be carried out in jest just as soon as we all meet at a real campfire.

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  2. 53 minutes ago, qwazse said:

    The month that "scout" is no longer proprietary, the S in BPSA will revert from "Service" back to "Scouting", TL/USA and AHG will rebrand as Trinitarian Scouts of America - Boys and Trinitarian Scouts of America - Girls, respectively, Makers will be Maker Scouts, etc ... If GS/USA thinks their potential recruits are confused now, they will drain their wallets on cease and desist orders to these other groups.

    Yep. Kind of like breaking up  the phone company. If it helps the youth then I'm for it.

    Besides, the term scout is bigger than either of the 2 organizations. And I'm not talking about Israeli Scouts or Polish Scouts, both of which reside in the US and nobody seems too bothered by. Let Trail Life call themselves a scouting organization, because they are. Same for BPSA. Who doesn't think the S stands for Scout? There has to be a legal principal that if it walks like a scout, talks like a scout and eats like a scout, then it's a scout.

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  3. 3 hours ago, qwazse said:

    and retain their monopoly on "girl power."

    Speaking of monopoly, or rather charters, isn't it time to remove all the charters and end all of these issues about the rights to a word, scouts, that predates both the bsa and gsusa? It seems to me that everyone else in the world treats the term scouts as generic and hence no copyrights. Anyway, how many problems have occured because the bsa and gsusa thought they had a monopoly and didn't need to listen to their customers? Maybe adding some competition might just help the people the charter should be helping, the youth.

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  4. Since this topic is is about new ways to fund units, I'd say make a change to this rule about tips for service. The only difference between tips and a fixed price for service is when the price is negotiated. My troop picks up Christmas trees and recycles them. They ask for a donation. Some give $5 and some give $20. I see no issue with this. Further, it encourages the idea of council supporting units rather than the other way.

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  5. 5 minutes ago, InquisitiveScouter said:


    @MattR , I respectfully disagree with your assessment.

    I can see how you're not happy with it.

    Yesterday there was a lot of really good discussion on this thread about how this MB wasn't going to work. I wake up this morning and there is suddenly a lot more posts that are starting to get heated. I'd rather see the good discussion. If there are points that the video makes that you want to bring up, go for it.

    This country is tearing itself apart because most people can't talk about anything without jumping into personal insults. As for this MB, I don't like it because A) it's just school work and B) there are people here that are very much against it, so it won't work anyway. At the same time, a good friend of mine is black and there's some truth to a lot of what the black community is talking about. I don't think this MB will help but at the same time just saying follow the scout oath and law won't suffice either. I'm not sure what the answer is. But when a video comes along with the title along the lines of "what the left won't accept" I know it's not going to help move things forward.

    Again, take the time to write up the points in your words, understanding that both sides are reading it, and I'd really interested in reading it.


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  6. 3 minutes ago, fred8033 said:

    The video was 100% on-topic.  Many people believe the DE&I badge is propaganda and can't be taught constructively without pulling in individuals personal political beliefs.   The video has 100% on-topic discussion topics.  Is race real?  Is it useful to discuss?  Where do the issues start?  How to work with police?

    Removing that video is today's canceling culture and is censorship.

    If you want this badge, we need the ability to discuss and debate the topics in the badge.


    No, censorship would be deleting the posts, locking the thread, and banning those that participated.

    Go ahead and discuss as much as you want. The reason we put in that rule was that it was too easy for people to create a bunch of content that reflected their anger about something without thinking about all of the content they've posted. That's where threads tend to go bad. What we want is for people to spend the time to pick their words carefully. That's not censorship. That's asking for civil discourse among people that disagree with each other.


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  7. Here's my proposal for a merit badge that might be more scout like (I.e., more doing and less talking). I realize this will never happen.

    Culture Shock Merit Badge.

    1) with a parent, identify a family having a different cultural background than your own. This can be language, cultural heritage, economics, urban vs rural, disability or anything else that you've never been around.  This family must also have children your age.

    A) live with this family for a bare minimum of 3 months. 6 months would be better and a year would be ideal. You must go to the same school as the children in the family, participate in their religious practices, go on any vacations with them. For the first month you are not to contact your family or your friends. You must have another adult that you meet with weekly and can contact at any time with any problems you are having.

    B) keep a journal that you write in at least weekly. Describe challenges you have and differences in how your host family does things compared to your family. Describe things that are better, worse and just different from what you are used to.

    2) after completing req 1) review your journal with your counselor.

    3) make a presentation to your troop about your experience.

    4) make a first aid kit, because there is always a first aid requirement.

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  8. Welcome to the forums. But I wish it were under better conditions.

    "I have all the postings from his facebook page showing the pool, the check the Troop cut for themselves afterwards"

    So, the unit raised funds via gambling and then paid themselves? Just a hunch, but isn't that illegal? I suspect the chartering organization, which is likely a 501 c 3, would go ballistic if they knew what was going on.

    After you find another troop please come back with some good news. 

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  9. Just a thought: it seems that the size of the BSA, the infrastructure that supports all of the units, has become a huge liability. Not only is it expensive to keep, it's also a big target for lawsuits. Could an "open source" model work? Essentially, a small group of expert scouters keep a wiki that explains how to do scouting. All the nuts and bolts of running a unit. From program to training to liability and YP. That replaces all of national and all the camps. So there are no deep pockets. If people get unhappy with how merit badges are done they can fork off a new "code base" and roll their own. No more targets for lawyers, no more arguing about the best way to do things. If you have a better idea then try it. No more complaining. If people like your version you can create a patreon thing and get paid.

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  10. It has to be done for a non profit. Not sure how a personnally owned lake fits into that.

    Also, trees don't sink unless they're weighed down. I had a scout do such a project. He set 5 trees in concrete and then pulled them out with a boat and dropped them. This took 2 fairly busy days. So I'm not sure the big truck is needed.

    What is needed is for the scout to figure this all out. My suggestion is give the idea to the scout and then stand back and see what, if anything, happens. The scout needs to do the research, planning, advertising and problem solving. If someone else does all that then it is no longer an eagle project.

  11. Truly is an unfortunate situation. But all you can control is your own reaction. If you don't want to sign then don't sign. I've not signed for much less. Council did sign. I'm fine with it, as I didn't sign. I hope that helps.

    Best of luck.

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