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  1. I think scouting is missing a huge opportunity right now. I was reading a discussion about positive ways to reform police departments and there was a really interesting observation. A study was done on ways to reduce crime in poorer sections of cities and they tried 3 things: increase police, increase social aid, and just tearing down abandoned buildings and putting in parks. The most effective was putting in parks. It created community and places for kids to play. They then mentioned that youth programs greatly help police. They mentioned Boys and Girls Clubs but didn't mention scouts. That kind of hurt. It hurt even more realizing that, as scouts currently stands, it would likely not work. And yet if there's ever a part of our cities that could use scouting, these are the places.

    Put another way, if scouting can't figure out how to work in these places then I think scouting has become irrelevant. And it's not because parents don't care for character development, it's that the current program is all twisted out of shape from what it started as. Didn't scouting start for kids in cities? To me it seems that the target group of kids are those in suburbs.

  2. Sometime I wonder if BP's push for scouts was a case of trying to make amends for what happened in his military career. If so, I think his statue should stay up. Plenty of people with problems have turned things around.

  3. 9 hours ago, DuctTape said:

    Though I would encourage all adults to steer scouts towards planning and executing their own adventures, even the high adventure ones.

    I almost went to Philmont. Other than that I've done about 15 trips with my troop, all of which we put on ourselves. I will admit, it does take more work than just writing a check but a wiki full of ideas would cover that.

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  4. 5 hours ago, Kudu said:

    and the year that the BSA decided to replace  Hillcourt's "Real" Patrol Method with a "Nine Leadership Skills" version of White Stag http://www.inquiry.net/leadership/9skills.htm .  

    Well what do you know, that's the perfect description of why I'm not a fan of BSA training. I keep telling scouts if they really knew the material they were trying to teach it would be really easy to both teach it and easier to come up with fun events to use it.

    I went and read the BPSA Pathfinder manual. In all honesty I really liked it. It stops at First Class. Very little describe, discuss, explain. Lots of practical do. Some MB's, like first aid, require retesting every year, just like the adults. Senior proficiency badges. And the capstone req for First Class is to go on a 14 mile backpacking trip or 30 mile bike trip on your own or with another scout that goes overnight.

    No eagle, but hey, no eagle! The scouts would have to figure out what they want to do. That and it would be a lot cheaper.



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  5. 27 minutes ago, InquisitiveScouter said:

    BSA has a long way to go here...how many of your council camps have been logged??

    One of our camps is used by a local university's forestry program as a lab on how to thin forests. Is that the type of logging you're talking about? Or is it logging wood to sell? If the latter then not us, as all we have is Ponderosa Pine.

  6. I recently drove from Iowa to Colorado. The traffic on I80 is mostly back to normal. Lots of semis. Lots of RV's. Lots of traffic cones. Lots of people without cruise control that can't make up their mind if they want to tailgate, pass, or just slow down in front of you. Lots of extra wide wind turbine blades. It cleared up a bit somewhere around Grand Island and the last part, after the I76 interchange, was just open and crank up the sound system. So, pretty normal.

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  7. 1 hour ago, swilliams said:

    (By dedicated, they meant assigned to a pod for the entire week.)

    So so close! I like the idea of a pod deciding what they want to do together. How about, rather than an adult, pick one scout as the pod leader. Oh! And the scouts could vote on their pod leader. And if the scout struggles there could be a senior pod leader that could help him out. As for adults, maybe just a couple in camp would be needed for guidance. They could be called the pod master and assistant pod master.

    Sarcasm aside, using the patrol method at summer camp could solve a lot of problems and be a lot of fun.

    36 minutes ago, karunamom3 said:

    Our scouts are excited to get back to basics and spend more time together as a unit instead of splitting off in every which way. (Units stay together in a 'pod' the whole week). Some are sad there will be no completed MBs, but at the same time are looking forward to an array of MBs being worked on. With blue cards handy and a list from camp/council detailing what skills go towards which MBs. For sure none of our scouts thought to do metalworking MB, but are now excited that they will be working with the camps forge toward metalworking, for example. Often how scouts feel depends on how the adults or SPL present the activity.

    This is exactly the patrol method. I think it's how all summer camps should run.

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  8. 1 hour ago, swilliams said:

    Also, we have one scout who has reached the amazing feat of over 300 hours of service in his time as a scout.  Any cool ideas for that? 

    Sounds easy. A sack full of silly toys along with a nice plaque buried down in the toys. A nice mix of fun and serious.

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  9. 55 minutes ago, Eagledad said:

    You are missing the point. There is no silver bullet for the BSA.


    Oh, now I understand. I guess I also read that differently than what you had intended. Thanks for clarifying that.

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  10. 1 hour ago, SSScout said:

    How come I now have a side to side scroll bar and the whole home page (for instance) is not totally visible like before?  

    My guess is accidental fat fingering and zooming in. I think it depends on your browser on how to get out of it. Worst case, restart your browser.

  11. 5 hours ago, Eagle1993 said:

    Even high adventure can be done at a lower cost when not through BSA

    We used to do 2 a year and one of them had to be on the cheap. Those were fun. Of course, it helps when someone in the troop is a river rat and has friends with rafts. Several people have told me Northern Tier is much more expensive than the local outfitters. Same lakes.

  12. Welcome to the forum, @MichelleIsAScout.

    If I read you correctly you're saying the church ordered some supplies independent of this scout and asked the scout to install them? Question number 1, is there much complexity in the installation? What does this involve? If this is something really simple then this isn't, in my view, an eagle project. If a scout is just providing labor then that's not leadership. Anyone can put out a flier, send some email, and get a half dozen scouts to show up. It might be a great service project but it doesn't involve leadership.

    Usually when I see projects like this I try and find something else the scout can own and take care of. Figuring out how to make something work, taking a vague idea from the benefactor and turning it into a detailed project and leading that, doing some research as how to best do something. Any simple task, if it's scaled up, presents new challenges that will require leadership. The challenge for the adults is to help the scout find those types of things.

    Hope that helps.


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  13. GUESS WHAT, EVERYONE? IT"S TIME TO LOCK THIS THREAD AGAIN! It's hard to type while holding down the shift key so please just assume I'm shouting at you. I'm not really shouting but, for the following people: @HashTagScouts, @MikeS72, @desertrat77, @Eagledad, @Mrjeff, @Jameson76, @BAJ  ( @SSScout and @TAHAWK get a pass for trying to make light of it), and everyone else that is complaining about parents complaining about how unfair this virus is to our children. I'm fairly sure that there's another thread for that. Go find it and post there. This thread is supposed to be about chapter 11 and all the lawyer stuff.  Well, that and I don't want to split this thread apart again. Just let the whiny parents go, please?

    But you know, @David CO has a point. 100,000 people have died, a lot more will, and 40million people are newly unemployed. Everyone is struggling. It's time for our better angels to come out. I will unlock this thread as soon as it seems like those that want to post have figured out that won't work. And for those that do post about non legalistic stuff, I'll just hide your post as that's easy.


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