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  1. In our little acre of paridise we havetwo or three troops between 95-99 years old. According to Council history, there was a functional Troop a few miles south of out town back in 1908, but it vanished in the Teens.


    Our Troop in Canal Futlon will be 90 years old next year. We were the 5th chartered Troop to the old Massillon Area Council, and are the only one still functioning. Massillon merged the Wooster Council into the fold bringing in one of the 99y/o Troops. Massillon the merged with The McKinley Council bring in the other two old Troops.


    On another note, Canal Fulton charted the first Cub Pack in the Massillon Area Council back in the 1930's, when Cubs first started.


    I'm presently doing research on our first Eagle, 1936. I wonder how to find out what his # was.



    Beahvah, one of the problems I'm running into in our DCCS is having to work around the octagenarians entrenched in their ways. one good thimg is that we have not had the problem of priests steppingv up and demanding that we do this or that with the classes held at their parishes. We have encouraged them as IRs to step up and politely ask the SM "how many of our Scouts have worked on their Religious Emblems Award? Oh really!! Why haven't they? Can this be pushed as a Troop improvement this year since a SCOUT IS REVERENT?" Then again, that is a goal that I would like to set for all our religious oriented CO's.


    As for POPE PIUS XII, it is run as a discussion groupn while the AD ALTERE DEI is more out of the book. YUCK!!! But unfortunately that is how it's set up. My friends in the Diocese of Columbus (DOY)(Love thae one), run an AD ALTERE DEI weekend, & a POPE PIUS XII weekend at a state park. They cover some items. Scouts have to have project ideas to present to the counsellors. Not a big project, but a decent. If it's a shabby one, back to the drawingboard. They the meet with the counsellor a few more times. Our DIOCESAN COMMITTEE ON SCOUTING CC is appalled at the idea, has to be a class setting.


    Counsel wise we have a nightmare when it comes to the Catholic church we have to deal with five dofferent Dioceses over two states. Makes life interesting.

  3. Beavah,

    Way back in my youth (The Protestant Days), I entertained the thought of possibly doing God & Country. I thought (Man, this looks tough. I don't know about tackling this on my own. Maybe if I had a few friends doing it with me, it wouldn't be so bad ". Guess what? I never did it.


    Fast forward to my Catholic years. Both my sons did AD ALTERE DEI, and the youngest the Pope Pius XII. Son 1 went and did it with a friend & about 12 others. I attended a prayer service they did. That was my total involvement working 3-11 shift.


    The younger one, I made sure I was off that night to make sure he had a way there. He had 8 in his program. About a month into his program, the mentor underwent an organ transplant, and yours truly was blindsided into the mentor position by the DCCS Chair.


    Several fo the Scout expressed the fact that they felt they did learn more about their Catholic faith in AD ALTERE DEI then they did in CCD. I feel a lot of these Scouts would not do this program on their own. They are more at ease in a group setting. We also try and get some of the older Scouts to come back and help mentor the program. The younger ones are more prone to open up and discuss things more with the older Scout then us old geezers.


    We also encourage the parents to stick around or the classes. Most parents also state that they have left knowing more about their faith then when they started sitting in.


    I'm not fond of AD ALTERE DEI & POPE PIUS XII being in a classroom setting. I agree it appears to much like school. I have been trying to figure out a way to take part of he program out to a weekend camping retreat setting. (open for any suggestion on a new thread or by PM)


    But as SSS states, it is a Faith based program set up by the specific Faith communities, and is available to any youth of the faith, not just Scouts. National only recogizes the award by allowing us to wear the medal

    on the uniform. That is if National is willing to recognize that Faith's Emblem program (past thread).


    Rambling thoughts of a

    Council Religious Relations Chair



  4. Platy,

    I am hoping to get a few guys from our Lodge or Chapter to go. I have a hand full that want to start ceremonies at the Chapter level, & make their own regalia. No dancers yet. I have a couple band members that are interested in Native drumming. The LA would like to start a drum with singers, and hopefully drum up some interest in dancing. No pun intended. Maybe will meet in Asheville.(This message has been edited by ASM915)

  5. Jblake47, you stated "she lived 15 years". Were you talking about your wife, after she realized you were right, or the dog? LOL.


    Platy, when ate you running for POTUS? I'll make sure to vote for you. Maybe you can straighten DC out.


    Like another post stated, & like I informed your SPL in his thread, stay 2 steps ahead of the SM. Hold your covert PLC's, then bring your game an to the PCLC that the SM attends. Have everything ready worked out and assigned out for the unit meetings & next campout.


    Let the PLs that don't listen & stick to the plan fail. That is the only way they will learn from thier mistakes.


    Good luck.


    Drop me a PM about how you are doing with your Chapter.

  6. Warwick,


    Advice from someone who is usually very passionate about what I believe in, and who on more then one occassion has let my tongue fly (and I'm talking about going head to head with doctors, and an occassipnal attorney), you have to make sure that you come across diplomatically & respectfully. Sometimes it is very hard to keep those two things in mind.


    Next time SM blurts out "Hey, I want this or that", imeediately jump in with, " Got it handled Mr SM. John grab the uniform inspection sheets. Jack get them in uniform and lined up." Then run the inspection before he has a chance. Show him (respectfully) that you can do it. The next time he starts to "Hey...", "On it Mr SM". If you get an inkling that SM is planning on calling something, jump the gun, call it yourself, and beat him to it.


    Start a "SWEAR & ANGER JAR". Everyone contributes if in violation, including adults. Next time he starts to run off at the mouth with the inappropriate language, or outburst, "no disrespect sir, but that's 50 cents". Just make sure that everyone is getting hit up. Don't just take aim at SM. See if this changes the dynamics of the Troop & the SM, & if things start to improve.


    By all means, have a meeting with SM, and the ASM's. Have an advocate for you and the other Scouts present for moral support. Maybe a parent who knows Scouting, or your Unit Commissioner. Have a list of ideas & suggestions on how you all would like to see thing work within the Troop from the Scouts. When you set up the meeting with SM, suggest to the SM that it would be nice if he could have his thought and ideas down on paper.


    Again, be very respectful and diplomatic. It will get you farther ahead in the long run.

  7. It shoukd depend on where the boys feels most comfortable, as long as the Troop isn't a few hundred miles away :)


    Our Troop is going to triple in size over the next 4 months, from 6 to 11, to 19. It will be a challenge for the three older Scouts that will be doing most of the teaching. We will see how much high school & sports interfere.


    If you have a large group crossing over, something else to consider is what are the parents expectations/intensions. Does the Troop meet those. The group we have coming in, has several parents that are former Scouts. They have an idea how they want things run. Luckily, it has been what I've been hoping for. They want Patrol Method, hopefully that also means boy run. The parents were going to make a decision on which Troop yhe Den woud go to. My oldest, a Troop CM, reminded the Pack CC and COR to remember to take the Webelos' opinions into consideration, before letting the adults rule the roost.

  8. Resqman,

    A lot of parallels betweens our experiences. I joined as a Cub, and progressed through the levels and ranks. I remember wanting to join Cubs because I thought it would be cool to wear the blue uniform. When we moved, I was able to make instant friends through the new Pack.


    Boy Scouts was fun. I don't remember who posted about being the knot wiz, but my first camporee, I was the star & constellation wiz. We had just studied astronomy at school. Our patrol just blew that station away. The others were impressed, especially the older ones. OA was a big help. Back then, it took several years to get in due to being only able to elect so many depending on the Troop's membership numbers. That was a big turning point. Became part of the Ceremony Team & LEC.


    Unlike Resqman, I never really became bored. I was always interested in EMS & the Fire service. My Eahle project was centered around them. I went ont to become a volunteer Medic/FF for 25 years. I gradually left that after rejoining Scouts with my sons, and becoming more involved. I'm currently the OA Chapter Advisor, Religious Relations Chair, & ASM (probably stepping up to SM in the next couple of months).


    Like Resqmans son, my oldest was involved in swimming, and opted out of Cubs, and the first several years of Scouts. As a family, we camped, canoed, and hiked big timeN right out of the craddle. The boys were use to camping at least once a month since they were babies. They still love it. Our oldest finely joined at 15. 9 months. He told the SM that he would be Eagle before 18. He wanted to be like his dad. He short of shook up some of the adults. They thought a kid coming in at his age wouldn't know what he was doing out in the woods. He knew more then most of them, which put them ill at ease at first. He was also a guru with a compass. He pulled off Eagle, OA, and a Religious Emblem, while pulling a full coarse load & extraciriculars. He is now a Troop CM, but plans to step back to ASM this year. He definitely followed me, and is now an EMT/FF.


    The youngest (Special Needs) has no other interests then Scouting. He is slowly working toward Eagle. He has been a Chapter officer, & is the Lodge historian. He has only missed on OA activity since his Ordeal. He has found rides when my wife & I have been out of state. He has worked the last 3 out of 4 years on camp staff. He also met his wife through a Venture Crew. The father-in-law was a SM also. The future grandsons won't have a chance. LOL.


    When asked why they both enjoy Scouting, it is doing things in the outdoors, being around the other Scouts definitely living by the law & oath, and neither has ever bent to peer pressure.

  9. Our newly merged District (January this year) is planning a AOL Recognition program. This is not AOL Ceremony. The Packs want to do the AOL on their own at this time. The District's plan is to have all second year Webelos attend, and recognize those who have earned & received their AOL award. As the recognition part winds down, the District wants rep's from the. District's Troops present to talk with perspective members & parents.

    Our OA Chapter has been asked to take a major role in the program. We are discussing creating a new script/program. We do not want to have to much overlapping between this program & the AOL Ceremony.


    We are also talking about bringing in dancers & a Drum from a neighboring Lodge (or a Native Drum from the area). We also are talking about handing out a gift that would encourage the Cubs to continue on their road into Scouting, and to participate in our Council's Camp Honors program at summer camp.


    Are there any Lodges or Councils out there that have offered this type of program?

    I am open to any suggestions & ideas. Feel free to reply to the group, or contact me via PM.




    Hetuck Chapter Co-Advisor

    Buckeye Council


  10. Scoutwithnecker asked "Why have we here in the USA all but abondoned the universal symbol of Scouting?"


    Could it be that we in the USA feel that we do not have to follow tradition, that we have to be different, and that we do not care what others think?


    Sort of reminds me of the book "THE UGLY AMERICAN".


    I wear my Lodge necker. My youngest wears either his Lodge or his Jambo necker. My oldest (23 y/o) wears his for ceremony, or when it is called for.


    But when you can't get your leaders to wear a necker, you're not going to get your Scouts to wear them.

  11. GUerin, welcome to the forum. Sorry if I created a stir. I caught what little information that was offered up on the 11:00PM Charleston news, last week while vacationing in your lovely state.


    Brent, hijack away. I'm easy. I would love to get out to Wounded Knee & Little Bighorn, and offer up some sage, sweetgrass & tobacco. Unfortunately, I live in Ohio, and have to claim Custer as one of hours. Maybe his problem was SAD. We seem to have to many crazies from Ohio. LOL.

  12. Onevoice,


    Depending on the amount donated, I like Ryan's Scholarship idea. You could create a trust or foundation, invest the money, and use the interest for:

    1) A scholarship for youth from the Pack that achieve Eagle.




    2) Camporships for WRC.


    If the amount is not large enough for these ideas, another option would be to come up with a memorial in honor of the CM, whether it be a plaque, peace pole, garden, etc.


    A few years back, we had a youth from our town pass away. He was a Scout in a Troop from the neighboring Council. A few of us from our Troop managed to find out when the procession was to arrive at the cemetary. A couple of us were waiting in uniform at the entrance when they arrive saluting as they entered. Every Memorial Day weekend, our Troop & the local Pack place flags on the graves at the three cementaries in town. I always have a Cub or Scout go over and place a flag on the Scouts grave. Not meaning to hijack the thread, but there are a lot of ways to remember & memorialize the CM.

  13. See if you can find some old BSHBs from the 30', 40's and 50's and see what else they suggested using the neckers for. Some that cpme to mind are:

    - to make cravats & bandages. For FA

    - to use as a bandana around the head when doing service projects

    - protect the back of your neck

    - used to cover mouth & nose when the enviroment or weather conditions were bad.


    Necker is mainly a British term. Yes, a lot of scouts from other countries, mainly Europe, will be running around in jeans & tees with a necker on. You will occassional see some of them dressed like this on this side of the pond.


    Good luck on the presentation.

  14. Onevoice,


    Welcome to the forum. I'm sorry it is under this situation. I am sorry for your CM's family & the Pack's loss.

    I know that this advice comes a little late. Anyone involved in Scouting that suffers a loss in their unit, or of a family member of one of their Scouts/Scouters, contact your Council. They may have a grief counseling program set up through their Religious Relations Chaplaincy Program.

    This may be of great assistance on helping the Pack & and the family get through a similar tragedy.


    Onevoice, you all are in our prayers.


    Eric Prathe


    Hetuck Chapter Co-Advisor

    Buckeye Council Religious Relations Chair

  15. For those units planning a future trip to the USS Yorktown,BEWARE!!!


    On the 11:00PM Charleston news tonight, City Council is looking at the future of Patriots Point & the Naval Museum. I forget what their yearly income is from the museum, but the annual budget for the museum is $10 million. Council is looking into their options with the site.


    The biggie: If they develop the site (prime waterfront property) with 200 homes, plus businesses,etc, they stand to make between $150-180 million. They would keep the museum, but much reduced in size. In other words, they would have to decide how many & which of the ships they would keep.


    Looks like we might have to go to Norfolk in the near future.

  16. As a fench jumper, I remember sitting through a wedding Mass back in the 70's when I was a young teen. Interesting to say the least, especially to a non-Catholic, but had a hard0 time figuring out what the Priest was saying. Loved the traditions of the Mass though.

    Jump forward about 8 years. By the time I started attending Mass with my wife when we were dating, it was being said in the Vulgate. Loved the fact that now I understood what was happening and why. By the time we had to take those lovely premarital classes with the priest, they were all surprised that I knew more about their faith then the others in their class. Granted, the only traditions I know are post Vatican 2


    There is a parish in our area where they priest stops as he moves into different parts of the Mass, and explains what the reason for why it is done the way it is. He then proceeds to the next part, and repeats the process. This way everyone understands the "Why" to the Mass.


    Oh yeah, I hope National starts sticking up on those "Latin Interpretor" strips. There might be a resurgance in applications, especially from the alterservers/Scouts who will have to learn enough Latin to stay on que with the Priest during the Mass. LOL.

  17. Beardad writes "She's the best COR we've had" & that she has stated "That if they can't pass the CBI, we don't need their kind around". Beardad, no disrespect meant, but is the Chartering Org. Pebble Beach or some other elite club or organization? So, if the parents are bad, so follow the children? Sounds a bit elitist, as well as passing judgement without trying to get to know these parents, or understand their situation.


    She may sound like she is the best COR ever, but is she really doing a diservice to Council, Scouting, and to the boys that may really be able to use the guidance that Scouting may provide? And she just threw them all out to the dishwater. I guess she has never been around the inner-city. Oops, I'm playing her game. Sorry.


    I'm just a little testy with these Cub leaders/parents who cry they are doing what is best for their Scout(s), when in reality they are exerting their biases & discrimination towards others that are not like them, or meet their self imposed standards. Plus, what are they teaching their Scouts about acceptance.


    Sorry, not trying to hijack the thread. We're just in a similar situation where a Pack's leadership is trying to strongarm themselves into leadership position within the Troop, and want a strong Scouting family (at the Council, District, Lodge levels) with a Special Needs Scout they don't understand or want to work with, removed from the Troop, or threatening to start a new Troop if demands are not met.


    Vetting potential leaders is good when utilized appropriately. I agree that people moving from the Pack level to the Troop level should be placed in committee positions, or ASMs for a year or so to see how they progress in a Troop setting before placing them in a CC, COR, or SM position irregardless of their Pack position. It's not the same world, Cubs & Scouting. Doesn't matter if they were in Scouting as youth, or an Eagle or WB while in Cubs. Doesn't mean they can function at these levels. I would definitely check references, and if possible, check with others that know the person in question that weren't used as references to get a real perspective on the potential leader. Given references are usually vetted by applicantbefore used, and then are usually biased in favor of said applicant.


    Just my $50 worth. Again, sorry for the rant.

  18. I've been working at rebuilding oiur Chapter since becoming Advisor almost two years ago. At that time we would have only 3 or 4 members show up for meetings.Meetings were the same night as Roundtable. Over the first year we managed to build the attendence up to around 9-12.


    Then the Council merged two of the larger Districts together, and split a third District thre ways. Ours was one of the two larger ones. We had 15 troops. The other, the larger had 30 troops, but only 3-4 members showing for their meetings. The RT site was changed. Now we're back to square one with trying to boost attendence, and with little help from the SMs.


    The other problem I see is that some of the Chapters, ours included have a hard time getting older more mature members to run for officers, leaving me to work with 13-14

    y/o's as CC & VC's, and who have a hard time focusing and committing to doing their jobs, even with the best cooxing.


    I agree sometimes it is hard to get the Troops to appoint OA Rep's. I'm getting ready to fire off an email to a list of over 300 Chapter members and SM's about next weeks Chapter meeting. We'll see how many SM's will push for their Rep's to attend and offer them rides, and how mAny will show up.



    Hetuck Co-Chapter Advisor

  19. We have not had this issue arise in our ceremonies yet. The only photos I've seen being taken have been by our Lodge historian, and two adult members who might as well be professionals. We have talked about taping some of the ceremonies to use as critiquing & teaching tools.


    ASM 915

    Bicentennial Eagle

    Hetuck Co-Chapter Advisor


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