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  1. k9gold-scout

    Getting Up in the Morning

    I like eisely's idea. Burn up their energy, either hike longer of play games. When camping and not backpacking our troop likes to play capture the flag at night.
  2. k9gold-scout

    Getting Up in the Morning

    I like eisely's idea. Burn up their energy, either hike longer of play games. When camping and not backpacking our troop likes to play capture the flag at night.
  3. k9gold-scout

    To award or not to award

    The mert badge needs to be awarded (along with any rank advancement). Now, if these scouts have left or quit just send then the merit badge card along with his copy of the blue card then MAIL (invite him to come back to your troop or another troop) these to him. Many years latter this might make the difference if he is to encourage his son to become a scout.
  4. k9gold-scout

    Ouestions for Eagle Board Members

    In our council the district advancement chair is in charge of overseeing the eagle boards and approving projects however he may elect to appoint another scouter to be a board chair and approve projects. All eagle scout canidates must appear before a district board (troop boards are rare). The council advancement comm is made up of one rep from each dist and a chair appointed by the council pres. Any apeals go to this comm before they go to national. Each year our council runs between 100 to 200 eagles.
  5. k9gold-scout

    What makes a camp staff good?

    The scout (especially 1st yr) who has fun is more important than the number of badges he gets. Make the lessions exciting and put your best counsolers on eagle required badges. I personally like the camp staff who are members of a Venture Crew (m/f 14-21) and wear the green uniforms. Adults can be the advisors, many camp duties can be used for advancement in this program.
  6. k9gold-scout

    switched troops

    Firt check at your council's office to see if you son has all of his merit badges and rank recorded at your old troop. Now go to your district advancement chairman and and ask his advive on the project and final paperwork. Many districts have eagle workshops for Life scouts. He may have some helpful advice as far as letters of recomendations. You new scoutmaster can sign the eagle packet. Use your effort to move forward instead of backtracking.
  7. k9gold-scout

    Troop Committee question

    In our troop, any parent or scouter who comes to the meeting can vote. We have 70 scouts and seldom have more than a dozen people at any parent meeting. I know if more parents came we would put them on the troop comm. Then the scouters would be happy to give their reports and ask the parents to vote.
  8. k9gold-scout

    switched troops

    Any Eagle letters of recomendation should have either been sent to your council office or your district advancement chair. Also any paperwork should go to the district eagle board (this is run by the dist. adv. chair.) Has your son started of finished his project yet? If your old scoutmaster did not sign the eagle application, your new scoutmaste can sign when the project and badges are finished. The only financial info I know is the section in the eagle workbook asking what materials were used in the project. Good Luck with the paperwork it's important.
  9. k9gold-scout

    First class cooking requirement?

    The new requirement says each scout must "cook" all 3 meals - no hot dogs and chips - no cocopuffs ect.
  10. k9gold-scout

    Scout Skill Fair

    This is a great idea! It could be expanded to public gatherings - fairs - farmers markets - city parks. Call your local chamber of com. offer to present the flag at meetings - opening day at Little League - anywhere people will see your unit.
  11. k9gold-scout

    SPL-less Troop

    Have the scouts that are intrested (but do not have the time) shair SPL duties. You can have several ASPL until one is ready to take the job. Scouting works best when the boys run the program.
  12. k9gold-scout

    High math Camping MB

    Here in LA everyone takes to the Beach Bike Path for their 50 miler. I don't think it is our job to make badges as hard as possible as long as the scout finishes each requirement as stated. Some badges can be done in several hours while others can take the better part of a year to finish. Now when our troop states a hike will have a 2000' gain, we mean the start of the hike is 2000' below the top of the hike even though the troop may hike up down and back up again before the top. We can find over 10,000' within an hours drive. However in most states this would not be possible and I think it would be unreasonable to expect the scouts to travel out of state to get to 1st Class.
  13. k9gold-scout

    Air mattresses?

    I like air mattresses and always use them whem camping except if I have to pack in, then they are not worth the bulk and weight.
  14. k9gold-scout

    Where Can I get Team Building Games?

    Greetings from Crew 746 * Try usscouts.org - then go to games. They have a page on team building games
  15. k9gold-scout

    Where Can I get Team Building Games?

    Greetings from Crew 746 * Try usscouts.org - then go to games. They have a page on team building games
  16. k9gold-scout

    First Aid Merit Badge

    I saw a program that could help - look under advancement at ,www.insanescouter.com
  17. k9gold-scout

    Court of Honor

    Try www.eaglebook.com Congrats - also try macscouter.com
  18. k9gold-scout

    Balance II

    When my son wa younger I told him if he started something sports - scouting - etc. he could not quit mid season or in scouting case mid year. If he did not want to rejoin next year he could quit at that time. I told him he has a commitment to his troop or to his team and he would have to keep to the schedual to the end.
  19. k9gold-scout

    Troop Meeting Agenda

    Try having seperate Patrol Leaders Council with SM - SPL - ASPL - and PL's. This will be a good example on how each PL should meet with his patrol. Pizza and drinks help.
  20. k9gold-scout


    Yes there is lots of ways to advance after Eagle - Palms - JAS - OA - Venturing - Bronze - Gold - Silver - Ranger - Quartermaster ---- not to mention all the staff jobs. Eagle Scout is not the end of the trail only the first mountaintop along the way.
  21. k9gold-scout

    Anybody need some webspace?

    Our Venture Crew is looking for some company to donate a Server so they can host their own website. Give a kid a Mac and a di camara and they will fill any web space they can get!
  22. k9gold-scout

    Separate Eagle Ceremonies for Two Eagles

    In our troop the parents plan the COH with the help of the Eagle Advisor and set the date with the Parents Comm. I can't rember of a local COH for more than one scout. Last year we had 5, this year 6, we have had only 1 or 2 for many years, but now we have a big growth spirt and have a constant 15 to 20 Life scouts each year.
  23. k9gold-scout


    I have seen reports that say the national adverage age for Eagle is 14 years 8 mo. However in our council the adverage age is 17 years 3 mo. Yes I have seen some scouts make it in less than 3 years but they were older when they joined. I did know 2 exceptions but they started early and attended every activity in their troop, district, and council. There is even a Guiness Book search for the youngest Eagle Scout. This should not be a race but is is good to finish before the scout reaches his junior year in HS.
  24. k9gold-scout

    Advancement Scrapbook

    Our troop hands out these pages at the new scouts first court of honor. He receives his copy of the blue card and tne merit badge and any advancement cards. This is when they get it - in answer to their question - what is this for?
  25. k9gold-scout

    Merit badge counseling and two deep leadership?

    Yes, some councils are charging to cover the fee for a backround check and fingerprinting. The budy system also protects the adult from false claims. Today a parent with a complaint against an adult will easly find a lawer willing to sue.