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    Life span of a cold weather bag ?

    Take care to story any cold weather bab in a lose fitting bag. Loft or air pockets keeps you warm. When you compress a baf for a long period it will lose much of its abilty to keep you warm. Bags only wear out when you use them so much, they come apart.
  2. k9gold-scout

    Life Scout Encouragement

    Yes, our council has Eagle Workshops at most every district round table and if asked the advancement chair will go to a troop and give a presentation of why - life to eagle. Life scouts (in uniform) with their parent(s) will review the 12 steps to finish Eagle Scout and get some good backround info on schlorships and job placement.
  3. k9gold-scout

    News about Duct Tape

    Go to www.ducktapeclub.com They are awarding a $2500 schlorship for high school students who make their prom outfit out of duck tape!
  4. k9gold-scout

    Council Level Venture activity ideas

    Our council set up a teen leadership council for venturing and it had a good start. Now we have not seen any new events since last year. I know that the program is growing and that recruitment is in double digits, but the council level program has not even updated the website this year. Venturing should have a seperate leader corps like OA to run council events. How about reigon (state) events?
  5. k9gold-scout

    Paper vrs. PDA (PocketPC, Palm) - allow?

    In our Venture Crew many of the scouts use PDA"s and Di's. Just after an event they will post their pictures on their website. The future is here and adults need to make guidelines. All the meeting notes and calendar are on PDA's first then transfered to the website. They make plans and send messages to eachother about up-coming events on the web, just like to the telephone.
  6. Eagle projects should be encouraged at the charter org. What better way to help your partner and have non-scouts see what must be done to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.
  7. k9gold-scout

    Looks like it's a done deal

    njcubscouter I looked the news story again and I did not read where this scout told his eagle board of review that he was anatheist. If this statment was made at any eagle board the Eagle award must be witheld. Words have meaning and an oath is more than just a suggestion. Where is honor? Now the people who support the effort to force BSA to accept everyone would just as soon see "scouting for none".
  8. k9gold-scout

    switched troops

    maddore Part of the process of getting to eagle is learning how to deal with adults. that includes the ones that lose things and don't return calls. The lession is how to overcome problems and acheive your goal. We should be thankful for whatever time these volunteers put in. In our council we have an Eagle Scout Mom who handles all the eagle applicatons. She works at the council office (3-4 hours per day) and many times I have heard parents yelling at her about their son's application problem. I try to take these parents aside and explaign that she is a volunteer just like you and me. Scouting is only as good as the people in it. Just do your best.
  9. k9gold-scout

    Looks like it's a done deal

    When an eagle scout canidate appears before his board of review, he is asked to say the scout oath and law. This is where the questioning starts. Will it be necessary to have a scout sigh a seperate statment that he understands the oath he has taken for many years? Should we change the logo to say "character counts sometimes"?
  10. k9gold-scout

    First Class Req. 4e

    Do you have more one patrol on campouts? You can hace each 2nd class scout cook for each of the patrols and even the adults (extre-em use of adult leadership), if you have 4 groups you could finish on one trip. The adults and older scouts may be told in advane, this would encourage them to help the new scouts do the requirement right.
  11. k9gold-scout

    Where is all the music?

    Anglemon, I received an email (sorry the return failed) about where I found teton music. Afew years ago I had heard an Eagle Court of Honor CD. It was produced by a scouter in The Great Salt Lake Area and it was for sale on the council website. I did not buy it at the time but now I can't locate the CD.
  12. k9gold-scout

    Arrow of Light award

    Invite a few scouts (Life or Eagle) to come to a pack meeting and talk to the boys. This may encourage the boys and the parents too, it is hard to understand why all 4 would want to stop scouting.
  13. k9gold-scout

    the most important word...

    I asked this question at an eagle board of review. He really did not know which one was most important. Latter at his Court of Honor he told the audience that he had thought about this and his answer should have been courage. Without courage he would have never been an Eagle Scout. And it would take courage to live up to the oath and law.
  14. k9gold-scout

    Atheist leader to be expelled from BSA

    The BSA will only exist if they can believe in God and as long as most parents do not want to send their sons on camping trips with gay scoutmasters, that's the way it will stay. The only other choice would be a european style 'scout federation". If the BSA was still around it wiould have fewer members than 4H.
  15. k9gold-scout

    Troop #1260

    Encino, CA is now in the Western Los Angeles County Council, Balboa Oaks District. There offices are located in Van Nuys, CA.The website is www.bsa-la.com. I do not think that this schlorship is still in existance nor Troop 1260. Unless you can find someone that was in that troop, the council office will not have any info. on old expired troops. Good luck.
  16. k9gold-scout

    Where is all the music?

    Try www.tetonmusic.com/scout
  17. k9gold-scout


    Any official uniform as long as it is serviceable is ok to wear, You troop can decide what hat to wear. Congrats on your Eagle Award - Look at Venturing Ranger.
  18. k9gold-scout

    Not prepared for M.B. sessions

    I agree, there are many MB's that can be taught at meetings, yes the scout should be reviewed to make sure he knows the material. Now some scouts in the class do not grasp the material and they should receive a partial. Tell them what they need to finish and see them at a later date.
  19. k9gold-scout

    Campouts, 1 nite or 2?

    Plan your 2 nighters for the long weekends also spring and winter break 3 or 4 night trips are popular.
  20. k9gold-scout

    BDU and Uniforms

    Venture crews can pick their own uniforms even BDU in solid colors but still no camo.
  21. k9gold-scout


    The only cost to become an Eagle Scout (except scout spirt) depends on the traditions of the troop and what parents choose to spend. For example, in our troop we have camperships for all fees for low income famlies. All we ask is that the scout be active in troop activities. One family may spend several hundred over the 5 years on the trail to eagle while another will spend many thousands. One scout stands with his trail worn old uniform at his pot luck Eagle Court of Honor while another has a crisp new uniform at his catered Court of Honor. Both scouts will be just as proud of their acheivment.
  22. k9gold-scout

    Board of Review - re-write the books

    I think that scouts reviewing and retesting the new advancing scouts is a good idea. This could be done at a patrol leaders council under the guidance of an Eagle Scout. Now when this scouts comes before the adult board he will be ready. The adults should be made to realize that the scouts should do any testing under the guideance of the Scoutmaster.
  23. k9gold-scout

    Board of Review - re-write the books

    I think the reason for not retesting is that scoutmaster and jr leaders have the job to teach the skills and to see that the scout show that he has retained the knowledge. Boards of Review should be made up of troop comm. members not usually working with the scouts as leaders. Now this is an ideal suitation and many troops have fewer leaders and they must make due. If the scout is not ready to advanec the scoutmaster should tell the board and they should tell the scout what things he needs to do inorder to receive his next rank.
  24. k9gold-scout

    Crew Open House

    Our crew is planning a recruitment meeting next month. We are having a BBQ on Friday (2 hrs) evening. We will have a brief introduction of the members eat and have a short flag retirement cermony at the end. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  25. k9gold-scout

    How do YOU define active

    We have about 70 scouts and in the summer most don't come to meetings but about half go to summer camp. During the school year we are happy to get half to show up 2x per month the other half shows up 1x per month. Now we count these as active scouts especially when they come to other activities. The scouts who come more often will advancer quicker.