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  1. Could it be stories like the Basketball Scout of America that leaves national with the perception that we can't deliver? I think there is a weakness between councils and individual units. Our district has so few Unit Commissioners that they don't even try to say, "we will get to you eventually." Our District held an emergency meeting about six weeks ago basically stating that from an administrative sense we were on our own from council. A new website will be created separate from council's, a separate calendar and various other split-list items were rattled off by the bravado District Chair. Clearly our District Chair has gotten frustrated with council's agenda and believes there is a disconnect. So we have a disconnect in the communication chain from units to corporate BSA. Just like in units (boy led Vs adult led)instead of training, building and working on units to be self reliant and capable of delivering a FCFY program, national takes a shortcut. That shortcut is summer camp where all the units can come and get trained by a nationally certified camp program. Like a drug, the unit leaders come to summer camp each year to get their opium fix. Summer camp deadens the pain of having to run your troop to the letter of the code, having scouts teach scouts in your own troop.
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    So, how would you go "off trailing"?

    "Anyways, I was wondering what your suggestions would be for off trailing." - Don't do it. Its against all National Park rules and most National and State forest rules. - Buy a GPS. - Update your will. - As a writer you should carry a water proof pad and pen so you can jot down your final thoughts. Who knows maybe it will sell high enough on eBay to pay for your burial. (This message has been edited by Its Me)
  3. He put the knife away when I asked. I am acutely aware of knife issues having had a big blow up about 1-1/2 years ago with a Webelos scout. After letters of apologies and parent - cubmaster conferences it worked itself out. That boy is still with me in my troop and is a really good scout. No more knife problems with him. As with that boy there was an underlying issue. His dad walked out on his mom 6 weeks after that incident. So based on that experience I see a scout new to my troop lashing out at every object that he can find. You can almost see in his eyes that someones face is on that stump or branch. I suspect its his brother's image. His older brother is in the troop and its not pretty when they try to work together. (This message has been edited by Its Me)
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    Resource overload….

    My advice, buy a trail map, set a date and go do it. National Geographic map store: Pick a State, Pick a forest, buy a map and go. http://shop.nationalgeographic.com/jump.jsp?itemType=CATEGORY&itemID=246 Have fun.
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    Not to turn this into a one-up-man-ship game but someitmes I just eat the coffee right out of the can. But only when I can't get my caffine I.V. system to work. Sincerely Topper
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    I have gone to the teabag coffee made my Folgers and Maxwell House. Just add hot water or boil the bag in cup and drink. When done discard the teabag.
  7. Thanks Barry for tying it together. But it makes sense, a National Policy to keep youths in as long as possible will emphasize first class first year. This creates a dependency on summer camps providing the FCFY program which in turn fills the coffers of the local councils with summer camp fees. But in order to get a scout to go to summer camp his first year of scouting he must cross early and experience the Troop environment (camping) to feel comfortable. Now my issue is that here in the deep south of Florida, March - May is our prime camping time. You can write off July - October as hurrican season. The wilderness canoe trip, the backpacking trip will all be planned for these months. I am sure this opinion will get me in trouble: Not every campout can or should be so easy that a new Webelos can go on it right out of the Blue and Gold.
  8. Hmmm! I am not quite getting the discussion focus I hoped for. Do we not set our annual planning calendars in September? I suspect that in general the unit programs escalates. For example, a canoe MB work precedes a canoe day trip which precedes a canoe overnighter. In a March cross over your program has to reset.
  9. Are there troops out there (cue echo machine) that cross in September to better align with the school calendar? (This message has been edited by Its Me)
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    Newly Elected PORs

    If you were a scout in my troop and came to me with this story I would expect the following: One hopefully I am aware enough to recognize the situation. Second I would advise you that you help to troop out where you can. If it means to some extent doing another guys job than do it. This exact scenario happens all the time in business and the adult world. Finally, I would give you a recognition maybe at a Court of honor or similar venue calling attention to your services. If your scoutmaster is not in-tune with the situation, still do what you can to help the troop and point out without whining or too much bragging to the SPL and the Scoutmaster how it is you and not the taller guy who is meeting the jobs' duties.
  11. I agree that spongeBob Square Pants would make a good scout. He is cheerful, loves camping, the C A M P F I R E S O N G, song attests to that. At Powedhorn we had a Native American group come out and demonstrate and discuss Native American cultures and themes with us. Privately I spoke to the two gentlemen about how I dressed as an Indian at the Webelos Arrow of Light. And I asked how he felt about that. he did not have a problem with that. he suggested that I recreated a Native America Indian in an authentic manner. He went on to advised me to research a particular Indian culture and their attire and to replicate it and be able to tell the kids about why I choose that culture/attire. I thought this to be a reasonable request.
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    Advice on avoiding a revolt against the Cubmaster...

    Your description of the CM's performance was one of neglect or that of an uninspired leader. So if he lacks the inspiration for the position there is likely other circumstances. For instance, his spouse might be saying you are spending too much time or his kid might be asking him not to be CM. What ever it is he can't delivery the program. Leaders will come to fill in the gaps. Especially if you come in and hold meetings and stick to a solid annual plan. Handle it well and the bad feelings will heal over the summer. Besides its better to have one angry family than 39.
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    Advice on avoiding a revolt against the Cubmaster...

    At the end of the year, sack him. You will be doing both the pack and him a favor.
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    Roots of the Cub Scout Program

    Come to think of it, The Jungle Book is a rather manly book, isnt it? You might say to: Look for the bare necessities The simple bare necessities Forget about your worries and your strife I mean the bare necessities That's why a bear can rest at ease With just the bare necessities of life
  15. I kind of like the simplicity of this forum. I don't want to see some character you down loaded from a site unknown on the left hand side. Of course this picture of a stalking tiger or cat with a machine gun or even a beagel with hat somehow represents your personality. Pleeease!(rolleyes) Nor do I want multiple replies with quotes that you need a road map to unwind. The only thing that would be nice would be the ability to hot link photos. But getting all the garbage with that "feature" isn't worth it. Go here http://images.fotosearch.com/bigcomps/corbis/DGT179/HTR0005.jpg
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    How much communications is enough?

    I send out emails as needed. Sometimes this is three in a week if we have big campout coming. Other times its one in two weeks. At PLC meeting we review what will occur between now and the next meeting and the PLC meeting and notes are published to all. Phone calls to the entire troop are very rare. Troop letters are even more rare. Its emails and verbals to the scouts and parents. As any working leader does, I like to fix program and procedure problems when there is a need. But one irate parent who missed a single notification does not mean your whole communication program must be revised. I will say our key dates, CoH included appears on a schedule months in advance. And it would have appeared again in our PLC notes prior to the meeting.
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    backpacker gear guide

    Their annual review is ok. Most of their stuff, as you said is high end and out of reach for most scouts. I wouldn't base a training event on this magazine's gear review. Better to briefly show it and then use the online review sites. Epinions, is one that comes to mind. There are many and even most of the online stores I know Cabellas and REI have gear reviews or customer comments. I like this one as they do an in-depth review. http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Packs/Internal%20and%20External%20Framed%20Backpacks/
  18. It may not rise to a Cope course but shared experiences have a lot of value too. Visiting a boat repair yard, or a make up an indoor canoe race using skate boards. Do a rain gutter regatta. Not challenging enough have an unlimited class, have them work in teams. Think teams, tactile experiences and competitions.
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    I have resigned as Cub Master

    Please don't focus on my statement. It wasn't meant to be argumentative. It was a written way to express a shaking head in disbelief. What the original poster wants to know is how can his boy and his family return to scouting after an experience as bad as this one. The answer is I don't know.
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    I have resigned as Cub Master

    What a shame. I dread the day when our Troop faces a similar unit killing, adult drama story. Not to take anything away from the cub scout program but from an adult leadership position the Pack should have less drama than a troop. The CC and CM run a show once month and help set-up a calendar for the year. All the ranks are approved and completed at the den level. A tad over simplified I'll admit. If you are getting the ranks and badges on time, holding a blue and gold every year and have den leaders for every rank you are doing your mission. And it sound like you are doing all these things and more. And I don't get the references to other pack By-laws. Who gives a hoot if they aren't yours. Use the CM Handbook not some hokey down loaded by-laws from a unit you have no association with. Find a new pack and walk away from this accident. Nothing more to see here. Yea its your boy's .... school, church group or neighborhood association but this is a sick pack and should be avoided.
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    For Love of Pot Roast

    Yes we need more threads about Bob White. Even though almost all threads turn into "Bob White" threads, it just isn't enough. Maybe the moderators can start a new Form the "All About Bob" forum. Bob White, look at your record since you have returned. In the who is the SPL in charge of, thread it turned into a "this is about Bob white and what he said" thread. In the first class first year, thread the same thing occurred. The school or not a school thread again turned into an all about Bob White and what he said or didn't say. Yea you are the victim, the victim of your own need for attention and to be hailed as the superior scouter to all.
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    Scouting as School...or a Game

    Wow! did you hit a nerve with this one Bev. Clearly it is a school to some of these men. A school for what? Character development? No. To these men it is a professional development course. This can be seen in BW's earlier posts where he wanted 90 minutes of training for a new scout patrol. Every aspect every second is designed not for the mere amusement. Not for the glorious celebration of childhood comoraderie but for programed school activities. Yawn! I'll use BW other example of the video games. These games are like the scouting program, they are complex and the skills build on each other. How do kids learn these skills? By Bev's no.2 method. There is no Video game school. Kids learn best and even faster by playing the game and seeking advice from the kid next to him. Now I am not a huge fan of video games but I can appreciate that cognitive memory skills, and logic deduction skills are honed playing these games. Just like Trust, is learned playing scouting. Or kindness. BW you can keep your charm school for boys. I'm going canoeing. ana gada davida honey don't you know that I'm loving you.... edited to correct typos(This message has been edited by Its Me)
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    Scouting as School...or a Game

    BW Wrote There are variety of better ways than either of the methods we are offered in the opening post. I'll bite, post one here that is mutually exclusive to the two methods Bev posted.
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    Is this cool or what?

    That is terrific. The troop is getting a well trained scoutmaster.
  25. All moderators should have a tag line under their ID to identify them as moderators. Most forums have this and I am surprised that this one does not. I am not sure that posters who drive threads to near double digit pages on the tiniest of interpretations is considered bad for a site that sells advertising. I will say that these are bad discussions meant only to validate the agitator's need for approval. The agitator argues not to win a point but to validate that he and not you is the superior scout leader. He appears to be looking for the approval of a few key members on the board. Two of which are moderators. (This message has been edited by Its Me)