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    Campfire Program

    we have a campfire program Saturday night (or if just staying friday night then on friday night). the meeting before a campout is patrol meetings and meal planning. Each patrol does the following: checks on progress of ranks of boys in patrol and what they are missing if under 1st class asks what MB each scout is currently working on or is wanting to start (in wanting to start they are then told to get with SM before end of meeting) plan out campout which consists of: who is cooking what is menu (approved by SPL) what are ingredients he needs to shop for what is equipment he will need partol chores patrol only activity (each patrol picks their own seperate from troop activities and only members of that patrol can participate - has really helped in building stronger bonds among the patrol members) patrol's song or skit for campfire. At the campfire each patrol has their own snack from their menu and do clean up then each patrol performs their skit or song. to end the evening our chaplain aid will do a few readings and then it's off to the tents! Adults will hang by the fire a little and then make sure it's out before going to bed themselves. Troop has special awards for certain things for patrols to win and they go on their patrol flag - one is for best skit or song so each month that gets moved from flag to flag or stays put depending on who wins. Makes for a nice little compition and the campfire program makes for a nice way to wind down the evening.
  2. IM_Kathy

    Outdoor-friendly record keeping

    the completed cards and MB earned cards my son also keeps in ballcard sheets and has them in a binder. thing I'm wondering about all the keeping them in the pocket and getting wet etc.... does no one know how to use a simple ziplock baggy or even a pen pouch for a binder? just keep the blue cards you are working on in them - if carrying just one in pocket put it in a ziplock bag first! packing scout book - just like any book on a campout - put it in a larger ziplock bag! really it's not that hard to do!
  3. IM_Kathy

    switch unit commish?

    is it possible to ask for a different unit commish? Our current commish is related to a boy that left our troop because mom was upset that he wasn't "given" a position. Our current commish seems to be very upset about all that and just seems to have a chip on their shoulder. Shows up expecting time with me (SM) or CC when we already have been asked by boys the previous week if we would give them some time for something. Or shows up when I am suppose to sit in on PLC meeting and ASM isn't there to sit in for me. Commish has our contact info a phone call would be nice. I don't mind it if they are just showing up to see what is going on with the troop and if we need anything, but even then I would contact them if I needed something. Also do your unit commish. recount everything on your JTE paperwork? our commish went and contacted the same people in the troop that I contacted to get the numbers to turn in the form (our CC works 2 jobs so I told her I would handle JTE and she did re-charter) Not sure if this is due to the boy commish is related to or if she's just that anal about things. But, it really upset some of our committee members to have to look up info again. so yeah, are we allowed to ask for a different commish? is what our commish is doing what others do?
  4. IM_Kathy

    switch unit commish?

    before this UC our troop supposedly had one - never ever saw them. This UC was very involved and had their hands in quite a few things. Since the boy left troop they have gone to just UC mode supposedly, but I'd rather have what we had before. I show up to roundtables and summer camp pre-meeting or send someone in my place - honestly don't even need some of the stuff that I get from those places. Troop has some great volunteers. We have declined in size the last few years and beginning to wonder if part of that might have been due to UC who I hear was the same way when worked with the pack. Town has 1 pack but 2 troops, however all the boys in the other troop come only from that pack - we have gained boys from multiple packs from other towns. Supposedly I heard from our CC that UC wants to have a sit down with me (SM), CC, and COR... so will see what comes of that. To be honest I hate all the junk - just let me sit back and watch the boys teach the boys and just step in when I'm needed... that's the part I enjoy - the going out and camping, learning new skills, and trying new recipes!
  5. IM_Kathy

    How far do you go to catch up on AOL requirements?

    couple options... check with other weblos dens in the area and see if they are working on readyman that he could join in on.... check with area boy scout troops (especially one that boy is looking at joining) that might have some working on first aid merit badge that could work him in to get readyman... or has some older scouts that are needing to teach skills for communication merit badge that could teach him readyman (my son did this to help a boy through outdoorsman) are there parks and rec type programs that might work? is first aid/cpr taught at school (it is here though they don't get certified until high school)
  6. IM_Kathy

    Picky Eaters

    couple of things... this is the menu - if you do not want to eat it bring a sack meal (no discount for not eating food) no if it's due to religion, special dietary needs, or allergies - then adjustments are suppose to be made. Luckily the only thing we have to deal with in our troop are nuts and meat on fridays of lent. as for getting them to try new things... cooking challenges are good... other thing we've started doing is teaching a new recipe every couple of months or so during a meeting - scout or adult gives instructions and each patrol makes some and when done they eat. Boys use to always make pizza pockets because they didn't know how to make dutch oven pizza - did it once in meeting and now it's a favorite. now that cooking is becoming an eagle badge the boys want some more ideas on how to do backpacking meals so that is coming up in a couple of meetings. They know how to make a lot of the things so it's more on packaging and lowering weight.
  7. IM_Kathy

    How do you coordinate logistics for campouts?

    when it cubbies it was family camping and each family took care of it themselves - as webelos it was close to the same though if a parent couldn't come they could designate person as being in charge of their child and carpool now with boy scouts... boys pick locations at planning meetings and activities at PLC meetings (unless it's a given based on location) outdoor cordinator does reserve location and will print maps for drivers if needed outdoor cordinator will look over number boys going and number of adults going and their vehicles to know if more drivers needed - if more drivers are needed SPL is told and he makes an announcement as well as Outdoor cordinator or I will check with a couple parents - it always gets taken care of. after arrival for departure and gear is loaded - role call - drivers raise fingers for number can hold and boys go to car they want to go with. Typically the SPL/ASPL and QM rides with adult in charge SM/ASM the boys go over what they saw needs done and in what order and as SM just listen in and now and then makes suggestions. With ride home same vehicle only the discussion goes how did it go and what could be improved. reembersment is only for person pulling the trailer. and troop has set amount and I forget how much it is.
  8. when the troop was age based patrols we would lose 1 patrol each year... and we will lose our 1 patrol that is still age based in about a year. with our other 2 patrols they will never die - the boys do enjoy the patrol they are in. We have started awarding patrol compitions with ribbons just like the troop flag - so they are getting even more into their compititions and showing off their winnings!
  9. IM_Kathy

    Age based patrols

    our troop use to be a lot larger 5 years ago (almost too big) and at that time it was age based patrols. It worked well as most years we would get 8 boys join and they would form a patrol. From back then we still have 1 patrol and they are 16-17 year olds but only a few are still active, but they do not want to join a different patrol officially. Our other 2 patrols are mixed aged. We get about 2-3 new boys a year and they will join into the same patrol and then the next year the boys will join the other patrol. It fills in with boys that have quit or are just not as active and it works very well. The only thing we do though is seperate siblings. Too often having brothers together has caused more problems than it's worth... plus we have a few brother sets and if you get brothers bunking together and then one extra they get a little left out - so brothers separated keeps that from happening and helps keep the peace.
  10. well the one we had in our troop just left the troop because son wasn't given a POR which would "hold him back" he's 14 and at life already but attitude is terrible and leadership is terrible so he needed some time to sit back and figure out what he was doing wrong so that he could earn respect and a POR... but oh well, they left and he'll probably be eagle in less than a year, but I won't have to sign eagle paperwork for a boy that doesn't want to be a scout.
  11. IM_Kathy

    Patrol Patches at Class B Trading Post

    our troop has 3 patrol... 2 (road kill, dynamite) use badges from class B... and 1 (purple mooses) use the "official" green moose (their yell is "We're color blind")
  12. IM_Kathy

    Who carries a firearm on Scout Outings???

    nope - biggest reason is it against BSA rules... plus I do not have my permit to carry yet... once I do I still won't as it is against BSA rules. sometimes day of troop meeting I will be shooting at the range and not have time to take gun home. Not only is it properly locked and stored... but I also make sure car is fully locked and not send anyone to my car to get anything. now do I see that there could be times where having one would be helpful? YES do I see that there could be just as much risk by having one and wrong person getting ahold of it? YES so it's a toss-up. But I do hope that they will eventually add a handgun merit badge.
  13. not dealt with this exact issue, but high functioning autism... dad came along on campouts... and the boy I first met I would've never guessed would be the young man I saw graduate from high school. yes, if worried for safety of others - that comes first in my book. If parent can keep that under control then great, if not then no-go.
  14. IM_Kathy

    your favorite/least favorite MB to counsel?

    when a boy comes to me with a workbook filled out I take it and use it as a guide. I ask them whatever question, read what they wrote, and listen to what they say. To me they don't really have anything learned until they can tell me things without reading it to me. Now if I am working with a boy with learning disabilities I will alter that.
  15. IM_Kathy

    your favorite/least favorite MB to counsel?

    most rewarding for me is swimming when it was a scout that was a poor swimmer when he started scouts. I like cooking when it is a boy that really wants to cook rather than a boy that just wants the badge - and you can tell. Now with cooking going to become eagle we have some boys already wanting to start it that are still working on their cooking for ranks. Family Life is great when it is the boy that sets out and comes up with his ideas for projects then gets my approval then gets parents approval. I've had a few that you can tell the parents gave them the idea. Some of the boys I've worked with have come up with some great individual and family projects. I also explain to the parents that with the family project it is a beginner for eagle project - the boy is in charge of who does what so just because you know that X needs done you can't do it unless the boy tells them to.
  16. IM_Kathy

    How do you utilize a Den Chief?

    here is a question for some of you more in the know... as I mentioned my son served 1 year as a den chief - he worked with a den that had 2 Webelos II and several Webelos I. So at the end of his year he got 2 boys to join a troop - the next year at least 2 boys from the Webelos I group joined his troop. During his year that was the 1 requirement that kept him from getting the den chief award - would the 2 boys joining the next year and acutally going his troop because of him count (that year they were Web II they did not have a den chief so he was their only den chief) It just says 3 boys - it doesn't say it has to be the same year. In my sons opinion and my own - Den Chief done well is the hardest position there is. for that year he attended troop meetings weekly, den meetings twice a month, troop campouts once a month, and pack meetings once a month. I know the scouts that joined his troop still remember him fondly as being their den chief - and I know how hard he worked compared to some other den chiefs I'd like to see him credited with a symbol of his work rather than just the knowledge - though I know the memories will last longer. thanks in advance.
  17. IM_Kathy

    "Need" a position

    ok here's question... Held elections - SPL elected and he has boys come talk to them about if they want a position. Mother tells SPL that her kids need a position for their rank - he correctly tells her that the boys need to ask. So she tells boys to ask and they do. More boys asked than are needed for position. So SPL asks those wanting QM - will you be able to attend the upcoming campouts? To those wanting Librarian - will you be able to attend troop meetings? SPL took their answers and each scouts past history with doing their jobs when they had positions. Her boys did not get a position. How many of you out there will give a position because "a boy needs it for rank" even though they are only 14 and working on Eagle so has plenty of time? How many of you would support the SPL decision and let them know that they need to show that they are willing to work on improving their behavior and maybe they will get a position next time? Right now I think the mom will be pulling boys from the troop to a troop where they can be given a position. I told her I don't know if a troop would just take a boy and hand them a position. The boys do have attitude, behavior, and bullying issues so if they do go else where it does help me to not have to worry about signing their eagle papers. But I'm just curious how others would handle this situation.
  18. IM_Kathy

    Financial Aid Applications

    we do not have an application. Though for summer camp we do have them go through the council first and then if they do not get enough from council we will then see what else is needed. We have one of our more expensive outtings coming up. It's at a climbing center where it's a lock-in rather than camping. Boys do this every 2 to 3 years as they enjoy it but know it's expensive. We have 2 boys that did need assistance - it was as simple as CC and me (SM) asking how much could they afford to pay and the paid that and troop covered the rest. We have a scout account that is "scout in need fund" when boys quit or age out and still have money in their scout accounts some of the money goes in there. My son ages out in september so basically just normal campouts and summer camp and he still has plenty in his account - so this last fundraiser I just told treasurer to my sons earnings into that account rather than his. I do not want to have to deal with paperwork. I do not want to have to deal with okay you make X and have Y kids you should be able to afford Z. I know a lot more goes into things than just that... one of our familys has some relatives that are not doing well health wise and se they have been traveling a lot to help with that so there's added gas and what not for that - can't put that on a form. Sure you may have those people that say that can't afford something and they turn around and go to disney whatever - I honestly don't care... I want the boys to be able to go camping, have fun, and learn... I do not want to keep a boy out just because parents don't value paying for scouting.
  19. IM_Kathy

    "Need" a position

    they picked a troop that just became formed this fall. In fact we donated our old stoves to them to help the troop out since they were starting from scratch. the Grandma is a unit commish for that unit too so I have a feeling they were told they would have a position. No I do not see a reason to let them back into the troop if they were to return. I have a feeling they are eagle and done. And 1 is already life and the other is close to life rank so doubt they will return. my biggest worry right now is actually grandma - she is still our unit commish. And oh joy tonight is roundtable with re-charter turn in.
  20. IM_Kathy

    How do you utilize a Den Chief?

    I did not have a Den Chief when I cub/webelos leader. But my son was a den chief for a year and from what he told me what he was doing and seeing him preparing at home I would say they used him very well. Each meeting he had to have a pre-meeting activity. Usually a game or a skill that boys could join in on as they arrived. This allowed the DL to talk to parents and get organized for the meeting. DL asked him to pick out 2 activity pins that he would teach. My son picked scientist and outdoorsman. He read through the book and planned out how he was going to teach them, what activities the boys would do, what supplies he needed, and then ran I think 4 meetings in order to complete those pins. He also helped the den plan a campout - menu, duty roster, packing list, etc, and he went with. He also was in charge of helping teach the boys the scout oath, law, etc needed for arrow of light and for scout rank. He was expected to be in uniform shirt, be at meeting 15 mins early, and to possibly stay 15 mins late. He also had to go through den chief training - although he said the only thing he got out of it was ideas for some pre-meeting games. Now as SM I have heard how other DL's basically just use their den chief's as goffers and I HATE that. And while I think it's very common that den chiefs happen to be older brothers I wish that wasn't the case especially if parent is also DL because there is not a lot I can do as SM when the DL says he did the jobs he was asked. Best thing a DL could do is print out the den chief award and let den chief know that you are expecting him to earn it as part of his duties and use that as a guide to how to use him and he knows what he had to do. After each meeting talk to den chief about what he did good that day, what he could work on, and what is expected at next few meetings.
  21. IM_Kathy

    "Need" a position

    well the parent contacted our advancement cordinator for the boys records so guess they are moving to another troop. I really wish they would've stayed. I think they could've learned more from not having a position and working toward earning one this summer than they ever will by switching troops and being handed a position that they probably won't do much for it. Oh well, guess they want to be handed an eagle rather than earn an eagle.
  22. IM_Kathy

    Philmont acceptance

    my son had a good experience - had he been with the other crew he would have had a great experience as all his best buddies were in the other crew but due to adults wanting to be in crew with their own kid and him not having a parent going he didn't have a choice in the crew he was with. But I think as years go by he will have even better memories of it as it can be a once in a lifetime experience.
  23. IM_Kathy

    Two CoH questions

    we award badges as soon as earned, bought, and he shows at meeting. Then at COH we have them come up and announce "since last court of honor he has earned...." we give them the merit badge cards then so that's how we know what he has earned since his last COH. We do the same with ranks - but parent pins are given at COH this helps with getting attendace at those. as to your questions - I wouldn't get into what parents are wearing... some may be coming straight from work and not have time to change. Some may be taking a break from an evening shift job just to come. Just be glad they are there and don't worry about what they wear. as to the sash - since it hasn't been handed out yet then I see no issue with pinning it to his sash. If you are going to continue to award badges at COH instead of asap I would then make that a tradition and stock up on some pins.
  24. IM_Kathy

    Two CoH questions

    we award badges as soon as earned, bought, and he shows at meeting. Then at COH we have them come up and announce "since last court of honor he has earned...." we give them the merit badge cards then so that's how we know what he has earned since his last COH. We do the same with ranks - but parent pins are given at COH this helps with getting attendace at those. as to your questions - I wouldn't get into what parents are wearing... some may be coming straight from work and not have time to change. Some may be taking a break from an evening shift job just to come. Just be glad they are there and don't worry about what they wear. as to the sash - since it hasn't been handed out yet then I see no issue with pinning it to his sash. If you are going to continue to award badges at COH instead of asap I would then make that a tradition and stock up on some pins.
  25. IM_Kathy

    "Need" a position

    well considering this SPL is 17 and will be 18 in September and we do 6 month elections this will be his last position and of the boys his age still registered with the troop - 2 are aged out and just helping now and then, 3 are eagles that are hit and miss and do not need a position, 1 is also a life scout who has JASM position that was appointed by me, and the other 1 is the patol leader for this older boy patrol and almost a life scout. So all the boys asking for positions are 9th graders or younger - he's friendly with almost all of them, but doesn't consider any of them friends outside of scouts. So there was no giving to his friends.