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  1. Acco, I strongly disagree. The woman's religion should have absolutely no bearing on her liability and should not be at all considered in a hearing. It is irrelevant. Liability should be determined solely on the law and equally applied. That is why I like the Oklahoma law. It really eliminates all religious law from being applied in our courts.

  2. "Watched "Palin's Alaska" yet?"

    Yeah, I really enjoyed the failed attempt by Sarah to keep 16 year old Willow's hot to trot boy friend from sneaking upstairs. "NO BOYS UPSTAIRS" was shrieked from the other room. What a knee slapper as he jumped the child gate behind Sarah's back. She doesn't seem to get that rule enforced with any consistency. Enough said about that eh? Oh, its just fun. She's a doll. Much prettier than Hillary. I often wonder why the super moms of the conservative movement are so pretty? Aren't there any ugly/homely ones?

  3. I am really looking forward to a 2012 run by Sarah. She is so pretty and her speeches make me feel good about America. I hope she picks an equally pretty running mate. Perhaps Michelle Bachmann. America the Beautiful could be their campaign song.

  4. "Make sure failure is painful.... isnt that a lil harsh?"


    I think the proper term would be controlled failure.

    There's a point that failure must be experienced, but you must be careful to make that failure painful enough to learn from, but not so painful it destroys enthusiasm to continue. A patrol going hungry on a campout will be much smaller at the next meeting.


    I always pack a few cans of cheap beef stew or some rather nasty freeze dried stuff in the truck. It ain't gourmet, but it fills.


    Take for example meal planning.

    Say the patrol doesn't pack enough, or screws up a meal. I let them figure out the problem and let them experience the consequences. But after they've debriefed the situation and understood the ramifications, I might say from the background that there might be some food I store in my truck for emergency situations. They weren't aware of it before, but now know Mr. Blansten is prepared.



  5. You betcha, also too. Listening to a Sarah speech gives me hours of entertainment, trying to find real solutions nestled between the conservative buzz phrases. I know she has them in there, its just real challenging to sift them out of the word salad. She's a riddle wrapped in a enigma. Keeps me mentally awake. Like sudoku.

  6. What I like best about Sarah is she doesn't get bogged down in the details of what needs to make America great but just shows how great America is and how the founding fathers intended it to be and so to do such great work for America she doesn't allow the lamestream media to paint her into a corner by asking her about how to keep America great also because Americans rose up and refutiated the inside the beltway crowd and sent a message that these momma grizzlies are out here, working hard to keep America great and doing the hard work that Americans do to keep it great and not be paling around with terrorists or destroying the great country our founding fathers intended it to be.


    Alaska is a beautiful state also too and I thank Sarah for that in addition.

  7. Philmont is more than just backpacking in the mountains for 10 days. Any troop can put together that type of trip without the assistance of any other group.


    Philmont is a program. Every day, there's something to do besides the hiking. Either mid hike, or at your daily destination. And its something the scouts probably never have done or ever will do again (sweat lodges, lumberjacking, rock climbing, fly fishing, black powder, etc.) . And its done very well. Only Philmont offers that variety at that level.

  8. I think Sarah is the best thing to happen to the Republican party.


    She's all about getting in there and doing the right things that American people really need and keeping the values that the founding fathers sacrificed for and offering the hope and new beginnings that so many of our hardworking people should have and moving forward to keep liberty and security from being taken away from our children by those who wish to destroy our liberty and security by undermining the American dream and destroying the very foundation that our founding fathers scarified for and the lamestream media keeps reporting and destroying the dreams of Americans to promote their socialist agenda and also too.


    Her daughter is also a really good dancer.

  9. Resistance is futile.

    The technology already exists and is implanted on millions of our pets.

    Its a rather painless process of implanting a RFID chip in a microscopic thread near the carotid artery in the neck. Everyone has one of those. That would be the best location as unauthorized removal or tampering would risk certain death. Compliance would be mandatory.


    Typical implantation will happen shortly after birth. There really needs to be nothing more than your unique ID number encoded. The rest of the information will be stored in the central database. Corrections to the database could be achieved by filling out a form. For those of us without implants, we could phase in the implantation. First and easiest would be bag and tag you at control points like airports, government facilities, sporting events. After phase 1 implantation, roles could be checked against the central database on who hasn't been tagged. They could voluntarily come in for tagging. After that grace period, the jack booted thugs will be dispatched to finish the job. I figure it would take a maximum of 2 years to fully tag the populace.


    Really, it is the best way to go.


    "If you aren't doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about!"

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