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  1. Not terribly hard at the unit level. We had an so/so year and still managed 1975 points. This was interesting: "Scouts are awarded badges at least twice a year at court of honors, where troop plans are reviewed with parents." Our court of honors take the entire meeting. I'm not sure how we would fit in reviewing troop plans with the parents.
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    Where is the CO in all of this?
  3. I have two scouts that joined the unit in May. Over the summer they went to one camp with our troop but spent the rest of the summer in Utah with an LDS unit. As far as I can tell they went to one week of camp with the LDS unit and a few troop meetings. Their father sent me their advancement reports from Utah and I have some concerns. The main one being that in 10 weeks they competed all the requirements for T21 including all the activity requirements. They also seem to have had SMC and BORs for T21 all on August 13th. They also managed to earn the Canoeing, Pathfinding, Tracking, Signaling and Woodwork MBs. While in theory this is possible. I've never heard of an LDS unit doing 8 activities in 6 months much less in 9 weeks. I guess if you count each thing they did at camp a separate activity. I worked with them at the camp with us and they just are not that motivated. I'm stuck with it, but if anyone wonders why I have issues with LDS units, well this is why.
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    Transfers from an LDS unit

    Or, when they want to have a POR they could be Instructors where one thing we do in our troop is make sure they know their stuff before they teach it... "Next month you will be teaching lashings, be here at 7:00 next Tuesday so we can go over how to teach it." Not sure about preventing them from taking merit badges. It is not their fault.
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    Transfers from an LDS unit

    There is also the activity requirements. Is it possible for them to have completed everything? Yes. Did they do it? I do not believe so. From talking with them they went to a week of camp and a couple of troop meetings. No way they managed 8 troop or patrol activities. Did they do their homework and learn these skills? Not that I can tell from what they've demonstrated since they have been back. Do I think that the leader of the troop in Utah pencil whipped them through? Yes. Is there anything I can do about it? Not a thing other than help them learn as they work towards Star.
  6. Second Class 3a: Since joining, have participated in five separate troop/patrol activities (other than troop/patrol meetings), two of which included camping overnight. First Class 3: Since joining, have participated in ten separate troop/patrol activities (other than troop/patrol meetings), three of which included camping overnight. Demonstrate the principles of Leave No Trace on these outings. So what do you consider a separate troop/patrol activity? Say the scout going to summer camp. He goes on a hike, does an orienteering course and attends two campfires. He works on five merit badges. He participates with his patrol at camp wide games, does the night swim and the mile run(walk). He did KP at the mess hall with the troop. So, how many of those activities do you count? What is your reasoning?
  7. I'm not sure it really matters. It is rare that I have a scout that is delayed in advancement because of the activity requirement. In the few cases that it has occurred, counting these would not have changed things, except counting courts of honor on a meeting night. The main bottle necks for our troop seem to be: identifying animals and plants, map and compass skills, and rope work. By the time they've learned those they have more than enough activities under their belt.
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    Transfers from an LDS unit

    Sometimes you just got to wonder what is the deal with some leaders.
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    I guess we need to add some more: YM = Youth Member AM = Adult Member SA = Assistant Scoutmaster (proper) ASM = Assistant Scoutmaster T21 = Tenderfoot to First Class or Tenderfoot, Second and First Class(This message has been edited by jet526)
  10. See: http://www.scouter.com/forums/viewThread.asp?threadID=240852
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    New 5th grade boys

    You do need to make sure that they understand that while the rest of the den may earn their AOL and crossover in March that they will not be able to join Boy Scouts until school is out. Although you will likely find a SM willing to let them come visit for a couple for months.
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    Usefulness of bsauniforms.org

    "Also why does the Eagle A) have no flag on his shirt" It is there, just covered by the sash "and B) has the wrong size MB sash?" Because they bought it when he was a wee little scout.
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    APL- Not a POR? Why?

    I had one scout that wanted the position until I told him what was involved and that was the last I heard from him about it. The local council promoted one about 9 months ago. Looks like there is one (not BSA hosted) coming up in November, I'll need to contact the trainer and see if they are taking youth--not that I have anyone wanting to go. My main point was that this is not an easy POR.
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    APL- Not a POR? Why?

    "LNT Trainer counts for giving a short class." Hardly. They need to take a two day course to begin with, which requires that they be at least 14. http://www.lnt.org/training/PDFs/BSA%20LNT%20Trainer%20Course%20Manual%20F2010-02-21.pdf Then they should be doing ongoing LNT training in the troop. See this for details http://www.jayhawkcouncil.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=89&Itemid=99
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    Centennial Quality Unit Award -- what now?

    The 2010 patch is just red, white and blue. http://nsa-bsa.org/resources/Centential+Quality+patches++ribbons.JPG
  16. I found SSScout's idea of putting them on a display panel to be a nice idea for a pack. Our troop started stringing them on a coup stick after getting tired of the tangled mess on the flag pole. The troop is only 16 years old with about a 100 ribbons (a number have been lost over the years). I can't imagine what the veteran units do with 100s of the things.
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    Disabled Scoutmasters

    The camps around here have at least one disabled friendly site. It will have power and access that allows a electric wheelchair access. There are also all terrain wheelchairs available. http://www.planetmobility.com/store/wheelchairs/power/allterain/index.html
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    Real Rules vs Traditions

    ScoutMythBuster: "while others are disproportionate in rank (ei top heavy with few younger Boy Scouts or the opposite)" This should be the case for all traditional 7 year programs. Say the number of scouts scouts join each year and they all stay for 7 years (making this simple). Also assume that it takes an average of 18 months to First Class. Then about 4/5 of the troop is at least First Class. Of course there is going to be attrition, but even then a troop that recruits enough to replace loses will be about 3/4 First Class.
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    Real Rules vs Traditions

    Gary_Miller: "The point I was trying to make is that a YM who is holding a rank above 1st Class, Should be holding a POR, and if they are not holding a POR they should be working on an assigned leadership project. The point being they should be doing something to fulfill this requirement, and its the SMs duty to make sure the opportunity exists." I'm not sure how realistic that is. Take the troop I serve as an example. Excluding special projects the troop can handle about 26 PORs. There are 43 scouts that are First Class and above. Currently, 24 of them are needing PORs. Twelve are currently serving in a POR. That leaves 12 needing one. I have 4 open positions waiting to be filled and could handle 2 or 3 more Instructors and maybe a Den Chief. That means we would need 4 special projects, not a trivial task. SM assigned projects don't help the 7 Life Scouts at all and often worthy projects are also potential Eagle Projects. It is also not right to exclude those that do not need a POR from holding one. There are 8 Eagle Scouts, they can't all be JASMs but not involving them is a sure way of loosing them. Over the next six months I expect another 8-10 scouts to earn their First Class, having positions waiting for each as they advance could only be accomplished by removing scouts already serving. I've always been able to have a POR or project for every scout that wanted one and was willing to do anything. But to make sure that everyone that needs one has one is unrealistic.
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    Real Rules vs Traditions

    Gary_Miller, I'm sorry, I missed the second example.
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    Real Rules vs Traditions

    Gary_Miller: "Why does a Star Scout not have a POR within the troop?" In the example this is not a Star Scout, the scout is a Tenderfoot.
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    3 flags in church.....Too much?

    Use the flag. It is a pack meeting. I can't even imagine a pack meeting without it. You can ask the church about it. The CO owns all 3 flags and can tell you what they want done. If you do use all 3 flags then look up the flag protocols and do it right. IIRC, the US flag goes on the left in its usual place. The other two go on the right with the church flag to the left of the pack flag. A search on battalion flags should give the answer. Regarding the ribbons. We've ended up putting them on a coup stick. It looks much better than the tangled mess on the unit flag pole. The SPL keeps it near him as our spirit stick.
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    Lost Troop Found

    This is an annual thing here. http://ontarget.mesavarsity.org/ About 100 teams take part. They climb different peaks in the state and see how many other peaks they can signal. Various prizes for distance, etc. Generally this is just a day hike so they would have packed their water. We were very hot last weekend with temps still over 100F in that area. Easily could have run out of water thinking a couple of quarts each would be enough when they ready needed well over a gallon each. Common enough mistake even with hikers with moderate experience. Down side of water-packs they seem like a lot when they are only enough for a couple of hours.
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    Real Rules vs Traditions

    For someone that wants to bust myths, you seem to create a number of your own.
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    Lost Gear = Grrrrr $$$

    The other lesson is: Don't buy expensive gear for a 12 year old. When he is ready for the good stuff he will earn the money to pay for it himself.