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  1. Thanks for all the input. I think we have a couple of Dads that are thinking about driving out with the Troop trailer and carrying all the gear. Their thought is that they will tour Yellowstone after our backpacking trip. So if that is the case...problem solved.


    Thanks again...

  2. Thanks for the thoughts...


    The reason some are afraid to check our backpacks is the danger of the airlines "misplacing" our luggage. One of our adults has had the worst luck in that regard. He has even had his luggage lost on direct flights.


    That is a good idea about the cheap duffle bags.


    We have priced shipping and it looks to be about $120 per person to ship round trip.

  3. Our troop is planning a trip to the Grand Tetons next summer. We are trying to calculate costs as close as possible. One issue we keep running into is transporting gear from Alabama to Wyoming. Shipping it is really expensive. Some are afraid of trying to check it on the plane.


    Any thoughts on how would be the best way to handle this?

  4. As far as implementing it....


    I made a challenge to the boys that if they could run a 5k I could.


    The SPL then implemented some running in the troop meetings. They started off running 1\4 mile...then 1\2 mile...then 1 mile...then 2 miles...then a couple of weeks before the 5k we actually ran the route of the race.


    It was a big confidence booster for the boys and our troop recieved quite a bit of good press.

  5. Many times the question is asked about program ideas and bringing some activity to a weekly scout meeting. Just thought I would pass along a couple of ideas we have done and are doing that seems to be going good.


    #1 Training for a 5k.




    this was a huge success last year...we had several boys that had never run a 100 yards much less a 5k. Every boy finished the race!


    #2 http://hundredpushups.com/


    We are in this plan now. Boys like to feel like they are strong.


    Remember physical fitness is one of the aims of scouting...

  6. I am a die hard Hennessy Hammock guy.


    In our troop I bought the first one and now we probably have 6 or 7 between boys and adults. The boys enjoy hanging them "condo style". As with everything else you have some that love it and some that don't. For me it is the most comfortble night sleep I ever have camping. The first night I spent in it was the worse night. I had a hard time getting my sleeping bag just right and the ropes stretched and I ended up almost on the ground. Here are a few observations that might help you.


    The original fly is small. I've never been wet, but in a really hard rain I could see how you could. I did have some problems with rain water running down the line and wet the end of my sleeping bag. The cure: I have a small cotton string tied at both ends outside the hammock to allow the water somewhere to run. With the newer hammocks Hennessy will give you a larger fly, but they are heavier. I still use the smaller fly on backpacking trips.


    I always tie my lines at about eye level and very tight. This way I can lay flat on my back, but I always sleep on my side very comfortably. BTW I weight 285 and am 6'1".


    Here we don't have to worry about the cold very much. I did use it on one cold mountain night. I took a closed cell foam pad and slept on it inside the hammock. As long as I stayed on the pad I was plenty warm. However, I am usually a warm sleeper.


    Last year at summer camp the other adult and I both slept in Hennessy hammocks all week. The other adult has a bad back and wakes up with an achy back every morning. He swears that he never had a sore back that week that he slept in his HH.


    I have the Expedition model. If I were to buy agian I would probably go with something a little bigger such as an Explorer, due to my size. Some of our guys got a scout discount. I just called and asked for a list of their seconds. Saved a considerable amount of money that way.


    You can get some other good advise on the www.southernpaddler.com website. Most of these guys are seasoned citizens and most all camp in hammocks. They can give you some good advise.





  7. We made a 3 day weekend over MLK last Jan. What a unique place. We camped on Hickory Hill the first night and Stafford the second. I'll never forget the sight of our tents being set up in all those huge oak trees at Stafford. A wonderful place that I can't wait to return to.


    The campsites make the scouts feel like they are farther away from civilization that they really are.



  8. I''m a long way from 50, but I still get stiff and sore from sleeping on the ground. I can "tough it out", but I have found a way that is a lot more comfortable. After a great deal of research I went with a Hennessey Hammock. It is the most comfortable night sleep I have had camping! I have now convienced a couple other adults and some boys to try a hammock. At summercamp I had an adult that slept 5 nights straight in the Hennessy. He said even at home he wakes up with a sore back. After 5 nights in the Hennessy his back was not sore in the morning.


    One issue is the hammock is a one-seater, but you can set up a small tent under your rain fly and you are as close to your cub as in a tent.


    Another issue is colder weather, but with a little research you can remedy that issue.


    One more plus is you''ll have the coolest tent on the campout and the boys will think you son has the coolest Dad in the world....


    Hope this helps!

  9. How timely we are going on a canoe trip this weekend. Even on canoe trips the boys cook for themselves. As we approved menus this past Tuesday night most of the boys are doing "backpacking type" food. Most of them really get a kick out of eating out of a bag and most of the stuff is pretty tasty.


    As far as the adults are concerned we are eating what we call chicken wraps. Cook onions and peppers in a fry pan add a couple of cans of chicken. Take tortillia bread with a little salsa on it, put on the stir fry, and top with a little cheese. Mighty fine. Follow it up with a cherry cobbler.


    For breakfast we are cooking biscuits in the DO with sausage and eggs. For a big group we use the big can biscuits and turn them up edgewise. You can cook 30 - 40 biscuits that way in one DO.


    Lunch is cold cuts....


    Man... I'm getting hungrey just thinking about it...



  10. I recently read about a Troop that has its own climbing wall. I thought this would be something to consider. In our area there are no commercial climbing facilities.


    Do any of you have your own climbing wall? What are the pros\cons?






  11. I have a comment on SueM's problem. If the SPL and ASPL is picking on other scouts this is a serious problem. This is not displaying "scout spirit". You may need to have a talk with the boys and remind them (and maybe their parents), at some point they will have to come for a BOR. At the BOR they will be asked "do you display scout spirit?" It doesn't matter if it was my son or another scout they would not pass review if they were picking on other scouts. Very poor example of boy leadership and a black eye for the troop...

  12. I have a question about the 50 miler award. It is about the time limit of 5 consecutive days. If this is a bike trip the 50 miles can be done in 1 day or maybe 2. With a canoe trip it could be done in 4.


    My question is: Is the 5 day rule set in stone or are there exceptions made for certain activities.



  13. This has been a very interesting topic to me. What are some practical ways you would start treating the Webelos with more responsibility.


    Would you start teaching the patrol method to W1?

    Camping away from adults?

    Meal planning?


    I have a son that is a first class scout and a son that will be a Webelos next year. I have to watch myself and not put too much on my Webelo.





  14. Very interesting....


    We need to be carefull of the beliefs we have and we are ready to fight over...we need to have and maintain an open mind. Remember when the smartest people in the world thought that the world was flat and the sun revolved around the earth. Closer to home just a few years ago cholestrol score of 300 was good, Vioxx was the wonder drug, babies had to be laid on their belly, and you could cure everything with an Asprin. Don't forget Y2K.


    I was taught evolution in high school and have a minor in Biology. I have come to the point in my life that I think it takes more faith to belive in evolution than it does intellegent design. Evolution just leaves too many questions for me. Your own belief may differ. I have a challenge for everyone. Being on this board shows that you have time to spend on the internet. Research some of the websites that are opposite to your belief....see if you have questions....maintain an open mind. You may learn something...

  15. Thanks for all the replies. Lisabob I think you made some very good points. I was wondering if any troops had had adult specific events to help adults get involved. Here are some examples of some of the things I have heard about since I have been looking for ideas:


    Adult planning campouts


    One scoutmaster I talked with took his ASMs on a fishing trip every year, another to a hunting camp


    Tring to plan a time when the leaders can go through training together (ie SMF or woodbadge)


    These activities are not meant to exclude the boys, but to build stronger friendships and to get the leaders going in the same direction....


    The SM I have talked with that done these activities all had large active troops.

  16. Let me add a couple of other thoughts.


    My sons have played in sports every year they have been in scouts. I have been assistant coach many times. When you really look at sports, we as parents are only spectators or drivers taking them to this event or that event. We do not spend quality time with our kids here. The kids are preformers we are spectators. Don't get me wrong, as I said my kids have played sports and will continue, but I can't share a homerun with them or share a goal.


    In scouting I can share a canoe trip, a campout, or whatever. We are experiencing the same events and creating memories together. Many scouts develop life long hobbies. Not very many 40, 50, 60, or 70 year old football players, but I have met several scouters in their 60s still canoeing, camping, etc.


    One of my goals through scouting is that I am taking my sons on these trips now, I hope one day they will be taking me.

  17. I had rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not.



    I have seen this issue come up too. I just tell parents that being an eagle scout looks a lot better on a resume' than playing sports.


    Sports has its good qualities and many of our boys play sports, but there is a constant problem with bad attitudes amoung parents and coaches. Poor sportsmanship is a big problem in sports today.....

  18. I was told by out Scoutmaster soon after my son crossed over that if I wanted a good scouting program for my son, get involved myself. I think this is very good advise...which leads to a few of questions concerning adult leaders.


    How do you create interest with the parents to get involved?


    How do you create excitement with the leaders about scouting?


    What do you do to create comrodery with the adults leaders?


    I think that a successful troop will have a good amount of adult leadership and want to work on building our adult leaders numbers.





  19. I know as a cub we are not supposed to go caving, but I was wondering about having a campout in a cave? Is this allowed? We have some commercial caves close by that offers an overnight type thing for groups. Thanks for the input.



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