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  1. Lol, the ticket ended up working out beautifully Wiggin is a nice way to put things I was in sheer panic.


    I had one more meeting with my Troop Guide and also spoke to my Asst. Cubmaster who was a Guide for another patrol about it. I had a plan in place when I arrived and that first night they were completed and signed off by my guide.


    The feeling of waking up the second morning was wonderful since the stress and weight of the tickets was off my chest. Most of my patrol stayed up late that first night to work on our tickets. Two of us got them signed off on that night and work up singing Signed, Sealed, Delivered Im DONE!


    Three of my other patrol mates had just minor adjustments to make to theirs and they were done before dinner the second day. One member of our patrol come back to the campsite and went to bed so he was scrambling to get his typed into the computer and printed out that second day.


    I did take my laptop this time and I was glad that I did since the computers in scribe land were very busy and it allowed us to work off in a quiet pavilion on our own.


    I am actually very excited to begin working my ticket and thank everyone here for their support while I was wiggin out.


    I use to be an Eagle


  2. I just returned from my second weekend of Wood Badge, and let me just say that while I am exhausted I want to go back.


    I really clicked with the other women scouter in my patrol and while we were leaving Gillwell field we told each other we will be back.


    It was the best experience of my life to date! I have never felt so close to people who just over a month ago were strangers to me. I feel as if I have grown as a person and I am ready and excited to begin working my ticket!


    I guess I will just have to wait for my councils Wood Badge reunion dinner in January to feel that Gillwell feeling again.


    I use to be an Eagle



  3. I noticed a new one tonight, you might be a wood badger if you use the local Panera as your meeting point.


    My patrol is meeting here tonight as is another one of the patrols in our course.


    Also my panic is starting to end some, I have several of my tickets typed up in the format provided. So now they only need to get approved. I am starting to think that taking Wood Badge and planning a wedding at the same time wasn''t such a good idea.


    At least I am starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel!!!

  4. Have you tried to discuss your concerns with the CM?


    He might not even notice that he is taking over your Den meeting or he might have some other concerns about how the meeting is being run. I think its time for the two of you to sit down and discuss this.


    Also I don't understand how the rank of previous leaders has anything to do with scouting. It's great that your previous leaders achived the rank of full bird but scouting is seperate from their job in the military we are all parents and leaders here and their rank in the miltary world should not have anything to do with scouting.


    If you aren't comfortable sitting down with the GM maybe it's time to get the COR or the UC to sit in with you.


    It is only 6 months and we all need to remember that we are there for the boys.Good Luck!

  5. Thank you everyone for all your support!


    Since this is my first year as Pack Committee Chair there are lots of ideas running through my head.


    One is that our committee had been reduced to just the leaders of the pack and the COR. The outgoing Committee Chair stopped holding monthly meetings. That is something that I really want to reintroduce into the pack. I also have several parents who really want to be involved but dont have the time to commit to a being a den leader.


    I would really like to get those parents involved in the pack and help to make it stronger so that when my son moves up to Boy Scouts if I decide to move up with him there are parents still there to keep the pack alive.


    So I guess I need to spell out my goals for the pack and the committee so that I can use those items for my ticket.


    My patrol had so much trouble getting a date and time setup for just one meeting between weekends I am not sure how much support I will get from my patrol members on ticket items. I have already sent out an email to the members of my patrol but only received back two responses from five other patrol members.


    I guess the stress of wood badge along with planning a wedding might be a little much. At least I have time after the wedding for working on my ticket.


    Thanks again, I am sure that I will be back with lots of questions!




  6. Thanks everyone, I am stepping away from the railing.


    Last night I got together with some others who are also taking wood badge this course they all seem to have their ticket ideas all worked out. So I started to feel the stress that I was still lost.


    I also started to feel the stress over the first weekend when other patrols found time to write original songs and such. I didn't have time to think straight let alone write a song!


    This is just a really busy time of year with back to school and getting the program year started up with the pack.


    I am a member of the Eagle Patrol, looking forward to the second weekend. I am still not sure how we are going to find time to get everything done, including the conservation project that we ended up with.


  7. Okay, first weekend just passed and I have spent the past day back in the real world. Sheer panic is starting to set in now that I am home.


    After one weekend I still don't understand the whole Ticket thing, I am starting to have very large amounts of anxiety about the whole process and starting to feel as though I can't possibly finish this when I still don't have a clue what I am doing.


    Other patrols found time to write original songs, head down to the scribes type them up and print them out. I still don't know wear or when they found that time; they must not have slept at all this past weekend.


    Can someone please tell me if these feelings are normal?


    I really did have a great time this weekend but I don't have a clue how I am going to finish everything and I am starting to wonder what I got myself into.



  8. Thanks everyone for all your input. I didn't end up taking the laptop, I don't know when I would have used it. Very busy weekend, lots of fun!


    We ended up with a full course, all 8 patrols. Very wet and rainy weekend, our patrol ended up with a great Troop Guide and we are off to a great start with our project.




    Eagles, soar above the rest!

  9. Thanks everyone!


    I did run out and pickup extra socks at the scout shop but other than that I think I have everything on their list.


    Although this past week a new list came to my house telling us that a laptop computer would be good to have to help produce a newsletter. Yikes, I really don't think that I want to cart about my laptop for the weekend.


    I will have to check at my parents hosue to see if they still have the stadium seats from back in the day.


    Wish me luck, I a nervous for this upcomming weekend!

  10. Hi everyone, I am heading to Wood Badge this year. Our first weekend is coming up, I am headed to the scout shop Saturday to pick up the last things. What do I really need other than the basics. We already have uniforms but I am picked up extra socks. I can't see wearing the same ones all weekend, yuck!


    What else did you take that you were glad that you did.



  11. I would just explain to the parent that the electives are there to have the boys try new things. Explain that you will count it as 1 elective but that using it as 186 electives isn't how the program was designed.


    After you do that smile and ask how the tiger is coming along with thier bobcat requirements. Use that to change the subject and move it to a more positive note.

  12. We have already made cards for taking with us to the nursing home. The entire pack will be going in two weeks to sing carols and pass them out. I have noticed on the scout stuff web site that there are wrist bands with the tiger motto on them. That may work as a easy cheap present, all the boys are really into those now.


  13. Is it acceptable for a leader to buy her den christmas gifts and if so any idea's on inexpensive gifts for tigers. I have 11 boys in my den now, it has grown! It is working out okay, with tigers they all have their parents there to help and I have a den cheif also. It is a great group of boys this year. I was thinking about the tiger pencils I saw on scout stuff but not sure what else.



  14. Thanks for all your advice, we talked it over as a group. Our pack leaders that is, and it was decided that our Cubmaster would bring it up at the next round table. It wasn't just a weekend planned for the Boy Scouts there was two different programs to be planned. But they fell though. Oh well, I will know next time. The interesting thing is that someone with promotions for council was there taping and taking pictures and there was a video put together with lots of our boys in it. Hopefully our pack can get a copy.


  15. Hi everyone, this is my second post. Last spring I posted about questions about becoming a new leader. This year I have taken on the challenge of Tiger Den Leader. I am very excited to be involved and get to do some great activities with the boys. But I am unsure of how to handle this problem

    Last Saturday our district held a camperall at local fairgrounds. The Boy Scouts and the Webloes 2 Dens, camped out the entire weekend. While the Cubs and their families were invited out to spend the day. We were told by others in our pack that the last one 2 years ago was great! So we signed up, the theme was Be Prepared. For the programs they had several scenarios that were to be set up and the Cubs were to be the victims, while the Boy Scouts would respond and give first aid.

    First of all none of the plans that were laid out came to life, the programs that ended up happening was disorganized and not age appropriate for the cubs. At one point our group was sent into the arena for a two hour power point presentation on GPS!!! This was for Tigers to Webloes 1 aged cubs. Let me tell you right off the bat that our pack has a very high amount of ADHD children. There was no getting them to sit thru that at all. Ten minutes and they were done, most of our leadership was disgusted with the program and eventfully spilt off and did our own thing. With our Cubmaster/Scoutmaster and Assistants doing their own first aid presentation that did appeal to all the boys.

    Who at council level should I sent the well worded, direct letter too. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks in advance, I gotta go and back cookies for our open house tomorrow.




  16. This is kinda a personal question. My son is getting ready to graduate to Wolfs we have spent the past year really enjoying the Tiger program. We are in a great pack with a wonderful CM, whose wife is our DL. She will be moving up with us to the Wolf den also. My husband and another gentelman is the other 2 asst. den leaders. Both of the guys are Eagle scouts from way back. The other night my husband said after the den meeting that this year I should just sign up as a leader since last year I did help out a lot. We did have another Asst.den leader who hasn't been around a lot lately, family issues and such. And when my husband has to work he is on call a lot I fill in then. I am just curious is it okay to have that many asst. den leaders? Or does the BSA have a limit. I wasn't sure last year how much I wanted to be involed but I realy enjoy the family time together. My husband said that I should just speak up before the leader training time approaches. Let me know what you think.


    Thanks in advance

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