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  1. Mike,

    You are right, but my thinking tells me that he may be quite a bit older. For along time Cub Scouts were not able to do these types of things. The only cubs you saw were webelos scouts out trying to camp with a boy scout troop to graduate to. If he was there for two years I think he would have known he was in a pack and not a troop. Again I could be wrong.

  2. Eliminate the eagle project> NO WAY!!! As I see it this is one of the most important requirement of the eagle rank. Many scouts in troops never really get the chance to actually lead and if they do it is for the troop, this one is for them and their non-profit organization the project will help. What a grewat way to show servant leadership. I am trying to get these young boys ready to face the working world. Being able to lead a group of fellow workers is a big jump that young man will have above somebody who just sits and barks out orders. The main problem is with the adults not the boys. To take away the project would totally dilute the meaning of being an Eagle scout.

  3. Our troop has not been to our council camp in over 8 years and if the program doesn't change it will be much longer. I had a discussion with our council's SE on the last WB course that we ran. I told him that it was cheaper for me to take my scouts over 500 miles away to another camp then it was to send across the county to our camp.He said cost isn't everything (how soon professionals forget that a scout is thrifty) The added plus was the boys got awhole lot more out of this then they ever would at our camp.What was even better is they the scouts told me this.Our camp has become nothing more then a merit badge mill. It is overcrowed and offers merit badge classes all day long and night, many of the badges I feel are for the off sesson. I want my scouts to go to camp and take advantage of the special activities that are there for them. You guys can do the sit down badges at home or add it to the troop program through the PLC. Summercamp is and always should be a fun and learning expierence not a get as many badges as possible week.

  4. I too agree with Gunny. I have been scoutmaster for 8 years now and have tried everything to get some, not all Life scouts nearing that 17 year 9 month point to get that project done. I have even had a parent in my face accusing me of holding their son back from becoming eagle. Instead of taking this the wrong way and getting back in their face I asked the parent to excuse me and immediatly went to get the scout in question. First question I asked the boy was "How many time since you earned the Life have I asked you "Are you working on getting that project done." Or "Do you need any help with your eagle project." The scout looked right at me and said "At least once a month, if not more." Of course that still was not good enough for the parents and they left in a huff. This scout had been Life for almost 2 years at this time. I have tried offering to all Life scouts and their parents a special plan and understand becoming eagle session. Only 1 of the 14 scouts who qualified were interested. One thing I have found over the years is that no matter how far I or the a.s.m. work with these boys, as far as the parents see it we are responsible for their sons advancement. I have said over and over "I will provide the scouts with the oppurtunity to advance, whether your son or sons take advantage of it is their responsibilty."

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