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    You should probably ask the older scouts Mom as she obviously has set the rule.
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    The rugs are also a good idea for practical reasons. Who hasn't had coins or a pocketknife drop between the slats on a tent platform? A rug can keep that from helping (plus elminate the old splinters in the foot issue). Not only should rugs not be banned, they should be recommended as one of those "comfort" items that a scout might want to bring (space allowing).
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    This happens all the time. In most cases, it is the insurance company who is actually doing the suing. The insurance company files the suit on behalf of the customer, in the customer's name, in an attempt to recoup some of the money they paid out for hospital bills. The customer is often required, under the terms of the policy, to cooperate with the insurance company's suit. If the customer refuses to cooperate with the suit, the customer could be liable to repay the insurance company. Some insurance companies are becoming very aggressive in their attempts to recover their losses. We had one insurance company go after our church after an elderly parishioner slipped on some ice in the parking lot. The pastor was somewhat saddened and dismayed that a long-time parishioner would sue the church, until someone explained to him that it is actually the insurance company that is doing the suing. The insurance company lost the suit. The irony in that case was in the judge's ruling that the church wasn't responsible because snow and ice are "an act of God". One might suppose that His church would be responsible for "an act of God".
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    I find it a little ironic that he sued the Pack leadership for improper supervision when he himself was part of Pack leadership.
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    Looks to me like some Scouts who have learned how to make their home-away-from-home more comfortable. Isnt this what we want - for Scouts to be resourceful and go beyond the bare minimum? For them to be comfortable in the outdoors rather than "just survive"? Isn't it like the Scouts who make a "4 star" meal instead of hot dogs?
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    One game for church lock-ins: sardines. Unfortunate about the older scouts. But, make sure the 2nd years especially have a lot of fun, but carry responsibility. It is well within their reach to read sections of the course, then instructions for games and excercises, etc ... The older scouts: back off things like EDGE or lecturing about the being examples, etc ... Instead, challenge them with a roll of twine and say, "Build a cool camp gadget. Try and impress ..."
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    We had National Camp inspections back in the 70's. I recall being a provisional camper, helping tidy the waterfront up. The guys from "National" came though. That's what I was told. As a Program Director and Camp Director we had specific inspection standards and review in early 80's. Again, the mysterious guys from "National" came though
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    Okay, I know I am a bit jaded when it comes to the news media. I read news with numerous questions about what the REAL story is far too often. In this case, the article is about a civil law suit, filed 2 years ago, about an accident 5 years ago, being dismissed. That happens dozens or more of times a day in a city (MSA) the size of Buffalo. So what is the news worthiness? Is there any real news here? Was it just an excruciatingly slow news day in Buffalo? Or, is there some other agenda. Of course how one reads an article also lends a bias, but I still don't get the news value here. Is it, Scouts are dangerous? Snow sports are dangerous? Parents are careless? People are greedy? Personally, I see many great things that come out of Scouting, but the preponderance of articles are negative. This story appears to be a factual story, but I still do not understand its news value. Maybe I am just too paranoid of the news media and their agendas.
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    I had a scout in my troop who is now a town police officer. He loves donuts.
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    The rug stuck out? So, the reasoning is the tent is not uniform, or something? If it was truly outlandish, maybe it could be the SPL's call but certainly not mom. Either way, this is just a dumb way to lose trust with the scouts. They should have let it be.
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    All-Girl Troop Report from Summer Camp Our all-girl, non-linked Troop just returned from a week of summer camp. We had 21 of our 30 Scouts go with a total of 7 leaders. There were 17 Troops and 350 Scouts in camp. In addition to our all-girl Troop there was another 6-girl group. Every Scout earned at least 2 merit badges, with a couple of superstars earning 6. At this particular camp there was an objective point-based system to determine a few "honor troops", and our unit was one of three that qualified. The co-SPLs figured out the point system on their own without adults running that show. The camp had traditional wall-tent/wooden platform/army cot accommodations and a dining hall. The experience overall was -- ordinary. The youth members of all-boy troops treated our Scouts well and took almost no notice that something had changed. Several unit Scouters approached our leaders starting mid-week to remark that, while they had early questions about the addition of girls, they were really glad to see us at camp. Young people can be silly, and early in the week there were the limited instances of teasing which the Scouters and Staff easily curtailed. I frequently circulated through the program areas and found our Scouts welcomed, including instances where one of them was the only female in a merit badge class. At the closing campfire the 2 all-girl troops combined to sing a song for the camp and were applauded heartily without cat-calls or other disagreeable behavior. The true impact of our membership policy changes over these past few years is best assessed by observing how our young people have reacted. I sensed no change in how Scouting is experienced by young people at this summer camp. When pressed, the only thing I could come up with was to suggest that the camp's new swimsuit rule be made more clear and universally applied -- pretty minor stuff in my view. Our youngest Scouts had no more or less difficulty getting used to "summer camp things" like insects and simple accommodations than those from other troops I have camped with in the past. There was no "hover parent" difficulty and just a few early-week expected instances of home sickness that were handled. So, to any Scouters who are concerned about our summer camp experience being changed, there was nothing of concern I could discern this past week. WE were welcomed and -- hardly noticed.
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    Found on another website: My troop has done many parts of the Green river, in rafts. When I heard home made canoes I was thinking of something that might float. They really are quite lucky nobody got hurt. There's a lot of that river I wouldn't do in a good canoe much less Tyvek and pvc. Those canoes are just classic. I can see seams that go below the water line where the Tyvek is folded around the frame. I bet that leaks. One of my fears I used to explain to scouts and adults was something along the lines of, I just don't want a photo on the front page of the NYT if this goes bad, so let's make sure it won't. Again, really glad nobody got hurt.
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    I would expect that as district training chair, you might have been involved with facilitating the Scoutmaster Position-Specific training. That is where I would expect you to touch on ILST, so that the new scoutmaster is aware that there is an expectation for him to make sure scouts are enabled to successfully fulfill their positions of responsibility. Now I understand why our district training chair is bald.
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    Very good point and I imagine it's oh so true. My son got another piece of advice from a parent in our troop, which many around here may not like: "Congrats on finishing your Eagle project so young -- now you have a few years to just relax, have fun, and not worry about which merit badges you're taking." I agree with it, but I'm sure some here would say that's what he should have been doing all along.
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    I'm always sad to hear of good people leaving our world. If there's a silver lining to today's vacuum of strong role models, it's that those individuals who truly do reflect positive values stand out even more than ever. When I heard about Perot's passing, I had to reflect for a moment on how he came across to others. I always admired his leadership style, and I think his strongest leadership skill was his ability to think outside the box and develop a strong vision. When I think about how his life reflected the points of the Scout Law, I think his strongest point was "Brave". He had the courage to pursue his goals and vision even against the odds and even against advisors who would have him play it safe. IMHO, Perot is a good example of the kind of man we want our scouts to become...
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    I switched from using the guide to using powerpoint and have had more success. Make it fun, have lots of breaks, use slides only as a framework to tell the story or the point you are trying to make. In the beginning I used 2 or 3 adults but have done this enough years to have the scouts do most of the training. The "who is your potato" and paper airplane making are the best of the games. Don't use every game every time, switch it up so it does not get stale. Additional games - Say what I say, do the oppisite of what I do, balloons with responsibilities written on them, . We go out for pizza afterwards (nice place) in our class As
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    Being a UC, I would say that this fits within our wheelhouse. The truth is, this isn't actually a legal matter yet. You have a scout who is accused of violating the law, but this isn't a police matter. No LEO would be able to act on the information here. This is primarily a mission issue. If this were brought to me, I would advise a meeting between the CC, COR, and SM and NO ONE ELSE. Primarily this kind of issue lies within the preference of the CO. Because, this is a potential legal matter and certainly a recruitment and relationship (and probably safety) matter this should be where the COR steps in to exert the opinion of the CO. This doesn't really have anything to do with the other members of the CC and will invite more debate than is necessary. This should be the decision of the CC and COR. If my opinion was asked - suspend the scout. Don't suspend him for any length of time, but tell the parents that their son is suspended until they have a legitimate action plan in place to correct these issues.
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    Well, there you go. As long as it meets the needs of the scout and is fun for him, his choices were the right ones. There is never a "one size fits all" camp schedule that will work for every scout in the unit. BTW: Your son doesn't need to wait for "merit badge weekends that the troop" attends. The time-honored way for scouts to earn merit badges is to work on them independently based solely on their own initiative and interests and to find local counselors to work with on a 1-on-1 basis. Sadly, few scouts do it that way these days (and parents seem to expect the easy, instant check-off of merit badge class, even though these often offer inadequate time to do requirements, no options for independent exploration, and poor exposure to a subject).
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    Pictures from the logbook of that first cruise
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    It can happen and has a special patch that says ... "Proud son of a super mom!"
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    Actually no it is not up to the DE. OA policy states what you asked is possible. Now the SM can decide to put his name on the ballot or not.
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    I agree with the other posters. At the pack level, there is no participation requirement. The requirement for the pack is: "The pack can qualify for the certificate and streamer by planning and conducting three pack activities—one each in June, July, and August, or during other school vacations if your pack is in a year-round school." The requirement for dens is: "Dens with an average attendance of at least half their members at the three summer pack events are eligible for a colorful den participation ribbon." The requirement for individual Scouts is: "Scouts who participate in all three pack events are eligible to receive the National Summertime Pack Award pin, which they can wear on the right pocket flap of their uniform." https://www.scouting.org/awards/awards-central/national-summertime/ It's a participation award, so I would personally interpret it generously, because the idea is to encourage your pack and Scouts to be active over the summer. But ultimately, it's up to your Pack Committee to decide.
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    I HATE THAT SUMMER CAMP IS TURNING INTO A MB MILL! (Emphasis, ok maybe a little shouting in anger at this occurring ; ) All jokes aside, summer camp needs to be fun. All electives is fine. Heck taking a MB twice, if it isn't in demand, is fine. The new Scout has plenty of time to work on required MBs. But if you are adamant on Eagle required MBs, First Aid and Swimming are the ones I recommend.
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    Earplugs. Baby wipes. Apparently a margarita machine is frowned upon.
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    I am posting this here to possible help new scouters get the troop going on the right path. These are personal observations from years of working with hundreds of troops develop strong scouting programs. I hope they will help you evaluate where the troop you serve is functioning and where it can improve. Tis board would be a good tool to help you change for the better, but the resources of the BSA are probably your greatest source of scouting methods and information. Hope this helps, Bob White Some Common Traits of Successful Troops Currently trained adults Leaders wear correct uniform Scoutmaster concentrates on training Junior Leaders, and knowing the needs and characteristics of each scout. They use the Patrol Method for everything They follow the contents of the Boy Scout Handbook The committee supports the decision of the scouts, they dont make decisions for them. They have at least 2 Assistant Scoutmasters They recognize scouts 3 times for every advancement They DONT use troop meetings as merit badge classes. They plan everything in advance and put it in writing (The difference between a wish and a plan is a plan is written down) The only rules they have are that scouts and leaders follow the Scout Oath and Law. They get outdoors once a month (even if just for a day event) Troop meetings are filled with hands on activities New scouts make First Class, First Year They keep in contact with Webelos Dens year round They select leaders they dont recruit them. They participate in District and Council events They attend Roundtable Adults smile and play nice together. (If you are not enjoying yourself then neither are the scouts.)