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    Summer camp this year I saw a ton of different hats. This one is a Military style Garrison cap. The never functional Beret. This is our troop Black Baseball Style cap. When everyone wears the campaign hat it looks very sharp.
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    This was in the recent Scouting Wire: https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2018/11/07/an-eagle-scout-board-of-review-isnt-a-job-interview-its-a-celebration/?utm_source=scoutingwire&utm_campaign=swvolunteer11142018&utm_medium=email&utm_content=B And...
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    First - lots of adult drama seems to be in play, but let's power through that Scouts are the best recruits for Scouts. The best way to get boys who are not involved is PROGRAM. Not advancement, not meetings, not citizenship, etc etc, it's PROGRAM. Get your 3 active scouts to clearly set a calendar of OUTDOOR PROGRAMMING. That is the selling point for other boys to engage, what will THEY be doing, what is in it for them. Go Do Stuff. Get the dates set and get a plan to go do things. Not sure where you are but that is what will get the boys to show up. Canoeing, kayaking. hiking, wide games, biking, etc etc. PROGRAM brings in Scouts. The other key items like advancement, citizenship, and leadership can be built once you get them engaged
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    I wonder if there's not a couple of things going on these days. First, I think there are a lot of folks that knew or remember how the Vietnam vets were treated when they came home. There's some desire, at least in some parts of society, to make up for that societal disgrace. It can't be taken back, but, a different attitude can be shown moving forward. I think the second thing that's happening is we're now what 40 years into the all volunteer force. There are two generations of citizens that realize they didn't even have to consider serving. I wonder if some folks are coming to terms with that reality. OEF/OIF are the first sustained, on-tv-every-night operations in a generation. The idea of military service is in their living rooms again. I figure when people say thanks for your service, they aren't talking to me, I'm just a guy that represents all vets, at that moment, to that person. It's uncomfortable because I know where I belong in hierarchy. But, I try to be gracious and then take a few minutes to remember and be grateful myself.
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    Time to start a tradition. The girls troop will have the same numbers - only in reverse. Or jumbled in the case of a palindrome. Or completely different for any troop that has multiples of the same number. Or or ....
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    My hats off to anyone watching lawyers talk about law stuff. I'll wait for the Cliff notes. Barry
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    The Short list: My mom's sister, who gave me my 1st Cub Scout uniform for Christmas. Best scout I ever knew: aged out at 2nd class. Recruited me into his troop. Was APL, then PL. My Webelos DL, who took us out and taught us to shoot his 38 special. The SPL who patiently showed me how to start a fire from coals when we were the first people up in the morning. My Jamboree SM. First time I ever knew an SM could be so young ... excited to get back to his wife and baby. The Jamboree ASMs. Guys who always were there for everyone. My oldest brother. Some of whose gear I've appropriated to this day. My other brother, who's bow and arrow I "borrowed" until I could master marksmanship. My other brother, who had all the tales of what not to do with your equipment! Fuzzy. (No, I didn't forget his name. That's what everyone called him when they weren't calling him professor.) The most talented guy in town. He made patches for our camporees. Challenged us to find Hawkweed on a scavenger hunt. Knew every musical instrument known to man. His wife had the best sense of humor (necessarily). Scout sisters, one of whom wrote a poem for the program on my Eagle ceremony. SM SM's sister Green Bar Bill via his Boy's Life Articles. The SMs and Coaches of my kids. My councils venturing officers committee. Whoever paid for my oldest Aunt to go to Campfire Girl summer camp during the depression era. It takes a village to raise a scouter.
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    So you are doing some backpacking. Cool! Call some packs and ask to visit their Webelos dens to show off pictures of their adventures and bring their gear to show off. Boys (not sure about girls) like gadgets. Best way to get boys excited about adventure is to listen to boys talking about adventure. We have in the past taken dutch oven and made cobbler. Cobbler is fun because it so easy to make in front over everyone. But if time is an issue, you can start cooking before the Web's show up. Or ask a den or two to meet your scouts at the park where they will talk about their troop (adventures) and roast marshmellos. Set up a tent with the packs sitting against a tree. Make a schedule for the next six months that any boy this age would want to do, fishing, mountain biking, hiking, shooting sports, canoeing, and repelling. That sounds like something I would want to try. Find fun ways to get the Webelos to visit your troop. Barry
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    Interesting NY Times article regarding the lawsuit. What I find interesting is that some GSUSA leaders are expressing frustration with their leadership not listening to the girls with GSUSA. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/09/us/girl-scouts-sue-boy-scouts.html
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    Once they have a calendar of events. Your guys have to get in one school assembly where you and them present it to boys their age. Search this forum for "boy talks" or "scout talks" to get an idea of what works and what doesn't.
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    I'm really disappointed in this thread. I clicked hoping for a discussion and recipes for some sugary, gooey, pastry goodness, and you guys are talking about can openers.
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    My troop chose the beret because of the Army. I was with a troop on base at Fort Campbell, from 1965 - 1974. Back then, the only one's who wore berets were Special Forces. When we saw that we could wear that red beret, we were all over it.
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    I don't know if I am atypical in this but I don't even liked to be thanked for my service. 1. It is rote and meaningless in most cases. 2. I didn't really do it for them. 3. I don't feel like I actually did anything that was of service to the person making the comment. 4. I feel like it obligates me to respond somewhat in kind like with "you're welcome" which compounds my weird feelings on this practice. Maybe I am too much of a curmudgeon when it comes to this topic. Tangent: I don't say "[God] bless you" when people sneeze either. What a weird practice considering the fact that we are using a pagan ritual and belief to wish the blessing of a deity on someone because they had something in their nose.
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    BRO SCOUTS OF AMERICA..."it's all good"
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    It appears as though they are contending that the damage is already done...and cannot be un-done. That seems to be the primary purpose of the examples cited in the complaint, and might well be the basis for the award of damages. Certainty, the dollar amount of damages will be difficult to quantify, and will end up being a negotiated number, poddibly based on an alleged decrease in GSUSA registrations balanced against the some 68,000 girls that entered Cubs and will ostensibly graduate to the program in question. The requested treble damages looms large. The whole thing has the feeling of being less than fully considered, and while "dying on the hill" is probably a little dramatic, this could (will??) have a detrimental impact on the program. We had a real good discussion in our Troop Committee last night on how to handle the high probability of having a linked non-male troop. I came down to the consensus that we are willing to share pretty much everything except that we draw the line at shared/joint overnight events. The overriding fear (yup, fear) is that the overall goal of YP, namely never allowing a circumstance to occur where abuse could occur (or an accusation is implausible), cannot be sustained in the "me-too" era. The feeling is there is just too much risk to make it worth it. I know, there are lots of anecdotal tales from Venturing leaders that it can be, and has been, done, but it is not what we signed up for as leaders of a traditional troop. The girls and their leaders gotta do this on their own.
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    A lawyer (Eagle Scout) goes over the lawsuit with a friend.
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    benefit of skits and such is it helps some kids get used to performing in front of others, also helps the shy kids who are always in the background to break out of their shell a bit, scouting shouldn't be all about skits, but skits and performing is 1 element that should be explored,
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    or call the by their individual, patrol or troop name. Hey troop 123, Hey Coyote Patrol, Hey johhny and phil, Hey jane and margaret.
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    I love the fact that a merit badge counselor for cooking MB insists that requirements must be done with his troop. He has already completed the patrol section of the merit badge. So emails the merit badge counselor and tells her that the requirements in the merit badge book don't say that it has to be done with his troop. The counselor replies back that he is correct and he can complete them on our family campout. Both sides were respectful, btw, it was awesome to see a civil conversation via email between them where he pointed out a fact and it got accepted. I think both of them learned a lesson and are better for it.
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    A common misconception and good resolution. Had a scout talk with me recently that he wanted to complete cooking but he had missed the troop backpacking outing. Reminded him that the requirements did not specify the cooking had to be done with the troop, could be a patrol outing or he and some friends could be backpacking. Cooking is a life skill, going to be needing it 2 to 3 times a day for a long long time, in and out of Scouts.
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    As a veteran, I'd rather not tell people. I don't want/need the recognition. Its always awkward when the cashier at Lowe's thanks me for my service (they know since it gets me 10% OFF). Scouting is for these scouts who are working hard to earn Eagle. I was never a scout, but as a scoutmaster, and a veteran, I will do anything to keep them safe, and that's about as far as I take it these days.
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    Ya, I get that. Don't really care though. They can sue me. I will await my Cease and Desist.
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    @MikeS72, Unit Scouter Reserve is a designation for 18+ year-old Scouters who wish to be registered with a unit but without a specific position, as you state. The registration fee is as @Treflienne says: $33 + any liability insurance your council may charge. This allows a parent or other adult to be a member of the unit and, as a result of registering, requires that person to have the BSA background check. Unit Scouter Reserve members must take YPT. The upside for the Reserve member and for unit JTE is that there is no position-specific training required.
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    I was an (ordinary) Scout, and thought the new Sea Scout Ship (759, Ashton MD) was a very cool idea. But I stayed a Land Scout thru my career. SS759 started out with a raft created from 55 gallon drums fastened together for a trip down the tidal Potomac and around and up the bay to Annapolis MD. Thank you , Henry.
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    Good on ya , mate. And congratulations on being able to FIT into your old uniform ! ! 😀