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    I think this is a separate issue, however. A unit doesn’t have to supply two-deep leadership for a broader activity like an MBU that allows individual Scout registration. (See also: den chief training, OA events.) So that doesn’t affect your 16yo Scout. To be open to female Scouts, the event organizers would just have to make sure there is an adult female 21+ registered leader present and all the other YP rules are being followed.
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    Far too often these days, I see troops and adult leaders who are really only conscious of one method: Advancement. Advancement as one of the eight Methods is the concept of youth gaining skill and confidence by overcoming progressively more difficult challenges. But for many, understanding the theoretical underpinnings for the Scouting program set out in the eight Methods is largely unnecessary because all the Methods are represented in specific rank and merit badge requirements and advancement procedures. Advancement is now understood by many to be a single complete, practical checklist for achieving the Scouting outcomes of citizenship, character, and fitness. The problem is that the specific rank requirements, many of which are "one and done," merely offer examples of what the eight Methods seek to teach. Advancement requirements do not provide the complete Scouting education, which only comes through the conscious week-by-week application of those Methods by leaders who understand the big picture.
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    I’d never heard of charging to attend a B&G, to be honest. My experience has always been a giant potluck in a donated hall with donated placemats; dens do centerpieces and nut/mint cups; pack covers plates, cups, utensils, and napkins. Making it a moneymaker would leave a bad taste in my mouth, frankly. If you need to charge, cover your costs and leave it at that.
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    As it happens, my home council, Heart of America, appears to be one of the first out of the starting blocks with Arrow women. Tamegonit #147 held a special winter induction
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    Agreed. That's where I think Girl Scouts differ: their cookies are good quality and people know what to expect. Country Meats has ads in about every issue of "Scouting" magazine printed in the past 10 years....or you can see their web site: https://www.countrymeats.com/scouts.aspx I also think it would be very easy for scouts to sell a $1 product. Even the cheapest guy in the world probably has $1 in spare change lying around. On the other hand, that $25 bag of popcorn is going to take some hucksterism to move...
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    I feel the same way as you do Shortridge. Do we tell a 16 year old scout that has drivers license that they can not drive there self to a merit badge university because the unit cannot supply 2 deep leadership to the event and there parents have to be at work. No we do not. I sure do not want to be the one to tell the scout he cannot attend
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    The ACTIVITY is the event itself - the summer camp, the camporee, the backpacking trip, the merit badge “college.” The activity is not the program session, the day hike, or the class. As long as we avoid one-on-one contact, we’re fine. We do not need need a female registered leader 21+ sitting in every summer camp program session with a female Scout. Think of it this way: We don’t need a male registered leader 21+ present, so why should female Scouts require special babysitting and chaperoning? If that were the case, every female troop would have to have one female leader for every Scout attend camp just to make sure they can attend sessions. That is patently ridiculous. EDIT: So very sorry about the giant font! I’m really not trying to yell!