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    Can we please restrict this thread to the subject of preparing for female Scout BSA troops in six months? If you want to discuss water guns for the 100th time, there is no fee for starting another thread.
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    Feel confirmed! Advancement milestones and terms in PoRs don't have to line up. Actually, a lot of our scouts have PoRs since year 1. So they often might be wrapping up the last two months of one and starting another at the beginning of their time as a first class scout. Those scouted will be ready for Star after their time in a PoR -- any of them covers 4 months. So, a First Class scout who started a year commitment as a DC could use that position for Star and Life ranks and part of Eagle if he's diligent with the MBs and pedagogy requirements. Since many of our scouts take a few years to achieve 1st class, they often have the requisite number of MBs, and achieving Star and Life that way is pretty common.
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    Thanks for sharing! You’re letting me re live our coral seas adventure earlier this summer. It looks like everyone on your adventure had a great time.
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    From the later article it is clear that he knew about the 6 month requirements, knew he would call short due to his own choices and accepted that he likely would not win the appeal. He chose to do the project, knowing that he probably wouldn't get Eagle. He also has accepted Nationals ruling, and only blames himself for falling short. I highly respect his maturity.
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    A side note on the importance of earning Eagle. When we went to Sea Base this year, 2 of our Eagles who just aged out went with us as adults. In the airport, someone noticed that one was wearing his Eagle badge and because of it, bought the crew a dozen donuts. So Eagle is all that and a box of donuts.
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    So, I'm reminded that no matter what the deadline, there will always be people who push it. If national said "you can finish you tenure as an adult". Someone will start their 6 months of tenure the day after their 18th birthday. There would then be an article about the great Scout who had to complete his tenure as an adult, but was denied the rank. If you keep saying "we'll make an exception", then it will never end. It stinks, but it's reality.
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    Someone can go through the trouble of finding my quotes from a couple years ago, but I posited that 10K girls would be a sufficiently critical mass for BSA to open up its program to girls.